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Event Comment: Benefit for Johnstone. 3rd piece [1st time; F 2, by Thomas Knight; incidental music by William Reeve]: Partly taken from The Committee [by Sir Robert Howard]. Morning Herald, 21 June 1797: This Day is published [by G. Cawthorn] The Honest Thieves (1s.). True Briton, 25 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Johnstone, No. 19, Piazza, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #434 7s. 6d. (210.4.0; 11.18.0; tickets: 212.5.6)


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Performance Comment: Inkle-Johnstone; Sir Christopher Curry-Quick; Campley (with additional songs, and for that night only)-Incledon; Medium-Powel; Mate (with an additional song)-Townsend; Trudge-Fawcett; Wowski-Mrs Martyr; Narcissa-Mrs Mountain; Patty-Mrs Fawcett; Yarico (for that Night only, with additional Songs, Hope told a flattering tale, accompanied on the Harp by Weippert)-Mrs Ferguson.
Role: Wowski Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: Yarico Actor: Mrs Ferguson.

Afterpiece Title: British Fortitude; or, An Escape from France

Performance Comment: Capt. O'Leary-Johnstone; Edward-Incledon; Joey-Munden; Patrick-Macready; Commandant-Claremont; Annette-Mrs Mountain.
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Mountain.

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Thieves; or, The Faithful Irishman

Performance Comment: Teague (with a Planxty in character, The Tight Irish Boy)-Johnstone; Abel-Knight; Colonel Careless-Macready; Capt. Manly-Middleton; Justice Day-Powel; Mr Story-Claremont; Servant-Abbot; Bailiffs-Wilde, Hawtin [in text: Thompson]; Obadiah-Munden; Coachman-Ledger [added by text]; Ruth-Mrs Knight; Arabella-Miss Mansel; Mrs Day-Mrs Davenport.
Role: Abel Actor: Knight
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Davenport.
Related Works
Related Work: The Honest Thieves; or, The Faithful Irishman Author(s): Thomas Knight

Song: In course 2nd piece: I was call'd knowing Joey-Munden; At dawn of Life our Vows were plighted-Mrs Mountain; The Storm-Incledon; The turban'd Turk who scorns the World-; Hospitality; or, The Land of Potatoes-Johnstone; End 2nd piece: Old Towler-Incledon

Event Comment: Benefit for Mr and Mrs Knight. 1st piece [1st time; C 3, by Thomas Holcroft, altered by author from his Duplicity. Larpent MS 1129; not published]. Oracle, 13 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mr and Mrs Knight, No. 47, Rathbone Place. Receipts: #331 5s. (159.7.0; 16.7.6; tickets: 155.10.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Mask'd Friend

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Quick, Munden, Knight, Macready, Holman, Mrs Knight, Miss Chapman, Miss Wallis. Cast from Larpent MS: Timid-Quick; Sir Hornet Armstrong-Munden; Squire Turnbull-Knight; Sir Harry Portland-Macready; Mr Osborne-Holman; Scrip-Thompson; Miss Turnbull-Mrs Knight; Melissa-Miss Chapman; Clara-Miss Wallis.

Afterpiece Title: The Way to Get Un-Married

Afterpiece Title: The Farmer

Performance Comment: As17951201, but Betty Blackberry (for that night only)-Mrs Knight; Flummery-_; Waiters-_; Landlady-_.
Role: Betty Blackberry Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Molly Maybush Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Platt

Song: In 2nd piece: The Sportman's snug little Cot-Incledon

Entertainment: Monologues, with Songs.End: The Barber's Petition-Fawcett (1st time); [with a song in character, Wigs [including His Own Wig, The Lover's Wig, Doctor's Wig, Coachman's Wig, Counsellor's Wig-Fawcett; End 2nd piece: A Ramble to Bath (1st time) [with a descriptive song in the character of Jacob Gawkey [in The Chapter of Accidents]-Knight

Performance Comment: End: The Barber's Petition-Fawcett (1st time); [with a song in character, Wigs [including His Own Wig, The Lover's Wig, Doctor's Wig, Coachman's Wig, Counsellor's Wig-Fawcett; End 2nd piece: A Ramble to Bath (1st time) [with a descriptive song in the character of Jacob Gawkey [in The Chapter of Accidents]-Knight.
Event Comment: A Concert, etc. As translated into French from The Beggar's Opera. [According to the Daily Advertiser of 17 Feb. the play was performed. N.B. Mrs Knight played three parts.


Mainpiece Title: L'opera Du Gueux

Performance Comment: Dubutin-Costo; Delateur-Fern; Tourneclef-Smith; Comedian-Johnson; Gueux-Edwards; Mathieu [Dubutin in Daily Advertiser]-Daniel; Laronneau-Jackson [Morgan in earlier notices]; Jaques-Brown; Henry du Chemin-Johnson; Mme Delateur-Mrs Knight; Mlle Manon@Delateur-Miss Davis; Mlle Cajoleuse-Miss Rawlinson [Mrs Jackson in earlier notices]; Dorothee Coureuse-Mrs Anderson; Mlle Grondant-Mrs Butler; Babeau Catin-Miss Stevens; Janneton du Plongeon-Mrs Knight; Mlle Sans Corps-Miss Cotterel [Mrs Williams in earlier notices]; Susanne Pimpante-Mrs Daniel; Manon Effrontee-Mrs Adams; Diane de la Friperie-Mrs Knight; Mlle Lucie-Miss Talbot.

