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Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Role: Miss Peggy Actor: Mrs Jordan

Afterpiece Title: Sylvester Daggerwood

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck

Role: Sally Shamrock Actor: Mrs Bland.

Song: In: The Blue Bell of Scotland, as18000512; accompanied on the Lute, as18000512; In course Evening: Crazy Jane-Mrs Bland; In 3rd piece: a new ballad, The Fisherman and the River Queen (Written and Composed by M. G. Lewis, Esq, M. P., Author of Crazy Jane.)-Mrs Bland

Performance Comment: G. Lewis, Esq=, M. P., Author of Crazy Jane.)-Mrs Bland.
Role: Actor: Mrs Bland.
Event Comment: [Mrs Bland was from dl.


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Performance Comment: Inkle-Palmer; Sir Christopher Curry-Kemble; Medium-Baddeley; Campley (1st time)-Bland; Trudge-Bannister Jun.; Mate-Chapman; Planters-Usher, Evatt, Burton; Sailors-Ledger, Abbott; Yarico-Mrs Kemble; Narcissa-Mrs Bannister; Wowski-Mrs Bland (1st appearance on this stage); Patty-Mrs Edwards.
Role: Campley Actor: Bland
Role: Yarico Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Wowski Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Edwards.

Afterpiece Title: The Village Lawyer

Performance Comment: Scout-Bannister Jun.; Snarl-Baddeley; Charles-Bland; Justice Mittimus-Usher; Sheepface-Parsons; Mrs Scout-Mrs Webb; Kate-Mrs Edwards.
Role: Charles Actor: Bland
Role: Mrs Scout Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Edwards.
Event Comment: Play never acted before. [This new tragedy by MacNamara Morgan is mercilessly scourged by Paul Hiffernan in Tuner No 1, (21 Jan.), pp. 41-61]: To Tune it in Lilliputian Score : @Such sighing@Such Billing@Such Flashing@Such Heeling@And Dying@And Killing@And Dashing@And Kneeling@Such Rizing@Surprizing!@Such Falling@And Bawling@Such Attitudes@And Flattitudes@Were ne'er exhibited before.@ In the representation Mr Barry spared no pains; Miss Nossiter and Mr Smith strained hard-Mrs Bland, as far as her part exposed itself, did it with alacrity, but vanished abruptly in a storm of Lust. Mrs Vincent put as good a face on wanton barbarity as possible-and Mr Sparks who can do justice to a more spirited character, supported his Arcadian Kingship with becoming equanimity...It is a Romance crush'd together without choice, unconnected and full of Exidents not Incidents. Musidorus and Pamela , are duplicates to Pyrocles and Philoclea , which lengthen by so much the play, with repetition of the same dull nauseous tale of love, stirr'd up now and then by a bounce and a cracker-many persons come on we know not why, and disappear we know not wherefore....This new piece is an outlaw from all rules of Criticism; the Unities of Time, Place, and Action are unobserv'd; Plot, Moral, Verisimilitude, or even Probability unknown: many scenes bid defiance to possibility....Mr Rich stopp'd at no expence as to the Dresses and Decorations, and reprieving the play's duration to the utmost extent of Managerian clemency


Mainpiece Title: Philoclea

Performance Comment: Parts-Barry, Sparks, Smith, Ridout, Usher, Mrs Bland, Mrs Vincent, Miss Kennedy, Mrs Griffith, Miss Nossiter. [ Basilius-Sparks; Pyrocles-Barry; Musidorus-Smith; Amphialus-Usher; Philanax-Ridout; Euristus-Anderson; Dametas-Redman; Thyrsis-Holtam; Gynecia-Mrs Bland; Pamela-Miss Kennedy; Philoclea-Miss Nossiter; Cecropia-Mrs Vincent; Eugenia-Mrs Griffith; Phebe-Miss Mullart; Prologue-Sparks; Epilogue-Mrs Bland [[Edition of 1754).][Edition of 1754).]
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bland and Mrs Powell. Morning Herald, 17 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bland, St. Alban's-street, Pall-mall; of Mrs Powell, No. 12, Little Russell-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #369 9s. (125.15.0; 52.0.6; 3.5.0; tickets: 188.8.6) (charge: #164 4s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Performance Comment: As17911227, but Miranda-Miss Collins (1st appearance in that character); Dorinda-Mrs Powell (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Ariel Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Hyppolito Actor: Mrs Goodall

Afterpiece Title: The Spoil'd Child

Performance Comment: As17911001, but Tag (1st time)-Bland; John-Benson; Maria (1st time)-Mrs Bland; an additional Song (for that night only)-Mrs Jordan.
Role: Tag Actor: Bland
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: an additional Song Actor: Mrs Jordan.
Role: Mrs Malaprop Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Lydia Languish Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Edwards.
Role: Little Pickle Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Miss Pickle Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Edwards.

