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Event Comment: Betterton's Company. The date of the premiere is not known, but the fact that the play was advertised in the Post Man, 8-10 June 1697, suggests a first performance in late May or the beginning of June. Preface: I [Motteux] write the Masque of Hercules, and Mr Eccles, having set it with his usual Success, and yet more masterly than my Mars and Venus, if possible, I prevail'd with the ingenious Mr J. Oldmixon to give me a short Pastoral, while I scribbled over a Farce after the Italian Manner, and an Imitation of part of a diverting French Comedy of one Act (for such Plays are very common in Foreign Parts). Then I wanted nothing but a Tragedy....At last I bethought myself of one already studied, called The Unnatural Brother, written by an ingenious Gentleman and acted 6 Months ago, tho not with the success it deserv'd. Yet the latter Part was extremely applauded: So I was persuaded to make bold with it, as I do....I could easily contract the most moving Part of the Story into the Compass of one Act, with some Additions....All this was done in a very short time, the warm Season threatening me with your Absence....The foregoing Lines were published as a Preface to that Masque, some few copies of which were printed for the use of the Audience, the first day of the Novelty's being Acted. A Comparison Between the Two Stages (1702), p. 20: Every Word stolen, and then Damn'd


Mainpiece Title: The Novelty 0

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 1; Thyrsis, A Pastoral

Role: Shepherds Actor:
Role: Thyrsis Actor: Scudamore
Role: Damon Actor: Bayle
Role: Montano Actor: Arnold
Role: Shepherdesses Actor:
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Lassells
Role: Cleomira Actor: Mrs Boman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 2; All Without Money

Performance Comment: [By Peter Motteux.] A Short Comedy Needmore-Scudamore; Speedwell-Bowen; Theodosia-Mrs Prince; Brother to Theodosia-Bayle; Freeman-Arnold; Clara-Mrs Bud; Dorothy-Mrs Lawson; Le Soupe-Freeman.
Role: A Short Comedy Needmore Actor: Scudamore
Role: Speedwell Actor: Bowen
Role: Theodosia Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Brother to Theodosia Actor: Bayle
Role: Freeman Actor: Arnold
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Bud
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Le Soupe Actor: Freeman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 3; Hercules [By Peter Motteux

Role: Set to Musick Actor:
Role: Hercules Actor: Redding
Role: Omphale Actor: Mrs Boman
Role: Dejanira Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Two of Hercules' Children Actor: Miss Bradshaw, Jemmy Laroche
Role: Nesica Actor: Mrs Perrin.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 4; The Unfortunate Couple

Performance Comment: By Edward Filmer. A short Tragedy. Grammont-Betterton; Elvira-Mrs Barry; Dampierre-Freeman; Lysette-Mrs Lawson; Leonora-Mrs Boman.
Role: Grammont Actor: Betterton
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Dampierre Actor: Freeman
Role: Lysette Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Boman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 5; Natural Magick

Performance Comment: By Peter Motteux. A short Farce, after the Italian manner. Pantalone-Trefuses; Cynthio-Arnold; Pasquarel-Sorin; Mezzetin-Knap; Nicholas-Trout; Columbina-Mrs Lawson; Epilogue-Mrs Prince.
Role: Pantalone Actor: Trefuses
Role: Cynthio Actor: Arnold
Role: Pasquarel Actor: Sorin
Role: Mezzetin Actor: Knap
Role: Nicholas Actor: Trout
Role: Columbina Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Prince.
Event Comment: Benefit Verhuyck, Naylor, Duck, Banks (Pit and Gallery Doorkeepers). Tickets deliver'd out by Mlle Fabres. Miss Dodson, Miss Short, and Mr. Bowcher will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Merchant

Performance Comment: As17411126, but Vandunk-Marten; Jaqueline-Miss Short; Boors-James.
Role: Vandunk Actor: Marten
Role: Jaqueline Actor: Miss Short
Role: Boors Actor: James.
Role: Merchant Actor: Ryan
Role: Clause Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Wolfort Actor: Rosco
Role: Hemskirk Actor: Cashell
Role: Hubert Actor: Hale
Role: Prince Prigg Actor: Woodward
Role: Orator Higgen Actor: Hippisley
Role: Prince Ferrit Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Gincks Actor: Bencraft
Role: Merchant Actor: Gibson
Role: Bertha Actor: Mrs Bellamy

