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Event Comment: Miss Younge having been a Season in Ireland is now return'd play'd Well & was receiv'd with Great Applause (Hopkins Diary). Potter, Theatrical Review: We must beg leave to point out a small error in her playing the part of Imogen; and which was too obvious to escape notice: --When Iachimo arrives from Italy...he is introduc'd to her by Pissanio who says..."Madam, a noble gentleman of Rome comes from my Lord with letters." And Iachimo on his first appearance informs her, that "the worthy Leonatus is in safety." These circumstances ought to awaken the highest joy and transport in Imogen, instead of which, we wer sorry to observe, she dropped a solemn curtsey, and without one joyous feature said, with the utmost langor, "Thanks good sir, &c." And even after she had read the letter...she addresses herself to him again with the same indifference. Rec'd Mrs Groath, 1 yrs. Rent to Xmas last #3, and from Mr Atkins on Acct #5 5s.; Advanc'd Mr Barry, Box Office keeper #15; Ditto to Mr Watson, Box Office Keeper #10 (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #164 5s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: Posthumus-Reddish; Iachimo-Palmer; Cymbeline-Hurst; Cloten-Dodd; Arviragus-Brereton; Belarius-Burton; Pisanio-Packer; Guiderius-Cautherly; Philario-Wright; Frenchman-Fawcett; Lucius-Bransby; Captain-Keen; Courtiers-Ackman, Wheeler; Queen-Mrs Reddish; Imogen-Miss Younge; 1st time since her return from Ireland. In Act II: a Masquerade Scene-; with Dancing-Giorgi, Atkins, Sga Giorgi; Singing-Mrs Scott.
Role: Posthumus Actor: Reddish
Role: Iachimo Actor: Palmer
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Hurst
Role: Cloten Actor: Dodd
Role: Arviragus Actor: Brereton
Role: Belarius Actor: Burton
Role: Pisanio Actor: Packer
Role: Guiderius Actor: Cautherly
Role: Philario Actor: Wright
Role: Frenchman Actor: Fawcett
Role: Lucius Actor: Bransby
Role: Captain Actor: Keen
Role: Courtiers Actor: Ackman, Wheeler
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Reddish
Role: Imogen Actor: Miss Younge
Role: a Masquerade Scene Actor:
Role: with Dancing Actor: Giorgi, Atkins, Sga Giorgi
Role: Singing Actor: Mrs Scott.

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Performance Comment: Major Sturgeon-Love; Jerry Sneak, with the Song of Johnny Pringle-Weston; Jollup-Baddeley; Bruin-Wright; Lint-Castle; Snuffle-Hartry; Heel@Tap-Bransby; Roger-Messink; Mrs Bruin-Miss Platt; Mrs Sneak-Miss Pope.
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Love
Role: with the Song of Johnny Pringle Actor: Weston
Role: Jollup Actor: Baddeley
Role: Bruin Actor: Wright
Role: Lint Actor: Castle
Role: Snuffle Actor: Hartry
Role: Heel@Tap Actor: Bransby
Role: Roger Actor: Messink
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: III: A Comic Dance, as17710921

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; T 5, by Robert Jephson. Prologue by the author (Gentleman's Magazine, Jan, 1782, p. 36). Another Prologue, by the Right Hon. Luke Gardiner, "not arriving in London time enough for the first exhibition of the Count of Narbonne, was not spoken" (ibid.). Epilogue by Richard Josceline Goodenough, but beginning with 20 Nov. it was superseded by a new Epilogue written by Edmond Malone (see text)]: With new Scenery and Dresses. Public Advertiser, 1 Nov.: The Management of The Count of Narbonne is . . . under very good Care: Mr Horace Walpole, with a Fondness nothing less than fatherly, directs that part of the Affair which respects the Scenes and Dresses, while Henderson takes Charge of the Rehearsals and the casting of inferior Parts... [Henderson] is to wear a Dress which is lent him from among the Antiquities at Strawberry Hill. "I have been at the theatre, and compromised the affair of the epilogues: one is to be spoken to-morrow, the friend's on the author's night. I have been tumbling into trap-doors, seeing dresses tried on in the green-room, and directing armour in the painting-room" (Walpole [16 Nov. 1781], XII, 95). "I never saw a more unprejudiced audience, nor more attention. There was not the slightest symptom of disapprobation to any part ... It is impossible to say how much justice Miss Younge did to your writing. She has shown herself a great mistress of her profession, mistress of dignity, passion, and of all the sentiments you have put into her hands. The applause given to her description of Raymond's death lasted some minutes, and recommenced; and her scene in the fourth act, after the Count's ill-usage, was played in the highest perfection. Mr Henderson was far better than I excepted from his weakness, and from his rehearsal yesterday, with which he was much discontented himself. Mr Wroughton was very animated, and played the part of the Count much better than any man now on the stage would have done. I wish I could say Mr Lewis satisfied me; and that poor child Miss Satchell was very inferior to what she appeared at the rehearsals, where the total silence and our nearness deceived us. Her voice has no strength, nor is she yet at all mistress of the stage. I have begged Miss Younge to try what she can do with her by Monday. However, there is no danger to your play: it is fully established" (Walpole [to the author, 18 Nov. 1781], XII, 95-96). Public Advertiser, 28 Nov. 1781: This Day is published The Count of Narbonne (price not listed). Receipts: #164 10s. 6d. (163/0/6; 1/10/0)