Song: Vocal Parts, as17911109, but _Sedgwick, Mrs _Crouch; Masque of Neptune and Amphitrite, as17911125

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bland. Afterpiece: By permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. Times, 18 Aug.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bland, No. 25, King-street, Covent-garden


Mainpiece Title: Cambro-britons

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck

Performance Comment: Selwyn-D'Arcy; Harry Hawser-Wathen; Michael Goto-R. Palmer; Stave-Suett; Dick-Mrs Edward; Angelica Goto-Miss Griffiths; Fanny-Miss DeCamp; Sally Shamrock-Mrs Bland; There stood Jonas- [from The Isle of St. Marguerite sic]-Mrs Bland.
Role: Dick Actor: Mrs Edward
Role: Sally Shamrock Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Marguerite sic] Actor: Mrs Bland.

Song: End II: (by permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane) the favourite song in The Stranger I have a silent sorrow here (The Words by R. B. Sheridan, Esq., the Air by her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire)-Mrs Bland; End: A Musical Elegy on the late Mr Palmer- (composed by The Earl of Abingdon; the words from The Stranger); The United Englishmen-Munden; A favourite song-Mrs Hindmarsh; Little Taffline ; or, The silken sash-Mrs Bland

Performance Comment: B. Sheridan, Esq.=, the Air by her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire)-Mrs Bland; End: A Musical Elegy on the late Mr Palmer- (composed by The Earl of Abingdon; the words from The Stranger); The United Englishmen-Munden; A favourite song-Mrs Hindmarsh; Little Taffline ; or, The silken sash-Mrs Bland.
Role: Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: A favourite song Actor: Mrs Hindmarsh
Role: The silken sash Actor: Mrs Bland.
Event Comment: [Benefit on one-half value of tickets basis to nine ticket holders. The General Advertiser notice lists beneficiaries as Harrington (Prompter); Stede, Carr, Mrs Bland, Mrs Rowley.] Tickets deliver'd by Mrs Daniel, Mrs Dumont, &c will be taken. /For Box Pit Gallery Value Half-Value/Harrington 7 29 22 #8 6s. #4 3s./Stede 7 52 59 #15 9s. #7 14s. 6d./Carr 6 53 46 #14 1s. #7 0s. 6d./Mrs Rowley 27 77 44 #22 14s. #11 7s./Mrs Dumont 36 31 32 #16 17s. #8 8s. 6d./Mrs Bland 9 56 91 #19 15s. #9 17s. 6d./Mrs Dupre 5 33 42 #10 8s. #5 4s./Mrs Daniel .. 45 109 #17 13s. #8 16s. 6d./Mrs Hitchcock 34 58 31 #20 6s. ........./Totals 131 434 476 #145 9s. #62 11s. 6d./ [Mrs Hitchcock seems to have received the full value of her tickets.] This Day is Publish'd A Treatis on the Passions so far as they regard the stage, with a critical inquiry into the Theatrical Merit of Mr G k, Mr Q n, and Mr B y, the first considered in the part of Lear, the last two oppos'd in Othello. By S. Foote, Esq


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: As17461017, but Day-Arthur; Obadiah-Morgan; Mrs Day-Mrs Bland; Arabella-Mrs Rowley; Mrs Chat-Mrs Daniel.
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Rowley
Role: Mrs Chat Actor: Mrs Daniel.
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Arbella Actor: Mrs Hale

Afterpiece Title: Phebe

Role: Phebe Actor: Mrs Dunstall

Dance: The English Boy, English Girl

Event Comment: Afterpiece: By Permssion of the Manager of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. The Overture and Music by Dr Arnold. Powell: Children in the Wood rehearsed at 10 (Bannister, Dignum, Mrs Powell, Mrs Bland absent); No Song No Supper at 11 (for Starace, Kelly, Leak, Dignum, Sedgwick); Distressed Mother at 12. Receipts: #385 7s. (310/1/6; 64/10/6; 10/15/0)