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller of Mansfield

Dance: CComic Dance, as17420510; Rigadone Provencale, as17420226; Minuet-Villeneuve, Mlle Fabres


Mainpiece Title: Wit Without Money

Performance Comment: Valentine-Wilks; Widow-Mrs Oldfield; Francisco-Mills; Isabella-Mrs Porter; Lance-Miller; Short Hose-Norris.
Role: Valentine Actor: Wilks
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Francisco Actor: Mills
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Lance Actor: Miller
Role: Short Hose Actor: Norris.

Afterpiece Title: Hob


Mainpiece Title: The Old Woman's Oratory

Performance Comment: See17520204, but short bill when the Jews Harp-; Salt@Box-; Performances of Sig Bombasto-_; Sig Bamboozino-_. will be introduced.


Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife And Have A Wife

Role: Leon Actor: Garrick
Role: Copper Captain Actor: Woodward
Role: Duke Actor: Havard
Role: Old Woman Actor: Yates
Role: Margaretta Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Estifania Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Performance Comment: As17570314 but Prologue-_. Short cast only. Apprentice and Wingate.
Role: Prologue Actor: _. Short cast only. Apprentice and Wingate.
Role: Dick Actor: Woodward
Role: Wingate Actor: Yates
Role: Gargle Actor: Burton
Role: Catchpole Actor: Vaughan
Role: Scotchman Actor: Blakes
Role: Irishman Actor: Jefferson
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Simon Actor: H. Vaughan

Dance: A Grand Masquerade Dance-; in which Minuet-Miss Pritchard (by Desire)


Mainpiece Title: Zara

Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Cibber.
Role: Lusignan Actor: Garrick
Role: Osman Actor: Holland
Role: Neristan Actor: Davies
Role: Chatilion Actor: Blakes
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Davies.

Afterpiece Title: Edgar and Emmeline

Performance Comment: As17610131, but short bill listing only Edgar-O'brien; Florimond-King; Emmeline-Mrs Yates; Epilogue-.
Role: short bill listing only Edgar Actor: O'brien
Role: Florimond Actor: King
Role: Emmeline Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Epilogue Actor: .
Role: Edgar Actor: O'brien
Role: Elfina Actor: Master Kennedy
Role: Grotilla Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Fairy Actor: Miss Wright


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: As17601013, but short bill Marplot-Shuter; Sir George-Smith; Miranda-Miss Macklin.
Role: short bill Marplot Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir George Actor: Smith
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Macklin.
Role: Marplot Actor: Shuter
Role: Charles Actor: Clarke
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Collins
Role: Sir Jealous Actor: Marten
Role: Whisper Actor: Costollo
Role: Scentwell Actor: Mrs Feguson
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Pitt

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment

Role: After which Cries of London Actor: Shuter.
Role: Loveless Actor: Baker
Role: Gripe Actor: Collins
Role: Marquis Actor: Holtom
Role: Jeremy Actor: R. Smith
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Young
Role: Phelim Actor: Barrington.

Dance: LLa Petite Bergere-Lalauze's Daughter, a child between 7 and 8 years of age; a Serious Dance(for 1st time)-Lalauze's Daughter; also by desire a Ball-Dance call'd The Louvre and Minuet-Lalauze, Lalauze's Daughter; After: (this night only) A Day of Taste-Shuteras17600320


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Role: Boatswain Actor: Clough
Role: Ceres Actor: Miss Young.
Role: Prospero Actor: Havard, 1st time
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Holland
Role: Stephano Actor: King
Role: Trincalo Actor: Yates
Role: Caliban Actor: Blakes
Role: Ariel Actor: Miss Young
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Pritchard
Role: Hymen Actor: Lowe
Role: With a Grand Dance of Fantastic Spirits Actor:
Role: Actor: Sg Giorgi, Sga Giorgi, Miss Baker.

