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Mainpiece Title: Imposture Defeated; Or, A Trick To Cheat The Devil

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: Prologue-Mr Powell; Epilogue-Mr Mills [ascending from under the Stage; Duke of Venice-Thomas; Hernando-Powell; Gusman Sr-Ben Johnson; Gusman Jr-Evans; Pedro-Penkethman; Artan-Mills; Alonza-Horden [error for Harland?]; Bonde-Cibber; Delay-Smeaton; Peter-Smith; Senator-Rogers; Marcella-Mrs Temple; Serena-Mrs Andrews; Lucy-Mrs Powel; [In V: Endimion The Man in a Moon- [A Masque.A Masque.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Mills
Role: Duke of Venice Actor: Thomas
Role: Hernando Actor: Powell
Role: Gusman Sr Actor: Ben Johnson
Role: Gusman Jr Actor: Evans
Role: Pedro Actor: Penkethman
Role: Artan Actor: Mills
Role: Alonza Actor: Horden
Role: Bonde Actor: Cibber
Role: Delay Actor: Smeaton
Role: Peter Actor: Smith
Role: Senator Actor: Rogers
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Serena Actor: Mrs Andrews
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Endimion The Man in a Moon Actor:
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Related Work: Imposture Defeated; or, A Trick to Cheat the Devil Author(s): George Powell


Mainpiece Title: Alphonso King Of Naples

Performance Comment: Edition of 1691: The Prologue-Mr Powell by Mr John Haynes; Alphonso-Bowman; Ferdinand-Powell; Cesario-Mountfort; Tachmas-Hodgson; Vincentio-Bridges; Sigismond-Cibber; Oswell-Freeman; Fabio-Bowen; Attendant-Kirkham; Urania-Mrs Bracegirdle; Ardelia-Mrs Richardson; Epilogue-Mrs Knight by Mr D'Urfey.
Role: The Prologue Actor: Mr Powell by Mr John Haynes
Role: Alphonso Actor: Bowman
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Powell
Role: Cesario Actor: Mountfort
Role: Tachmas Actor: Hodgson
Role: Vincentio Actor: Bridges
Role: Sigismond Actor: Cibber
Role: Oswell Actor: Freeman
Role: Fabio Actor: Bowen
Role: Attendant Actor: Kirkham
Role: Urania Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Ardelia Actor: Mrs Richardson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Knight by Mr D'Urfey.
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Related Work: Alphonso King of Naples Author(s): George Powell


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Performance Comment: The performers are listed in Add. MSS. 15, 318, and in a printed version, The Four Seasons; or, Love in every Age (1699). These two sources are essentially similar, but as they occasionally supplement each other, the following is a composite of the two sources: Prologue-Mr Powell; The Epilogue-Penkethman, Mrs Rogers; Prologue to The Four Seasons-Mr Leveridge; Armusia-Powell; Ruidias-Mills; Piniero-Thomas; King of Tidero-Evans; Governor or Tyrant-Johnson; King of Bokam-Bullock; Prince of Syana-Mrs Kent; Quisara-Mrs Rogers; Panura-Mrs Wilkins; Act II: A Masque The Music by Daniel Purcel. The Words fitted to the Notes by the Author-Leveridge, Freeman, Pate, Miss Campion, Magnus's Boy, Miss Lindsey; Act III: A Song set by Daniel Purcell-; Act IV: A Dialogue between a Clown and his Wife set by Leveridge-Pate, Leveridge; An Incantation set by Mr D. Purcell-Bowen, Freeman, Pate; The Enthusiastick Song Set by Mr Leveridge-Mr Leveridge; Act V: The Four Seasons Set by Mr Jeremy Clarke-Leveridge, Freeman, Miss Campion, Magnus's Boy, Miss Lindsey, Pate, Crossfield.


