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Mainpiece Title: The Country Innocence; Or, The Chamber-maid Turn'd Quaker

Performance Comment: Edition of 1677: Prologue-Mr Clark; Sir Oliver Bellingham-Lydell; Sir Robert Malory-Coysh; Captain Mullineux-Goodman; Plush-Wiltshire; Rash-Griffin; Gregory Dwindle-Haynes; Mr William-Powell; Old Thrashard-Watson; Abraham-Styles; Lady Lovely-Mrs Marshal; Lady Malory-Mrs Rutter; Margaret-Mrs Baker; Gillian-Sarah Cook; Barbara-Mrs Knep; Old Gentlewoman-Perrin; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Clark
Role: Sir Oliver Bellingham Actor: Lydell
Role: Sir Robert Malory Actor: Coysh
Role: Captain Mullineux Actor: Goodman
Role: Plush Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Rash Actor: Griffin
Role: Gregory Dwindle Actor: Haynes
Role: Mr William Actor: Powell
Role: Old Thrashard Actor: Watson
Role: Abraham Actor: Styles
Role: Lady Lovely Actor: Mrs Marshal
Role: Lady Malory Actor: Mrs Rutter
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Gillian Actor: Sarah Cook
Role: Barbara Actor: Mrs Knep
Role: Old Gentlewoman Actor: Perrin
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Wits Led By The Nose; Or, A Poet's Revenge

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue [by F. W. Gent-Sir Symon Credulous; Antellus-Goodman; Oroandes-Lydell; Zannazarro-Perrin; Arratur-Watson; Vanlore-Powel; Sir Symon Credulous-Haynes; Sir Jasper Sympleton-Stiles; Jack Drayner-Nathaniel Q [Cue]; Dick Slywit-Coysh; Heroina-Mrs Baker Jr; Glorianda-Mrs Bowtell; Amasia-Mrs Baker; Theocrine-Mrs Farlee?; Epilogue-.
Role: Gent Actor: Sir Symon Credulous
Role: Antellus Actor: Goodman
Role: Oroandes Actor: Lydell
Role: Zannazarro Actor: Perrin
Role: Arratur Actor: Watson
Role: Vanlore Actor: Powel
Role: Sir Symon Credulous Actor: Haynes
Role: Sir Jasper Sympleton Actor: Stiles
Role: Jack Drayner Actor: Nathaniel Q
Role: Dick Slywit Actor: Coysh
Role: Heroina Actor: Mrs Baker Jr
Role: Glorianda Actor: Mrs Bowtell
Role: Amasia Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Theocrine Actor: Mrs Farlee?
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Rambling Justice; Or, The Jealous Husbands; With The Humours Of Sir John Twiford

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue-Flora; Sir Arthur Twilight-Powell; Sir Generall Amorous-Wilshire; Contentious Surly-Disney; Sir Geoffrey Jolt-Perrin; John Twiford-Powre; Spywell-Mr Q [Cue]; Bramble-Coysh; Eudoria-Mrs Farlee; Petulant Easy-Mrs Merchant; Emilia-Mrs Bates; Flora-Mrs Cook; Epilogue-Sir Arthur.
Role: Prologue Actor: Flora
Role: Sir Arthur Twilight Actor: Powell
Role: Sir Generall Amorous Actor: Wilshire
Role: Contentious Surly Actor: Disney
Role: Sir Geoffrey Jolt Actor: Perrin
Role: John Twiford Actor: Powre
Role: Spywell Actor: Mr Q
Role: Bramble Actor: Coysh
Role: Eudoria Actor: Mrs Farlee
Role: Petulant Easy Actor: Mrs Merchant
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Bates
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Epilogue Actor: Sir Arthur.