Mainpiece Title: The Count Of Narbonne

Performance Comment: The Characters by Henderson, Wroughton, Lewis, Thompson, Fearon, J. Bates; Miss Satchell, Mrs Morton, Miss Younge. [Cast from text (T. Cadell, 1781), and London Chronicle, 19 Nov.: Austin-Henderson; Raymond-Wroughton; Theodore-Lewis; Fabian-Thompson; Officers of the Count-Fearon, J. Bates, Painter, &c.; Adelaide-Miss Satchell; Jacqueline-Mrs Morton; Hortensia-Miss Younge.] With a new Prologue [spoken by Wroughtton] and Epilogue [spoken by Miss Younge (see text). These were spoken, as here assigned, at the first 13 performances only (see17811215)] . With a new Prologue [spoken by Wroughtton] and Epilogue [spoken by Miss Younge (see text). These were spoken, as here assigned, at the first 13 performances only (see17811215)] .
Role: : Austin Actor: Henderson
Role: Raymond Actor: Wroughton
Role: Theodore Actor: Lewis
Role: Fabian Actor: Thompson
Role: Officers of the Count Actor: Fearon, J. Bates, Painter, &c.
Role: Adelaide Actor: Miss Satchell
Role: Jacqueline Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Hortensia Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Deaf Lover

Role: : Meadows Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: Canteen Actor: Whitfield
Role: Young Wrongward Actor: Robson
Role: Groom Actor: Fearon
Role: John Actor: Thompson
Role: Servants Actor: W. Bates, Jones
Role: Sternhold Actor: Bates
Role: William Actor: Stevens
Role: Old Wrongward Actor: Wilson
Role: Sophia Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Betsy Blossom Actor: Mrs Wilson.
Event Comment: Alexander the Great? [announced on playbill of 4 Nov.] is obliged to be deferred. [The playbill lists Mrs Yates as Lady Townly, but see following note. Miss Younge's name appears in all subsequent playbills, except on 19 Dec.] Alexander was advertised for this Night, but Lacy being hoarse, who was to have played Alexander, it was obliged to be deferred, and this Play substituted. It was between eleven and twelve o'clock at (Night) before we got it settled. Mr. Sheridan ordered me not to send to Mrs. Yates about (it) till the Morning. About eight o'clock I sent her Notice that the Provoked Husband was to be performed at Night. A little after nine, she sent Word by her Niece that she was never so ill treated in her life, that she was never before asked to play on the fifth of November [which day was traditionally set aside for the acting of Tamerlane], that she would not play Lady Townly that Night, nor would she play any more; and if she had an Inclination to play, she had no Cloaths ready to play it in; and sent back the Part of Semiramis in a new Tragedy that was preparing [see 16 Nov., 14 Dec.]. I got Miss Younge to do Lady Townly, and an Apology was made by Packer that Mrs Yates having refused this Morning to do Lady Townly, Miss Younge at a Minutes' Notice undertook to do it. Miss Younge was much applauded and Yates had a few hisses (Hopkins Diary). Receipts: #179 11s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Smith; Sir Francis Wronghead-Yates; Manly-Packer; John Moody-Moody; Squire Richard-Burton; Count Basset-Dodd; Lady Grace-Miss Sherry; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Hopkins; Miss Jenny-Mrs Davies; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cross; Trusty-Mrs Johnston; Myrtilla-Miss Platt; Lady Townly-Miss Younge.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Francis Wronghead Actor: Yates
Role: Manly Actor: Packer
Role: John Moody Actor: Moody
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Burton
Role: Count Basset Actor: Dodd
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Miss Younge.
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Hannah Cowley.] Miss Younge had a song [Wake, thou son of dullness] composed by Michael Arne. Authors of Prologue and Epilogue unknown]: New Scenes and Dresses. Account-Book, 16 June: Paid Mrs Cowley for suspending the publication of the Belle's Stratagem #100. Public Advertiser, 1 Apr. 1782: In a few Days will be published The Belle's Stratagem. A spurious Copy having been published in Ireland [in 1781] make[s] it necessary to observe that the above is the genuine Comedy, as performed at Covent Garden Theatre. Ibid., 9 Apr. 1782: This Day is published The Belle's Stratagem (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #213 19s. (212.15.6; 1.3.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Lewis, Wroughton, Lee Lewes, Aickin, Whitfield, Robson, Edwin, L'Estrange, Thompson, Wewitzer, Fearon, Booth, Jones, W. Bates, Quick, Mrs Hartley, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Morton, Miss Morris, Miss Stewart, Mrs Poussin, Mrs Webb, Mrs White, Miss Younge; [Cast from text (T. Cadell, 1782): Doricourt-Lewis; +Sir George Touchwood-Wroughton; +Flutter-Lee Lewes; +Saville-Aickin; +Villers-Whitfield; +Courtall-Robson; +Silvertongue-Edwin in text: $W. Bates]; Gentlemen-L'Estrange, Thompson; +French Valet-Wewitzer; +Porter-Fearon; +Dick-Stevens; +Mountebank-Booth; +Crowquill-Jones; +Hardy-Quick; +Lady Frances Touchwood-Mrs Hartley; +Mrs Racket-Mrs Mattocks; +Miss Ogle-Mrs Morton; +Kitty Willis-Miss Stewart; +Lady-Mrs Poussin; +Letitia Hardy-Miss Younge; W. Bates, Miss Morris, Mrs Webb, Mrs White are unassigned; +Prologue-Edwin; Epilogue-Miss Younge. [These were spoken as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]These were spoken as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]

