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Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Afterpiece Title: The Fairy Queen; or, Harlequin Turn'd Enchanter

Performance Comment: Fairy Queen-Miss Raftor; Her Followers-Young Master Lally, Young Master Tench, Miss Robinson, Miss Brett; Shepherd-Rainton; Shepherd's Man-Wetherilt; Harlequin-Surel; Colombine-Mrs Walter.

Afterpiece Title: Concluding with the Loves of Shepherds and Shepherdesses

Performance Comment: Shepherds-Lally, Essex, Haughton, Roger; Shepherdesses-Mrs Roger, Mlle Delorme, Miss Williams, Miss Mears.
Event Comment: Benefit Shepherd and Mrs Horton


Mainpiece Title: The Jovial Crew

Performance Comment: Oldrents-Shepherd; Hearty-Cross; Clack-Norris; Vincent-Ryan; Oliver-Booth; Springlove-Mills; Randal-Johnson; Tallboy-Miller; Hilliard-Bickerstaff; Rachel-Mrs Bicknell; Meriel-Mrs Santlow; Amy-Mrs Horton.
Role: Oldrents Actor: Shepherd
Role: Hearty Actor: Cross
Role: Clack Actor: Norris
Role: Vincent Actor: Ryan
Role: Oliver Actor: Booth
Role: Springlove Actor: Mills
Role: Randal Actor: Johnson
Role: Tallboy Actor: Miller
Role: Hilliard Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Rachel Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Meriel Actor: Mrs Santlow
Role: Amy Actor: Mrs Horton.

Afterpiece Title: The Country Wake

Song: Country Dialogue-Renton, Mrs Willis; Mimick Song in Praise of a Country Life-Mrs Willis

Dance: Mrs Santlow, Mrs Bicknell, Prince


Mainpiece Title: Love's Triumph; Or, The Happy Fair One, With The Comical And Pleasant Humours Of Colin, The Shepherd's Foolish Son, And His Sister Mopsa

Performance Comment: Colin-Bullock Sr; Mopsa-Mrs Willis; Old Shepherd-Leigh.
Role: Colin Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Mopsa Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Leigh.

Music: And all the Musick by Mr Heyden-



Mainpiece Title: The Man's Bewitch'd; Or, The Devil To Do About Her

Afterpiece Title: The Country Wedding; or, The Roving Shepherd

Performance Comment: Roger-Ray; Joan-Mrs Herle; Roving Shepherd-Board.
Role: Roger Actor: Ray
Role: Joan Actor: Mrs Herle
Role: Roving Shepherd Actor: Board.

Dance: CComic Ballet for Bride-Men and Bride-Maids-DelaGrange, Mlle DelaGrange, LeBrune, Mlle LeBrune, Bencraft, Mrs Penkethman

Music: An extraordinary Band


Mainpiece Title: The Novelty 0

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 1; Thyrsis, A Pastoral

Performance Comment: Shepherds-; Thyrsis-Scudamore; Damon-Bayle; Montano-Arnold; Shepherdesses-; Dorinda-Mrs Lassells; Cleomira-Mrs Boman.
Role: Shepherds Actor:
Role: Thyrsis Actor: Scudamore
Role: Damon Actor: Bayle
Role: Montano Actor: Arnold
Role: Shepherdesses Actor:
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Lassells
Role: Cleomira Actor: Mrs Boman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 2; All Without Money

Role: A Short Comedy Needmore Actor: Scudamore
Role: Speedwell Actor: Bowen
Role: Theodosia Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Brother to Theodosia Actor: Bayle
Role: Freeman Actor: Arnold
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Bud
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Le Soupe Actor: Freeman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 3; Hercules [By Peter Motteux

Role: Set to Musick Actor:
Role: Hercules Actor: Redding
Role: Omphale Actor: Mrs Boman
Role: Dejanira Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Two of Hercules' Children Actor: Miss Bradshaw, Jemmy Laroche
Role: Nesica Actor: Mrs Perrin.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 4; The Unfortunate Couple

Role: Grammont Actor: Betterton
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Dampierre Actor: Freeman
Role: Lysette Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Boman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 5; Natural Magick

Role: Pantalone Actor: Trefuses
Role: Cynthio Actor: Arnold
Role: Pasquarel Actor: Sorin
Role: Mezzetin Actor: Knap
Role: Nicholas Actor: Trout
Role: Columbina Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Prince.