Afterpiece Title: High Life Below Stairs

Performance Comment: As17600930, but short bill only listing Tom-Watkins.
Role: short bill only listing Tom Actor: Watkins.
Role: Lovel Actor: O'Brien
Role: Freeman Actor: Packer
Role: Duke's Servant Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Harry's Servt Actor: King
Role: Philip Actor: Yates
Role: Lady Charlotte's Maid Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Bab's Maid Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Clive.

Song: The Mimic Comic Opera Song-Mrs Clive By Particular Desire, and for the last time this season


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Role: Servants at the Statute Actor: Miles.
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Hawthorn Actor: Beard
Role: Woodcock Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir William Actor: Bennet
Role: Young Meadows Actor: Mattocks
Role: Eustace Actor: Dyer
Role: Hodge Actor: Dunstall
Role: Deborah Woodcock Actor: Mrs Walker
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Rosetta Actor: Miss Brent
Role: with a Dance incidental to the Opera Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman in Paris

Performance Comment: As17650920, but short bill listing Buck-Woodward; Sir John Buck-Gibson; Lucinda-Miss Macklin.
Role: short bill listing Buck Actor: Woodward
Role: Sir John Buck Actor: Gibson
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Macklin.
Role: Buck Actor: Woodward
Role: Classic Actor: Anderson
Role: Subtle Actor: Costollo
Role: Mrs Subtle Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Marquis Actor: Holtom
Role: Dauphin Actor: Wignel
Role: Peroquet Actor: White
Role: Roger Actor: Weller
Role: Gamut Actor: Baker
Role: Kitteau Actor: Bennet
Role: Minuet Actor: Fichar, Miss Macklin.

Dance: II: Rural Love, as17651115


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Role: Freeman Actor: Clarke.
Role: Feignwell Actor: Woodward
Role: Modelove Actor: Dyer
Role: Obadiah Actor: Gibson
Role: Perriwinkle Actor: Shuter
Role: Tradelove Actor: Dunstall
Role: Sackbut Actor: Buck
Role: Simon Actor: Bennet
Role: Aminadab Actor: Morgan
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Ann Lovely Actor: Miss Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Performance Comment: As17670101, but short bill for The Dances-Arnauld, Miss Valois, Fishar.


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Role: Leontes Actor: Smith
Role: Polixines Actor: Bensley
Role: Florizel Actor: Lewis
Role: Camillo Actor: Hull
Role: Autolicus Actor: Quick
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Kniveton
Role: Clown Actor: Woodward
Role: Perdita Actor: Miss Dayes
Role: Paulina Actor: Mrs P. Green
Role: Hermione Actor: Mrs Hartley
Role: The Vocal Parts Actor: Fox, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Baker
Role: a Dance Actor: Aldridge, Miss Twist

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Young Philpot Actor: Woodward
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Shuter
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: With the Epilogue Actor: Woodward, Shuter.

Afterpiece Title: The Sylphs

Performance Comment: As17740224, but Short bill listing only Harlequin-Lewes; Sylph-Miss Brown; Colombine-Miss Twist.


Mainpiece Title: Poor Old Hay-market; Or, Two Sides Of The Gutter

Performance Comment: !! Characters by R. Palmer, Cubitt, Wrighten, Wewitzer, Bannister Jun., Parsons, Evatt, Wilson, Mrs Edwin, Mrs Powell, Mrs Gaudry, Miss Hale, Mrs Webb. Cast from European Magazine, June 1792, p. 474: Scene Carpenters-R. Palmer, Cubitt; Prompter-Wrighten; Project-Bannister Jun.; Parsons-Parsons; Mrs Edwin-Mrs Edwin; Mrs Powell-Mrs Powell; Mrs Gaudry-Mrs Gaudry; Miss Hale-Miss Hale; Mrs Webb-Mrs Webb (these last 6 in their own persons); unassigned-Wewitzer, Evatt, Wilson; Other parts listed in Larpent MS: Messenger-; Man in the Pit-; Short Lady-; Actresses-.
Role: Scene Carpenters Actor: R. Palmer, Cubitt
Role: Prompter Actor: Wrighten
Role: Project Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Parsons Actor: Parsons
Role: Mrs Edwin Actor: Mrs Edwin
Role: Mrs Powell Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Mrs Gaudry Actor: Mrs Gaudry
Role: Miss Hale Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Mrs Webb Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: unassigned Actor: Wewitzer, Evatt, Wilson
Role: Messenger Actor:
Role: Man in the Pit Actor:
Role: Short Lady Actor:
Role: Actresses Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: The Young Quaker