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue to Oroonoko [Sent by an Unknown Hand,-Mr Powell; Oroonoko-Verbruggen; Aboan-Powell; Lieutenant Governor-Williams; Blanford-Harland; Stanmore-Horden; Jack Stanmore-Mills; Captain Driver-Ben Johnson; Daniel-Mich. Lee; Hottman-Sympson; Imoinda-Mrs Rogers; Widow Lackit-Mrs Knight; Charlot Welldon-Mrs Verbruggen; Lucy Welldon-Mrs Lucas; Epilogue to Oroonoko [Written by Mr Congreve, edition of 1699]-Mrs Verbruggen.
Role: Sent by an Unknown Hand, Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Oroonoko Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Aboan Actor: Powell
Role: Lieutenant Governor Actor: Williams
Role: Blanford Actor: Harland
Role: Stanmore Actor: Horden
Role: Jack Stanmore Actor: Mills
Role: Captain Driver Actor: Ben Johnson
Role: Daniel Actor: Mich. Lee
Role: Hottman Actor: Sympson
Role: Imoinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Charlot Welldon Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Lucy Welldon Actor: Mrs Lucas
Role: edition of 1699] Actor: Mrs Verbruggen.
Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the premiere is not known, but the fact that the play was advertised in the Post Man, 3-5 March 1697@8, suggests that the first performance occurred probably not later than early February 1697@8. The Preface is signed by George Powell, who refers to the author of the play as unknown. In addition, Powell mentions that his company has recently revived some of Dryden's plays: Don Sebastian, Secret Love; or, The Maiden Queen, Marriage a la Mode, King Arthur, and adds: In relation to our reviving his Almanzor...very hard crutching up what Hart and Mohun...could not prop


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Discovery; Or, Love In Ruines

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: Prologue-Mr Powell in answer to a scurrilous one, spoke against him, at Betterton's Booth in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields; Epilogue-; Cornaro-Powell; Segerdo-Evans; Conall-Thomas; Gabinius-Harland; Dandalo-Johnson; Beringaria-Mrs Knight; Arapsia-Mrs Powell; Margaretta-Mrs Verbruggen; Eromena-Mrs Cross; Cleonista-Mrs Temple.


Mainpiece Title: The Married Beau; Or, The Curious Impertinent

Performance Comment: Edition of 1694. The Prologue-; see Epilogue; The Epilogue-Mr Dogget who Acts Thorneback. A copy of the 1694 quarto in the Folger Shakespeare Library has a manuscript cast which appears to be the original one; Loveley-Powell; Polidor-Betterton; Thorneback-Dogget; Sir John-Bowen; Mrs Loveley-Mrs Barry; Cecilia-Mrs Bowman; Camilla-Mrs Bracegirdle; Lionell-Mrs Verbruggen; Prologue-Mr Powell?.


Mainpiece Title: Achilles; Or, Iphigenia In Aulis

Performance Comment: Edition of 1700: Prologue by Tho. Cheek Esq-Mr Powell; Epilogue by Mr Motteux-Mr Norris; Eriphile-Mrs Wilkins.
Role: Cheek Esq Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Mr Motteux Actor: Mr Norris
Role: Eriphile Actor: Mrs Wilkins.


Mainpiece Title: Courtship A La Mode

Performance Comment: Edition of 1700: Prologue by Mr Farquhar-Mr Powell; Epilogue-Will. Pinkethman; Sir John Winmore-Powel; Capt. Bellair-Wilks; Sir Anthony Addle-Norris; Dick Addle-Pinkethman; Freelove-Mills; Alderman Chollerick-Johnson; Ned Chollerick-Toms; Willie-Bullock; Scowrer-Fairbank; Flora-Mrs Rogers; Melintha-Mrs Moor; Decoy-Mrs Powel; Timandra-Mrs Temple; Lucy-Mrs Kent; Betty-Mrs Baker.
Role: Mr Farquhar Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Will. Pinkethman
Role: Sir John Winmore Actor: Powel
Role: Bellair Actor: Wilks
Role: Sir Anthony Addle Actor: Norris
Role: Dick Addle Actor: Pinkethman
Role: Freelove Actor: Mills
Role: Alderman Chollerick Actor: Johnson
Role: Ned Chollerick Actor: Toms
Role: Willie Actor: Bullock
Role: Scowrer Actor: Fairbank
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Melintha Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Decoy Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Timandra Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Baker.


Mainpiece Title: Agnes De Castro

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue by Mr Wycherley at the Author's Request, Design'd to be spoke-; Prologue-Mr Powell; Epilogue-Mrs Verbruggen in Men's Cloaths; King-Sympson; Prince-Powell; Alvaro-Verbruggen; Lorenzo-Cibber; Diego-Hill; Pedro-Mills; Princess-Mrs Temple; Agnes de Castro-Mrs Rogers; Elvira-Mrs Knight; Bianca-Mrs Kent.
Role: Design'd to be spoke Actor:
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Verbruggen in Men's Cloaths
Role: King Actor: Sympson
Role: Prince Actor: Powell
Role: Alvaro Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Cibber
Role: Diego Actor: Hill
Role: Pedro Actor: Mills
Role: Princess Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Agnes de Castro Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Bianca Actor: Mrs Kent.