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Performance Comment: Duke-Aickin; Frederick-Packer; Amiens (with songs)-Dignum; Jaques-Palmer; Le Beu-Benson; Oliver-Whitfield; Jaques de Bois-C. Kemble; Orlando-Barrymore; Adam-Moody; Touchstone-King; Corin-Waldron; Sylvius-Bland; William-Burton; Charles-Phillimore//Rosalind (with the Cuckoo Song)-Mrs Goodall; Celia-Mrs Kemble; Phebe-Miss Collins; Audrey-Miss Pope (1st appearance in that character). Prologue, Epilogue as17940421.


Performance Comment: Characters by Barrymore, Dignum, Bannister Jun., Suett, Benson, Caulfield, Maddocks, Lyons, Cooke// Mrs Powell, Mrs Bland, Mrs Booth, Master Menage, Miss Menage. [Cast adjusted from text (No pub., 1794): Sir Rowland-Barrymore; Lord Alford-Dignum; Walter-Bannister Jun.; Apathy-Suett; Gabriel-Benson; Oliver-Caulfield; Servant-Maddocks; Ruffians-Lyons, Cooke//Lady Helen-Mrs Powell; Josephine-Mrs Bland; Winifred-Mrs Booth; Boy-Master Menage; Girl-Miss Menage.) hathi.

Song: In Act V of mainpiece a song by Mrs Bland

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bland and Mrs Powell. Afterpiece: 1st Time this Season [see 9 Oct. 1790]. Morning Chronicle, 4 May: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bland, No. 93, Strand; of Mrs Powell, No. 12, Little Russel-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #248 9s. (59.17; 21.19; 3.7; tickets: 163.6) (charge: #115 16s. 10d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Performance Comment: Doricourt-Whitfield; Hardy-Baddeley; Sir George Touchwood-Wroughton; Flutter-Bannister Jun.; Saville-Barrymore; Villers-Benson; Courtall-R. Palmer; Silvertongue-Banks; Crowquil-Jones; Gentlemen-Phillimore, Haymes; Mountebank-Hollingsworth; French Servant-Maddocks; Porter-Alfred; Dick-Burton; Gibson-Lyons; Letitia Hardy (with a song in character)-Mrs Jordan; Mrs Racket-Miss Pope; Lady Touchwood-Mrs Powell; Miss Ogle-Miss Tidswell; Kitty Willis-Miss Barnes; Lady-Mrs Hedges; Maid-Miss Palmer.
Role: Letitia Hardy Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Mrs Racket Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Lady Touchwood Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Hedges

Afterpiece Title: The Follies of a Day

Performance Comment: Count Almaviva-Bannister Jun.; Figaro-Wroughton; Antonio-R. Palmer; Basil-Phillimore; Page (with a song)-Mrs Bland; Countess-Mrs Ward; Agnes-Miss Heard; Susan-Miss Farren.
Role: Page Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Countess Actor: Mrs Ward
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bland. Morning Chronicle, 19 Aug.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bland, No. 6, Southampton-place, Tottenham-Court-Road


Mainpiece Title: The Mountaineers

Performance Comment: Octavian-Barrymore; Virolet-Trueman; Kilmallock-Johnstone; Roque-Davenport; Lope Tocho-Suett; Goatherds-Ledger, Chippendale; Muleteers-Bannister, Klanert; Bulcazin Muley-Caulfield; Ganem-[J.] Palmer; Sadi-Wathen; Zorayda-Miss Chapman; Floranthe-Miss DeCamp; Agnes-Mrs Bland.
Role: Agnes Actor: Mrs Bland.

Afterpiece Title: Rosina

Performance Comment: Belville-Trueman; Capt. Belville-Caulfield; Rustic-Chippendale; Irishman-Abbot; William-Miss DeCamp; Phoebe-Mrs Bland; Dorcas-Mrs Davenport; Rosina-Mrs Mountain.
Role: Phoebe Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Rosina Actor: Mrs Mountain.