Mainpiece Title: Epsom Wells

Performance Comment: Fribble-Penkethman; Bisket-Norris; Reynes-Powell; Clodpate-Leigh; Woodly-Elrington; Bevil-Cory; Kick-Spiller; Cuff-Shepherd; Mrs Fribble-Mrs Baker; Mrs Bisket-Mrs Powell; Mrs Woodly-Mrs Kent; Lucia-Mrs Spiller; Carolina-Mrs Shepherd.
Role: Fribble Actor: Penkethman
Role: Bisket Actor: Norris
Role: Reynes Actor: Powell
Role: Clodpate Actor: Leigh
Role: Woodly Actor: Elrington
Role: Bevil Actor: Cory
Role: Kick Actor: Spiller
Role: Cuff Actor: Shepherd
Role: Mrs Fribble Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Mrs Bisket Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Mrs Woodly Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Carolina Actor: Mrs Shepherd.

Dance: As17100708


Mainpiece Title: Aurengzebe

Performance Comment: Aurengzebe-Powell; Morat-Elrington; Emperor-Shepherd; Arimant-Pendry; Dinant-Freeman; Nourmahal-Mrs Kent; Indamora-Mrs Shepherd; Melesinda-Mrs Baxter.
Role: Aurengzebe Actor: Powell
Role: Morat Actor: Elrington
Role: Emperor Actor: Shepherd
Role: Arimant Actor: Pendry
Role: Dinant Actor: Freeman
Role: Nourmahal Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Indamora Actor: Mrs Shepherd
Role: Melesinda Actor: Mrs Baxter.




Mainpiece Title: Tamerlain

Performance Comment: Moneses-Powell; Tamerlain-Shepherd; Bajazet-Elrington; Omar-Freeman; Prince-Cole; Dervize-Norris; Merva-Pendry; Arpasia-Mrs Baxter; Selima-Mrs Shepherd; Haily-Mrs Kent.
Role: Moneses Actor: Powell
Role: Tamerlain Actor: Shepherd
Role: Bajazet Actor: Elrington
Role: Omar Actor: Freeman
Role: Prince Actor: Cole
Role: Dervize Actor: Norris
Role: Merva Actor: Pendry
Role: Arpasia Actor: Mrs Baxter
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Shepherd
Role: Haily Actor: Mrs Kent.

Entertainment: Too long to be inserted here


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Harlot's Progress

Performance Comment: As17330331(in edition and Daily Post), but Paris-Lally; Companions of Paris (formerly Shepherds)-Haughton, Lally Jr, Tench, Davenport; Attendants on Helen (formerly Shepherdesses) [, as17330331-Mrs D'Lorme, Mrs Grace, Miss Mann, Miss Price; Shepherdesses-_; Shepherds-_.
Role: Paris Actor: Lally
Role: Companions of Paris Actor: Haughton, Lally Jr, Tench, Davenport
Role: Harlequin Actor: LeBrun
Role: Beau Mordecai Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Old Debauchee Actor: Berry
Role: Justice@Mittimus Actor: Mullart
Role: Mons Poudre Actor: Oates
Role: Constable Actor: Jones
Role: Keeper Actor: Burnet
Role: Porter Actor: Peploe
Role: Pompey Actor: Young Grace
Role: Beadles Actor: Gray, Wright
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Raftor
Role: Madam Decoy Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Grace
Role: Beau Brindle Actor: Leigh
Role: Les Capricieux Actor: Essex, Miss Robinson
Role: Hungarians Actor: Houghton, Mrs Walter
Role: Fingalians Actor: Lally Sr, Miss Mears
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Lally Jr
Role: Pierrot Actor: Tench
Role: Mezzetin Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Ladies of Pleasure Actor: Miss Mann, Miss Atherton, Miss Price
Role: Marquis de Fresco Actor: Arlequin en Chien
Role: Shepherds Actor: Lally Sr, Lally Jr, Tench, Davenport
Role: Shepherdesses Actor: Mrs D'Lorme, Mrs Grace, Miss Mann, Miss Price
Role: Helen Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Pallas Actor: Miss Mears
Role: Mercury Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Power Actor: Ellis Roberts
Role: Venus Actor: Miss Robinson
Role: Thalia Actor: Miss Raftor
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Aglaia Actor: Miss Atherton
Role: Fame Actor: Young Cunningham.