Afterpiece Title: Cross Purposes

Role: Grub Actor: Wilson
Role: Chapeau Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: George Bevil Actor: Whitfield
Role: Consol Actor: Jones
Role: Robin Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Bevil Actor: Booth
Role: Bevil Actor: Thompson
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Mrs Grub Actor: Mrs Green.
Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Last time of performing till Easter. Mainpiece: Not acted these 5 years. [See 9 Nov. 1768.] Afterpiece: Never acted here (playbill). Part of pit laid into boxes. Ladies and Gentlemen requested to come early. Rec'd stopages #2 12s. 6d.; short charge for new farce on 8 March #10 10s.; Paid 4 days salary list #348 14s. 8d.; Mr King's extra salary #2; Mr S. Barry on note #100; Mr Cook's 4 boys 4 nights (the 7th incl.) #6 Mr J. French on acct #10 10s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #282 19s. 6d. Charges #64 17s. Profit to Miss Younge: #218 2s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Warwick

Performance Comment: Warwick-Reddish; King Edward-Clinch; Pembroke-J. Aickin; Buckingham-Fawcett; Messenger-Griffith; Lady Elizabeth-Mrs Baddeley, first appearance here in 3 years; Lady Clifford-Miss Sherry; Margaret of Anjou-Miss Younge; Suffolk-Packer; Original Epilogue-Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Pantheonites

Performance Comment: Parts-Weston, Dodd, Parsons, Dimond, Bannister, Baddeley, Mas. Blanchard, Mrs Greville, Miss Platt, Mrs Hopkins; Dan Drugger-Weston; Farmer Tilwell-Bannister; Anna-Miss Platt (Genest, V, 408).

Dance: V: The Sailors Revels, as17730928

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Miss Young Kitty first time very la! la! (Hopkins Diary). Receipts: #141 10s. Charges: #69 6s. 6d. Profits to Miss Younge: #72 3s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: All For Love

Performance Comment: Anthony-Smith; Dolabella-Brereton; Ventidius-Palmer; Alexas-Whitfield; Serapion-Bransby; Myris-Wrighten; Romans-Griffith, Norris; Cleopatra-Miss Younge; Octavia-Mrs Yates, first time; Iras-Miss Platt; Charmion-Mrs Johnston.
Role: Anthony Actor: Smith
Role: Dolabella Actor: Brereton
Role: Ventidius Actor: Palmer
Role: Alexas Actor: Whitfield
Role: Serapion Actor: Bransby
Role: Myris Actor: Wrighten
Role: Romans Actor: Griffith, Norris
Role: Cleopatra Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs Yates, first time
Role: Iras Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Charmion Actor: Mrs Johnston.