Dance: HHornpipe-Greniere; End: Dance al la Ronde in the French Manner,-the Characters of the Opera

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Knight. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Receipts: money #27 17s. 6d. and tickets #23 13s. The Epilogue was printed in Weekly Journal or British Gazetteer, 7 April, with a note: The Author of the following Epilogue would never have thought of publishing such a Trifle, but to let the Town see that scandalous Piece (as some were pleas'd to call it) not fit to be spoken. Mrs Knight's Zeal to the Government (which she has always express'd at the Worst of Times) cannot be enough applauded....It was wrote with no other Design than to do her some Service on her Benefit-Day; but has had indeed a quite contrary Effect, and kept back that Part of her Audience whose Money is as good as other Peoples, tho' their Principles (as being Tories) are the worst in the World


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: See17151020, but Widow Lackit-Mrs Knight; A New Epilogue-Mrs Knight.
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: A New Epilogue Actor: Mrs Knight.

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler of Preston

Song: As17160215

Dance: delaGarde, Moreau, Thurmond Jr, Mrs Schoolding, Mrs Cross; particularly the last new comic dance-Moreau, Mrs Cross

Event Comment: [As Miss P. Farren Mrs Knight had 1st appaared in London on 15 May 1777 at the hay.] "[Knight's] simplicity is the type of nature, untainted With buffoonery; and what we very rarely meet with, his attention was so wholly engrossed by the business of the scene as to make him appear unconscious of being before an audience" (Morning Chronicle, 26 Sept.). Receipts: #248 3s. 6d. (240.2.6; 8.1.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Chapter Of Accidents

Performance Comment: Woodville-Holman; Lord Glenmore-Harley; Governor Harcourt-Munden; Captain Harcourt-Macready; Grey-Hull; Vane-Bernard; Jacob-Knight (from the Theatre Royal, Bath; 1st appearance [in London]); Miss Mortimer-Miss Chapman; Bridget-Mrs Knight (from the Theatre Royal, Bath; 1st appearance [at this theatre]); Warner-Mrs Platt; Cecilia-Miss Wallis.
Role: Jacob Actor: Knight
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Warner Actor: Mrs Platt

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Performance Comment: Henry-Johnstone; Russet-Richardson; Simkin-Bernard; Flint-Thompson; Soldiers-Follett, Blurton, Abbot, Williamson; Skirmish-Knight; Jenny-Mrs Martyr; Margaret-Mrs Platt; Louisa-Mrs Mountain.
Role: Skirmish Actor: Knight
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Mountain.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mr and Mrs Knight. Mainpiece: Not acted these 20 years [acted 1 Oct. 1779]. Times, 1 May: Tickets to be had of Mr and Mrs Knight, No. 47, Rathbone-place. Receipts: #270 11s. 6d. (138.19.6; 4.9.6; tickets: 127.2.6)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Performance Comment: Kitely-Holman; Justice Clement-Munden; Old Knowell-Murray; Master Stephen-Knight; Brain@Worm-Townsend; Young Knowell-Clarke; Wellbred-Whitfield; Master Matthew-Simmons; Cash-Farley; Downright-Waddy; Formal-Rees; Cob-Thompson; Captain Bobadil (for that night only)-Cubitt (1st appearance on this stage these 3 [recte 4] years); Bridget-Miss Mansel; Tib-Mrs Gilbert; Mrs Kitely-Miss Betterton.
Role: Master Stephen Actor: Knight
Role: Tib Actor: Mrs Gilbert
Role: Mrs Kitely Actor: Miss Betterton.

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Performance Comment: Lord Duke-Lewis; Lovel-Munden; Sir Harry-Knight; Freeman-Clarke; Phillip-Davenport; Kitty (with a song)-Mrs Knight.
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Knight
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Knight.

Dance: In afterpiece: Mock Minuet-Mr and Mrs Knight

Entertainment: Singing and Monologues.End: a Dialogue Duet (1st time), The Pledge of Love; or, British Tar's Farewell-Incledon, Mrs Mountain (the Music entirely New); The Barber's Petition, with a song in character, Wigs (including his Own Wig, The Doctor's Wig, Counsellor's Wig, The Lover's Wig, Coachman's Wig, etc.)-Knight; Ode on the Passions-Mrs Pope; Old Towler-Incledon

