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Event Comment: Mainpiece: At the Particular Desire of several persons of Quality. [Mrs Macklin doubled in Mrs Peachum and Diana Trapes.] Afterpiece: Containing his Surprizing Victory over Glumdalca, Queen of the Giants; His Magnificent reception in King Arthur's Courtv; His Marriage with the Princess Huncamunca; With the fatal Jealousy of Queen Dollalolla. And many other Historical Passages


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Polly-Mrs Mozeen; Macheath-Lowe; Peachum-Macklin; Lockit-Berry; Filch-Raftor; Mat-Blakes; Player-Bransby; Beggar-Winstone; Ben Budge-Simpson; Bagshot-Leigh; Crookfinger Jack-Usher; Nimming Ned-Wright; Dreary-Bransby; Drawer-Gray; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Macklin; Mrs Slammekin-Miss Minors; Jenny Diver-Miss Royer; Sukey Tawdry-Mrs Yates; Mrs Vixen-Miss Cole; Dolly Trull-Miss Pitt; Molly Brazen-Miss Copin; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Horsington; Diana Trapes-Mrs Macklin; Lucy-Mrs Clive; In Act III, Hornpipe-Yates.
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Mozeen
Role: Peachum Actor: Macklin
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Sukey Tawdry Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Horsington
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive

Afterpiece Title: The Tragedy of Tragedies; or, The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great

Performance Comment: Tom Thumb-Miss Macklin; King-Blakes; Grizzle-Yates; Queen Dollalolla-Mrs Macklin; Huncamunca-Taswell; Glumdalca-I. Sparks.
Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Queen Dollalolla Actor: Mrs Macklin
Event Comment: Benefit Stevens, Waters, Brook, Hussey. As we could not have our Benefit on Saturday Last, the Company are so kind to pay for us at us at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's Inn Fields; we humbly hope that our friends will excuse the Disappointment (it not being in our power to avoid it) and favour us on Friday, 3 June, when tickets deliver'd out for the 28th of May for Drury-Lane will be taken this night at Lincolns Inn Fields..-London Daily Post and General Advertiser. This was not acted at dl. Fleetwood refused and they acted at lif, Friday 3 June. Yates, Taswell, Mrs Macklin, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Hale of cg and Havard Played. N.B. there was an execution on dl at the time.-Winston MS. from Dyer MS


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: Marplot-Macklin; Sir George-Mills; Sir Francis-Taswell; Sir Jealous-Turbutt; Charles-Havard; Butler-Wright; Isabinda-Mrs Ridout; Scentwell-Mrs Horsington; Whisper-Woodburn; Patch-Mrs Macklin; Miranda-Mrs Clive.
Role: Marplot Actor: Macklin
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Scentwell Actor: Mrs Horsington
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Clive.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Song: Beard, Lowe

Event Comment: [Full column in Daily Advertiser describing Barry's and Mrs Macklin's acting techniques.] Barry from the Theatre in Dublin, perform'd the part of Othello, at Drury Lane, before a numerous and polite audience; and met with as great Applause as could be express'd.--General Advertiser, 6 Oct. Thomas Gray to Horace Walpole: You have probably been there since I left you, and consequently have seen the Mr Barry you desired some account of; yet as I am not certain of this and should be glad to know whether we agree about him, I will nevertheless tell you what he is, and the impression he made upon me. He is upwards of six feet in height; wdll and prortionably made, treads well and knows what to do with his limbs; in short a noble graceful figure. I can say nothing of his face but that it was all black, with a wide mough and good eyes. His voice is of a clear and pleasing tone, something like Delane's, but not so deep-mouthed, not so like a passing bell. When high strain'd it is apt to crack a little and be hoarse, but in its common pitch, and when it sinks into any softer passion, particularly expressive and touching. In the first scene, especially when he recounts to the Senate the progress of his love and the means he used to win Desdemona, he was quite mistaken, and I took a pique against him; instead of a cool narration he flew into a rant of voice and action, as though he were relating the circumstance of a battle that was fought yesterday. I expected nothing more from him, but was deceiv'd: in the scenes of rage and jealousy he was seldom inferior to Quin in the parts of tenderness and sorrow far above him. These latter seem to be his peculiarly; his action is not very various, but rarely improper, or without dignity, and some of his attitudes are really fine. He is not perfect to be sure, but I think may make a better player than any now on the stage in a little while. However, to see a man in one character, and but once, is not sufficient, so I rather ask your opinion by this, than give you mine.--Horace Walpole's Correspondence with Thomas Gray, II, 6-7


