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Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten and Mrs Hunt. Paid Housekeeper's Bill (Rollett 3 Guineas included) #7 14s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #172 16s. Charges: #61 10s. Profits to Mrs Wrighten and Mrs Hunt: #111 4s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Fathers

Performance Comment: As17730109, but Jenny-Mrs Hunt, first time.
Event Comment: Betterton's Company. It is not certain that this play was given at this time, but Vanbrugh, writing on 25 Dec. 1699, states that Thomas Dogget, who had been acting in Norwich, was in London "last Week," and acted six times, presumably on 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Dec. 1699. The Amorous Widow is a likely play for this week, as Barnaby Brittle was one of Dogget's best roles. In addition, the Inner Temple, which usually requested popular plays, selected it for its revels on 3 Feb. 1699@1700. Nearly all the individuals in the cast in the 1710 edition acted in London during this season, with two exceptions: Fieldhouse and Mrs Hunt. Their roles may have been played by them or by other performers if they were not in the company at this time. I owe the suggestion that this was the play in which Dogget appeared to Professor Lucyle Hook


Mainpiece Title: The Amorous Widow; Or, The Wanton Wife

Performance Comment: . A cast in the edition of 1706 is compatible with the company at this time: Sir Peter Pride-Freeman; Cuningham-Verbruggen; Lovemore-Betterton; Barnaby Brittle-Dogget; Jeffrey-Fieldhouse; Clodpole-Bright; Merryman-Underhill; Lady Laycock-Mrs Leigh; Lady Pride-Mrs Willis; Mrs Brittle-Mrs Bracegirdle; Philadelphia-Mrs Porter; Prudence-Mrs Hunt; Damaris-Mrs Prince.
Role: Lady Laycock Actor: Mrs Leigh
Role: Lady Pride Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Mrs Brittle Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Philadelphia Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Prudence Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Damaris Actor: Mrs Prince.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Hunt. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Receipts: money #15 15s. 6d. and tickets #28 13s


Mainpiece Title: A Woman's Revenge

Performance Comment: See Oct. 1715, but Mixum-Packer; Mrs Mixum-Mrs Hunt.
Role: Mrs Mixum Actor: Mrs Hunt.

Afterpiece Title: Acis and Galatea

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler of Preston

Dance: As17151122

Event Comment: Patty by Mrs Hunt very Indiff (Hopkins Diary). Man fell from gallery into the pit, running down at opening of doors. Broke his ribs--He was able to walk not having any bones broken which was supposed to arise from his catching a chandelier worth #50 which he carried with him (Winston MS 10). Paid chorus 2 night this incl. #4 11s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #140 2s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Mill

Performance Comment: Lord Aimworth-Davies; Sir Harry-Hartry; Giles-Bannister; Fairfield-Jefferson; Ralph-Dibdin; Mervin-Fawcett; Fanny-Miss Pope; Theodosia-Mrs Scott; Lady Sycamore-Mrs Bradshaw; Patty-Mrs Hunt, 1st time.
Role: Theodosia Actor: Mrs Scott
Role: Lady Sycamore Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Hunt, 1st time.

Afterpiece Title: The Elopement

Role: Country Girls Actor: Mrs Scott, Mrs Dorman
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs King

Dance: I: Comic Dance, as17710921

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Hunt. Receipts: #65 7s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: See17150202, but Ben-Mrs Hunt.
Role: Ben Actor: Mrs Hunt.

Afterpiece Title: Hob

Song: Leveridge, the New Boy

Dance: delaGarde, duPre, Moreau, Bovil, Mrs Bullock; Also Swedish Dal Karl and His Wife, as17150509

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Hunt. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: As17180403 but Jeremy-Miller; Ben-Bickerstaff; Nurse-Mrs Hunt.
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Hunt.
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Horton

Song: Ray

Dance: Prince, Wade, Topham, Mrs Bicknell, Miss Lindar

Event Comment: [By Mrs Mary Davys.] Never Acted before. Preface: The first Night, in which lay all the Danger, was attended with only two single Hisses....The one was a Boy, and not worth taking Notice of, the other a Man who came prejudic'd. Receipts: #28 10s