Mainpiece Title: The Duke Of Guise

Performance Comment: Edition of 1683: Prologue by Mr Dryden-Mr Smith; King-Kynaston; Guise-Betterton; Mayenne-Jevon; Crillon-Smith; Cardinal-Wiltshire; Archbishop-Perrin; Corso-Montfort; Polin-Bowman; Aumale-Carlile; Bussy-Saunders; Curate-Underhill; Malicorne-Percival; Melanax-Gillo; Sheriffs-Bright, Samford; Queen Mother-Lady Slingsby; Marmoutier-Mrs Barry; Epilogue by Mr Dryden-Mrs Cook; Another Epilogue Intended to have been Spoken to the Play before it was forbidden last Summer-.
Role: Mr Dryden Actor: Mr Smith
Role: King Actor: Kynaston
Role: Guise Actor: Betterton
Role: Mayenne Actor: Jevon
Role: Crillon Actor: Smith
Role: Cardinal Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Archbishop Actor: Perrin
Role: Corso Actor: Montfort
Role: Polin Actor: Bowman
Role: Aumale Actor: Carlile
Role: Bussy Actor: Saunders
Role: Curate Actor: Underhill
Role: Malicorne Actor: Percival
Role: Melanax Actor: Gillo
Role: Sheriffs Actor: Bright, Samford
Role: Queen Mother Actor: Lady Slingsby
Role: Marmoutier Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Mr Dryden Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Another Epilogue Intended to have been Spoken to t Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Anatomist; Or, The Sham Doctor

Afterpiece Title: The Loves of Mars and Venus

Performance Comment: Prologue or Induction Set to Musick by Mr Finger-; Erato-Mrs Hodgson; Thalia-Mrs Perrin; Terpsichore-Mrs Ayliff; Mars-Bowman; Vulcan-Reading; Gallus-Lee; Cupid-Jemmy Laroche; Momus-Sherburn; Venus-Mrs Bracegirdle; Aglaia-Mrs Hodgson; Euphrosyne-Mrs Ayliff; Hora-Mrs Perrin; Jealousy-Mrs Hudson; Epilogue-Mr Bowen.
Role: Mr Finger Actor:
Role: Erato Actor: Mrs Hodgson
Role: Thalia Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Terpsichore Actor: Mrs Ayliff
Role: Mars Actor: Bowman
Role: Vulcan Actor: Reading
Role: Gallus Actor: Lee
Role: Cupid Actor: Jemmy Laroche
Role: Momus Actor: Sherburn
Role: Venus Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Aglaia Actor: Mrs Hodgson
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Ayliff
Role: Hora Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Jealousy Actor: Mrs Hudson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Bowen.


Mainpiece Title: The Canterbury Guests; Or, A Bargain Broken

Performance Comment: Edition of 1695: Prologue-a Friend; Alderman Furr-Trafuse; Sir Barnaby Buffler-Underhill; Justice Greedy-Bowin; Lovell-Verbrugen; Careless-Geo. Powel; Durzo-Bright; Dash-Dogget; First Innkeeper-Mich. Lee; Second Innkeeper and Jack Sawce-Pinkerman; Toby-Tho. Kent; Jacinta-Mrs Rogers; Hillaria-Mrs Verbrugen; Arabella-Mrs Knight; Mrs Dazie-Mrs Lawson; Mrs Breeder-Mrs Kent; Beatrice-Mrs Perrin; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor: a Friend
Role: Alderman Furr Actor: Trafuse
Role: Sir Barnaby Buffler Actor: Underhill
Role: Justice Greedy Actor: Bowin
Role: Lovell Actor: Verbrugen
Role: Careless Actor: Geo. Powel
Role: Durzo Actor: Bright
Role: Dash Actor: Dogget
Role: First Innkeeper Actor: Mich. Lee
Role: Second Innkeeper and Jack Sawce Actor: Pinkerman
Role: Toby Actor: Tho. Kent
Role: Jacinta Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Verbrugen
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mrs Dazie Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Mrs Breeder Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Love's A Jest