Performance Comment: End: a Dialogue Duet (1st time), The Pledge of Love; or, British Tar's Farewell-Incledon, Mrs Mountain (the Music entirely New); The Barber's Petition, with a song in character, Wigs (including his Own Wig, The Doctor's Wig, Counsellor's Wig, The Lover's Wig, Coachman's Wig, etc.)-Knight; Ode on the Passions-Mrs Pope; Old Towler-Incledon.
Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first production is not known, but the fact that it was advertised in the London Gazette, No. 3122, 10-14 Oct. 1695, indicates that it was probably acted not later than September 1695. Three songs were published separately: O how you protest, possibly set by Henry Purcell and sung by Mrs Knight; 'Twas within a Furlong, the words by Thomas D'Urfey, set by Henry Purcell, and sung by the Girl [Miss Cross]; and Man is for the woman made, the words by Pierre Motteux and set by Henry Purcell, are in Deliciae Musicae, The Third Book, 1696. See also Purcell's Works, Purcell Society, XX (1916), xix-xx. Preface, Edition of 1696: Notwithstanding the many Accidents that concurr'd to the Ruin of this Play, it succeeded above my Expectations: And I must own my self infinitely oblig'd to the Town, in receiving so favourably, what I at first never design'd for the Stage. Gildon, English Dramatick Poets, p. 121: This particular Play met with pretty good Success, for the Season of the Year, considering it the first Essay by a Young Writer, unacquainted with the Town. A Comparison Between the Two Stages (1702), p. 18: Sullen: Mock-Marriage, a young Fellows of the Town, a Retainer, and kind of Pensioner to the Stage. Ramble: What was it's Fate? Sullen: Damn'd, Damn'd


Mainpiece Title: The Mock-marriage

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Miss Cross; Epilogue-Mrs Knight; Lord Goodland-Disney; Fairly-Horden; Willmot-Powell; Belfont-Verbruggen; Sir Simon Barter-Johnson; Sir Arthur Stately-Lee; Lady Barter-Mrs Knight; Marina-Mrs Rogers; Clarinda-Mrs Verbrugen; Flavia-Mrs Finch; Betty-Mrs Newman; Alice-Mrs Clark; Landlady-Bullock; Quaker-Mrs Powell; Daughter-Mrs Urwin.
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Lady Barter Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Marina Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Verbrugen
Role: Flavia Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Newman
Role: Alice Actor: Mrs Clark
Role: Quaker Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Daughter Actor: Mrs Urwin.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Knight


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: Oroonoko-Wilks; Aboan-Powell; Governor-Keene; Blandford-Bickerstaffe; Driver-Johnson; Stanmore-Smith; Jack Stanmore-Fairbank; Daniel-Pinkethman; Hotman-Corey; Widow Lackit-Mrs Knight; Imoinda-Mrs Rogers; Charlot-Mrs Bradshaw; Lucy-Mrs Bicknell.
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Imoinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Charlot Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Bicknell.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Knight. Written by Sir John Vanbrugh


Mainpiece Title: The City Wives Confederacy

Performance Comment: Gripe-C. Bullock; Moneytrap-Spiller; Dick-Leigh; Brass-Pack; Clarissa-Mrs Knight; Araminta-Miss Willis; Flippanta-Mrs Spiller; Mrs Amlet-Mrs Willis.
Role: Clarissa Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Flippanta Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Mrs Amlet Actor: Mrs Willis.

Dance: As17190209

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Knight


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Performance Comment: King-Powell; Osmyn-Booth; Gonsalez-Keene; Garcia-Corey; Zara-Mrs Knight; Almeria-Mrs Bradshaw; Leonora-Mrs Cox.
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Almeria Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Cox.
Event Comment: Beneift Mrs Knight. Receipts: money #24 4s. 6d.; tickets #18 17s


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: as17231212, but Horman-Hulet; Widow Lackit-Mrs Knight; Lucy-a Gentlewoman, who never appeared on the Stage before; Daniel-Pack.
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Parker.
Role: Imoinda Imoinda Actor: Mrs Vincent

Dance: Dupre, Glover, Newhouse, Pelling, Mrs Rogeir, Mrs Wall, Mrs Ogden; Myrtillo-


Mainpiece Title: The Castle Of Andalusia

Performance Comment: Fernando-Johnstone; Spado-Munden; Pedrillo-Fawcett; Don Caesar (1st time)-Townsend; Philippo (1st time)-Mrs Clendining; Don Scipio-Powel; Rapino-Abbot; Calvette-Ledger; Don Juan-Davenport; Sanguino-Thompson; Vasquez-Farley; Alphonso-Incledon; with Oft on a plat of rising Ground, composed by Handel-Incledon; Victoria-Mrs Mountain; Catalina (1st time)-Mrs Litchfield; Isabel-Mrs Platt; Lorenza-Mrs Martyr.
Role: Philippo Actor: Mrs Clendining
Role: Victoria Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Catalina Actor: Mrs Litchfield
Role: Isabel Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Lorenza Actor: Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Thieves

