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Mainpiece Title: Rodelinda

Performance Comment: Edition of 1725 lists: Rodelinda-Signora Cuzzoni; Bertarido-Senesino; Grimoald-Borosini; Eduige-Signora Dotti; Unulfo-Pacini; Garibaldo-Boschi.
Role: Unulfo Actor: Pacini


Mainpiece Title: Darius

Performance Comment: Edition of 1725 lists: Siderme-Borosini; Statira-Signora Cuzzoni; Dario-Senesino; Mandane-Signora Dotti; Delia-Signora Sorosini; Agesilao-Pacini; Artabano-Boschi.
Role: Agesilao Actor: Pacini


Mainpiece Title: Elpidia; Or, The Generous Rivals

Performance Comment: Editon of 1725 lists. Belisario-Boschi; Olindo-Senesino; Arminio-Pacini; Elpidia-Signora Cuzzoni; Vitige-Borosini; Rosmilda-Signora Sorosini.
Role: Arminio Actor: Pacini


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: Edition of 1724 lists: Tamerlano-Andrea Pacini; Bajazet-Francesco Borosini; Asteria-Signora Francesca Cuzzoni; Andronico-Francesco Bernardi called Senesino; Irene-Signora Anna Dotti; Leone-Guiseppe Boschi.
Role: Tamerlano Actor: Andrea Pacini


Mainpiece Title: Artaxerxes

Performance Comment: Edition of 1724 lists: Artaserse-Francesco Borosini; Idaspe-Francesco Bernardi, Senesino; Spiridate-Andrea Pacini; Aspasia-Signora Francesca Cuzzoni; Agamira-Signora Anna Dotti; Dario-Giuseppe Bochi.
Role: Spiridate Actor: Andrea Pacini


Mainpiece Title: Twelfth Night

Afterpiece Title: The Man of Quality

Dance: End: The Grand Garland Dance, as17760311 but Sga Pacini


Mainpiece Title: Medea

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Dance: End: The Grand Garland Dance-, as17760302 but Sga _Pacini

Event Comment: Archer by Mr King. Cherry first time Miss Jarratt pretty well. Sga Pacini danc'd for the first time. She is a small figure, not much Elegance but was very well received (Hopkins Diary). Agreement with Sga Paccini, 20 June 1775: "I do agree for my partner, Mr Willoughby Lacy, and myself, to engage Signora Paccini as first dancer at our Theatre, the ensuing season, which commences the first week in September 1775, and finishes the end of May 1776; for which the said Signora shall receive from us, by weekly or monthly payments as she pleases, the sum of three hundred and twenty-five pounds sterling, and she is likewise to have a benefit in course of salary, and at the best time of the year, for which she is to dance whenever she is called upon, to the best of her power and abilities. This engagement the managers of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane engage to fulfill on their part, under the penalty of five-hundred pounds sterling. Witness my hand this nineteenth day of June 1775." (Signed.) David Garrick for Willoughby Lacy and himself (Boaden, Private Correspondence of Garrick, II, 63). The Comedy of The School for Lovers oblig'd to be deferr'd. Receipts: #153 19s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Afterpiece Title: The Theatrical Candidates

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Candidates

Dance: II: A Grand New Ballet, call'd The Savage Hunters-Slingsby first appearance this season, Grimaldi, Como, Giorgi, Sga Crespi, Sga Paccini, first appearance on the English Stage

Event Comment: House Pacini's Night Bought by the Managers (Hopkins Diary). The last time of performing till Easter. Paid salary #416 4s. 4d.; Mr Smith for Abrams [sic] the Jew #21; Miss Abrahams [sic] #10 10s. Receipts: #262 8s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Runaway

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee

Event Comment: A New serious opera. Music by Pacini. Under the direction of Vento


Mainpiece Title: Caio Mario

Dance: I: Grand Ballet, with Chaconne-Fierville, Mlle Baccelli; II: Ballet Pastoral, as17760328 End Opera: Diane et Endymion, as17760312