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-Barry from Dublin, 1st appearance on English Stage; Iago-Macklin; Brabantio-Berry; Cassio-Mills; Roderigo-Yates; Duke-Winstone; Lodovico-Blakes; Montano-Mozeen; Gratiano-Goodfellow; Emilia-Mrs Macklin; Desdemona-Mrs Ridout.
Role: Iago Actor: Macklin
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Ridout.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive.

Song: Between the acts: Lowe, Mrs Mozeen

Event Comment: Benefit Macklin. Mainpiece: By Particular Desire. The Farce never before acted. Tickets to be had of Macklin at his House in Bow St; and of Hobson at the stage door where places may be taken for the Boxes.--General Advertiser. [Afterpiece by Charles Macklin.


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Performance Comment: Hamlet-Barry 1st time; King-Bridges; Ghost-Delane; Horatio-Mills; Polonius-Taswell; Laertes-Blakes; First Gravedigger-Macklin; Queen-Mrs Furnival; Ophelia-Mrs Clive.
Role: First Gravedigger Actor: Macklin
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Furnival
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Clive.

Afterpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband Criticized; or, The Plague of Envy

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Macklin, Mills, Yates, Barrington, Blakes, Taswell, Mrs Macklin, Mrs Elmy, Mrs Bennett, Neale, Winstone; With a New Prologue-; Epilogue-.
Related Works
Related Work: The Suspicious Husband Criticized; or, The Plague of Envy Author(s): Charles Macklin
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Macklin. Mainpiece [by John Ford]: Reviv'd not acted these Hundred years. Afterpiece: A New Farce never acted before by Charles Macklin. Note: Tickets deliver'd out for 22 April will be taken. Tickets to be had of Mrs Macklin in Bow St., and of Hobson at the Stage door. Cross: The play lik'd--farce not. Receipts: #93 (Cross); house charges, #60 (Powel); cash, #80 19s. 6d.; tickets, #12 15s. (Clay MS)


Mainpiece Title: Lover's Melancholy

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Barry, Sparks, Berry, Winstone, Macklin, Blakes, Delane, Havard, Neale, Mrs Macklin, Mrs Green, Mrs Bennet, Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Club of Fortune Hunters; or, The Widow Bewitch'd

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Macklin, Winstone, Taswell, I. Sparks, Usher, Blakes, Mrs Bennet, Miss Cole, Mrs Macklin.

Dance: III: Savoyards, as17471215; V: Pastoral Dance, as17480326

Event Comment: Benefit for Mr Macklin, to which he spoke a farewell Prologue hinting at his new scheme (a Coffee house now fitting up in the Piazza) Mrs Mack, Miss & He play'd (Cross). [Macklin discharged last June from Covent Garden, one night given him at Drury Lane when he took leave; Poor I toss'd up...King Henry 7, 1764 (Winston MS 8). Gray's Inn Journal noted this performance by the bequeathing to the stage of Miss Macklin who should succeed in genteel comedy.] Receipts: #220 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Refusal

Performance Comment: Sir Gilbert Wrangle-Macklin; Frankly-Palmer; Witling-Yates; Granger-Davies; Cook-Blakes; Charlotte-Miss Macklin, 1st time; Lady Wrangle-Mrs Macklin; Betty-Miss Minors; Sophronia-Mrs Clive; In Act IV The Cantata proper to the play,-Beard; A Farewell Prologue-Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman in Paris