Performance Comment: Teague (with The Tight Irish Boy)-Johnstone; Colonel Careless-Knight; Captain Manly-Toms; Justice Day-Powel; Mr Story-Claremont; Abel-Simmons; Servant-Abbot; Bailiffs-Wilde, Hawtin; Obadiah-Munden; Ruth-Mrs Knight; Arabella-Miss Mansel; Mrs Day-Mrs Davenport.
Role: Colonel Careless Actor: Knight
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Davenport.
Related Works
Related Work: The Honest Thieves; or, The Faithful Irishman Author(s): Thomas Knight
Event Comment: Benefit for Mr and Mrs Knight. 3rd piece: Illumination, &c. as 18 May. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. True Briton, 1 May: Tickets to be had of Mr and Mrs Knight, No. 47, Rathbone Place. Receipts: #221 9s. 6d. (93.0.6; 17.8.6; tickets: 111.0.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Jew

Performance Comment: As17960921, but Saunders-_; Waiter-_; Mrs Goodison-_.
Role: Jabel Actor: Knight
Role: Mrs Ratcliffe Actor: Miss Morris
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Mrs Goodison Actor: Mrs Platt

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Thieves

Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Mountain.
Role: Abel Actor: Knight
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Davenport.
Related Works
Related Work: The Honest Thieves; or, The Faithful Irishman Author(s): Thomas Knight

Afterpiece Title: The Village Fete

Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Clendining
Role: Lady Marygold Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Emma Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Mayoress of Coventry Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Lady Godiva Actor: Mrs Gilbert
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Martyr.

Song: End: Wigs-, including His own Wig, Doctor's Wig, Coachman's Wig; The Storm-Incledon; In 3rd piece: Chorusses, As17970518

Event Comment: Boswell (Restoration Court Stage, pp. 180-81) believes that a performance occurred on this day, as well as on 16 Feb. 1674@5, Shrove Tuesday, the date often specified in advance statements. For previous notices, see 2 Feb. 1674@5, 15 and 22 Dec. 1674. Edition of 1675:....followed at innumerable Rehearsals, and all the Representations by throngs of Persons of the greatest the 20th or 30th, for near so often it had been Rehearsed and Acted....And the Composer of all the Musick both Vocal and Instrumental Mr Staggins. Langbaine. (English Dramatick Poets, p. 92): a Masque at court, frequently presented there by Persons of great Quality, with the Prologue, and the Songs between the Acts: printed in quarto Lond. 1675....This Masque was writ at the Command of her present Majesty: and was rehearsed near Thirty times, all the Representations being follow'd by throngs of Persons of the greatest Quality, and very often grac'd with their Majesties and Royal Highnesses Presence. John Evelyn (The Life of Mrs Godolphin): [Mrs Blagge] had on her that day near twenty thousand pounds value of Jewells, which were more sett off with her native beauty and luster then any they contributed of their own to hers; in a word, she seemed to me a Saint in Glory, abstracting her from the Stage. For I must tell you, that amidst all this pomp and serious impertinence, whilst the rest were acting, and that her part was sometymes to goe off, as the scenes required, into the tireing roome, where severall Ladyes her companions were railing with the Gallants trifleingly enough till they were called to reenter, she, under pretence of conning her next part, was retired into a Corner, reading a booke of devotion, without att all concerning herself or mingling with the young Company; as if she had no farther part to act, who was the principall person of the Comedy...[With] what a surprizeing and admirable aire she trode the Stage, and performed her Part, because she could doe nothing of this sort, or any thing else she undertooke, indifferently....Thus ended the Play, butt soe did not her affliction, for a disaster happened which extreamly concern'd her, and that was the loss of a Diamond of considerable vallue, which had been lent her by the Countess of Suffolke; the Stage was immediately swept, and dilligent search made to find it, butt without success, soe as probably it had been taken from her, as she was oft inviron'd with that infinite crowd which tis impossible to avoid upon such occasion. Butt the lost was soon repair'd, for his Royall Highness understanding the trouble she was in, generousely sent her the wherewithall to make my Lady Suffolke a present of soe good a Jewell. For the rest of that days triumph I have a particular account still by me of the rich Apparell she had on her, amounting, besides the Pearles and Pretious Stones, to above three hundred pounds (ed. Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford [London, 1847], pp. 97-100). See also 15 Dec. 1674


Mainpiece Title: Calisto; Or, The Chaste Nimph

Performance Comment: Edition of 1675: Prologue-; Calisto-The Lady Mary; Nyphe-The Lady Anne; Jupiter-The Lady Henrietta Wentworth; Juno-The Countess of Sussex; Psecas-The Lady Mary Mordaunt; Diana-Mrs [Margaret] Blagge; Mercury-Mrs Jennings; Nymphs attending Diana-The Countess of Darby, The Countess of Pembroke, The Lady Katherine Herbert, Mrs Fitz-Gerald, Mrs Frazier; [The Persons of Quality of the Men that Danced-His Grace the Duke of Monmouth, The Viscount Dunblaine, The Lord Daincourt, Mr Trevor, Mr Harpe, Mr Lane[, Mr Leonard, Mr Franshaw]; [In the Prologue were Represented, The River Thames-Mrs Moll? Davis; Peace-Mrs Mary? Knight; Plenty-Mrs Charlotte? Butler; The Genius of England-Mr Turner; Europe-Mr Hart; Asia-Mr Richardson; Africa-Mr Marsh Jun; America-Mr Ford; [In the Chorusses betwixt the Acts: Strephon-Mr Hart; Coridon-Mr Turner; Sylvia-Mrs Davis; Daphne-Mrs Knight; Two African Women-Mrs Butler, Mrs Hunt; The Epilogue-Jupiter.
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs
Role: Mercury Actor: Mrs Jennings
Role: Nymphs attending Diana Actor: The Countess of Darby, The Countess of Pembroke, The Lady Katherine Herbert, Mrs Fitz-Gerald, Mrs Frazier
Role: Mrs Fitz Actor: Gerald, Mrs Frazier
Role: The River Thames Actor: Mrs Moll? Davis
Role: Peace Actor: Mrs Mary? Knight
Role: Plenty Actor: Mrs Charlotte? Butler
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Davis
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Two African Women Actor: Mrs Butler, Mrs Hunt