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Performance Comment: Lovel-Lamash; Sir Harry's Servt-Dodd; Philip-Baddeley; Freeman-Fawcett; Robert-Griffiths; Tom-Kear; Lord Duke-Palmer; Lady Charlotte-Mrs Davies; Lady Bab-Mrs Johnston; Kitty (By Particular Desire) with the song-Miss Younge (first time); in II, a Mock Minuet-Palmer, Miss Younge.
Role: Lovel Actor: Lamash
Role: Sir Harry's Servt Actor: Dodd
Role: Philip Actor: Baddeley
Role: Freeman Actor: Fawcett
Role: Robert Actor: Griffiths
Role: Tom Actor: Kear
Role: Lord Duke Actor: Palmer
Role: Lady Charlotte Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Lady Bab Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: with the song Actor: Miss Younge
Role: a Mock Minuet Actor: Palmer, Miss Younge.

Dance: End: The Grand Garland Dance, as17760311

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Mainpiece: With the grand Triumphal Entryv. [Public Advertiser, I Apr., identifies the Epilogue as an alteration by Garrick of his epilogue to Alfred.] Afterpiece [1st time; CO 2, by J Hough]: The Music composed by William? Bates. Tickets delivered for The Brothers will be taken. Books of the Performances to be had at the Theatre. Public Advertiser, 7 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Miss Younge at Thelwall's, Silk Mercer, King-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #285 13s. 6d. (141.9.0; 11.15.0; 0.2.6; tickets: 132.7.0) (charge: #76 19s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great; Or, The Rival Queens

Performance Comment: Alexander-Smith; Cassander-Palmer; Lysimachus-Hurst; Hephestian-Davies; Polyperchon-Chambers; Thessalus-Wright; Perdiccas-Chaplin; Eumenes-Norris; Aristander-Wrighten; Slave-R. Palmer; Clytus-Bensley; Roxana-Miss Younge; Parisatis-Miss Hopkins; Sisigambis-Mrs Johnston; Statira-Mrs Yates; A favorite Epilogue (written by D. Garrick, Esq.) with alterations spoken-Miss Younge.
Role: Alexander Actor: Smith
Role: Cassander Actor: Palmer
Role: Lysimachus Actor: Hurst
Role: Hephestian Actor: Davies
Role: Polyperchon Actor: Chambers
Role: Thessalus Actor: Wright
Role: Perdiccas Actor: Chaplin
Role: Eumenes Actor: Norris
Role: Aristander Actor: Wrighten
Role: Slave Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Clytus Actor: Bensley
Role: Roxana Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Parisatis Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Sisigambis Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Statira Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: with alterations spoken Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Second Thought is Best

Role: Morley Actor: Vernon
Role: Jingle Actor: Dodd
Role: O'Donavan Actor: Moody
Role: Frankly Actor: Aickin
Role: Conrad Actor: Baddeley
Role: Woudbe Actor: Bannister
Role: Agnes Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Baddeley.
Event Comment: This tragedy was wrote by Mr Dow,--went off but So, so.--some hisses thro' the play, and at the end also when given out.--The scenery and dresses was very fine, was well adapted, and had applause.--Miss Younge played very bad, and much disliked--Mr Holland and Mr Aickin played well (Hopkins Diary). New Scenes, Dresses, and Decorations. [The Prologue is Larpent MS 289. It follows in content the suggestions of the Prologue to the Orphan of China ten seasons earlier:@"Too much the Greek and Roman chiefs engage@The Muse's care--they languish on our stage;@The modern bard struck with the vast applause@Of ancient masters, like the painter draws@From models only.--Can such copies charm@The Heart, or like the glow of Nature warm?@To fill the scene, tonight our author brings@Originals at least, --Warriours and Kings,@Heroes who like their Gems, unpolish'd shine,@The mighty fathers of the Tartar line,@Greater than those whom classic pages boast,@If those are greatest who have conquored most."@ An account of the plot of the mainpiece is in Lloyd's Evening Post, 16-19 Dec. Concludes: The play is said to have been written by Mr Dow, who lately favored the public with an accurate History of the Hindoos. The decorations and dresses were very magnificent. The performers who were the most distinguished by the audience were Mr Holland, Miss Younge, Mr Aickin, and Mr Jefferson. Mr Holland spoke the Prologue and Mrs Abington the Epilogue the latter of which furnished infinite entertainment, from the spirit and humour of that admirable actress. A Two column resume of the play appears in the Public Advertiser, 19 Dec.