Mainpiece Title: King Edward The Third; With The Fall Of Mortimer, Earl Of March

Performance Comment: [The author is not certain, but possibly the play was written by John Bancroft and William Mountfort.] Edition of 1691: Prologue-Mr Powell; Epilogue-Mrs Bracegirdle; King Edward the Third-Powell; Mortimer Earl of March-Williams; Lord Mountacute-Mountfort; Sir Tho. Delamore-Kynaston; Sir Robert Holland-Hodgson; Tarleton, Bishop of Hereford-Lee; Serjeant Eitherside-Nokes; Turrington-Bridges; Nevill-Freeman; Sly-Bright; Secret-Trafuse; Earl of Leicester-Bowman; Earl of Exeter-Sandford; Isabella-Mrs Barry; Maria-Mrs Bracegirdle.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: King Edward the Third Actor: Powell
Role: Mortimer Earl of March Actor: Williams
Role: Lord Mountacute Actor: Mountfort
Role: Delamore Actor: Kynaston
Role: Sir Robert Holland Actor: Hodgson
Role: Bishop of Hereford Actor: Lee
Role: Serjeant Eitherside Actor: Nokes
Role: Turrington Actor: Bridges
Role: Nevill Actor: Freeman
Role: Sly Actor: Bright
Role: Secret Actor: Trafuse
Role: Earl of Leicester Actor: Bowman
Role: Earl of Exeter Actor: Sandford
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle.


Mainpiece Title: Caligula

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: Prologue-Mr Powell who Acted the Emperor; Epilogue-a Girl; Caligula-Powell; Valerius Asiaticus-Williams; Annius Minatianus-Simpson; Vitellius-Mills; Cassius Cheraea-Thomas; Lepidus-Evans; Philo-Disney; Cesonia-Mrs Knight; Julia-Mrs Temple; Salome-Mrs Cross.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powell who Acted the Emperor
Role: Epilogue Actor: a Girl
Role: Caligula Actor: Powell
Role: Valerius Asiaticus Actor: Williams
Role: Annius Minatianus Actor: Simpson
Role: Vitellius Actor: Mills
Role: Cassius Cheraea Actor: Thomas
Role: Lepidus Actor: Evans
Role: Philo Actor: Disney
Role: Cesonia Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Salome Actor: Mrs Cross.


Mainpiece Title: The Massacre Of Paris

Performance Comment: Edition of 1690: Prologue-Mr Mountfort; King Charles IX-Mountfort; Duke of Guise-Williams; Cardinal of Lorrain-Kynaston; Duke of Anjou-Pruet; Alberto Gondi-Harris; Lignoroles-Bowen; Admiral of France-Betterton; Cavagnes-Freeman; Langoiran-Alexander [Verbruggen (?)]; Queen Mother-Mrs Betterton; Marguerite-Mrs Barry; Queen of Navarre-Mrs Knight; Antramont-Mrs Jorden; Genius-Bowman; Epilogue-Mr Powell.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Mountfort
Role: King Charles IX Actor: Mountfort
Role: Duke of Guise Actor: Williams
Role: Cardinal of Lorrain Actor: Kynaston
Role: Duke of Anjou Actor: Pruet
Role: Alberto Gondi Actor: Harris
Role: Lignoroles Actor: Bowen
Role: Admiral of France Actor: Betterton
Role: Cavagnes Actor: Freeman
Role: Langoiran Actor: Alexander
Role: Queen Mother Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Marguerite Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Queen of Navarre Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Antramont Actor: Mrs Jorden
Role: Genius Actor: Bowman
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Powell.