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Mr Bowen in a Riding-Dress; The Epilogue-Underhil, Bowen; Gypsies-Mr Mynns; Lord Lovewel-Hodgson; Sir ThomasGaymood-Freeman; Sam Gaymood-Bowen; Railmore-Betterton; Airy-Bowman; Sir Topewel Clownish-Underhil; Squire Illbred-Trefusis; Humphrey Doddipole-Trout; Humdrum-Eldred; Major Buff-Harris; Plot-Bright; Frankly-Bailey; Lady Single-Mrs Barry; Kitty-Mrs Howard; Francilia-Mrs Bowtell; Christina-Mrs Bracegirdle; Doll Hoyden-Mrs Perrin.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen in a Riding-Dress
Role: Mr Bowen in a Riding Actor: Dress
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Underhil, Bowen
Role: Gypsies Actor: Mr Mynns
Role: Lord Lovewel Actor: Hodgson
Role: Sir ThomasGaymood Actor: Freeman
Role: Sam Gaymood Actor: Bowen
Role: Railmore Actor: Betterton
Role: Airy Actor: Bowman
Role: Sir Topewel Clownish Actor: Underhil
Role: Squire Illbred Actor: Trefusis
Role: Humphrey Doddipole Actor: Trout
Role: Humdrum Actor: Eldred
Role: Major Buff Actor: Harris
Role: Plot Actor: Bright
Role: Frankly Actor: Bailey
Role: Lady Single Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Howard
Role: Francilia Actor: Mrs Bowtell
Role: Christina Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Doll Hoyden Actor: Mrs Perrin.


Mainpiece Title: The Novelty 0

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 1; Thyrsis, A Pastoral

Role: Shepherds Actor:
Role: Thyrsis Actor: Scudamore
Role: Damon Actor: Bayle
Role: Montano Actor: Arnold
Role: Shepherdesses Actor:
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Lassells
Role: Cleomira Actor: Mrs Boman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 2; All Without Money

Role: A Short Comedy Needmore Actor: Scudamore
Role: Speedwell Actor: Bowen
Role: Theodosia Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Brother to Theodosia Actor: Bayle
Role: Freeman Actor: Arnold
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Bud
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Le Soupe Actor: Freeman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 3; Hercules [By Peter Motteux

Performance Comment: ]. A Masque; Set to Musick- [by Mr John Eccles; Hercules-Redding; Omphale-Mrs Boman; Dejanira-Mrs Willis; Two of Hercules' Children-Miss Bradshaw, Jemmy Laroche; Nesica-Mrs Perrin.
Role: Set to Musick Actor:
Role: Hercules Actor: Redding
Role: Omphale Actor: Mrs Boman
Role: Dejanira Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Two of Hercules' Children Actor: Miss Bradshaw, Jemmy Laroche
Role: Nesica Actor: Mrs Perrin.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 4; The Unfortunate Couple

Role: Grammont Actor: Betterton
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Dampierre Actor: Freeman
Role: Lysette Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Boman.

Afterpiece Title: The Novelty 5; Natural Magick

Role: Pantalone Actor: Trefuses
Role: Cynthio Actor: Arnold
Role: Pasquarel Actor: Sorin
Role: Mezzetin Actor: Knap
Role: Nicholas Actor: Trout
Role: Columbina Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Prince.


Mainpiece Title: Ariadne; Or, The Marriage Of Bacchus

Role: Prologue Actor: .
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Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife And Have A Wife

Performance Comment: Edition of 1697: Prologue-; Duke of Modena-Scidmore [Scudamore]; Don Juan de Castro-Thurmond; Michael Perez-Kynaston; Cacafogo-Underhill; Sanchio-Freeman; Alonso-Husbands; Donna Margarita-Mrs Barry; Estifania-Mrs Boutell; Clara-Mrs Prince; First Lady-Mrs Lee; Second Lady-Mrs Perune [Perrin]; Altea-Mrs Lawson; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Duke of Modena Actor: Scidmore
Role: Don Juan de Castro Actor: Thurmond
Role: Michael Perez Actor: Kynaston
Role: Cacafogo Actor: Underhill
Role: Sanchio Actor: Freeman
Role: Alonso Actor: Husbands
Role: Donna Margarita Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Estifania Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: First Lady Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Second Lady Actor: Mrs Perune
Role: Altea Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Epilogue Actor: .