Mainpiece Title: The Northern Heiress; Or, The Humours Of York

Performance Comment: Edition of 1716 lists: Gamont-Leigh; Welby-Ch. Bullock; Bareface-Pack; Sir Loobily Joddrell-Bullock Sr; Sir Jeffrey Hearty-Hall; Ralph-Morgan; Countryman-H. Bullock; Tinsel-Coker; Isabella-Mrs Thurmond; Louisa-Miss Rogers; Lady Ample-Mrs Knight; Lady Greasy-Mrs Hunt; Lydia-Mrs Spiller; Dolly-Mrs Cantrell; Lady Swish-Mrs Cook; Lady Cardivant-Mrs Kent; Susan-Mrs Rubridge; Prologue-.
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Lady Ample Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Lady Greasy Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Lydia Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Cantrell
Role: Lady Swish Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Lady Cardivant Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Rubridge
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Paid Mr Loutherbourg on Acct #41 13s. 4d. (Treasuer's Book). Receipts: #226 8s. Charges: #64 9s. Profits to Mrs Wrighten: #161 19s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fashionable Lover

Role: Miss Aubrey Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Mrs Bridgemore Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Mrs Macintosh Actor: Mrs Love

Afterpiece Title: The Ladies Frolick

Performance Comment: Oliver-Dodd; Clack-Parsons; Scentwell-Griffith; Meriel-Mrs Hunt; Rachel-Mrs Wrighten, first time; Hilliard-Davies; Vincent-Fawcett; Beggars-Wright, Waldron, Kear, Messink, Courtney, Jones, Mrs Love, Mrs Smith; A New Song-; will be introduced and In Act I, the Crutch Dance-.

Song: II: Rise Glory-Mrs Wrighten

Dance: V: The Sailors Revels, as17730928

Event Comment: Not Acted these Ten Years. Written by the Ingenious Mrs Behn. Receipts: #25 17s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The False Count; Or, A New Way To Play An Old Game

Performance Comment: False Count-Spillar; Carlos-Keene; Antonio-John Leigh; Francisco-Hall; Guzman-Bullock Jr; Julia-Mrs Thurmond; Clara-Mrs Vincent; Isabella-Mrs Moor; Jacinta-Mrs Hunt.
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Jacinta Actor: Mrs Hunt.

Song: A Dialogue-Pack, Cook

Dance: Dutch Skipper-Thurmond Jr, Mrs Cross

Event Comment: By Permission. Benefit for Aikin and Mrs Fearon. Being Positively the last time of performing


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Mill

Performance Comment: Lord Aimworth-Davies; Sycamore-Parsons; Giles-[Fearon]; Ralph-Dibdin; Merwin-J. Aickin; Fairfield-Aickin; Patty-Mrs Hunt; Theodosia-Mrs Scott; Fanny-Mrs Wrighten (from Drury Lane); first time; Lady Sycamore-Mrs Williams[, first time., first time.
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Theodosia Actor: Mrs Scott
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Lady Sycamore Actor: Mrs Williams

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Performance Comment: As17730721 but Jasper-Follet; Dorcas-Mrs Roach.
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Roach.
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Weston.

Monologue: 1773 9 20 Interlude. Piety in Pattens. As 23 Aug

Event Comment: Benefit for Hopkins, Prompter, and Mrs Hopkins. By Particular Desire. Tickets deliver'd for Mary Queen of Scots will be taken (playbill). Miss Hopkins made her first appearance upon the stage in Celia in As You Like It. Was rec'd with great applause (Hopkins Diary). House charges: #74 14s.; Profit to beneficiaries: #165 2s. Receipts: #239 16s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Performance Comment: As17721117, but Jaques-Aickin; Celia-Miss Hopkins, first appearance any stage; Phebe-Mrs Davies; Rosalind with Cuckoo Song-Mrs Barry; In Act V will be introduced a Song-Mrs Hunt.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion

Performance Comment: As17721106, but Abram-Jacobs; Grand Chorus-Mrs Wrighten, Mrs _Scott.

Dance: I: A Dance-Daigville's scholars

Entertainment: End: (First time) an Address to the Town-Miss P. Hopkins

Event Comment: Benefit Miss Santlow and Mrs Moore. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: As17100420 but Jeremy-Miller; Nurse-Mrs Hunt; A new Epilogue-Miss Santlow.
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Frail Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Moor.