Performance Comment: As17531027, but Foote's Occasional Prologue-; Epilogue-Miss Macklin.
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Macklin.
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Macklin
Event Comment: Benefit Macklin. Stage form'd into Front and Side Boxes. N.B. As Mr Macklin has reason to believe that several of his tickets are counterfeited, and will be offer'd for sale in the streets and passages leading to the theatre, he begs leave to give this publick caution of the fraud; and humbly desires that Gentlemen and Ladies who have taken places, to send for tickets to the Theatre, or to Mr Macklin at his House in Bow Street.--Daily Advertiser. Winston MS.: In 1743 Macklin, Mrs Woffington, and Garrick took house No. 6 Bow St.--a joint establishment


Mainpiece Title: The Alchemist

Performance Comment: Abel Drugger-Garrick, 1st time; Face-Macklin; Subtle-Mills; Sir Epicure Mammon-Berry; Dol Common-Mrs Macklin; Ananias-Morgan; Tribulation-Taswell; Surly-Cross; Dapper-Leigh; Lovewit-Turbutt; Kastril-Neale; Dame Pliant-Mrs Bennet.
Role: Face Actor: Macklin
Role: Dol Common Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Dame Pliant Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Dance: II: Sicilian Peasant, as17430310 IV: Italian Gardeners, as17421231

Song: III: Beard

Event Comment: Benefit Macklin. Mainpiece not acted these 30 years [ see 5 Feb. 1713]. No After money will be taken. Tickets deliver'd by Mr Leach will be taken. Servants allowed to keep places on stage. Nothing under full prices. [The Prologue (five MS pages) is in the Larpent Collection. Concerns, in a joking way, a dispute in the pit about Macklin and his prologues. Afterpiece by Charles Macklin. Not printed.


Mainpiece Title: The Humours Of The Army; Or, The Female Officer

Performance Comment: The Female Officer (New Dress'd)-Mrs Woffington in which she will speak an Epilogue in character; Major Youngfox-Mills; Capt. Wildish-Delane; Wilmot-Havard; Bisket-Yates; Col. O'Gaghegahagogan-Barrington; Capt. Machyland-Neale; Mons. Capitaine Les Mathematiques-Blakes; Brigadier Bloodmore-Berry; Capt. Cadwallader-Macklin; Capt. Hearty-Winstone; Serjeant Fileoff-I. Sparkes; Corp. Pilfer-Collins; Lieut. Plunder-Marshall; Knapsack-Ray; Judge Advocate-Bridges; Provost-Usher; Clerk-Bransby; Lady Bloodmore-Mrs Macklin; Vicoria-Mrs Mills; Jenny Firelock-Miss Minors; Nine Husbands-Miss Pitt; Leonora-Mrs Bennet; Clara-Miss Cole; With Singing-Lowe, Miss Edwards; General Advertiser: 5 adds Forage-Taswell; Ensign Rag-Goodfellow; Ensign Standard-Marr; Henroust-Simpson; Gauntlet-Leigh.

Afterpiece Title: Will and no Will; or, A Bone for Lawyers

Event Comment: Benefit Macklin. Mainpiece written by the late Lord Lansdown. With the Original Songs, new set by Mr Arne, and to be sung by Mr Lowe and Mrs Clive. Never acted there before. Afterpiece wirtten by the late Mr Pope, Mr Gay, and Dr Arbuthnot. Servants will be allowed to keep places on the stage; and those ladies who have taken places are humbly desired to send for tickets to prevent mistakes. Tickets to be had of Macklin at his house in Bow St., and of Hobson at the stage door