Role: Old Sadboy Actor: Barrett
Role: Chronicle Actor: Baddeley
Role: Captain Ambush Actor: Williamson
Role: Young Sadboy Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Shadrach Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Spatterdash Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Clod Actor: Parsons
Role: Twig Actor: Farley
Role: Malachi Actor: Burton
Role: Lounge Actor: Lyons
Role: Waiter Actor: Farley
Role: Coachman Actor: Ledger
Role: Goliah Actor: Miss Standen
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Dinah Primrose Actor: Mrs Brooks
Role: Pink Actor: Miss Fontenelle
Role: Lady Rounceval Actor: Mrs Webb.

Afterpiece Title: The Son-in-Law

Role: Cranky Actor: Wilson
Role: Vinegar Actor: Baddeley
Role: Bouquet Actor: Davies
Role: Bowkitt Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Arionelli Actor: Bannister
Role: Idle Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Mum Actor: Barrett
Role: John Actor: Ledger
Role: Man of the House Actor: Burton
Role: Negro Boy Actor: Miss Standen
Role: Cecilia Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Dolce Actor: Miss Palmer.
Event Comment: Benefit Short and Neale. Receipts: money #13 18s.; tickets #169 12s


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Foigard Actor: H. Bullock.
Role: Archer Actor: Ryan
Role: Aimwell Actor: Walker
Role: Sullen Actor: Quin
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Milward
Role: Bonniface Actor: Bullock
Role: Gibbet Actor: Chapman
Role: Scrub Actor: Hippisley
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Legar.

Dance: I: Fingalian-; V: Scotch Dance-Salle, Mrs Laguerre

Song: III: Mrs Wright

Music: II: Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord, Harpsichord-Short's Daughter, it being the first Time of her Performing in Public; IV: Suit of Mr Handel's Lessons on Harpsichord-Short's Daughter; V: Preamble on Kettle Drums-Job Baker; Mr Handel's Grand Water Musick-, perform'd With Trumpets, French Horns, Kettle Drums, and other Instruments

Event Comment: Benefit Short and Mrs Willis


Mainpiece Title: Madam Fickle; Or, The Witty False One

Song: The Turky/Cock Music-Mrs Willis; a comical country dialogue-Mrs Willis, Cook; a song-older of Mrs Willis' daughters; Eccles' three-part song set for the Queen's Birthday-Short, Cook, Davis

Dance: Irish Trot-younger of Mrs Willis' daughters, age five


Mainpiece Title: The Country Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Whimsical Death of Harlequin

Performance Comment: Scaramouch-Sorin; Harlequin-Baxter lately arriv'd from Paris, who have variety of Entertainments of that Kind, and make but a short stay in England.


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Role: Heartwell Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Bellmour Actor: Ryan
Role: Vainlove Actor: Gibson
Role: Sharper Actor: Hale
Role: Sir Joseph Actor: Woodward, 1st appearance
Role: Bluff Actor: Mullart
Role: Setter Actor: Chapman
Role: Barnaby Actor: Clarke
Role: Fondlewife Actor: Hippisley
Role: Laetitia Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs James
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Mullart.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Performance Comment: Doctor-Marten; Sir Jasper-Rosco; Leander-Stevens; Harry-Bencraft; James-Anderson; Welsh Davy-Hippisley; Hellebore-Lassels; Robert-Harrington; Charlotte-Miss Short; Dorcas-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Doctor Actor: Marten
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Rosco
Role: Leander Actor: Stevens
Role: Harry Actor: Bencraft
Role: James Actor: Anderson
Role: Welsh Davy Actor: Hippisley
Role: Hellebore Actor: Lassels
Role: Robert Actor: Harrington
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Short
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Vincent.