Mainpiece Title: The London Merchant; Or, The History Of George Barnwell

Role: George Barnwell Actor: Reddish, 1st time
Role: Thorowgood Actor: Havard
Role: Trueman Actor: Packer
Role: Uncle Actor: Burton
Role: Blunt Actor: Ackman
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Jeffries, 1st time
Role: Millwood Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: In Act I a Song Actor: Miss Young.

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, The New Rehearsal

Performance Comment: Parts by King, Vernon, Dodd, Love, Aickin, J. Palmer, Johnston, Hartry, Fox, Packer, Moody, Bannister, Parsons, Kear, Strange, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Arne, Mrs Love, Miss Pope, Mrs Clive; With a Prologue-; Address to the Town by the way of Epilogue-; Glib-King; Sir Toby Fuz-Love; Sir Macaroni Virtue-Dodd; Wilson-J. Palmer; Mervin-Aickin; Patent-Packer; Hopkins the Prompter-Bannister; Saunders the Carpenter-Moody; Johnston the housekeeper-Johnston; Lady Fuz-Mrs Clive; Miss Fuz-Miss Pope; Sweepers-Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Love; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Vernon; Old Shepherd-Dodd; Shepherd Chorus-Parsons, Hartry; Rhodope-Mrs Arne (Genest, V, 158).
Role: With a Prologue Actor:
Role: Address to the Town by the way of Epilogue Actor:
Role: Glib Actor: King
Role: Sir Toby Fuz Actor: Love
Role: Sir Macaroni Virtue Actor: Dodd
Role: Wilson Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Mervin Actor: Aickin
Role: Patent Actor: Packer
Role: Hopkins the Prompter Actor: Bannister
Role: Saunders the Carpenter Actor: Moody
Role: Johnston the housekeeper Actor: Johnston
Role: Lady Fuz Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Sweepers Actor: Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Love
Role: Orpheus Actor: Vernon
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Dodd
Role: Shepherd Chorus Actor: Parsons, Hartry
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Arne


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Role: Marplot Actor: Lewis
Role: with an Address in character Actor: Lewis
Role: Sir George Airy Actor: Holman
Role: Sir Jealous Traffic Actor: Thompson
Role: Charles Gripe Actor: Davies
Role: Whisper Actor: Farley
Role: Footman Actor: Ledger
Role: Sir Francis Gripe Actor: Quick
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Lewis
Role: Patch Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Scentwell Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Performance Comment: Glib (for that night only)-Lewis; Sir Toby Fuz-Powel; Sir Macaroni Virtu-Bernard; Patent-Thompson; Wilson-Macready; Mervin-Evatt; Prompter-Farley; Carpenter-Rock; Miss Fuz-Mrs Lewis; Sweepers-Mrs Powell, Mrs Davenett; Lady Fuz-Mrs Webb; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Davies; Shepherds-Darley, Reeve, Blurton, Lee, Cubitt; Old Shepherd-Blanchard; Rhodope-Mrs Martyr.
Role: Glib Actor: Lewis
Role: Sir Toby Fuz Actor: Powel
Role: Sir Macaroni Virtu Actor: Bernard
Role: Patent Actor: Thompson
Role: Wilson Actor: Macready
Role: Mervin Actor: Evatt
Role: Prompter Actor: Farley
Role: Carpenter Actor: Rock
Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Mrs Lewis
Role: Sweepers Actor: Mrs Powell, Mrs Davenett
Role: Lady Fuz Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Orpheus Actor: Davies
Role: Shepherds Actor: Darley, Reeve, Blurton, Lee, Cubitt
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Blanchard
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Martyr.