Mainpiece Title: The She Gallant; Or, Once A Lover And Always A Lover

Performance Comment: Sir John Airy-Macklin; Sir Toby Tickle-Yates; Vaunter-Neale; Monsieur-Blakes; Lady Dorimen-Mrs Macklin; Lucinda-Mrs Clive; Constantia with a New occasional Epilogue, in men's Clothes-Mrs Woffington; Miranda-Miss Edwards; Bellamour-Havard; Philabel-Mills; Frederick-Winstone; Courtall-Usher; Mons. Frisure-Blakes; Angelica-Mrs Bennet; Diana-Miss Minors; Melissa-Miss Pitt; Dorinda-Miss Cole; Placket-Mrs Cross; Mrs Japan-Mrs King; Mrs Lawn-Miss Royer.
Role: Sir John Airy Actor: Macklin
Role: Lady Dorimen Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: in men's Clothes Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Placket Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Japan Actor: Mrs King
Role: Mrs Lawn Actor: Miss Royer.

Afterpiece Title: Three Hours after Marriage

Dance: Muilment, the Mechels

Event Comment: Benefit Macklin. Afterpiece: With Courtiers, Maids of Honour, Daggers, Poisons, Ghosts, Pages, Guards, Rebels, Trumpets, Kettle-drums, Thunder, Lightening, &c., and other Decorations proper to tragedy. Stage to be form'd into an amphitheatre. Tickets of Bradshaw, and at Macklin's, No. 12, in Wild Court, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Receipts: #123


Mainpiece Title: The Double Dealer

Performance Comment: Maskwell-Berry; Sir Paul-Macklin; Brisk-Cibber Jun.; Careless-Mills; Mellefont-Havard; Lord Froth-Neale; Lady Touchwood-Mrs Butler; Lady Froth-Mrs Clive; Lady Pliant-Mrs Macklin; Touchwood-Winstone; Cynthia-Mrs Mills.
Role: Sir Paul Actor: Macklin
Role: Lady Touchwood Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Lady Froth Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Lady Pliant Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Cynthia Actor: Mrs Mills.

Afterpiece Title: Tom Thumb

Performance Comment: Tom-Miss Cole; King Arthur-Turbutt; Grizzle-Winstone; Gaffer Thumb-Arthur; Noodle-Green; Doodle-Raftor; Foodle-Leigh; Shoulderdab-Ridout; Deadset-Gray; Huncamunca-Taswell; Glumbdalca-Neale; Queen Dollalolla-Macklin.
Role: Queen Dollalolla Actor: Macklin.

Song: I: Song with French Horns-Beard; II: Was ever Nymph like Rosamond-Lowe; IV: Bumper Squire Jones (By Desire)-Beard

Dance: III: (At particular desire of several persons of quality) Le Boufon, Italian Peasants-Mechel, Mlle Mechel after the manner of the Fausans

Event Comment: CCross: (Pam: publish'd). Play dislik'd. Hiss'd much. [The pamphlet referred to was "Mr Garrick's Conduct as Manager of TRDL considered in a Letter Addressed to him," by E. F. 18 Oct.: As a manager, Sir, it is your business not only to prepare the Evening's Entertainment, but to prepare it in the best manner you are able; and the manager who does otherwise uses his customers ill." The burden of the author's complaints was: (1) the theatre has been operating for a month yet Garrick has appeared in only one character; (2) that he should buy himself off with speaking a prologue only, then sell that to the public at 6d. shows vanity, avarice, and lack of managerial responsibility; (3) that plays such as Albumazar (simple and poorly cast) and Scornful Lady, (with irreligious and atheistical parts) should not have been passed off on the public, whose expectations were raised high at the thought of Garrick's management. Macklin even had to apologize to the audience as he played the part of Sir Roger in the latter play. E. F. closed by urging: "Get up the best of our English Tragedies and Comedies; encourage the rising Wits and be under no apprehesion of the want of success." If you use common sense in casting your actors, as your former managers did (with all their other faults) in casting you, you will not yourself have to play every night. Above all remember your responsibility to the public.] Receipts: #100 (Cross); #127 4s. 6d. (Powel)


Mainpiece Title: The Scornful Lady

Performance Comment: Loveless-Mills; Young Loveless-Blakes; Roger-Macklin; Savil-Yates; Welford-Havard; Morecraft-Taswell; Captain-Winstone; Poet-Arthur; Traveller-I. Sparks; Tobaccoman-Gray; Abigail-Mrs Macklin; Martha-Mrs Mozeen; Widow-Mrs Cross; Scornful Lady-Mrs Woffington.
Role: Roger Actor: Macklin
Role: Abigail Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Martha Actor: Mrs Mozeen
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Scornful Lady Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment

Role: Isabel Actor: Mrs Mozeen.