Song: In course evening: Little Taffline; or, The Silken Sash-Mrs Bland

Event Comment: Benefit Anderson, Mrs LeBrun, Mrs Bland, Miss Ferguson. Tickets deliver'd out for Mrs Fawkes will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: Worthy-Ryan; Sir Charles-Hale; Cribbidge-Anderson; Mizen-Woodward; Flip-Rosco; Arabella-Mrs Vincent; Belinda-Mrs Bland; Rovewell-Cashell; Easy-Gibson; Purser-Harrington; Jenny Private-Mrs Wright; Jiltup-Mrs Martin; Advocate-Miss Ferguson;Barmaid-Mrs Fawkes; Sailors-Hippisley, James, Marten, Carr; Fair Quaker-Mrs Hale.
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Jenny Private Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Barmaid Actor: Mrs Fawkes
Role: Fair Quaker Actor: Mrs Hale.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Dance: TThe Happy Lovers, as17421006; Tambourine-Cooke

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Mullart, Mrs Bland, Miss Allen, Mrs LeFont, and Page (Housekeeper)


Mainpiece Title: She Wou'd And She Wou'd Not

Performance Comment: As17431116, but Viletta-Mrs Bland; Corrigidor-_.
Role: Viletta Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Rosara Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Hypolita Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: The Lottery

Role: Chloe Actor: Mrs Clive.
Event Comment: Benefit Jones, Mrs Bland, Mrs Gondou, Miss Ferguson, Miss Morrison (General Advertiser). Benefit Charles Jones, son of the late Jere Jones who formerly kept the Selectation Tavern at Billingsgate (Daily Advertiser)


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Performance Comment: As17441217, but Lady Sadlife-Mrs Hale; Wishwell-Mrs Bland; add Situp-Miss Ferguson; Old Wilful-_; Old Atall-_; Bolus-_; Rhurbarb-_.
Role: Lady Sadlife Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Wishwell Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Lady Dainty Actor: Mrs Horton.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Performance Comment: As17450502, but Sir John-Hayman; Lady Loverule-Mrs Bland.
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bland.
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Dunstall

Dance: Cooke, Sga Campioni; also Scotch Dance, as17441012

Event Comment: Benefit Anderson, Dupre, Mrs Bland. Tickets delivered out for Goodall, Mrs Daniel, Miss Morrison will be taken. Mainpiece not acted these 5 years


Mainpiece Title: The Country Lasses; Or, The Custom Of The Manor

Performance Comment: Heartwell-Hale; Modely-Chapman; Freehold-Bridgwater; Sir John-Goodall; Lurcher-Anderson; Doublejugg-Hippisley; Vulture-Woodward; Carbuncle-Marten; Sneak-Vaughan; Timothy Shacklefigure-James; Longbottom-Bencraft; Aura-Mrs Daniel (1st time of appearing on that stage); Flora-Mrs Bland.
Role: Aura Actor: Mrs Daniel
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Bland.

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Song: WWe're Gaily yet-Beard

Dance: Sodi

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bland. Afterpiece: Not played for 12 years. [See 14 May 1742.] Tickets deliver'd for Tamerlane for 21 March will be taken


Mainpiece Title: All For Love; Or, The World Well Lost

Performance Comment: Antony-Barry; Dolabella-Smith; Cleopatra-Mrs Bland, 1st time; Alexas-Dyer; Ventidius-Sparks; Serapion-Marten; Myris-Redman; Octavia-Mrs Elmy; Iras-Miss Mullart; Charmion-Mrs Pitt.
Role: Cleopatra Actor: Mrs Bland, 1st time
Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Charmion Actor: Mrs Pitt.

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Yorkshireman

Performance Comment: Combrush-Mrs Bland, 1st time, and by desire; Crylove-Baker; Muckworm-Collins; Sapskull-Cushing; Slango-Stevens; Blunder-Dunstall; Arabella-Mrs Baker.

Dance: LLes Charboniers, as17540307

Event Comment: Account-Book: Paid Mrs Phillimore on Account of moving the Wardrobe to and from the Opera House #4 4s. Powell, 22 Sept.: Henry V rehearsed at 10; No Song No Supper at 12; 23 Sept.: No Song No Supper rehearsed at 10 (for Bannister and Mrs Bland); Provoked Husband a 11. Receipts: #308 2s. 6d. (218.11.0; 88.15.0; 0.16.6)


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fifth; Or, The Conquest Of France

