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Mainpiece Title: Pastor Fido; Or, The Faithful Shepherd

Performance Comment: Edition of 1677: Prologue-; Montano-Medbourn; Sylvio-Crosby; Mirtillo-Smith; Titiro-John Lee; Sylvano-Batterton; Ergasto-Norris; Carino-Perseval; Dameta-Richards; Lynco-Gillo; Amaryllis-Mrs Batterton; Corisca-Mrs Mary Lee; Dorinda-Mrs Petty; Gerana-Mrs Hughes; Celia-Mrs Napier.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Montano Actor: Medbourn
Role: Sylvio Actor: Crosby
Role: Mirtillo Actor: Smith
Role: Titiro Actor: John Lee
Role: Sylvano Actor: Batterton
Role: Ergasto Actor: Norris
Role: Carino Actor: Perseval
Role: Dameta Actor: Richards
Role: Lynco Actor: Gillo
Role: Amaryllis Actor: Mrs Batterton
Role: Corisca Actor: Mrs Mary Lee
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Petty
Role: Gerana Actor: Mrs Hughes
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Napier.
Event Comment: Principal Instrumental Performers-C. Ashley, Bridgtower, Archer, Harvey, Sarjant, Mahon, Boyce, Cantelo, Parkinson, Taylor, J. Sharp, Lavenu, Napier, Simpson, the Flacks, Purney, Seutze, Gwilliam, Monro, Wood, Warren, Woodham, Francis, M. Sharp, &c. Organ by J. Ashley. Double Drums by R. Ashley. The Chorusses will be numerous and compleat, and the Orchestra will consist of upwards of Two Hundred Performers. The whole under the Direction of Ashley. Boxes 6s. Pit 3s. 6d. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Places to be taken, and Tickets for the Boxes may be had of Brandon at the Office in Hart-street. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [same throughout oratorio season]. [This performance was originally advertised to take place at the Pantheon, Oxford-street, but "The routed Host of Harmonists, driven from their new works in Oxford-road, hastily encamped last night [at Covent Garden]. Their performance...went off as might be expected from a scanty band, thus collected, without any previous rehearsal" (Morning Herald, 21 Feb.). The Pantheon had been destroyed by fire in January 1792. Work on its reconstruction had only recently been begun, and Was still not completed. It was reopened with a masquerade on 9 April 1795, the "usual licenses being now fully renewed and established" (Morning Herald, 9 Apr.).


Mainpiece Title: A Grand Selection 0 Main Of Sacred Music, From The Works Of handel

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 1

Role: Zadock the Priest Actor: Chorus
Role: Overture Actor:
Role: The Dettingen te Deum Actor:
Role: in which Holy Holy Lord Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 2

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 3

Role: Second Oboe Concerto Actor:
Role: Happy Iphis Actor:
Role: We hear Actor: Chorus
Role: Chandos Anthems] Actor:
Role: Hear Jacob's God Actor: Chorus
Role: What's sweeter than the new@blown rose Actor:
Role: I feel the Deity within Actor:
Role: Arm arm ye brave Actor:
Role: We come Actor: Chorus
Role: From mighty Kings Actor: Miss Parke
Role: Gloria Patri Actor: Chorus
Event Comment: Ode: In two Parts. Principal Instrumental Performers as 20 Feb., but omitted: Bridgtower, Archer, Mahon, Lavenu, Napier, Simpson. Mr Ashley is exceedingly concerned that he is under the necessity of informing the Public that the Anthem [The Anthem that will be performed at the Chapel Royal, St. James's, on the Nuptials oF his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the Princess Caroline of Brunswick, composed by Handel, to conclude with the Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah (advance playbill of 25 Feb.)] advertised for this Evening is necessarihy postponed until the Royal Marriage shall have taken place


Mainpiece Title: Alexander's Feast; Grand Selection 0

Afterpiece Title: A Grand Miscellaneous Act