Dance: Before the Play: Harlequin-Miss Santlow; Italian Night Scene-

Entertainment: As17100526

Event Comment: Afterpiece: An alteration by Cumberland from his Summer's Tale (Genest, V, 321). Theatrical Review, 14 Dec.: We confess we pitied the situation of the performers, who all exerted their utmost efforts to support it in the representation; but it is not the eminent abilities of a Vernon, a Parsons, a Hunt, or a Fitzgerald, that can render a piece worthy of notice, which has nothing interesting in it, and is absolutely devoid of merit. Paid Salary list, #501 3s. 6d.; Mr S. French 6 days #1 10s.; Mrs Abington for cloaths #2; Rec'd stopages #13 18s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipt2: #128 17s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Timon Of Athens

Role: Evanthe Actor: Mrs Barry

Afterpiece Title: Amelia

Performance Comment: Parts-Vernon, Parsons, Davies, J. Burton, Mrs Fitzgerald, Mrs Hunt. Henry-Vernon; Sir Anthony Withers-Parsons; Frederick-Davies; Peter-J. Burton; Patty-Mrs Fitzgerald; Amelia-Miss Hunt (MacMillan).
Event Comment: Boswell (Restoration Court Stage, pp. 180-81) believes that a performance occurred on this day, as well as on 16 Feb. 1674@5, Shrove Tuesday, the date often specified in advance statements. For previous notices, see 2 Feb. 1674@5, 15 and 22 Dec. 1674. Edition of 1675:....followed at innumerable Rehearsals, and all the Representations by throngs of Persons of the greatest the 20th or 30th, for near so often it had been Rehearsed and Acted....And the Composer of all the Musick both Vocal and Instrumental Mr Staggins. Langbaine. (English Dramatick Poets, p. 92): a Masque at court, frequently presented there by Persons of great Quality, with the Prologue, and the Songs between the Acts: printed in quarto Lond. 1675....This Masque was writ at the Command of her present Majesty: and was rehearsed near Thirty times, all the Representations being follow'd by throngs of Persons of the greatest Quality, and very often grac'd with their Majesties and Royal Highnesses Presence. John Evelyn (The Life of Mrs Godolphin): [Mrs Blagge] had on her that day near twenty thousand pounds value of Jewells, which were more sett off with her native beauty and luster then any they contributed of their own to hers; in a word, she seemed to me a Saint in Glory, abstracting her from the Stage. For I must tell you, that amidst all this pomp and serious impertinence, whilst the rest were acting, and that her part was sometymes to goe off, as the scenes required, into the tireing roome, where severall Ladyes her companions were railing with the Gallants trifleingly enough till they were called to reenter, she, under pretence of conning her next part, was retired into a Corner, reading a booke of devotion, without att all concerning herself or mingling with the young Company; as if she had no farther part to act, who was the principall person of the Comedy...[With] what a surprizeing and admirable aire she trode the Stage, and performed her Part, because she could doe nothing of this sort, or any thing else she undertooke, indifferently....Thus ended the Play, butt soe did not her affliction, for a disaster happened which extreamly concern'd her, and that was the loss of a Diamond of considerable vallue, which had been lent her by the Countess of Suffolke; the Stage was immediately swept, and dilligent search made to find it, butt without success, soe as probably it had been taken from her, as she was oft inviron'd with that infinite crowd which tis impossible to avoid upon such occasion. Butt the lost was soon repair'd, for his Royall Highness understanding the trouble she was in, generousely sent her the wherewithall to make my Lady Suffolke a present of soe good a Jewell. For the rest of that days triumph I have a particular account still by me of the rich Apparell she had on her, amounting, besides the Pearles and Pretious Stones, to above three hundred pounds (ed. Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford [London, 1847], pp. 97-100). See also 15 Dec. 1674