Performance Comment: King Henry-Kemble; Duke of Gloucester-C. Kemble; Duke of Bedford-Dignum; Duke of Exeter-Aickin; Earl of Westmoreland-Sedgwick; Archbishop of Canterbury-Maddocks; B. of Ely-Jones; Earl of Cambridge-Webb; Lord Scroop-Cooke; Sir Thomas Gray-Bland; Sir T. Erpingham-Waldron; Gower-R. Palmer; Fluellen-Baddeley; Nym-Burton; Bardolph-Phillimore; Pistol-Suett; Boy-Master Chatterley; Williams-Whitfield; Bates-Banks; King Charles-Packer; Dauphin-Barrymore; Duke of Burgundy-Trueman; Constable-Benson; Governor of Harfleur-Hollingsworth; Montjoy-Caulfield; Quickly-Mrs Booth; Queen Isabel-Mrs Powell; Katharine-Miss DeCamp.
Role: Sir Thomas Gray Actor: Bland
Role: Quickly Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Queen Isabel Actor: Mrs Powell

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Performance Comment: Crop-Dignum; Frederick-Caulfield; Endless-Suett; Robin-Bannister Jun.; William-Sedgwick; Servant-Webb; Dorothy-Mrs Bland; Louisa-Miss DeCamp; Margaretta (1st time)-Miss Leak; Nelly-Mrs Bramwell.
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Nelly Actor: Mrs Bramwell.
Event Comment: Benefit for James, Stoppelaer, Mrs Bland


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Performance Comment: Alphonso-James; Pilgrim-Ryan; Curio-Anderson; Seberto-Storer; Old Pilgrim-Ridout; Lopez-Morgan; 2nd Outlaw-Smith; Porter-Rosco; Roderigo-Bridges; Mad Scholar-Giffard; Stuttering Cook-Cibber; Mad Englishman-Morris; Mad Welchman-Stoppelaer; Mad Priest-Bencraft; Mad Taylor-Collins; Master of Madhouse-Marten; Fool-Miss Ferguson; Alinda-Mrs Hale; Juletta-Mrs Bland; In IV Mad Bess in character-Beard.
Role: Alinda Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Juletta Actor: Mrs Bland

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Bland.

Song: I: Go Rose-Miss Faulkner; II: Ellen a Roon-Mrs Storer; III: Se Spuntan Vezzoze-Miss Faulkner; V: Come Ever Smiling Liberty, 'Tis Liberty alone-Miss Faulkner

Dance: V: Minuet-Villeneuve, Miss E. Faulkner

Event Comment: NNossiter play'd Rutland (Cross). [Murphy in Gray's Inn Journal, 15 Dec., notes: It is universally agreed by all who have seen the play [Essex] that Mrs Bland performs the queen with great Spirit and with more resemblance to a personage of rank, than is commonly seen on the stage."


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Performance Comment: Essex-Barry; Burleigh-Sparks; Southampton-Smith; Raleigh-Usher; Queen-Mrs Bland; Nottingham-Mrs Vincent; Rutland-Miss Nossiter.
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Nottingham Actor: Mrs Vincent

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Dance: IItalian Peasants, as17531120

Event Comment: [Mrs Siddons's 1st appearance as Julia was at Bath, 6 Jan. 1780.] Afterpiece: Not acted these 6 years [acted 27 May 1795]. Receipts: #235 4s. (183.15.0; 50.13.6; 0.15.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Performance Comment: Sir Anthony Absolute-King; Captain Absolute-Palmer; Faulkland-Kemble; Acres-Bannister Jun.; Sir Lucius O'Trigger-Russell; Fag-Trueman; David-Hollingsworth; Coachman-Maddocks; Servants-Evans, Webb, Fisher; Mrs Malaprop-Miss Pope; Lydia Languish-Mrs Jordan; Julia-Mrs Siddons (1st appearance in that character [in London]); Lucy-Miss Heard; Maid-Mrs Jones.
Role: Mrs Malaprop Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Lydia Languish Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Jones.

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: Comus-Palmer; Spirit-Caulfield; Brothers-Holland, Trueman; Bacchanals-Kelly, Sedgwick, Bannister, Dignum; The Lady-Miss Heard; Euphrosyne-Mrs Crouch; Bacchants-Mrs Crouch [i.e. doubled Euphrosyne], Mrs Bland, Miss DeCamp; Sabrina (with Sweet Echo, accompanied by Parke)-Mrs Bland; Pastoral Nymph-Miss Leak.
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Bacchants Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Sabrina Actor: Mrs Bland
Event Comment: [Mrs Cary is identified in Thespian Magazine, Nov. 1793, p. 311; she was sister to Mrs Gibbs.