Mainpiece Title: Love And A Bottle

Performance Comment: Edition of 1699: Prologue By J. H. (Joseph Haines)-Mr Powell (a Servant attending with a Bottle of Wine); Epilogue by and-Jo. Haynes (in Mourning); Roebuck-Williams; Lovewell-Mills; Mockmode-Bullock; Lyrick-Johnson; Pamphlet-Haynes; Rigadoon-Haynes; Nimblewrist-Ashton; Club-Pinkethman; Brush-Fairbank; Lucinda-Mrs Rogers; Leanthe-Mrs Maria Alison; Trudge-Mrs Mills; Bulfinch-Mrs Powel; Pindress-Mrs Moor.
Role: Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue by and Actor: Jo. Haynes
Role: Roebuck Actor: Williams
Role: Lovewell Actor: Mills
Role: Mockmode Actor: Bullock
Role: Lyrick Actor: Johnson
Role: Pamphlet Actor: Haynes
Role: Rigadoon Actor: Haynes
Role: Nimblewrist Actor: Ashton
Role: Club Actor: Pinkethman
Role: Brush Actor: Fairbank
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Leanthe Actor: Mrs Maria Alison
Role: Trudge Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Bulfinch Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Pindress Actor: Mrs Moor.


Mainpiece Title: Sir Mannerly; Or, The Country Wit

Performance Comment: with the last new Epilogue concerning the Life and Morals of the Observator, which was -Mr Powell on the first day of the Injur'd Princess, or the false Wager; Also a Dialogue between Heraclitus Ridens and the Observator by way of Prologue-.


Mainpiece Title: The Emperour Of The Moon

Performance Comment: Edition of 1687: Prologue-Mr Jevern; Dr Baliardo-Underhill; Scaramouch-Lee; Don Cinthio-Young Mr Powell; Don Charmante-Mumford; Harlequin-Jevern; Elaria-Mrs Cooke; Bellemante-Mrs Mumford; Mopsophil-Mrs Cory; Epilogue-Mrs Cooke.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Jevern
Role: Dr Baliardo Actor: Underhill
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Lee
Role: Don Cinthio Actor: Young Mr Powell
Role: Don Charmante Actor: Mumford
Role: Harlequin Actor: Jevern
Role: Elaria Actor: Mrs Cooke
Role: Bellemante Actor: Mrs Mumford
Role: Mopsophil Actor: Mrs Cory
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Cooke.


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Entertainment: Divine Musick in Praise of Religion and Vertue-; both Vocal and instrumental, with new Anthems compos'd by Mr Blow; an Oration by Mr Collier; Pieces by Mr Tate, her Majesty's Poet Laureat. The edition of 1702 lists: The Introductory Poem Upon the Reformation of Poetry-Mr Tate Poet-Laureat to her Majesty; The First Anthem-, Compos'd by Dr Blow, and Sung in Westminster-Abbey, at Her Majesty's Coronation; The Oration-J. Collier/M.A.; The Second Anthem, Compos'd by Dr Blow: Te Deum Laudamus-; A Poem in Praise of Virtue- , Written by Mr Tate

Event Comment: The United Company. The date of the first performance is not precisely known, but the Gentleman's Journal, April 1693 (issued in May) states that it followed D'Urfey's comedy: And since that [The Richmond Heiress] another by Mr George Powell, call'd, a very good Wife, which hath already been acted five times (p. 130). It is likely that Powell's comedy first appeared late in April or very early in May. Dedication, Edition of 1693: The unexpected Success of this Play. A Comparison between the Two Stages (p. 16): Ramble: The next? Sullen: A very good Wife. Ramble: That's almost a Solaecism: whose is't? Sullen: Oh an excellent Author's! one George Powell's, the Player. Ramble. What was it's Fate? Sullen: Damn'd, damn'd, as it deserv'd


