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Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; T 5, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, adapted from Die Spanier in Peru, by August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue. Prologue by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (consisting of the 1st 30 lines and the concluding couplet of his Prologue to The Miniature Picture); Epilogue by the Hon. William Lamb (see text). For publication see 1 July]: The Scenery, Dresses, and Decorations entirely new. The Musick, Airs and Chorusses incidental to the Piece composed and selected [from Gluck, Sacchini, &c. (Morning Chronicle, 25 May)] by Kelly. The Symphony preceding the Play, and those between the Acts, composed for the occasion by Dussek. The Scenery designed and executed by Marinari, Greenwood? Jun, Demaria, Banks, Blackmore, &c. [See Theatre Notebook, XX, 30-32, for suggestion that one scene was designed by DeLoutherbourg.] The Machinery, Decorations, and Dresses under the direction of Johnston, and executed by him, Underwood, and Gay. The Female Dresses designed and executed by Miss Rein. Account-Book, 14 May: Paid Miss Anne? Plumtree [i.e. Plumptree] for Spaniards in Peru #25. [It was this translation of Kotzebue's play that Sheridan adapted for the stage as Pizarro. For an account of the relationship between the translation and its adaptation see Marcella Gosch, "'Translators' of Kotzebue in England," Monatshefte fur deutschen Unterricht, XXXI, 178-83.] Paid Johnston [on this and other days] for sundries for Pizarro #135 14s. "It requires certainly more than English patience and spirits to sustain any Play of five hours in length. It is not one of the worst features of Pizarro that it contains a great deal which may be spared, without injury to the piece [see 25, 27 May]" (Morning Chronicle, 25 May). Receipts: #540 3s. 6d. (406.0.6; 17.5.0; 0.4.0; tickets sold by Fosbrook's Office: 116.14.0)


Mainpiece Title: Pizarro

Role: Ataliba Actor: Powell
Role: Rolla Actor: Kemble
Role: Alonzo Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Pizarro Actor: Barrymore
Role: Almagro Actor: Caulfield
Role: Gonzalo Actor: Wentworth
Role: Davilla Actor: Trueman
Role: Gomez Actor: Surmont
Role: Valverde Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Las Casas Actor: Aickin
Role: Diego Actor: Suett
Role: Orozembo Actor: Dowton
Role: Old Blind Man Actor: Cory
Role: Centinel Actor: Holland
Role: Peruvian Officer Actor: Archer
Role: Attendant Actor: Maddocks
Role: Boy Actor: Master Chatterley
Role: Soldiers Actor: Webb, Fisher, Evans, Chippendale
Role: Cora Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: unassigned Actor: Russell, Wathen, Sparks, Ryder
Role: Prologue Actor: King
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Afterpiece Title: My Grandmother

Song: Vocal Parts-Kelly, Sedgwick, Dignum, Trueman, Danby, Brown, Cook, Tett, Caulfield Jun., Sawyer, Danby Jun., Aylmer, Willoughby, Bardoleau, Clark, Mead, Elliot, Ms Crouch, Ms DeCamp, Ms Stephens, Ms Leak, Ms Dufour, Ms Arne, Ms Menage, Ms Roffey, Ms Menage Jun., Ms Jackson, Ms Wentworth, Ms Chippendale, Ms Jacobs, Ms Butler, Ms Bowyer, Ms Williams, Ms Saunders, Ms Gaudry, Ms Benson, Mrs Illingworth, Mrs Coates