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Performance Comment: Inkle-Barrymore; Sir Christopher Curry-Aickin; Medium-Baddeley; Campley-Dignum; Trudge-Bannister Jun.; Mate-Cooke; 1st Planter-Usher; 2nd Planter-Caulfield; 3rd Planter-Palmer Jun.; 4th Planter-Maddocks; Sailors-Jones, Lyons; Waiter-Waldron Jun.; Narcissa-Miss DeCamp; Yarico-A Gentlewoman (1st appearance on any stage [Mrs Cary]); Wowski-Mrs Bland; Patty-Mrs Gibbs.
Role: Wowski Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Gibbs.

Afterpiece Title: The Children in the Wood

Role: Winifred Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Josephine Actor: Mrs Bland.
Event Comment: [Mrs Siddons's 1st appearance as Queen Elizabeth was at Liverpool, 10 Sept. 1777.] Receipts: #317 9s. 6d. (334.2.6; 36.2.0; 1.2.0; ticket not come in: 0.3.0)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Performance Comment: As17911114, but Palmer's name listed in playbill as Richmond; Queen Elizabeth-Mrs Siddons (1st appearance in that character [in London]); Lady Anne-Miss Collins; Duchess of York-Mrs Ward.
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Ward.
Role: Sir James Blount Actor: Bland
Role: Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Ward

Afterpiece Title: The Waterman

Performance Comment: Tug-Bannister; Bundle-Hollingsworth; Robin-Suett; Mr Wick-Lyons; Mrs Bundle-Mrs Shaw; Wilhelmina-Mrs Bland.
Role: Mrs Bundle Actor: Mrs Shaw
Role: Wilhelmina Actor: Mrs Bland.
Event Comment: [Mrs Mountain was from cg. "To her claims as a singer she adds (what we rarely find associated in one and the same person) the qualifications requisite to constitute a performer" (Dramatic Censor, III, 5).] Afterpiece [1st time; F 2, by John Till Allingham]


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Performance Comment: Inkle-Johnstone; Sir Christopher Curry-Emery; Medium-Davenport; Campley-Trueman; Mate-Bannister; Waiter-Atkins; Planters-Klanert, J. Palmer, Abbot; Sailors-Ledger, Linton, Whitmore; Trudge-Fawcett; Narcissa-Miss Gaudry; Wowski-Mrs Bland; Patty-Mrs Gibbs; Yarico-Mrs Mountain (1st appearance on this stage).
Role: Wowski Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Gibbs
Role: Yarico Actor: Mrs Mountain

Afterpiece Title: 'Tis All a Farce

Performance Comment: Characters by Fawcett, Emery, Farley, J. Palmer, Klanert, Chippendale, Abbot, Atkins, Davenport, Miss Menage, Mrs Whitmore. Cast from text (J. Ridgway, 1800): Numpo-Fawcett; Don Gortez-Emery; Col. Belgardo-Farley; Don Alphonso-J. Palmer; Mirtillo-Klanert; Sticko-Chippendale; Serjeant-Abbot; Servant to Don Gortez-Atkins; Don Testy-Davenport; Carolina-Miss Menage; Ursula-Mrs Whitmore.
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Whitmore.
Event Comment: [Mrs Upsdell is identified in MS list, in hay playbills now at Harvard, of new performers for the 1797 season.] 3rd piece: Never acted here


Mainpiece Title: Half An Hour After Supper

Role: Tabitha Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Mrs Sturdy Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Nanny Actor: Mrs Harlowe.

Afterpiece Title: The Chapter of Accidents

Performance Comment: Woodville-Palmer; Lord Glenmore-Davies; Governor Harcourt-Munden (1st appearance in that character); Captain Harcourt-Palmer Jun.; Vane-R. Palmer; Grey-Aickin; Jacob-Fawcett (1st appearance in that character); Bridget-Mrs Gibbs; Miss Mortimer-Miss Heard; Warner-Mrs Booth; Cecilia-A Young Gentlewoman (1st appearance [Mrs Upsdell]).Mrs Upsdell]).
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Gibbs
Role: Warner Actor: Mrs Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Soldiers