Mainpiece Title: The Mistake; Or, The Lover's Quarrel

Role: Carlos Actor: Ryan
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Hale
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Alvarez Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Felix Actor: Mullart
Role: Metaphrastus Actor: Rosco
Role: Sancho Actor: Hippisley
Role: Toledo Actor: James
Role: Camillo Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Jacinta Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Lopez Actor: Chapman.

Afterpiece Title: Orpheus and Eurydice: with Metamorphoses of Harlequin

Performance Comment: Orpheus-Salway; Rhodope-Mrs Lampe; Eurydice-Miss Young; Nymph-Sga Barbarini; 2nd Nymph-Sga Domitella; 3rd Nymph-Mrs Wright; 4th Nymph-Mrs LeBrun; 5th Nymph-Mrs Villeneuve; Pluto-Leveridge; Ascalax-Roberts; Demons-Villeneuve, Delagarde, Richardson; Harlequin-Lun; Colombine-Mrs Kilby; Pantalon-Grimaldi; Squire Gawky-Bencraft; Mrs Mannerly-Mrs Martin; Goody Gurton-James; Drudge (servant to Pantalon)-Hippisley; Woman Dwarf-a French Boy; Country Lads-Villeneuve, Delagarde, Richardson, Dupre; Country Lasses-Mrs LeBrun, Mrs Villeneuve, Miss Davies, Miss Short.
Role: Orpheus Actor: Salway
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Lampe
Role: Eurydice Actor: Miss Young
Role: Nymph Actor: Sga Barbarini
Role: 2nd Nymph Actor: Sga Domitella
Role: 3rd Nymph Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: 4th Nymph Actor: Mrs LeBrun
Role: 5th Nymph Actor: Mrs Villeneuve
Role: Pluto Actor: Leveridge
Role: Ascalax Actor: Roberts
Role: Demons Actor: Villeneuve, Delagarde, Richardson
Role: Harlequin Actor: Lun
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Pantalon Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Squire Gawky Actor: Bencraft
Role: Mrs Mannerly Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Goody Gurton Actor: James
Role: Drudge Actor: Hippisley
Role: Woman Dwarf Actor: a French Boy
Role: Country Lads Actor: Villeneuve, Delagarde, Richardson, Dupre
Role: Country Lasses Actor: Mrs LeBrun, Mrs Villeneuve, Miss Davies, Miss Short.

Dance: TThe Italian Peasants-Lalauze, Sga Barberini, accompanied by Villeneuve, Delagarde, Richardson, Dupre, Sga Domitella, Mrs LeBrun, Mrs Wright, Mrs Villeneuve; Villagers-Waltz, Thompson, Roberts, Smith, Davis, Stoppelaer, Miss Davis, Miss Dodson


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Ryan; Aimwell-Hale; Sullen-Bridgwater; Sir Charles-Gibson; Foigard-Rosco; Gibbet-Chapman; Bonniface-Mullart; Dorinda-Mrs Bellamy; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Horton; Cherry-Mrs Hale; Lady Bountiful-Mrs James; Gipsy-Miss Short; Scrub-Hippisley.
Role: Archer Actor: Ryan
Role: Aimwell Actor: Hale
Role: Sullen Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Gibson
Role: Foigard Actor: Rosco
Role: Gibbet Actor: Chapman
Role: Bonniface Actor: Mullart
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs James
Role: Gipsy Actor: Miss Short
Role: Scrub Actor: Hippisley.