Mainpiece Title: Calisto; Or, The Chaste Nimph

Performance Comment: Edition of 1675: Prologue-; Calisto-The Lady Mary; Nyphe-The Lady Anne; Jupiter-The Lady Henrietta Wentworth; Juno-The Countess of Sussex; Psecas-The Lady Mary Mordaunt; Diana-Mrs [Margaret] Blagge; Mercury-Mrs Jennings; Nymphs attending Diana-The Countess of Darby, The Countess of Pembroke, The Lady Katherine Herbert, Mrs Fitz-Gerald, Mrs Frazier; [The Persons of Quality of the Men that Danced-His Grace the Duke of Monmouth, The Viscount Dunblaine, The Lord Daincourt, Mr Trevor, Mr Harpe, Mr Lane[, Mr Leonard, Mr Franshaw]; [In the Prologue were Represented, The River Thames-Mrs Moll? Davis; Peace-Mrs Mary? Knight; Plenty-Mrs Charlotte? Butler; The Genius of England-Mr Turner; Europe-Mr Hart; Asia-Mr Richardson; Africa-Mr Marsh Jun; America-Mr Ford; [In the Chorusses betwixt the Acts: Strephon-Mr Hart; Coridon-Mr Turner; Sylvia-Mrs Davis; Daphne-Mrs Knight; Two African Women-Mrs Butler, Mrs Hunt; The Epilogue-Jupiter.
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs
Role: Mercury Actor: Mrs Jennings
Role: Nymphs attending Diana Actor: The Countess of Darby, The Countess of Pembroke, The Lady Katherine Herbert, Mrs Fitz-Gerald, Mrs Frazier
Role: Mrs Fitz Actor: Gerald, Mrs Frazier
Role: The River Thames Actor: Mrs Moll? Davis
Role: Peace Actor: Mrs Mary? Knight
Role: Plenty Actor: Mrs Charlotte? Butler
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Davis
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Two African Women Actor: Mrs Butler, Mrs Hunt

Afterpiece Title: Calisto's Additional performers

Performance Comment: See Boswell, Restoration Court Stage, pp. 201-2- Singers-Mrs Masters, Mrs Peirce, Robert, Degrang, Shepheard, Maxfield, Preston, Letelier, Bopins, Bury; Boys-Jack, Waters, Coninsby, Smyth; Harpsicals-Corneille, Bartleme; Theorboes-Marsh, Lylly; Bass Violls-Coleman, Stephkins, Bates; Recorders-Paisible, Bootell, DeBreame, Giton; Gittars-Frasico Corbett, Outom, Delony, Delloney; Trumpeters-Bounty, Thompson, Ragway, Christmas; Kettle Drummer-VanBright; Violins-NicholasStaggins, Singleton, Clayton, Tho. Fitz, Hewson, Myres, Tho. Farmer, Aleworth, Jo. Bannister, Lediger, Harris, Theo. Fitz, Greetinge, Ashton, Gamble, Fashions, Flower, Isaack Staggins, John Strong, Finell, Browne, Brookwell, Dorney, Spicer, Price, Pagitt, Duffill, Kidwell, Jo. Farmer, Basrier, Viblett, Hall, Eagles; Dancers-St Andre, Isaacke, Delisle, Herriette, Dyer, Smyth, Motley, Berto, Letang, Muraile, LeRoy, LeDuke.
Event Comment: Benefit for Champness and Mrs Scott. House Charges #69 14s. 6d. Profits to Champness and Mrs Scott #55 2s. 6d. Receipts: #124 17s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Reddish; Macduff-Aickin; Duncan-Bransby; Ross-J. Aickin; Malcolm-Cautherly; Banquo-Packer; Lennox-Fawcett; Donalbain-Master Cape; Angus-Keen; Seton-Ackman; Siward-Hurst; Doctor-Wright; Captain-Davies; Fleance-Miss Collett; Hecate-Champness; Witches-Parsons, Moody, Baddeley; Lady Macduff-Miss Ambrose; Lady Macbeth-Miss Younge, first time; the vocal parts-Champness, Kear, Mrs Wrighten, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Scott; And a proper dance-Sieur Daigville, others.