Dance: II: Dance-Cooke

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Mills. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. [Part of the Stage will be formed into Side-Boxes.


Mainpiece Title: The Funeral

Performance Comment: Hardy-Milward; Lady Brumpton-Mrs Roberts; Trim-Macklin; Sable-Johnson; Campley-Mills; Harriet-Mrs Mills; Charlotte-Mrs Butler; Brumpton-Winstone; Trusty-Berry; Puzzle-Shepard; Tom-Yates; Cabinet-Ridout; Swagger-Ray; Madem D'Epingle-Mrs Chetwood; Tattleaid-Mrs Macklin; Mrs Fardingale-Mrs Woodward; Mrs Matchlock-Marten.
Role: Lady Brumpton Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Trim Actor: Macklin
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Madem D'Epingle Actor: Mrs Chetwood
Role: Tattleaid Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Mrs Fardingale Actor: Mrs Woodward
Role: Mrs Matchlock Actor: Marten.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Performance Comment: See17400416 but Sir John (with The Early Horn)-Beard; Nell-Mrs Pritchard; Jobson-Berry; Lady Loverule-Mrs Bennet; Butler-Raftor.
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bennet

Music: I: Preamble on Kettle Drums-Master Ferg; with Handel's Water Musick-

Dance: II: La Jalouzie-Desnoyer, Lalauze, Mlle Chateauneuf; III: Muilment; V: Le Tambourine-Mlle Chateauneuf

Song: IV: English Captain (as17400325-Beard

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Clive. Mainpiece: Written by Sir George Etheridge. By Command of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. Receipts: #230


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Mode; Or, Sir Fopling Flutter

Performance Comment: Sir Fopling-Cibber Jun.; Dorimant-Mills; Medley-Delane; Old Bellair-Shepard; Young Bellair-Havard; Handy-Green; Mrs Loveit-Mrs Clive; Belinda-Mrs Woffington; Harriet-Mrs Mills; Pert-Mrs Macklin; Shoemaker-Raftor; Emilia-Mrs Butler; Lady Woodville-Mrs Cross; Lady Townly-Mrs Bennet; Pert-Miss Macklin; Busy-Miss Brunette.
Role: Mrs Loveit Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Lady Woodville Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Pert Actor: Miss Macklin

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmasked

Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Coupee Actor: Macklin

Song: I: Sweet Bird, from Milton,-Mrs Arne; III: The celebrated Irish Ballad Elin a Roon-Mrs Clive in Irish, as she perform'd it at the Theatre Royal in Dublin; IV: Singing in Italian and English-Miss Edwards

Dance: II: The Italian Peasants, as17411205; IV: A Ballet-Desse, Baudouin, Leviez

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Woffington. By Command of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. Tickets to be had of Bradshaw, &c. Places for the stage (which will be form'd into Boxes carefully enclosed) may be had at Mrs Moor's in the Playhouse Passage. Receipts: #170


Mainpiece Title: The Confederacy

Performance Comment: Clarissa-Mrs Woffington; Brass-Macklin; Dick-Cibber; Mrs Amlet-Mrs Macklin; Gripe-Turbutt; Moneytrap-Taswell; Araminta-Mrs Cross; Corinna-Mrs Walter; Flippanta-Mrs Clive.
Role: Clarissa Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Brass Actor: Macklin
Role: Mrs Amlet Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Corinna Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Flippanta Actor: Mrs Clive.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Phillips

Song: I: Bright Author of my Present Flame-Lowe; III: A Ballad-Lowe; V: At the particular desire of several ladies of Quality, the celebrated Irish Ballad Elin@a@Roon-Mrs Clive, as she perform'd it in Dublin

Dance: II: New Serious Dance-the Mechels; IV: The Italian Peasants, as17411205

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Clive.--At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Congreve. [The Stage] will be properly inclos'd, and form'd into Boxes, to prevent the Ladies taking Cold. [Tickets at Mrs Clive's House, Cecil Street, the Strand.