Afterpiece Title: Calisto's Additional performers

Performance Comment: See Boswell, Restoration Court Stage, pp. 201-2- Singers-Mrs Masters, Mrs Peirce, Robert, Degrang, Shepheard, Maxfield, Preston, Letelier, Bopins, Bury; Boys-Jack, Waters, Coninsby, Smyth; Harpsicals-Corneille, Bartleme; Theorboes-Marsh, Lylly; Bass Violls-Coleman, Stephkins, Bates; Recorders-Paisible, Bootell, DeBreame, Giton; Gittars-Frasico Corbett, Outom, Delony, Delloney; Trumpeters-Bounty, Thompson, Ragway, Christmas; Kettle Drummer-VanBright; Violins-NicholasStaggins, Singleton, Clayton, Tho. Fitz, Hewson, Myres, Tho. Farmer, Aleworth, Jo. Bannister, Lediger, Harris, Theo. Fitz, Greetinge, Ashton, Gamble, Fashions, Flower, Isaack Staggins, John Strong, Finell, Browne, Brookwell, Dorney, Spicer, Price, Pagitt, Duffill, Kidwell, Jo. Farmer, Basrier, Viblett, Hall, Eagles; Dancers-St Andre, Isaacke, Delisle, Herriette, Dyer, Smyth, Motley, Berto, Letang, Muraile, LeRoy, LeDuke.
Event Comment: The United Company. The date of this production is determined by a letter (see below). For a discussion of the origin and development of this play, see Hotson, Commonwealth and Restoration Stage, pp. 274-76. A song, Why shou'd the world mistake, the music composed by John Eccles and sung by Mrs Hudson, is in Thesaurus Musicus, 1695. An unidentified letter, 22 March 1693@4: We had another new play yesterday, called The Ambitious Slave, or a Generous Revenge. Elkanah Settle is the author of it, and the success is answerable to his reputation. I never saw a piece so wretched, nor worse contrived. He pretends 'tis a Persian story, but not one body in the whole audience could make any thing of it; 'tis a mere babel, and will sink for ever. The poor poet, seeing the house would not act it for him, and give him the benefit of the third day, made a present of it to the women in tie house, who act it, but without profit or incouragement (Edmond Malone, An Historical Account of the Stage in Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare [London, 1821], III, 163-64). Gentleman's Journal, March 1694: 'Tis not altogether strange for a Play to be less kindly receiv'd, immediately after one that has deservedly ingross'd all the Applause which the Town can well bestow in some time on new Dramatic Entertainments. Perhaps Mr Settle may partly impute to this, the want of success of a new Tragedy of his which was lately acted, 'tis called, The Ambitious Slave; or, The Generous Revenge. [This play followed Southerne's The Fatal Marriage.


Mainpiece Title: The Ambitious Slave; Or, A Generous Revenge

Performance Comment: Edition of 1694: Prologue-Mrs Knight; King of Persia-Bowman; Tygranes-Verbruggen; Orontes-Powell; Briomar-Freeman; Mirvan-Mrs Rogers; Amorin-Sybars [Cibber]; Herminia-Mrs Knight; Clarismunda-Mrs Bracegirdle; Celestina-Mrs Barry; Rosalin-Mrs Leigh; Epilogue-Mrs Rogers.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mirvan Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Herminia Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Clarismunda Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Celestina Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Rosalin Actor: Mrs Leigh
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Rogers.
Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first performance is not known, for the play was apparently not printed until 1704. Nevertheless, some details indicate a performance early in the early in the season of 1696-97. In the first place, the presence of Verbruggen in the cast indicates that it must have been acted before 1 Jan. 1696@7, when Verbruggen was permitted to act at Lincoln's Inn Fields. The play also parodies the works of Mrs Manley, whose The Royal Mischief had been staged (probably) in April 1696, and it is likely that the company would emphasize the pertinence of the parody by presenting it soon after the appearance of the original. Although The Female Wits may not have been acted until later in the autumn, it seems likely that it was acted first in the late summer or early autumn. Preface, Edition of 1704: [The] Success of this Play has been such...having been Acted six Days running without intermission....Among the rest, Mr Powel and his Wife excell'd in the Characters they represented, as did Mrs Verbruggen, who play'd the Chief Character....The Lady whose Play is rehears'd, personated one Mrs M-ly [Manley]