Performance Comment: Nipperkin-Munden; Lenox-Trueman; Sinclair-Philipps; Major Tactic-Davies; Captain Cruiser-Davenport; Corporal Squib-Abbot; Mary-Mrs Bland.
Role: Mary Actor: Mrs Bland.
Event Comment: Benefit for Bannister. Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. [In mainpiece the playbill retains Mrs Bland as Ariel , but "Ariel was, on account of the sudden indisposition of Mrs Bland, read by Miss Heard" (Diary, 8 May). Miss Heard may also have substituted for Mrs Bland in the afterpiece.] Afterpiece [1st time; F 2, by James Cobb, for whose authorship see Kemble Mem. Larpent MS 982; not published]. Public Advertiser, 2 May: Tickets to be had of Bannister, No. 7, Suffolk-street, Charing Cross. Receipts: #227 8s. (95.17; 7.5; tickets: 124.6) (charge: #90 2s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: At Hay The Tempest

Performance Comment: As17921213, but Ferdinand-Barrymore; Caliban-Bannister; Hyppolito-Miss Collins; Ariel read by-Miss Heard; Miranda-Mrs Crouch.
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Crouch.
Role: Ariel Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Powell.

Afterpiece Title: Fortune's Wheel

Performance Comment: Characters-Bannister Jun., Caulfield, Suett, Dignum, Bland, Wewitzer, Waldron, Fawcett, Phillimore, Hollingsworth, Maddocks, Alfred, Webb, Lyons, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Bland, Miss Heard. [Larpent MS lists the parts: Sir Harry Harebrain , Lord George , Mr Curl , Hawser , Papillot , Ishmael , Pillage , Balance , John , Clinker , Scoredouble , Clod , Mrs Curl , Sophia Curl , Miss Broadhem .]Larpent MS lists the parts: Sir Harry Harebrain , Lord George , Mr Curl , Hawser , Papillot , Ishmael , Pillage , Balance , John , Clinker , Scoredouble , Clod , Mrs Curl , Sophia Curl , Miss Broadhem .]

Song: In: Vocal Parts, as17921213, Sedgwick, _Kelly, Mrs +Crouch; Masque of Neptune and Amphitrite, as17930102 In course of Evening: +The Little Farthing Rushlight-Bannister Jun

Event Comment: [In mainpiece the playbill retains Mrs Bland; in afterpiece the playbill assigns Euphrosyne and 1st Bacchant to Mrs Bland, 2nd Bacchant to Miss DeCamp, Pastoral Nymph to Miss Dall, but "In consequence of the sudden indisposition of Mrs Bland...nearly the whole female cast of Comus was last night altered a short time previous to the performance. Miss Dall was the Euphrosyne, Miss DeCamp the 1st Bacchant, and Mrs Bramwell the Pastoral Nymph. In The Mountaineers Miss DeCamp was Mrs Bland's successor" (Morning Herald, 3 Sept.). Mrs Bramwell's part as a Bacchant was probably omitted.


Mainpiece Title: The Mountaineers

Performance Comment: As17930828, but Characters-Miss DeCamp, Mrs _Bland.
Role: Characters Actor: Miss DeCamp, Mrs _Bland.
Role: Frank Actor: Bland
Role: Miss Tabitha Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Mrs Sturdy Actor: Mrs Edwin
Role: Nanny Actor: Mrs Whitfield

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: Comus-Barrymore; Spirit-Evatt; Brothers-Palmer Jun., Bland; Bacchanals-Bannister, Davies, Cooke, Kenrick, Linton, Dorion, Dorion Jun.; The Lady (with Sweet Echo and a new additional song)-Miss Gopell (1st appearance in that character); Euphrosyne-Miss Dall; Sabrina, 1st Bacchant-Miss DeCamp; Pastoral Nymph-Mrs Bramwell; Bacchants-Mrs Hatton, Mrs Masters, Mrs Bramwell, Mrs Edwin, Mrs Gaudry, Mrs Hale.

Song: As17930823

Event Comment: "Miss B. Menage acted Zingarella for Mrs Bland, who sang at the Opera House" (Kemble Mem.). Receipts: #127 6s. (81.18.6; 43.16.6; 1.11.0)


Mainpiece Title: Aurelio And Miranda

Performance Comment: As17981229, but Zingarella-Miss B. Menage in place of Mrs Bland.

Afterpiece Title: The Prize

Role: Juba Actor: Mrs Roffey
Role: Mrs Caddy Actor: Miss Tidswell

Song: As17981231