Mainpiece Title: The Tender Husband

Performance Comment: Capt. Clerimont-Ryan; Clerimont Sen-Hale; Biddy-Mrs Horton; Tipkin-Hippisley; Sir Harry-Mullart; Numps-James; Pounce-Rosco; Fainlove-Mrs Kilby; Aunt-Mrs James; Jenny-Miss Short; Mrs Clerimont-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Clerimont Actor: Ryan
Role: Clerimont Sen Actor: Hale
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Tipkin Actor: Hippisley
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Mullart
Role: Numps Actor: James
Role: Pounce Actor: Rosco
Role: Fainlove Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Aunt Actor: Mrs James
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Short
Role: Mrs Clerimont Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: Perseus and Andromeda


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Role: Touchstone Actor: Chapman.
Role: Amiens Actor: Roberts
Role: Silvius Actor: Goodall.
Role: Duke Senior Actor: Stephens
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Rosco
Role: Jaques Actor: Ryan
Role: Orlando Actor: Hale
Role: Oliver Actor: Cashell
Role: Adam Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Phebe Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: LeBeau Actor: Gibson
Role: Jaques de Bois Actor: Stevens
Role: Corin Actor: James
Role: Charles Actor: Marten
Role: William Actor: Vaughan
Role: Audrey Actor: Miss Hillyard
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Performance Comment: As17420105, but Ceres-Mrs Wright; Proserpine-Mrs Lampe; Jupiter-Rebour; Mercury-Reinhold; 2nd Sylvan-Mrs Wright; 3rd Sylvan-Mrs LeBrun; 4th Sylvan-Mrs Moudet; 5th Sylvan-Mlle LeFont; Demons-Villeneuve, Richardson, Delagarde; Old Man-Smith; Old Woman-Mlle Fabres; Country Lads, Lasses-Dupre, Lestrande, Davenport, Mlle Maudet, Mlle Renos, Miss Short; Gardeners-Davenport, Destrade; Elements Earth-Richardson, Mrs Wright; Aior-Villeneuve, Mlle Fabres; Fire-Mlle Auguste [alone]; Water-Picq, Mlle Bonneval.
Role: Ceres Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: Proserpine Actor: Mrs Lampe
Role: Jupiter Actor: Rebour
Role: Mercury Actor: Reinhold
Role: 2nd Sylvan Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: 3rd Sylvan Actor: Mrs LeBrun
Role: 4th Sylvan Actor: Mrs Moudet
Role: 5th Sylvan Actor: Mlle LeFont
Role: Demons Actor: Villeneuve, Richardson, Delagarde
Role: Old Man Actor: Smith
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mlle Fabres
Role: Lasses Actor: Dupre, Lestrande, Davenport, Mlle Maudet, Mlle Renos, Miss Short
Role: Gardeners Actor: Davenport, Destrade
Role: Elements Earth Actor: Richardson, Mrs Wright
Role: Aior Actor: Villeneuve, Mlle Fabres
Role: Fire Actor: Mlle Auguste
Role: Water Actor: Picq, Mlle Bonneval.
Role: 1st Sylvan Actor: Mlle Bonneval
Role: Pluto Actor: Leveridge
Role: Fury Actor: Picq
Role: Harlequin Actor: Lun
Role: Yeoman Actor: Bencraft
Role: Clodpole Actor: Hippisley
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Kilby


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Ryan; Aimwell-Hale; Gibbet-Chapman; Sullen-Bridgwater; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Horton; Sir Charles Freeman-Gibson; Boniface-Marten; Foigard-Rosco; Dorinda-Mrs Bellamy; Cherry-Mrs Vincent; Lady Bountiful-Mrs James; Gipsy-Miss Short; Countrywoman-Mrs Martin; Scrub-Hippisley.
Role: Archer Actor: Ryan
Role: Aimwell Actor: Hale
Role: Gibbet Actor: Chapman
Role: Sullen Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Sir Charles Freeman Actor: Gibson
Role: Boniface Actor: Marten
Role: Foigard Actor: Rosco
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs James
Role: Gipsy Actor: Miss Short
Role: Countrywoman Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Scrub Actor: Hippisley.

Dance: LLes Boufons du Cour, as17421120; La Villageoise, as17421006; Les Jardiniers Suedois, as17421123


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Merchant; Or, The Beggar's Bush

Role: Clause Actor: Quin
Role: Woolfort Actor: Rosco
Role: Hubert Actor: Hale
Role: Hemskirk Actor: Cashell
Role: Prig Actor: Chapman
Role: Higgen Actor: Hippisley.