Mainpiece Title: The Female Wits; Or, The Triumvirate Of Poets At Rehearsal

Performance Comment: [The author is not known, but the title page states that it was written by W. M.] Edition of 1704: Prologue-; Epilogue-; Mr Aw'dwell-Mills; Praiseall-Cibber; Fastin-Powell; Amorous-Pinkethman; Lord Whiffle-Thomas; Lord Whimsical-Verbruggen; Marsillia-Mrs Verbruggen; Patience-Mrs Essex; Mrs Wellfed-Mrs Powell; Calista-Mrs Temple; Isabella-Mrs Cross; Lady Loveall-Mrs Knight; Betty Useful-Mrs Kent; Players-Johnson, Pinkethman, Mrs Lucas, Miss Cross; Singers-Mrs Cross, Pate; Dancers-Mrs Cross, Mrs Lucas.
Role: Marsillia Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Patience Actor: Mrs Essex
Role: Mrs Wellfed Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Calista Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lady Loveall Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Betty Useful Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Players Actor: Johnson, Pinkethman, Mrs Lucas, Miss Cross
Role: Singers Actor: Mrs Cross, Pate
Role: Dancers Actor: Mrs Cross, Mrs Lucas.
Event Comment: The United Company. The date of the first production is not known, but Part II seems to have followed rather closely upon Part I. The Gentleman's Journal, June 1694 (which apparently appeared in mid-June) states: The first Part of Mr Durfey's Don Quixote was so well received, that we have had a second Part of that Comical History acted lately, which doubtless must be thought as entertaining as the first; since in this hot season it could bring such a numerous audience (p. 170). The Songs were advertised in the London Gazette, 5 July 1694, and Part II advertised in the same periodical 19-23 July 1694. The songs as listed in the separately printed Songs are as follows: Genius of England, the music by Henry Purcell, sung by Freeman and Mrs Cibber. I burn, I burn, the music by John Eccles, sung by Mrs Bracegirdle. Since times are so bad, the music by Henry Purcell, sung by Reading and Mrs Ayliff. Damon, let a friend, the music by Pack, sung by Mrs Hudson. Ye nymphs and sylvan gods, the music by John Eccles sung by Mrs Ayliff. If you will love me, composer and singer not named. In addition, Thesaurus Musicus, 1695, published Lads and lasses, blithe and gay, the music by Henry Purcell, sung by Mrs Hudson. Purcell also wrote the music for other songs for which the singer is not known. Preface, edition of 1694: The good success, which both the Parts of Don Quixote have had, either from their Natural Merit, or the Indulgence of my Friends, or both, ought sufficiently to satisfie me, that I have no reason to value tne little Malice of some weak Heads, that make it their business to be simply Criticizing....I think I have given some additional Diversion in the Continuance of the character of Marcella, which is wholly new in this Part, and my own Invention, the design finishing with more pleasure to the Audience by punishing that coy Creature by an extravagant Passion here, that was so inexorable and cruel in the first Part, and ending with a Song so incomparably well sung, and acted by Mrs Bracegirdle, that the most envious do allow, as well as the most ingenious affirm, that 'tis the best of that kind ever done before....I deserve some acknowledgment for drawing that Character of Mary the Buxom, which was intirely my own, making the Character humorous, and the extraordinary well acting of Mrs Verbruggen, it is by the best Judges allowed a Masterpiece of humour


Mainpiece Title: The Comical History Of Don Quixote, Part Ii

Performance Comment: Edition of 1694: Prologue-Mr Powel; Epilogue-Sancho, Mary the Buxome; Duke Richardo-Cibber; Cardenio-Bowman; Ambrosio-Verbruggen; Don Quixot-Boen; Manuel-Powel; Pedro Rezio-Freeman; Bernardo-Trefuse; Diego-Harris; Page to the Duke-Lee; Sancho Pancha-Underhil; Dutchess-Mrs Knight; Luscinda-Mrs Bowman; Dulcinea del Toboso-Lee; Marcella-Mrs Bracegirdle; Don Rodriguez-Mrs Kent; Teresa Pancha-Mrs Lee; Mary-Mrs Verbruggen.
Role: Dutchess Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Luscinda Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Don Rodriguez Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Teresa Pancha Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Mary Actor: Mrs Verbruggen.
Event Comment: The United Company. The date of the premiere is not certain, but the fact that a song in the play, composed by Henry Purcell and sung by Mrs Hudson, is in the Gentleman's Journal, January@February 1693@4 (advertised in the London Gazette, No 2955, 5-8 Marcn 1693@4) suggests that the play had its premiere in February. The play was advertised in the London Gazette, No 2959, 19-22 March 1693@4. The music for additional songs was composed by Henry Purcell: The danger is over, sung by Mrs Hudson, is in Joyful Cuckoldom, ca. 1695; I sighed and owned my love, sung by Mrs Ayliff, is in Thesaurus Musicus, Book III, 1695. See also Purcell's Works, Purcell Society, XX (1916), i-iii. Two songs were composed by John Eccles: Still, I'm grieving, sung by Mrs Bracegirdle; and Give then royal maid your sorrows o're, sung by Mrs Cibber, are in Thesaurus Musicus, 1695. Gentleman's Journal, March 1694 (advertised in London Gazette, No 2964,5-9 April 1694): Mr Southern's new Play call'd The Fatal Marriage; or, The Innocent Adultery, has been so kindly receiv'd, that you are by this time no stranger to its merit. As the world has done it justice, and it is above my praise, I need not expatiate on that subject. [See also 22 March 1693@4.