Afterpiece Title: Like Master Like Man

Dance: IV: A New Dance-Miss Gray, scholar of Tassoni; End: Cantata of Lydia, composed by Dr Arne-Mrs Scott


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal; Or, The Humours Of The Navy

Performance Comment: Edition of 1710 lists: Flip-Leigh; Mizen-Pack; Worthy-Booth; Rovewell-Powell; Sir Charles Pleasant-Bickerstaff; Cribidge-Elrington; Easie-Cory; Indent-Knepp; Scruple-Freeman; Arabella Zeal-Mrs Bradshaw; Dorcas Zeal-Mrs Sabtlow; Belinda-Mrs Moor; Jenny Private-Mrs Spillar; Jiltup-Mrs Hunt; Advocate-Mrs Finch; Maid-Mrs Shirburn; Barmaid-Mrs Cox; Prologue-; Epilogue-Mrs Santlow.
Role: Arabella Zeal Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Dorcas Zeal Actor: Mrs Sabtlow
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Jenny Private Actor: Mrs Spillar
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Advocate Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Shirburn
Role: Barmaid Actor: Mrs Cox
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Santlow.


Mainpiece Title: The Gamester

Performance Comment: Edition of 1705 lists: Sir Thos. Valere-Freeman; Dorante-Corey; Young Valere-Verbruggen; Lovewell-Betterton; Marquess of Hazard-Fieldhouse; Hector-Pack; Galoon-Smeaton; Count Cogdie-Dickins; First Gentleman-Weller; 2d Gentleman-Knap; Boxkeeper-Lee; Lady Wealthy-Mrs Barry; Angelica-Mrs Bracegirdle; Betty-Mrs Parsons; Favourite-Mrs Hunt; Mrs Security-Mrs Willis; Mrs Topknot-Mrs Fieldhouse; Prologue [written by Roe-Betterton; Epilogue-Verbruggen [written by Charles Johnson, according to Diverting Post, 3 Feb.].written by Charles Johnson, according to Diverting Post, 3 Feb.].
Role: Lady Wealthy Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Parsons
Role: Favourite Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Mrs Security Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Mrs Topknot Actor: Mrs Fieldhouse


Mainpiece Title: The Boating Lovers; Or, The Libertine Tam'd

Performance Comment: The principal Part to be perform'd by Mrs Thurmond, who never appear'd on this Stage before; but edition of 1715 lists: Gaylove-J. Leigh; Sir Butterfly Ayrewould-Bullock Sr; Sir Timothy Tweedle-Bullock Jr; Colonel Winfield-Keene; Choleric-Griffin; Bounce-Hall; Decoy-Pack; Witful-Knapp; Thump-F. Leigh; Haircut-Church; Constable-Rogers; Upholder-Hil. Bullock; Servant-Cocker; Lady Youthful-Mrs Kent; Cosmelia-Mrs Thurmond; Clarinda-Mrs Cross; Secret-Mrs Garnet; Prate-Mrs Hunt; Giddy-Mrs Clarke; Prologue written-Bullock Jr; Epilogue-Mrs Thurmond.
Role: Lady Youthful Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Cosmelia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Secret Actor: Mrs Garnet
Role: Prate Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Giddy Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Thurmond.

Dance: delaGarde, Mrs Bullock


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Wood; Or, St

Performance Comment: James's Park. Ranger-Mills; Dapperwit-Wilks Jr; Gripe-Norris; Sir Simon Addleplot-Miller; Valentine-Walker; Vincent-Williams; Lady Flippant-Mrs Moor; Christiana-Mrs Seymour; Lydia-Mrs Garnet; Mrs Crossbite-Mrs Willis; Mrs Joyner-Mrs Hunt; Martha-Miss Tenoe; Lucy-Miss Seal.
Role: Lady Flippant Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Christiana Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Lydia Actor: Mrs Garnet
Role: Mrs Crossbite Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Mrs Joyner Actor: Mrs Hunt


Mainpiece Title: Three Hours After Marriage

Performance Comment: Edition of 1717 lists: Fossile-Johnson; Possum-Norris; Nautilus-Lee; Ptisan-Miller; Plotwell-Cibber; Underplot-Penkethman; Sir Tremendous-Bowman; First Player-Walker; 2d Player-Quin; Sailor-Bickerstaff; Mrs Townly-Mrs Oldfield; Mrs Phoebe Clinket-Mrs Bicknell; Sarsnet-Mrs Hunt; Prue-Mrs Willis; Prologue-; Epilogue-Mrs Oldfield.
Role: Mrs Townly Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Mrs Phoebe Clinket Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Sarsnet Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Prue Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Oldfield.