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: Millamant-Mrs Clive, in which Character will be produced the Original Song, the Words by Mr Congreve, and new set to Musick by Mr Handel; Mirabel-Milward; Fainall-Mills; Sir Wilful-Turbutt; Witwoud-Chapman; Petulant-Macklin; Waitwell-Shepard; Marwood-Mrs Butler; Lady Wishfort-Mrs Macklin; Mrs Fainall-Mrs Pritchard; Foible-Miss Bennet; Mincing-Mrs Walter.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Pritchard

Dance: I: Le Tambourine-Mlle Chateauneuf; In IV: Muilment; V: Ballet-Denoyer, Mlle Chateauneuf

Song: III: Would You Taste the Noon@Tide Air (Comus)-Miss Edwards

Event Comment: Benefit for Desse, Oates, Elrington, Miss Ferguson, Miss Morrison. Tickets deliver'd out by Dupre, Mrs Bambridge, Miss Allen and a Family under Misfortune will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: Sir Wilful-Macklin; Mirabel-Ryan; Fainall-Ridout; Lady Wishfort-Mrs Macklin; Mrs Marwood-Mrs Elmy; Mrs Fainall-Mrs Barrington; Foible-Miss Ferguson; Petulant-Cushing; Waitwell-Arthur; Mincing-Miss Haughton; Peg-Mrs Cushing; Witwou'd-Dyer; Millamant-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Sir Wilful Actor: Macklin
Role: Lady Wishfort Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Mrs Marwood Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Mrs Fainall Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Peg Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Millamant Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Vincent
Event Comment: Not performed for 12 years. [See 5 Nov. 1746.] Mossop, Palmer, Miss Macklin, Mrs Davies, Miss Pritchard played parts for first time. Receipts: #100 (Cross).; #114 10s (Winston MS 8)


Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Performance Comment: Elder Wou'dbe-Mossop; Young Wou'dbe-Pamer; Trueman-Havard; Richmore-Davies; Fairbank-Burton; Balderdash-Philips; Clearaccount-Bransby; Mrs Clearaccount-Mrs Cross; Teague-Yates; Subtleman-Blakes; Mrs Midnight-Mrs Macklin; Constance-Mrs Davies; Aurelia-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Mrs Clearaccount Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Midnight Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Constance Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: Queen Mab

Dance: II: The Millers, as17581012

Event Comment: Comedy [Mrs Centlivre] not acted in twelve years [see 17 Oct. 1745]. Acted but once (Genest, IV, 474). The Ballets composed by Mr Gardiner. Receipts: #70 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Gamester (comedy)

Performance Comment: Young Valere-Palmer; Hector-Yates; Sir ThomasValere-Berry; Lovewell-Havard; Angelica-Miss Macklin; Lady Wealthy-Mrs Pritchard; Mrs Security-Mrs Macklin; Dotanti-Taswell; Cogdie-Usher; Galloon-Vaughan; Marquis of Hazard-Blakes; Favorite-Miss Minors; Mrs Topnot-Mrs Bradshaw; Betty-Miss Hippisley.
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Lady Wealthy Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Mrs Security Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Mrs Topnot Actor: Mrs Bradshaw

Dance: II: A New Serious Dance, call'd The Shipwreck; or +The Distressed Lovers-Gardiner (1st appearance that stage), Mrs Vernon; IV: A new Comic Dance call'd The Press Gang; or +The Sailor's Farewell-Gardiner, Mrs Vernon