Mainpiece Title: A Very Good Wife

Performance Comment: Edition of 1693: Prologue [By Mr Congreve-Mr Hains; Epilogue-Mrs Knight; Courtwitt-Powell; Wellborn-Hodgson; Bonavent-Alexander [Verbruggen]; Squeezwit-Bowen; Venture-Bright; Hickman-Trafusis; Sneaksby-Hains; Aminadab-Cibber; Jeremy-Lee; Crack-Lawson; Annabella-Mrs Mountfort; Widow Lacy-Mrs Knight; Carroll-Mrs Lassels; Mrs Sneaksby-Mrs Lee.
Role: Mr Congreve Actor: Mr Hains
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Courtwitt Actor: Powell
Role: Wellborn Actor: Hodgson
Role: Bonavent Actor: Alexander
Role: Squeezwit Actor: Bowen
Role: Venture Actor: Bright
Role: Hickman Actor: Trafusis
Role: Sneaksby Actor: Hains
Role: Aminadab Actor: Cibber
Role: Jeremy Actor: Lee
Role: Crack Actor: Lawson
Role: Annabella Actor: Mrs Mountfort
Role: Widow Lacy Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Carroll Actor: Mrs Lassels
Role: Mrs Sneaksby Actor: Mrs Lee.
Related Works
Related Work: A Very Good Wife Author(s): George Powell
Event Comment: Not Acted these Two Years. Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post, 2 Aug.: Some Days ago [23 July] Mr Keene, and eminent Tragedian, and one of the Masters of the Theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, riding in the Country, his Horse being unruly, threw him, and so bruised him that he died in two Days [on 25 July]. He was decently buried last Wednesday [30 July] in the Vault under St. Clement's Church, where lie the Bodies of Mr Mountfort, Mr Harden, Mr Powell, and others of his Fraternity


Mainpiece Title: Bonduca; Or, The British General

Role: Caratach Actor: Mills.
Related Works
Related Work: Bonduca; or, The British Worthy Author(s): George Powell

Afterpiece Title: Hob

Role: Hob Actor: Bickerstaff.

Music: Mainpiece: With the Original Musick by the late Mr Henry Purcell-


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: A Solo and several Pieces on the French Horn by Mr Charles. And several Songs and Duets by the two Miss Youngs. The German Flute by Mr Pelicour [Balicourt in Daily Advertiser], lately arrived from abroad; Being the first Time of his Performing in England

Event Comment: Benefit for Powell. Ladies send Servants by 3 o'clock (playbill). Othello (for first time) Mr Powell. This Night there was the greatest over flow ever known. the Crowd was so great it prevented the Ladies from coming into the Boxes till near Seven o clock at half past Six begun the play. As the Ladies were not come into the Boxes, being prevented by passage being Stopt up by the Crowd the Gentlemen Cry'd out. off off &c. Mr King & Mr Havard remaind on the Stage some time but the Noise increasing. Mr King address'd the Audience & told them it would be equally agreeable to the performers to stay half an hour longer, upon which there was a great Clap & the Curtain was drop'd & a quarter before Seven begun the play again. N.B. The Farce was hiss'd all thro'(Hopkins). This night one of the greatest overflows that ever was known. The crowd was so great it preventdd the ladies from coming to their places in the boxes till near seven o'clock-At half past six the play began, and in the first scene they cried Off, off.' Mr King and Mr Havard remained on the Stage some time; but the noise increasing, Mr King went forward and said, It would be equally agreeable to the performers to stay half an hour longer, before they began-upon which there was a great clap, and the curtain was dropped; and in about a Quarter of an hour began the play again (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). Receipts: #268 11s. (MacMillan). charges. #64 9s. [Profit to Powell: #204 2s.


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Performance Comment: Othello-Powell (first time); Iago-Havard; Cassio-Palmer; Roderigo-King (first time); Desdemona-Mrs Yates (first time); Emelia-Mrs Hopkins; Ludovico-Packer; Montano-Mozeen; Gratiano-Parsons; Messenger-Ackman; Brabantio-Burton; Duke-Bransby.
Role: Othello Actor: Powell
Role: Iago Actor: Havard
Role: Cassio Actor: Palmer
Role: Roderigo Actor: King
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Emelia Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Ludovico Actor: Packer
Role: Montano Actor: Mozeen
Role: Gratiano Actor: Parsons
Role: Messenger Actor: Ackman
Role: Brabantio Actor: Burton
Role: Duke Actor: Bransby.

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Sally Actor: Miss Young
Role: Thomas Actor: Champnes
Role: Squire Actor: Vernon.