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Marriage; Or, The Innocent Adultery

Performance Comment: Edition of 1694: Prologue-Mrs Bracegirdle; Count Baldwin-Kynaston; Biron-Williams; Carlos-Powell; Villeroy-Betterton; Frederick-Verbruggen; Fernando-Doggett; Fabian-Mich. Lee; Jaqueline-Bowen; Sampson-Underhill; Bellford-Harris; Pedro-Freeman; Isabella-Mrs Barry; Julia-Mrs Knight; Villeria-Mrs Bracegirdle; Nurse-Mrs Lee; Epilogue-Mrs Verbruggen.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Villeria Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Verbruggen.
Event Comment: The United Company. The date of the first performance is not precisely known, but by 9 May 1693 it had been acted four times (see Dryden's letter, below); on the other hand, the Gentleman's Journal, February 1692@3 (issued in March) had stated that D'Urfey's new farce would not appear until after Easter. Hence, it may well have been the first new play after Passion Week. A dialogue, Behold, the man with that gigantick might, the music by Henry Purcell and sung by Mr Reading and Mrs Ayliff, is in Orpheus Britannicus, 1690. See Purcell's Works, Purcell Society, XXI (1917), viii-x. A dialogue, By these pigsnes eyes that stars do seem, the music by John Eccles and sung by Dogget and Mrs Bracegirdle, is in Joyful Cuckoldom, ca. 1695. Another, Stubborn church division, folly, and ambition, to a Ground of Mr Solomon Eccles, is in Thesaurus Musicus, 1694. And Maiden fresh as a rose, the verse by D'Urfey and sung by Pack, but not printed in the play, is in The Merry Musician, I (1716), 56-57. This last song may have been for a later revival. Gentleman's Journal, April 1693 (issued in May 1693): Since my last we have had a Comedy by Mr Durfey; 'tis called the Richmond Heiress or a Woman once in the right (p. 130). Dryden to Walsh, 9 May 1693: Durfey has brought another farce upon the Stage: but his luck has left him: it was sufferd but foure dayes; and then kickd off for ever. Yet his Second Act, was wonderfully diverting; where the scene was in Bedlam: & Mrs Bracegirdle and Solon [Dogget] were both mad: the Singing was wonderfully good, And the two whom I nam'd, sung better than Redding and Mrs Ayloff, whose trade it was: at least our partiality carryed it for them. The rest was woeful stuff, & concluded with Catcalls; for which the two noble Dukes of Richmond and St@Albans were chief managers (The Letters of John Dryden, pp. 52-53)


Mainpiece Title: The Richmond Heiress; Or, A Woman Once In The Right

Performance Comment: Edition of 1693: Sir Charles Romance-Freeman; Sir Quibble Quere-Bright; Tom Romance-Powel; Dr Guiacum-Sandford; Frederick-Williams; Rice ap Shinken-Bowman; Dick Stockjobb-Underhill; Hotspur-Hudson [Hodgson]; Quickwit-Dogget; Cummington-Bowen; Fulvia-Mrs Bracegirdle; Sophronia-Mrs Barry; Mrs Stockjobb-Mrs Bowman; Madam Squeamish-Mrs Knight; Marmalette-Mrs Lee; Prologue-Mr Dogget [with a Fools Cap with Bells on his Head; Epilogue-.
Role: Fulvia Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Sophronia Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Mrs Stockjobb Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Madam Squeamish Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Marmalette Actor: Mrs Lee
Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the premiere is not known, but the second edition (1700) states: The first appearance of this Play was on a Wednesday in Lent; for then (it seems) the Town look for a bad Entertainment. [As the play was advertised in the Flying Post, 2 April 1700, the first performance probably occurred in early March.] A Prologue by Sir Charles Sedley which may have been intended for this play is in Sedley's Works, ed. V. de Sola Pinto (London, 1928), I, 46-47, 288-89. A song in this play, separately printed ca. 1700, indicates that the music was composed by Daniel Purcell and that the song was sung by Mrs Erwin


Mainpiece Title: The Reform'd Wife

Performance Comment: Edition of 1700: Sir Solomon Empty-Johnson; Freeman-Wilks; Careless-Toms; Clerimont-Mills; Doctor-Haines; Astrologer-Fairbank; Astra-Mrs Knight; Clarinda-Mrs Rogers; Sylvia-Mrs Temple; Lady Dainty-Mrs Verbruggen; Mrs Friendly-Mrs Powell; Fidelia-Mrs Moor; Cloe-Mrs Stephens; Pert-Mrs Baker; Prologue-; Epilogue-the Sickly Lady.
Role: Astra Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Lady Dainty Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Mrs Friendly Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Fidelia Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Cloe Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Baker
Event Comment: [By Mrs Mary Davys.] Never Acted before. Preface: The first Night, in which lay all the Danger, was attended with only two single Hisses....The one was a Boy, and not worth taking Notice of, the other a Man who came prejudic'd. Receipts: #28 10s