Mainpiece Title: Fashionable Levities

Role: Welford Actor: Lewis
Role: Mr Ordeal Actor: Aickin
Role: Captain Douglas Actor: Farren
Role: Nicholas Actor: Munden
Role: Cheaterly Actor: Macready
Role: Colonel Staff Actor: Evatt
Role: Sir Buzzard Savage Actor: Quick
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Esten
Role: Constance Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Widow Volatile Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Grace Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: Mrs Muslin Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Lady Flippant Savage Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, The New Rehearsal

Performance Comment: Glib (the Author)-Lewis; Sir Toby Fuz-Wilson; Sir Macaroni Virtu-Fawcett; Wilson-Macready; Patent-Powel; Mervin-Evatt; Prompter-Farley; Carpenter-Rock; Lady Fuz-Mrs Webb; Sweepers-Mrs Powell, Mrs Davenett; Miss Fuz-Mrs Davis; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Davies; Shepherds-Powel, Follett, Linton, Cross, Rees, Noble, Letteney, Rowson, Blurton, Milburne, Simmons, Coombes; Old Shepherd-Munden; Rhodope-Mrs Martyr.
Role: Glib Actor: Lewis
Role: Sir Toby Fuz Actor: Wilson
Role: Sir Macaroni Virtu Actor: Fawcett
Role: Wilson Actor: Macready
Role: Patent Actor: Powel
Role: Mervin Actor: Evatt
Role: Prompter Actor: Farley
Role: Carpenter Actor: Rock
Role: Lady Fuz Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Sweepers Actor: Mrs Powell, Mrs Davenett
Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Mrs Davis
Role: Orpheus Actor: Davies
Role: Shepherds Actor: Powel, Follett, Linton, Cross, Rees, Noble, Letteney, Rowson, Blurton, Milburne, Simmons, Coombes
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Munden
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: Robin Hood

Role: Allen o'Dale Actor: Gray
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Billington.
Role: Robin Hood Actor: Darley
Role: Little John Actor: Quick
Role: Ruttekin Actor: Fawcett
Role: Fitzherbert Actor: Powel
Role: Scarlet Actor: Farley
Role: Bowman Actor: Cubitt
Role: Edwin Actor: Johnstone
Role: Clorinda Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Stella Actor: Miss Francis
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Rock


Mainpiece Title: How To Grow Rich

Role: Pave Actor: Lewis
Role: Warford Actor: Pope
Role: Sir ThomasRoundhead Actor: Munden
Role: Latitat Actor: Fawcett
Role: Smalltrade Actor: Emery
Role: Sir Charles Dazzle Actor: Betterton
Role: Hippy Actor: Townsend
Role: Nab Actor: Farley
Role: Plainly Actor: Claremont
Role: Servants Actor: Curties, Blurton, Platt, Wilde, Rees
Role: Robert Actor: Simmons
Role: Formal Actor: Thompson
Role: Miss Dazzle Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Rosa Actor: Miss Murray
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Leserve
Role: Visitors Actor: Ms Watts, Ms Follett, Ms Norton, Ms Gilbert
Role: Lady Henrietta Actor: the Late Miss Betterton