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine; with the Birth and Adventures of Harlequin

Performance Comment: Ceres-Mrs Wright; Proserpine-Miss Hillyard; Jupiter-Roberts; Mercury-Reinhold; A Sylvan-Mlle Domitilla; 2nd Sylvan-Mrs Delagarde; 3rd Sylvan-Miss Hillyard; 4th Sylvan-Mrs Villeneuve; 5th Sylvan-Mrs LeFont; Follower of Ceres-Mlle Auguste; Demons-Villeneuve, Dumont, Delagarde, Dupre; Harlequin-Woodward; Yeoman-Bencraft; Clodpole-Hippisley; Old Man-Smith; Old Woman-Mrs Delagarde; Colombine-Mrs Kilby; Country Lads and Lasses-Dupre, Delagarde, Destrade, Miss Dodson, Mlle Maudet, Miss Short; Gardeners-Dumont, Destrade; Earth-Destrade, Mrs LeBrun; Air-Mrs Villeneuve, Mrs Delagarde; Fire-Dumont, Mlle Auguste; Water-Picq, Mlle Domitilla.


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Merchant

Role: Vandunk Actor: Marten.
Role: Clause Actor: Quin
Role: Woolfort Actor: Rosco
Role: Hubert Actor: Hale
Role: Hemskirk Actor: Cashell
Role: Prig Actor: Chapman
Role: Higgen Actor: Hippisley.

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Performance Comment: As17421221, but Demons-Richardson, _Dupre; Country Lads and Lasses-Mrs +Fawkes, Miss _Short; Earth-Richardson.
Role: Demons Actor: Richardson, _Dupre
Role: Country Lads and Lasses Actor: Mrs +Fawkes, Miss _Short
Role: Earth Actor: Richardson.
Role: Ceres Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: Proserpine Actor: Miss Hillyard
Role: Jupiter Actor: Roberts
Role: Mercury Actor: Reinhold
Role: A Sylvan Actor: Mlle Domitilla
Role: 2nd Sylvan Actor: Mrs Delagarde
Role: 3rd Sylvan Actor: Miss Hillyard
Role: 4th Sylvan Actor: Mrs Villeneuve
Role: 5th Sylvan Actor: Mrs LeFont
Role: Follower of Ceres Actor: Mlle Auguste
Role: Harlequin Actor: Woodward
Role: Yeoman Actor: Bencraft
Role: Clodpole Actor: Hippisley
Role: Old Man Actor: Smith
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mrs Delagarde
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Gardeners Actor: Dumont, Destrade
Role: Air Actor: Mrs Villeneuve, Mrs Delagarde
Role: Fire Actor: Dumont, Mlle Auguste
Role: Water Actor: Picq, Mlle Domitilla.


Mainpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: As17611008, but The Dances-Sga Manesiere, Mlle _Capdeville-a short list of dancers.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Role: Petruchio Actor: Shuter
Role: Grumio Actor: Costollo
Role: Biondello Actor: Bennet
Role: Bianca Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Green.

Entertainment: fter the Masque will be presented the Humours of the Age-in imitation of Shakespeare's STAGES by Smith


Mainpiece Title: Countess Of Salisbury

Role: Alwin Actor: Barry
Role: Raymond Actor: ThomasBarry
Role: Grey Actor: Sowdon
Role: Morton Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Leroches Actor: Gardner
Role: Lord William Actor: Miss Palmer
Role: Countess Actor: Mrs Dancer
Role: Eleanor Actor: Mrs Burden
Role: Sir Ardolf Actor: Bannister
Role: Parts Actor: Keen, Smith, Strange, Loveman.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: Fribble-Shuter. Short bill as17670708 .
Role: Fribble Actor: Shuter. Short bill as17670708 .
Role: Tag Actor: .
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Ogilvie
Role: Loveit Actor: Gardner
Role: Jasper Actor: Quick
Role: Flash Actor: Davis
Role: Puff Actor: Palmer

Dance: Miss Froment