Mainpiece Title: The Northern Heiress; Or, The Humours Of York

Performance Comment: Edition of 1716 lists: Gamont-Leigh; Welby-Ch. Bullock; Bareface-Pack; Sir Loobily Joddrell-Bullock Sr; Sir Jeffrey Hearty-Hall; Ralph-Morgan; Countryman-H. Bullock; Tinsel-Coker; Isabella-Mrs Thurmond; Louisa-Miss Rogers; Lady Ample-Mrs Knight; Lady Greasy-Mrs Hunt; Lydia-Mrs Spiller; Dolly-Mrs Cantrell; Lady Swish-Mrs Cook; Lady Cardivant-Mrs Kent; Susan-Mrs Rubridge; Prologue-.
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Lady Ample Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Lady Greasy Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Lydia Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Cantrell
Role: Lady Swish Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Lady Cardivant Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Rubridge
Event Comment: [By Ambrose Phillips.] At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. William Egerton: And in the Spring came on Mr Phillips's Tragedy, The Distrest Mother. Mrs Rogers, an Actress, who in her Turn, had made a considerable Figure on the Stage, was designed the Part of (Andromache, Hector's Widow, &. i.e.) the Distrest Mother. But the Author, as well as his Friends, were soon convinced that Mrs Oldfield was infinitely the more accomplished Person for so Capital a Part. Upon its being given to Her, Mrs Rogers raised a Posse of Profligates, fond of Tumult and Riot, who made such a Commotion in the House, that the Court hearing of it send four of the Royal Messengers, and a strong Guard, to suppress all Disorders. This being effected, the Play was brought upon the Stage and crowned with deserved Success (Egerton, pp. 31-32)


Mainpiece Title: The Distrest Mother

Performance Comment: Edition of 1712 lists: Pyrrhus-Booth; Phoenix-Bowman; Orestes-Powell; Pylades-Mills; Andromache-Mrs Oldfield; Cephisa-Mrs Knight; Hermione-Mrs Porter; Cleone-Mrs Cox; Prologue by Steele-Wilks; Epilogue by Budgell-Mrs Oldfield.
Role: Andromache Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Cephisa Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Hermione Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Cleone Actor: Mrs Cox
Role: Epilogue by Budgell Actor: Mrs Oldfield.
Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first performance is not known, but the fact that the play was advertised in the Post Boy, 27-30 June 1696, suggests that it was first acted not later than early June 1696 and probably not later than late May 1696. A dialogue, Fly, fly from my sight, between a Eunuch Boyr and a Virgin, set by Daniel Purcell and sung by Bowen and Mrs Cross, is in Deliciae Musicae, The Second Book of the Second Volume, 1696. This was also printed separately, without a date, by Thomas Cross, with the statement that the dialogue was written by Thomas D'Urfey. Gildon, English Dramatick Poets, ca. 1698, p. 111: For the Distress of Morena never fail'd to bring Tears into the Eyes of the Audience


Mainpiece Title: Ibrahim, The Thirteenth Emperour Of The Turks

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Mrs Cross; Sultan Ibrahim-Verbruggen; Azema-Disney; Mufti-Simpson; Mustapha-Mills; Amurat-Powell Jr; Solyman-Harland; Achmet-Mrs Verbruggen; Morena-Mrs Rogers; Sheker Para-Mrs Knight; Zada-Mrs Mills; Mirva-Mrs Cole; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Achmet Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Morena Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Sheker Para Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Zada Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Mirva Actor: Mrs Cole
Event Comment: Benefit of a Young Orphan-Child of the late Mr Verbruggen and Mrs Verbruggen


Mainpiece Title: The Squire Of Alsatia

Performance Comment: See17071106, but Sir William-Penkethman; Sir Edward-Keene; Belfond Sr-Bullock; Belfond Jr-Wilks; Trueman-Mills; Scrapeall-Norris; Isabella-Mrs Rogers; Teresia-Mrs Oldfield; Mrs Termagent-Mrs Knight; Ruth-Mrs Powell.
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Teresia Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Mrs Termagent Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Powell.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Powell and Cross. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Written by the late Ingenious Mr Shadwell


Mainpiece Title: The Squire Of Alsatia

Performance Comment: Squire-Bullock; Sir William-Penkethman; Young Belfond-Wilks; Sir Edward-Keene; Trueman-Mills; Cheatly-Bickerstaff; Shamwell-Bullock Jr; Lolpoop-Cross; Scrapeall-Norris; Isabella-Mrs Rogers; Teresa-Mrs Oldfield; Mrs Termagent-Mrs Knight; Lucy-Miss Sherburn; Ruth-Mrs Powell.
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Mrs Termagent Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Powell.

Dance: Mrs Bicknell