Dance: The Irish Lilt, as17630922

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Beaumont and Fletcher, reviv'd. Afterpiece: Not acted these three years. [See 8 Aug. 1761.] Mr Powell made his first appearance this Night in Philaster. His Reception was very great, he play'd the part amazingly well, & Seems to have Requisites to make a very Capital Performer. N.B. Covent Garden Theater begun to play every Night (Hopkins). Philaster by Mr Powell. Prodigious applause (Cross Diary). This play [Philaster] was wrote by Beaumont and Fletcher, and is now altered by Mr Colman. Mr Powell, a young gentleman clerk to Sir Robert Ladbrook, made his first appearance in the character of Philaster.--A greater reception was never shown to anybody,--he was so very much frightened, he could not speak for some time, and, when he did, the tears ran fast down his cheeks,--but he soon recovered himself, and went through the part with a great deal of nature and feeling,--Continued claps and huzza of bravo! &c. &c. Upon the whole I think him possessed of every requisite necessary to make him an ornament to the stage.--N.B. Mr D. Garrick instructed him in this part--when I see him in another shall be able to judge better of his capabilities.--Miss Pope appeared this Night in the character of Maria in the Citizen,--by endeavoring to be very fine she overdid it,--and it was plain to see she wanted her master. N.B.--Covent Garden began to play of our nights--the first time they ever begin first since Mr Garrick was manager (Hopkins Diary--MacMillan). Receipts: #258 11s. 6d. (MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: Philaster

Performance Comment: Philaster-a young Gentleman, first appearance on any stage; others-Bransby, Lee, Burton, Ackman, Baddeley, Castle, Parsons, Fox, Marr, Watkins, Strange, Miss Bride, Mrs Lee, Mrs Hippisley, Miss Mills, Mrs Yates; Prologue-. Philaster-Powell, first appearance on any stage; Pharamond-Lee; King-Bransby; Dion-Burton; Old Captain-Baddeley; Countryman-Parsons; Euphrasia-Mrs Yates; Arethusa-Miss Bride; Megra-Mrs Lee; Thrasaline-Ackman; Claremont-Castle; Galatea-Miss Mills; Messengers-Fox, Marr; Woodmen-Watkins, Strange; Lady-Mrs Hippisley; Prologue- (Genest, V, 36; MacMillan). MacMillan).

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Old Philpot Actor: Baddeley
Role: the Citizen Actor: King
Role: Jasper Actor: Burton
Role: Wilding Actor: Lee
Role: Dapper Actor: Parsons
Role: Beaufort Actor: Packer
Role: Quildrive Actor: Castle
Role: Corinna Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Pope.
Event Comment: The Last time of the company's performing this season. [Following deficiencies for this season paid up: Richard Smith, Lewes, Dumay, Condell, Potter, Thomas Smith, Quick, Furkins, Wilkinson, Abbott, Simmonds, Pullen, Stephenson, Asbury, Wilde, Francis, Mrs Griffiths, Claridge, and Sharratt (Account Book). This includes payment of half value of tickets for those who were granted partial benefits on that basis.] Music forfeits at end of season #17 6s. 11d. Neville MS Diary: see Cymbeline...chiefly to hear Powell speak an occasional prologue. Would not have gone had I known it was only a stale piece of flattery to George. [See The Gentleman's Magazine, 9 July p. 346: "On shutting up the playhouse in Covent Garden at the end of the season, admission into the theatre having been denied to Mr H and R through any other passage but Mr Powell's House, those gentlemen at the head of a large posse on the 17th of last month, [June] made a forcible entry by breaking open a window near the playhouse door in Hart street; after which they expelled by violence Mr Sargeant the Housekeeper, all his family and others; but the acting managers not being inclined to submit to the arbitrary proceedings of their colleagues, immediately applied for redress, where redress was effectually to be had, and this day they were formally expelled by virtue of a warrant from under the hand and seal of the high sherrifs of London and Middlesex, and the old housekeeper, Mr Sargeant, restored to his office of trust, to the great mortification of one of the champions who had been heard to say: That he had now got possession and d--n him if he would not keep it while he had a drop of blood in his body, and while there was one brick upon another belonging to the house."


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: As17671231, but New Occasional Prologue-Powell.
Role: New Occasional Prologue Actor: Powell.
Role: Caius Lucius Actor: Gardner
Role: Helen Actor: Miss Mills.
Role: Posthumus Actor: Powell
Role: Iachimo Actor: Smith
Role: Pisanio Actor: Hull
Role: Philario Actor: Morris
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Gibson
Role: Cloten Actor: Yates
Role: Bellarius Actor: Clarke
Role: Guiderius Actor: Bensley
Role: Arviragus Actor: Perry
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Imogen Actor: Yates
Role: In Act II a Masquerade Dance Actor: incident to the Play
Role: Singing Actor: Mrs Thompson.

