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Event Comment: Benefit for Stede, Redman, Mrs Bambridge, Miss Minors, Miss Ferguson and Miss Morrison. Tickets deliver'd also by Goodall, Rawlings, Miss Allen, Widow Dupre, Mrs Hitchcock. No charges made, but House receiv'd 1!2 value of all income. Receipts: #16 14s. 6d. @Tickets Box Pit Gallery Value 1!2 Value@Stede 7 74 81 #20 19s. #10 9s. 6d.@Redman 8 71 38 #16 9s. #8 4s. 6d.@Goodall .. 46 34 #14 16s. #7 8s.@Mr Rawlings 16 57 65 #19 1s. #9 10s. 6d.@Miss Minors 17 71 26 #17 10s. #8 15s.@Mrs Ferguson 8 73 91 #22 1s. #11 6d.@Mrs Allen .. 25 19 #5 13s. #2 16s.@Morrison 26 41 55 #18 3s. #9 1s. 6d.@Dupre 10 44 57 #14 16s. #7 8s.@Hitchcock 23 67 34 #19 4s. [Seems to have rec'd full value #77 6s. 6d.]@Total 115 614 530 #173 17s.


Mainpiece Title: The Non Juror

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Song: GGo Rose-Miss Falkner

Event Comment: Benefit Destrade and Rawlings


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Event Comment: Benefit Reinhold, Destrade, Rawlings and Miss Bellamy


Mainpiece Title: Henry Viii

Afterpiece Title: Pyramus and Thisbe

Dance: MMinuet-Destrade, Mrs Duval

Event Comment: Benefit for Delagarde, Mrs Hippisley [sic], Mrs Gondou. Tickets deliver'd out by Rawlings and Mrs Dumont will by taken


Mainpiece Title: Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: Apollo and Daphne

Song: Beard

Event Comment: Benefit for Stede, Hatchet, Miss Morrison, and Page (Housekeeper). Tickets deliver'd by Rawlings, the Widow Dupre, &c. will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Mode

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller

Dance: As17490329

Event Comment: Benefit for Settree, Rawlings, Gardiner, Mrs Griffith


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Dance: III: New Dance-Gardner, Mme Camargo; V: Louvre and Minuet-Settree, Mme Huette

Event Comment: Benefit for Finney, Martin, and Mrs Gondou. Tickets deliver'd out by Rawlings, Mrs Gwinn, and Mrs Paddick will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Funeral

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Dance: Poitier, Mad Capdeville

Event Comment: Benefit for Rawlings, Mas. Besford, Wild, Francis, Miss Cokayne. Mainpiece By Particular Desire. Acted but once these 20 years. Afterpiece, for the last time this season. Tickets delivered by Bassan, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Gould, Mrs Paddick, the Widow Trott, &c. will be taken. N.B. Tickets for Macbeth will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Albion Queens

Afterpiece Title: Midas

Event Comment: Among the Instrumental Performers are Messrs Ashley and Sons, Patria, Sarjant, Billington, Mahon, Boyce, Mountain, J. Mahon, the Leanders, Ware, Kaye, Rawlings, Sharp, Lyon, &c. &c. &c. Double Drums by J. Ashley. The Whole under the Direction of Harrison and Ashley. No Money to be returned. Places for the Boxes to be had of Brandon at the Theatre. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [same throughout oratorio season]. Books of the Performances, with the Names of the Performers to their respective Songs, to be had at the Theatre, Price Six-pence. And to prevent imposition in the Streets, the Manager's Books are printed with the following Words at the bottom of each Title Page: "Printed by H. Macleish, Duke's-Court, Drury-Lane.


Mainpiece Title: A Grand Selection 0 Of Sacred Music, From The Works Of Handel

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 1

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 2

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 3