Mainpiece Title: Zingis

Performance Comment: Parts by: Holland, Reddish, Aickin, Packer, Palmer, Ackman, Jefferson, Fawcett, Bannister, Hurst, Strange, Keen, Clough, Wright, Mrs Stephens, Miss Younge. Prologue, Epilogue. Timur-Holland; Zingis-Aickin; Aunac-Packer; Zemouca-Reddish; Cubla-Jefferson; Zena-Palmer; Nevian-Bannister; Sidasco-Hurst; Ovisa-Miss Younge; Mila-Mrs Stephens; [Also Nadir-Strange; Suida-Ackman; Jelizu-Keen; [Balin]-Fawcett; Prologue[written by Home-Holland; Epilogue[Written by Garrick-Mrs Abington (London Evening Post, 19 Dec.).
Role: Timur Actor: Holland
Role: Zingis Actor: Aickin
Role: Aunac Actor: Packer
Role: Zemouca Actor: Reddish
Role: Cubla Actor: Jefferson
Role: Zena Actor: Palmer
Role: Nevian Actor: Bannister
Role: Sidasco Actor: Hurst
Role: Ovisa Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Mila Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Also Nadir Actor: Strange
Role: Suida Actor: Ackman
Role: Jelizu Actor: Keen
Role: Balin] Actor: Fawcett
Role: written by Home Actor: Holland
Role: Written by Garrick Actor: Mrs Abington

Afterpiece Title: The Absent Man

Role: Shatterbrain Actor: King
Role: Frank Actor: Palmer
Role: Slang Actor: Keen
Role: Welldon Actor: Cautherly
Role: Doctor Gruel Actor: Hurst
Role: Coxcomb Actor: Fawcett
Role: Robin Actor: J. Burton
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Junket Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Miss Frolick Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: Flavia Actor: Mrs W. Barry.
Event Comment: Zara first time Miss Younge-very well (Hopkins Diary). Benefit for Miss Younge. Paid Salary List #333 19s.; Mrs Abington's Cloaths acct, #1; Mr S. French 6 days, #1 10s. (Treasurer's Book). Barry Ill (Winston MS 10). Last time of performing till the Holidays (playbill). Receipts: #253 7s. 5d.; Charges: #65 17s. Profits to Miss Younge: #187 13s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Performance Comment: As17710928, but Zara-Miss Younge, 1st time; Almeria-Mrs Barry.
Role: Zara Actor: Miss Younge, 1st time
Role: Almeria Actor: Mrs Barry.
Role: Osmyn Actor: Reddish
Role: King Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Perez Actor: Keen
Role: Gonzales Actor: Packer
Role: Garcia Actor: Palmer
Role: Heli Actor: Hurst
Role: Selim Actor: Fawcett
Role: Alonzo Actor: Ackman
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Johnston.

Afterpiece Title: The Lottery

Role: Lord Lace Actor: King
Role: Stocks Actor: Parsons
Role: Lovemore Actor: Bannister
Role: Whisk Actor: Ackman
Role: Irishman Actor: Hartry
Role: Lady Lace Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Mrs Stocks Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Millidge.

Monologue: End of Play: Linco's Travels. As 24 March followed by

Dance: The Sailors Revels, as17711008

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Interlude [1st time; M. INT I, by Edward Jerningham]: Interspersed with Music [by James Hook. Text 1st published in Jerningham's Poems, vol. I (J. Robson, 1786)]. Public Advertiser, 20 Feb.: Tickets to be had of Miss Younge at Thelwall's, Silk Mercer, King-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #222 9s. (80.14; 18.10; 1.19; tickets: 121.6) (charge: #65 17s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Performance Comment: As17770116, but Lydia Languish-Miss Younge (1st appearance in that character); The Original Epilogue [see17770116]-Miss Younge.
Role: Lydia Languish Actor: Miss Younge
Role: see17770116] Actor: Miss Younge.
Role: Sir Anthony Absolute Actor: King
Role: Acres Actor: Dodd
Role: Absolute Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Lucius O'Trigger Actor: Moody
Role: David Actor: Parsons
Role: Fag Actor: Baddeley
Role: Coachman Actor: Carpenter
Role: Faulkland Actor: Reddish
Role: Mrs Malaprop Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Afterpiece Title: Margaret of Anjou

Performance Comment: The Principal Character-Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Role: Henry Actor: Vernon
Role: Russet Actor: Bannister
Role: Simkin Actor: Fawcett
Role: Skirmish Actor: Parsons
Role: Flint Actor: Wright
Role: Soldiers Actor: Legg, Kear, Carpenter, Chaplin, Follett, Holcroft
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Louisa Actor: A Young Lady