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, An Opera Rehearsal

Performance Comment: Glib, the Author-Lewis; Manager-Davenport; Sir Toby Fuz-Gardner; Sir Macaroni Virtu-Farley; Wilson-Claremont; Mervin-Klanert; Prompter-Abbot; Carpenter-Rees; Scenemen-Wilde, Whitmore; Miss Fuz-Mrs Mills; Sweepers of the Stage-Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Norton; Lady Fuz-Mrs Davenport; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Hill; Shepherds-Linton, Denman, Whitmore, Platt, Curties, Street, Bologna, Lee, Hawtin, Blurton, Coombs, Thomas, Noble, Lewiss; The Old Shepherd-Simmons; Rhodope-Mrs Martyr.
Role: the Author Actor: Lewis
Role: Manager Actor: Davenport
Role: Sir Toby Fuz Actor: Gardner
Role: Sir Macaroni Virtu Actor: Farley
Role: Wilson Actor: Claremont
Role: Mervin Actor: Klanert
Role: Prompter Actor: Abbot
Role: Carpenter Actor: Rees
Role: Scenemen Actor: Wilde, Whitmore
Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Sweepers of the Stage Actor: Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Norton
Role: Lady Fuz Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Orpheus Actor: Hill
Role: Shepherds Actor: Linton, Denman, Whitmore, Platt, Curties, Street, Bologna, Lee, Hawtin, Blurton, Coombs, Thomas, Noble, Lewiss
Role: The Old Shepherd Actor: Simmons
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: The Hermione; or, Valour's Triumph

Role: Lieutenant Actor: Incledon
Role: The Battle of La Hogue Actor: Incledon
Role: Captain Actor: Townsend
Role: Corporal Flip Actor: Emery
Role: Boatswain Actor: Farley
Role: Officer Actor: Mansel
Role: Midshipman Actor: Rees
Role: Spanish Officer Actor: Abbot
Role: French Officer Actor: Klanert
Role: Sam Swig Actor: Munden
Role: English Lady Actor: Miss Cox
Role: Ozora Actor: Miss Sims
Role: unassigned Actor: Linton, Denman.


Mainpiece Title: The Fickle Shepherdess

Performance Comment: Edition of 1703 lists: Clorinda-Mrs Barry; Amintas-Mrs Bracegirdle; Damon-Mrs Bowman; Alexis-Mrs Prince; Menalchas-Mrs Willis; Adrastus-Mrs Lee; Amaryllis-Mrs Porter; Urania-Mrs Alison; Claius-Mrs Lawson; Flavia-Mrs Martin; Shepherd-Miss Parsons; Dorylas-the little Boy; Prologue-Mrs Porter; Epilogue written by Burnaby-Mrs Barry.
Role: Clorinda Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Amintas Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Damon Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Alexis Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Menalchas Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Adrastus Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Amaryllis Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Urania Actor: Mrs Alison
Role: Claius Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Flavia Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Shepherd Actor: Miss Parsons
Role: Dorylas Actor: the little Boy
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Burnaby Actor: Mrs Barry.


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-Thurmond; Cassio-Husband; Iago-Shepherd; Roderigo-Norris; Desdemona-Mrs Spiller.
Role: Othello Actor: Thurmond
Role: Cassio Actor: Husband
Role: Iago Actor: Shepherd
Role: Roderigo Actor: Norris
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Spiller.

Afterpiece Title: The Walking Statue


Mainpiece Title: Oedipus, King Of Thebes

Performance Comment: Oedipus-Powell; Adrastus-Ryan; Creon-Shepherd; Tiresias-Cory; Ghost of Laius-Elrington; Alcander-Carnaby; Haemon-Thurmond; Plebeians-Leigh, Norris, Cole; Pyraemon-Spillar; Jocasta-Mrs Baker; Eurydice-Mrs Spillar.
Role: Oedipus Actor: Powell
Role: Adrastus Actor: Ryan
Role: Creon Actor: Shepherd
Role: Tiresias Actor: Cory
Role: Ghost of Laius Actor: Elrington
Role: Alcander Actor: Carnaby
Role: Haemon Actor: Thurmond
Role: Plebeians Actor: Leigh, Norris, Cole
Role: Pyraemon Actor: Spillar
Role: Jocasta Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Eurydice Actor: Mrs Spillar.