Song: III: Miss Young

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Particular desire. Afterpiece: Never Acted Before. [The Farce by Fielding is a sequel to The Virgin Unmasked.] Forbidden soon by the Lord Chamberlain. It being supposed that a particular man of quality was pointed at in one of the characters. The prohibition short of duration (Genest, III, 652). See A Letter to a Noble Lord to whom it alone belongs, occasioned by a representation at Drury Lane of a Farce call'd Miss Lucy in Town (1742), [a 20 page pamphlet criticizing the Lord Chamberlain for allowing this farce. Author gives a scene by scene account emphasizing the bawdry and discounting the pious conclusion. He concludes with remarks on theatrical dancing]: As to Dances, I think your province of prohibition does not extend; so the Public cannot owe their gratitude to you for several. I appeal to those who have been on the coast of Malabar and the banks of the Ganges whether we have not had some that have exceeded on posture, or anything of that kind so common amongst the polite Indians of Indostan. Afterpiece: Mrs Clive mimics the Muscovita admirably, and Beard Amorevoli intolerably (H. Walpole to H. Mann, 26 May).-Horace Walpole Correspondence with Sir Horace Mann, I, 435. Receipts: #70


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Butler.

Afterpiece Title: Miss Lucy in Town

Performance Comment: Lucy-Mrs Clive; Zorobabel-Macklin; Signor Cantileno-Beard; Ballad-Ray; Thomas-Neale; Lord Bawble-Cross; Goodwill-Taswell; Mrs Haycock-Mrs Macklin; Tawdry-Mrs Bennet[from edition of 1742, but listed in the order of the actors' names given in London Daily Post and General Advertiser].from edition of 1742, but listed in the order of the actors' names given in London Daily Post and General Advertiser].
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Zorobabel Actor: Macklin
Role: Mrs Haycock Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Tawdry Actor: Mrs Bennet
Event Comment: Benefit Collins, Roger, Mrs Sibella and Mrs Toogood


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Wife

Performance Comment: Sir John Brute-Macklin; Constant-Mills; Heartfree-Delane; Col Bully (with proper songs)-Lowe; Rake-Blakes; Razor-Collins; Taylor-Leigh; Justice-Winstone; Constable-Ray; Lady Francis-Mrs Clive; Belinda-Mrs Ridout; Mademoiselle-Mrs Macklin; Lady Brute-Mrs Woffington.
Role: Sir John Brute Actor: Macklin
Role: Lady Francis Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Lady Brute Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Event Comment: WWinston MS: Mrs Green married during June 1747. She play'd as Miss Hippisley at Covent Garden 29 May 1747. Receipts: #140 (Cross); #121 8s. 6d. (Powel)


Mainpiece Title: The Refusal; Or, The Ladies Philosophy

Performance Comment: Sir Gilbert Wrangle-Macklin; Granger-Delane; Frankly-Mills; Witling-Yates; Cook-Blakes; Lady Wrangle-Mrs Macklin; Betty-Mrs Green; Sophronia-Mrs Clive; Charlotte-Mrs Woffington; Occasional Prologue-Garrick; Epilogue-Mrs Woffington; in IV, will be introduced a Minuet; the Original Cantata-.
Role: Sir Gilbert Wrangle Actor: Macklin
Role: Lady Wrangle Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Sophronia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Woffington

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment

Performance Comment: Phelim-Barrington; Marquis de Fanfaron-Blakes; Loveless-Lowe; Gripe-Arthur; Isabel-Mrs Mozeen.
Role: Isabel Actor: Mrs Mozeen.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Macklin and Mrs Bennet. Tickets deliver'd out by Leigh, Carter and Miss Story will be taken. Tickets and places to be had of Bradshaw &c., and of Mrs Macklin at No. 12 in Wild Court, Wild St. Afterpiece: The Most Grave, Whimisical, Serious, Operatical Tragedy of Half and Act. Receipts: #150