Dance: End V: The Irish Fair, as17761031

Event Comment: By Particular Desire. Paid Miss Robins in full of salary to 16th inst. incl. (now on the pay list) #9 6s. 8d. (Treasurer's Book). Benefit for Miss Younge. Tickets deliver'd for Zenobia will be taken. Mainpiece: Never performed there. Receipts: #259 15s. 6d. Charges #68 14s. Profits to Miss Younge: #191 1s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Timanthes

Performance Comment: Timanthes-Smith; Demophoon-Palmer; Methusius-Jefferson; Cherinthus-Brereton; Adrastus-Hurst; Orcanes-Wheeler; Officer-Griffiths; Cephisa-A Young Lady; Ismena-Miss Younge; In Act III a procession-; a Solemn Sacrifice-; Vocal Parts-Legg, Fawcett; Kear, Carpenter, Blanchard, Mrs Scott, Miss Jarrat. Kear, Carpenter, Blanchard, Mrs Scott, Miss Jarrat.
Role: Timanthes Actor: Smith
Role: Demophoon Actor: Palmer
Role: Methusius Actor: Jefferson
Role: Cherinthus Actor: Brereton
Role: Adrastus Actor: Hurst
Role: Orcanes Actor: Wheeler
Role: Officer Actor: Griffiths
Role: Cephisa Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Ismena Actor: Miss Younge
Role: In Act III a procession Actor:
Role: a Solemn Sacrifice Actor:
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Legg, Fawcett

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Role: Parts Actor: King, Weston, Parsons, Aickin, Hurst, Bransby, Wright, Ackman, Miss Platt. Bayes-King
Role: Bayes Actor: King
Role: Weston Actor: Weston
Role: Parsons Actor: Parsons
Role: Patent Actor: Aickin
Role: Hurst Actor: Hurst
Role: Prompter Actor: Ackman
Role: Phill Actor: Wright
Role: Miss Platt Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Whittle Actor: Parsons
Role: Kecksey Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Patrick Actor: Moody
Role: Bates Actor: Baddeley
Role: Newphew Actor: Cautherly
Role: Thomas Actor: Weston
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Greville.

Dance: End: The Grand Provencalle Dance, as17750202; End I Afterpiece: The Irish Fair, as17740917

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Mainpiece: Not acted these 7 years [acted 23 Apr. 1773]. Public Advertiser, 13 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Miss Younge at Thelwall's, King-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #217 16s. 6d. (83.16.0; 17.14.6; 9.1.0; tickets: 107.5.0) (charge: #64 15s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Countess Of Salisbury

Performance Comment: Alwin-Smith (1st appearance in that character); Grey-Aickin; Morton-Farren; Sir Ardolph-Packer; Laroches-Chaplin; Peasant-Wright; Knights-Philimore, Fawcett, Norris; Lord William-Miss G. Abrams; Raymond-Palmer; Eleanor-Miss Sherry; Countess of Salisbury-Miss Younge (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Alwin Actor: Smith
Role: Grey Actor: Aickin
Role: Morton Actor: Farren
Role: Sir Ardolph Actor: Packer
Role: Laroches Actor: Chaplin
Role: Peasant Actor: Wright
Role: Knights Actor: Philimore, Fawcett, Norris
Role: Lord William Actor: Miss G. Abrams
Role: Raymond Actor: Palmer
Role: Eleanor Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Countess of Salisbury Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Performance Comment: Cadwallader-Bannister; Vamp-Moody; Governor Cape-Chambers; Young Cape-Aickin; Sprightly-Packer; Poet-Waldron; Robert-Wrighten; Printer's Devil-Burton; Arabella (1st time)-Mrs Cuyler; Mrs Cadwallader-Miss Younge (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Cadwallader Actor: Bannister
Role: Vamp Actor: Moody
Role: Governor Cape Actor: Chambers
Role: Young Cape Actor: Aickin
Role: Sprightly Actor: Packer
Role: Poet Actor: Waldron
Role: Robert Actor: Wrighten
Role: Printer's Devil Actor: Burton
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Miss Younge

Dance: End: Minuet de la Cour, as17780919; Allemande, as17780919

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; T 5, by Richard Cumberland]: taken from [the same, by] Massinger and [Mariamne, by] Fenton. [not in Larpent MS; not published.] With new Dresses. Henderson "might surely break himself of the aukward custom of clapping his hands together almost perpetually, and running on and off the stage with so ungraceful a levity" (Morning Chronicle, 11 Nov.). [Miss Younge was from dl.] Receipts: #127 10s. 6d. (124.14.0; 2.16.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Duke Of Milan