Afterpiece Title: Midas

Role: Apollo Actor: Mattocks.
Role: Midas Actor: Shuter
Role: Damaetas Actor: Dibdin
Role: Sileno Actor: Baker
Role: Jupiter Actor: Legg
Role: Pan Actor: Dunstall
Role: Nysa Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Mysis Actor: Mrs Thompson.

Dance: III: The Highland Reel, as17680307

Event Comment: CCastalio by Mr Powell (1st time) very well (Hopkins). Mr Powell very well-Mr Jackson very bad (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). Receipts: #235 17s. 6d. (MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: Castalio-Powell, first time; Chamont-Holland; Polydore-Jackson, first time; Chaplain-Love; Monimia-Mrs Yates; Page-Miss Rogers, first time; Serina-Miss Plym; Acasto-Bransby; Ernesto-Castle; Florella-Mrs Bennet (playbill).
Role: Castalio Actor: Powell, first time
Role: Chamont Actor: Holland
Role: Polydore Actor: Jackson, first time
Role: Chaplain Actor: Love
Role: Monimia Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Page Actor: Miss Rogers, first time
Role: Serina Actor: Miss Plym
Role: Acasto Actor: Bransby
Role: Ernesto Actor: Castle
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Bennet
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 4 years. [See 22 Oct. 1760.] Lord Townly by Mr Powell, 1st time great applause. Mr Castle hiss'd in Count Basset (Hopkins). Mr Powell's first appearance in Lord Townly-The last scene he felt greatly, and in a few times performing will play the part well (+Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). Receipts: #231 19s. (MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Powell, first time; Sir Francis Wronghead-Yates; Manly-Havard; Squire Richard-Mas. Burton; Count Basset-Castle; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Hopkins; Lady Grace-Miss Plym; Miss Jenny-Miss Pope; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cross; Myrtilla-Mrs Lee; Poundage-Clough; Trusty-Mrs Bennet; John Moody-Burton; Lady Townly-Mrs Yates.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Powell, first time
Role: Sir Francis Wronghead Actor: Yates
Role: Manly Actor: Havard
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Mas. Burton
Role: Count Basset Actor: Castle
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Miss Plym
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Poundage Actor: Clough
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: John Moody Actor: Burton
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Fairy Tale

Event Comment: Benefit for Love. Mr Love Hiss'd in the Scotchman. Dumont by Mr Powell (Hopkins). Characters Dress'd in Habits of Times. Mr Love was hissed very much in the Scotchman, and the Farce hissed at the end (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). No building on stage. On Saturday Othello with a New Burletta call'd Music A-La-Mode, or Bayes in Chromatics For the Benefit of Vernon. [The principal characters were to have been played by King, Vernon, Packer, Fox, Mrs Mrs Dorman, and Miss Young (Public Advertiser, 13 April). But it was deferred at the last minute and seems never to have been performed. Larpent MS 237 lists the parts: Dr Crochet, Player-Packer; Squire, Justice; Damon; Daphne, Chorus of Shepherds and Nymphs. $J. P. Kemble thought it a burlesque at the expense of Dr Arne (professor of nonharmonic music). The Player wants in it to banish all but four plays (Tamerlane, London Cuckolds, George Barnwell, and Twelfth Night) and fill stage performance with music.] Receipts: #208 14s. 6d. (MacMillan); charges: #64 4s. [Profit to Love: #144 10s. 6d.


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Hastings-Holland, first time; Shore-Powell, first time; Gloster-Love; Alicia-Mrs Palmer, first time; Jane Shore-Mrs Davies; Catesby-Mozeen; Bellmour-Packer; Derby-Fox; Ratcliff-Ackman.
Role: Hastings Actor: Holland, first time
Role: Shore Actor: Powell, first time
Role: Gloster Actor: Love
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Palmer, first time
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Catesby Actor: Mozeen
Role: Bellmour Actor: Packer
Role: Derby Actor: Fox
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Ackman.

Afterpiece Title: The Register Office

Role: Le Brush Actor: King
Role: Gulwell Actor: Packer
Role: Frankly Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Scotchman Actor: Love
Role: Frenchman Actor: Baddeley
Role: Trickit Actor: Fox
Role: Irishman Actor: Moody
Role: Harwood Actor: Lee
Role: Williams Actor: Ackman
Role: Brilliant Actor: Castle
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Mills
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Original Prologue Actor: King.

Dance: End: The Irish Lilt, as17630922; End I Farce: Hornpipe-Miss Baker