Mainpiece Title: The Squire Of Alsatia

Performance Comment: As17150321 but Sir Edward-Keene; Sir William-F. Leigh; Young Belfond-J. Leigh; Lolpoop-Knap; Hackum-Spillar; Cheatly-Corey; Isabella-Mrs Rogers; Teresa-Mrs Moor; Mrs Termagent-Mrs Knight; Lucia-Mrs Spillar; Ruth-Mrs Hunt.
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Mrs Termagent Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Spillar
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Hunt.

Song: As17150324

Dance: delaGarde, Sandham, Newhouse, Mrs Russell, Miss Schoolding


Mainpiece Title: The Comical History Of Don Quixote, Part Ii

Performance Comment: Duke-Cory; Cardenio-Watson; Ambrosia-Smith; Don Quixot-Ogden; Manuel-Pack; Pedro-Schoolding; Bernardo-Bullock Jr; Diego-Rogers; Page-Coker; Sancho-Knapp; Taylor-Griffin; Dutchess-Mrs Finch; Lucinda-Mrs Vincent; Marcella-Mrs Cross; Rodriquez-Mrs Kent; Teresa-Mrs Hunt; Mary the Buxom-Mrs Moor.
Role: Dutchess Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Rodriquez Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Mary the Buxom Actor: Mrs Moor.

Song: As17151006

Dance: As17150930


Mainpiece Title: The Lucky Prodigal; Or, Wit At A Pinch

Performance Comment: Edition of 1715 lists: Gerard-Griffin; Charles-Smith; False Marquess-Bullock Jr; Andrew-Knapp; Merlin-Spiller; Jaquinette-H. Bullock; Madam Bertrand-Mrs Kent; Lucinda-Mrs Vincent; Cydne-Mrs Rubridge; Priscilla-Mrs Spiller; Prologue-.
Role: Madam Bertrand Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Cydne Actor: Mrs Rubridge
Role: Priscilla Actor: Mrs Spiller

Afterpiece Title: A Woman's Revenge; or, A Match in Newgate

Performance Comment: Edition of 1715 lists: Thinkwell-Bullock Sr; Freeman-Husband; Bevil-Thurmond; Mixum-Pack; Vizard-C. Bullock; Tim-Spiller; Padwell-Spiller; Harry-Wood; Jack-Rogers; Tom-Ogden; A Fidler-H. Bullock; Celia-Mrs Vincent; Miranda-Mrs Spiller; Corinna-Mrs Thurmond; Mother Griffin-Griffin; Mrs Mixum-Mrs Hunt; Prologue written by Theobald-Keene; Epilogue-Mother Griffin the Bawd.
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Corinna Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Mrs Mixum Actor: Mrs Hunt

Dance: Moreau, Shaw, Thurmond Jr, Mrs Schoolding, Mrs Cross; particularly an Italian Night Scene between a +Scaramouch, a Harlequin, and a Punchanello-


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal; Or, The Humours Of The Navy

Performance Comment: Mizen-Pack; Flip-Hall; Worthy-Smith; Rovewell-Bullock Jr; Sir Charles-Husband; Cribbidge-Ogden; Easy-Cory; Indent-Rogers; Scruple-Griffin; Arabella-Mrs Cross; Dorcas-Miss Rogers; Belinda-Mrs Moor; Jenny-Mrs Spiller; Jiltup-Mrs Hunt; Advocate-Mrs Finch; Barmaid-Mrs Kent; Sailors-Spiller, Bullock Sr, Knap.
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Advocate Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Barmaid Actor: Mrs Kent

Song: Randal, the Boy

Dance: As17151104


Mainpiece Title: The Gamester

Performance Comment: Gamester-Booth; Old Valere-Norris; Lovewell-Elrington; Hector-Pack; Cogdie-Bickerstaff; Widow-Mrs Knight; Angelica-Mrs Bradshaw; Mrs Security-Mrs Hunt; With a new Prologue-Keene; new Epilogue-Pack in a Riding Habit, upon a Pad Nagg representing a Town-Miss Traveling to Tunbridge.
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Security Actor: Mrs Hunt

Dance: Italian Night Scene-; Scaramouch-Layfield; Miller's Dance-Prince, Leigh