Dance: LeSac, others


Mainpiece Title: The Libertine Destroy'd

Performance Comment: John-Mills; Jacomo-Johnson; Antonio-Thurmond; Lopez-Bickerstaff; Francisco-Keene; Leonora-Mrs Knight; Maria-Mrs Porter; Octavia-Miss Sherburn; Flavia-Miss Willis; Shepherds-Norris, Leigh, Pack, Burkhead.
Role: John Actor: Mills
Role: Jacomo Actor: Johnson
Role: Antonio Actor: Thurmond
Role: Lopez Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Francisco Actor: Keene
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Octavia Actor: Miss Sherburn
Role: Flavia Actor: Miss Willis
Role: Shepherds Actor: Norris, Leigh, Pack, Burkhead.

Dance: Dutch Skipper and Wife-


Mainpiece Title: The Libertine Destroy'd

Performance Comment: As17110521, but Francisco-_; Shepherds-_; Octavia-_; Flavia-Miss Sherburn; Clara-Miss Willis.
Role: Flavia Actor: Miss Sherburn
Role: Clara Actor: Miss Willis.
Role: John Actor: Mills
Role: Jacomo Actor: Johnson
Role: Antonio Actor: Thurmond
Role: Lopez Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Francisco Actor: Keene
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Octavia Actor: Miss Sherburn
Role: Shepherds Actor: Norris, Leigh, Pack, Burkhead.


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: The What D'ye Call It

Performance Comment: Edition of 1715 lists: Squire Thomas-Johnson; Jonas Dock-Pinkethman; Peter Nettle-Norris; Sir Roger-Miller; Steward-Quin; Sir Humphrey-Cross; Justice Statute-Shepherd; Ghost of Child Unborn-Norris Jr; Kitty-Mrs Bicknell; Dorcas-Mrs Willis Sr; Joyce-Miss Younger; Aunt-Mrs Baker; Constable-Penray; Corporal-Weller.
Role: Squire Thomas Actor: Johnson
Role: Jonas Dock Actor: Pinkethman
Role: Peter Nettle Actor: Norris
Role: Sir Roger Actor: Miller
Role: Steward Actor: Quin
Role: Sir Humphrey Actor: Cross
Role: Justice Statute Actor: Shepherd
Role: Ghost of Child Unborn Actor: Norris Jr
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Willis Sr
Role: Joyce Actor: Miss Younger
Role: Aunt Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Constable Actor: Penray
Role: Corporal Actor: Weller.


Mainpiece Title: Lady Jane Gray

Performance Comment: Edition of 1715 lists: Duke of Northumberland-Mills; Duke of Suffolk-Boman; Lord Guilford Dudley-Booth; Earl of Pembroke-Elrington; Earl of Sussex-Ryan; Gardiner Bishop of Winchester-Cibber; Sir John Gates-Shepherd; Lieutenant of Tower-Quin; Captain of Guards-Maddocks; Dutchess of Suffolk-Mrs Porter; Lady Jane Gray-Mrs Oldfield; Prologue-Booth; Epilogue-Mrs Porter.

Music: In: a cantata, The Meditation by Pepusch-Mrs del'Epine, Mrs Barbier


Mainpiece Title: Bartholomew Fair

Performance Comment: Cokes-Miller; Quarlous-Mills; Wasp-Johnson; Busy-Bickerstaff; Overdo-Shepherd; Edgeworth-Ryan; Littlewit-Norris; Winwife-Quin; Ursula-Cross; Nightingale-Birkhead; Mrs Littlewit-Mrs Saunders; Mrs Wellborn-Miss Willis.
Role: Cokes Actor: Miller
Role: Quarlous Actor: Mills
Role: Wasp Actor: Johnson
Role: Busy Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Overdo Actor: Shepherd
Role: Edgeworth Actor: Ryan
Role: Littlewit Actor: Norris
Role: Winwife Actor: Quin
Role: Ursula Actor: Cross
Role: Nightingale Actor: Birkhead
Role: Mrs Littlewit Actor: Mrs Saunders
Role: Mrs Wellborn Actor: Miss Willis.