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: As17420106, but Abel-Leigh; Bookseller-Green; Arabella-Mrs Bennet.
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Bennet.
Role: Teague Actor: Macklin
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Mrs Chat Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Chrononhotonthologos, Emperor of Queeramania

Performance Comment: Chrononhotonthologos-Winstone; Bombardinion-Green; Quack-Gray; Aldiborontiphoscophornio-Cross; Captain of Guards-Woodburn; King of Fiddlers-Leigh; King of Antipodes-Hough; Rigdumfunidos-Macklin; Fadladinida-Mrs Cross; Tatlanthe-Mrs Bennet; Venus-Mrs Philips; Cupid-Miss Cole; Ladies of Honour-Miss Story, Miss Minors.
Role: Rigdumfunidos Actor: Macklin
Role: Fadladinida Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Tatlanthe Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Venus Actor: Mrs Philips

Song: I: A Ballad-Lowe; III: Bumper Squire Jones-Beard; IV: Elin@a@Roon (By Particular Desire)-Mrs Clive

Dance: II: Le Boufon, as17420325 V: The Drunken Peasant, as17411029

Event Comment: Mainpiece written by Beaumont and Fletcher. Benefit Mrs Woffington. Not acted in 10 years. Servants admitted to keep places on stage


Mainpiece Title: The Scornful Lady

Performance Comment: Elder Loveless-Mills; Younger Loveless-Foote; Savil-Yates; Morecraft-Taswell; Sir Roger-Macklin; Captain-Blakes; Poet-Collins; Lady-Mrs Woffington; Abigail-Mrs Macklin; Welford-Havard; Traveller-Goodfellow; Martha-Miss Edwards; Widow-Mrs Cross; With an Epilogue in the Character of a Female Volunteer,-Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmasked

Performance Comment: See17460217, but Lucy-Mrs Clive.
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive.

Song: II: Lowe; IV: Colin and Phebe-Lowe, Mrs Arne

Dance: III: Italian Peasants, as17460206 V: Muilment

Event Comment: Benefit for Bencraft and Mrs Vincent. Mainpiece: Containing the Memorable Battle of Agincourtv; with the total overthrow of the French Armyv; and many other historical passages. Tickets to be had of Mrs Vincent at the Cock and Turk's Head, in Bedford St., Covent Garden; of Bencraft at the corner of the Piazzas; and of Mr Page at the Stage Door of the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: King Henry V

Performance Comment: King Henry-Barry; Exeter-Ridout; Canterbury-Sparks; Salisbury-Bencraft; Westmorland-Ricard; Williams-Bransby; Gower-Anderson; Scroop-Paddick; Gray-Redman; France-Gibson; Dauphine-Usher; Burgandy-Cushing; Mountjoy-Baker; Queen of France-Mrs Bambridge; Constable-Bridgwater; Fluellin-Macklin; MacMorris-Barrington; Jamy-Dunstall; Bardolph-Marten; Nym-Stoppelaer; Page-Miss Morrison; Hostess-Mrs Macklin; Pistol-Dyer; Catherine-Mrs Vincent; Chorus-Ryan.
Role: Queen of France Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Fluellin Actor: Macklin
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Vincent

Afterpiece Title: The Miller Outwitted; or, Harlequin Statue

Dance: GGrand Dutch Dance, as17511021

Event Comment: Benefit Mr Mills and Mrs Mills. Servants will be allowed to keep places upon the stage, which will be form'd into Front and Side Boxes. Tickets and places to be had of Hobson at the stage door


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Wife

Performance Comment: As17450206, but Belinda-Mrs Mills; Heartfree-Mills; Sir John Brute-Macklin; Mademoiselle-Mrs Macklin; Lady Brute-Mrs Woffington.
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Sir John Brute Actor: Macklin
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Lady Brute Actor: Mrs Woffington.
Role: Lady Fanciful Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Cornet Actor: Mrs Horsington.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Gadabout Actor: Miss Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Trippit Actor: Mrs King
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Dance: II: Muilment; III: Sga Bettini