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Henderson, Hull, Whitfield, Peile, L'Estrange, Fearon, Robson, Booth, Thompson, Aickin, Miss Platt, Miss Younge (1st appearance at this theatre). Cast from Morning Chronicle, 11 Nov.: Sforza-Henderson; Cardinal-Hull; Alphonso-Whitfield; Emperor-Peile; Pescara-L'Estrange; Spanish Captains-Fearon, Robson, Booth; Lodovico-Thompson; Francisco-Aickin; Attendant-Miss Platt; Marcelia-Miss Younge; New Prologue-Lee Lewes, Hull (Public Advertiser, 11 Nov.); New Epilogue-Mrs Bulkley (ibid.).
Role: Sforza Actor: Henderson
Role: Cardinal Actor: Hull
Role: Alphonso Actor: Whitfield
Role: Emperor Actor: Peile
Role: Pescara Actor: L'Estrange
Role: Spanish Captains Actor: Fearon, Robson, Booth
Role: Lodovico Actor: Thompson
Role: Francisco Actor: Aickin
Role: Attendant Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Marcelia Actor: Miss Younge
Role: New Prologue Actor: Lee Lewes, Hull
Role: New Epilogue Actor: Mrs Bulkley

Afterpiece Title: The Touchstone

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not played for 20 years. Afterpiece: By Desire. The Play very dull Little Applause (Hopkins Diary). Benefit for Reddish. Theatrical Review, 28 March: The plot of this piece is taken from a well known passage in history, which, however, is too barren of incidents for the support of a piece of 5 acts, on which account it is rather languid and tedious, notwithstanding the language in general is tolerable poetical. What could induce Mr Reddish to revive so dull a performance, after it had been neglected for 20 years, we cannot conceive, unless it was with a view of having an opportunity to rant a few speeches in favor of liberty; but (as the piece was miserably represented except in the characters of Timoleon and Eunesia) we think Mr Reddish extended his liberty a little too far with the public; for which neither his Occasional Prologue, the Solemn Sacrifice, nor the Epilogue spoken by Miss Younge, made sufficient atonement. Paid 4 days salary #333 19s.; Mrs Abington's Cloaths Acct #1; Mr S. French 6 days #1 10s. (Treasurer'sBook). Receipts: #205 16s.; Charges: #67 6s. 6d.; Profit to Reddish: #138 10s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Timoleon; Or, Liberty Restored

Performance Comment: Timolean-Reddish; Dinarchus-Aickin; Timophanes-Palmer; Olinthus-Cautherly; Lycander-Wright; Ghost-Hurst; Orthagoras-Davies; Eschylus-Inchbald; Pheron-Wheeler; Egon-[?]; Senators-Wrighten, Follet; Cleone-Miss Hayward; Eunesia-Miss Younge; In V a Solemn Sacrifice-; the Vocal Parts-Champnes, Fawcett, Davies, Mrs Scott, Mrs Wrighten; [With a New Occasional Prologue-Reddish; Epilogue-Miss Younge.
Role: Timolean Actor: Reddish
Role: Dinarchus Actor: Aickin
Role: Timophanes Actor: Palmer
Role: Olinthus Actor: Cautherly
Role: Lycander Actor: Wright
Role: Ghost Actor: Hurst
Role: Orthagoras Actor: Davies
Role: Eschylus Actor: Inchbald
Role: Pheron Actor: Wheeler
Role: Egon Actor:
Role: Senators Actor: Wrighten, Follet
Role: Cleone Actor: Miss Hayward
Role: Eunesia Actor: Miss Younge
Role: In V a Solemn Sacrifice Actor:
Role: the Vocal Parts Actor: Champnes, Fawcett, Davies, Mrs Scott, Mrs Wrighten
Role: With a New Occasional Prologue Actor: Reddish
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Performance Comment: Vamp-Weston, 1st time; Young Cape-J. Aickin; Arabella-Miss Ambrose; Cadwallader-King; Mrs Cadwallader-Mrs Abington; Governor Cape-Bransby; Sprightly-Packer; Poet-Waldron; Robert-Keen; Printer's Devil-J. Burton.
Role: Vamp Actor: Weston, 1st time
Role: Young Cape Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Cadwallader Actor: King
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Governor Cape Actor: Bransby
Role: Sprightly Actor: Packer
Role: Poet Actor: Waldron
Role: Robert Actor: Keen
Role: Printer's Devil Actor: J. Burton.
Event Comment: Mainpiece: With proper Scenes, Dresses and Other Decorations (playbill). Miss Venables (a pupil of Mr Michl Arne) made her first appearance on the Stage in Philadel. She is very Short, & has a mean appearance a tolerable Voice-but little applause Miss Younge Emmeline (first time) So, so (Hopkins Diary). [Macmillan's note from Kemble slightly expanded. Reviewer for Town and Country Magazine (Theatre XL) writes of Miss Venables, She displayed but very moderate talents for the stage. She will doubtless improve under so good a master and when she has gained a greater share of maturity will probably do honor to her tutor.'] Receipts: #140 17s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Arthur; Or, The British Worthy