Song: Miss Booth; Mimic Song of the Country Life-Mrs Willis

Dance: Prince


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Performance Comment: As17161006, but Fop-Bowen; Edition of 1718 adds: Rosencrantz-W. Wilks; Guildenstern-Quin; Marcellus-Shepherd; Lucianus-Norris; 2d Gravedigger-Leigh.
Role: Fop Actor: Bowen
Role: Rosencrantz Actor: W. Wilks
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Quin
Role: Marcellus Actor: Shepherd
Role: Lucianus Actor: Norris
Role: 2d Gravedigger Actor: Leigh.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Wilks
Role: King Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Horatio Actor: Mills
Role: Ghost Actor: Booth
Role: Polonius Actor: Cross
Role: Laertes Actor: Ryan
Role: Gravedigger Actor: Johnson
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Santlow.


Mainpiece Title: The Northern Lass

Performance Comment: Sir Philip-Wilks; Tridewell-Mills; Sir Paul-Johnson; Bulfinch-Cross; Widgin-Miller; Anvil-Shepherd; Nonsense-Norris; Beavis-Bickerstaff; Howdee-Cibber; Widow-Mrs Moor; Lass-Mrs Bicknell; Mrs Trainwell-Mrs Baker; Holdup-Mrs Willis.
Role: Sir Philip Actor: Wilks
Role: Tridewell Actor: Mills
Role: Sir Paul Actor: Johnson
Role: Bulfinch Actor: Cross
Role: Widgin Actor: Miller
Role: Anvil Actor: Shepherd
Role: Nonsense Actor: Norris
Role: Beavis Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Howdee Actor: Cibber
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Lass Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Mrs Trainwell Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Holdup Actor: Mrs Willis.


Mainpiece Title: The Play Is The Plot

Performance Comment: Edition of 1718 lists: Sir Barnaby Bindover-Johnson; Capt. Carbine-Walker; Col. Ringwood-Pinkethman; Peter Pirate-Cibber; Machone-Miller; Buskin-Norris; Truncheon-Bowen; Spangle-Shepherd; Jeremy-Oates; Fidelia-Mrs Mountfort; Prudentia-Mrs Saunders; Jenny-Mrs Garnet; Betty Kimbow-Leigh; Mrs Buskin-Mrs Baker; Prologue-; Epilogue-Mrs Mountfort.
Role: Sir Barnaby Bindover Actor: Johnson
Role: Carbine Actor: Walker
Role: Ringwood Actor: Pinkethman
Role: Peter Pirate Actor: Cibber
Role: Machone Actor: Miller
Role: Buskin Actor: Norris
Role: Truncheon Actor: Bowen
Role: Spangle Actor: Shepherd
Role: Jeremy Actor: Oates
Role: Fidelia Actor: Mrs Mountfort
Role: Prudentia Actor: Mrs Saunders
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Garnet
Role: Betty Kimbow Actor: Leigh
Role: Mrs Buskin Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Mountfort.


Mainpiece Title: Cato Burlesqued

Performance Comment: Cato-Norris; Juba-Penkethman; other characters including women's parts-low comedians (Chetwood); Marcia-Young Wilks; Lucia-Shepherd; Porcius-Fieldhouse (Lady Bristol).
Role: Cato Actor: Norris
Role: Juba Actor: Penkethman
Role: other characters including women's parts Actor: low comedians
Role: Marcia Actor: Young Wilks
Role: Lucia Actor: Shepherd
Role: Porcius Actor: Fieldhouse