Performance Comment: Oswald-Jefferson; Aurelius-Keen; Conon-Packer; Albanacht-Bransby; Merlin-Aickin; Grimbald-Bannister; Osmond-Palmer; Guillamar-Wheeler; King Arthur-Reddish; Philadel-Miss Venables, first appearance on any stage; Cupid-Miss Collett; Matilda-Miss Platt; Emmeline-Miss Younge; with a New Epilogue-, first time; Vocals-Vernon, Champness, Fawcett, Kear, Mrs Scott, Mrs Hunt; The Dances-Daigville, Giorgi, Atkins, Sga Vidini, Sga Giorgi, Sga Daigville.
Role: Oswald Actor: Jefferson
Role: Aurelius Actor: Keen
Role: Conon Actor: Packer
Role: Albanacht Actor: Bransby
Role: Merlin Actor: Aickin
Role: Grimbald Actor: Bannister
Role: Osmond Actor: Palmer
Role: Guillamar Actor: Wheeler
Role: King Arthur Actor: Reddish
Role: Philadel Actor: Miss Venables, first appearance on any stage
Role: Cupid Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Matilda Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Emmeline Actor: Miss Younge
Role: with a New Epilogue Actor: , first time
Role: Vocals Actor: Vernon, Champness, Fawcett, Kear, Mrs Scott, Mrs Hunt
Role: The Dances Actor: Daigville, Giorgi, Atkins, Sga Vidini, Sga Giorgi, Sga Daigville.

Afterpiece Title: Wits Last Stake

Performance Comment: Martin-King; Linger-Parsons; Lucetta-Miss Pope; Saville-J. Aickin; Mrs Watchly-Mrs Johnston; Myra-Miss Platt.
Role: Martin Actor: King
Role: Linger Actor: Parsons
Role: Lucetta Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Saville Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Mrs Watchly Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Myra Actor: Miss Platt.
Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. [Afterpiece is Morgan's The Sheep Shearing (MacMillan).


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: As17681022, but Singing-Miss I. Young.
Role: Singing Actor: Miss I. Young.
Role: Imogen Actor: A young Gentlewoman, 1st appearance on any stage
Role: Posthumus Actor: Reddish
Role: Jachimo Actor: Holland
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Hurst
Role: Cloten Actor: Dodd
Role: Bellarius Actor: Burton
Role: Arviragus Actor: Palmer
Role: Guiderius Actor: Aickin
Role: Pissanio Actor: Packer
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: with DANCING Actor: Giorgi, Tassoni, Sga Giorgi
Role: and SINGING Actor: Miss Young.

Afterpiece Title: Florizel and Perdita

Performance Comment: Florizel-Cautherly; Camillo-Strange; Clown-Moody; Polixenes-Hurst; Antigonus-Aickin; Autolicus-King; Perdita (With Song)-Miss Younge; The Vocal Parts-Vernon, Mrs Dorman, Miss I. Young; With a Dance-incidental to the piece.
Role: Florizel Actor: Cautherly
Role: Camillo Actor: Strange
Role: Clown Actor: Moody
Role: Polixenes Actor: Hurst
Role: Antigonus Actor: Aickin
Role: Autolicus Actor: King
Role: Perdita Actor: Miss Younge
Role: The Vocal Parts Actor: Vernon, Mrs Dorman, Miss I. Young
Role: With a Dance Actor: incidental to the piece.

Dance: III: New Comic Dance-, as17681210

Entertainment: End: (for that Night Only) will present the audience with the favourite EpilogueBucks Have at Ye All with Alterations by the Author-Miss Younge

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 16 years. [See 19 April 1751.] New Scenes, Machines, Decorations &c. The Characters dress'd in The Habits of the times. This Masque is very well got up with New Scenes & Decorations particularly a Representation of the Grand Naval Review design'd by Mons DeLoutherberg & vastly well Executed had great Applause the piece is very dull (Hopkins Diary). [Macmillan's note from Kemble differs slightly in wording.] Paid five day's salary at #86 13s. 10d. per diem, #433 9s. 2d.; Miss Younge 6 days not on the list #1; Mr Courtney 3 days not on list 7s. 6d.; Mr J. French on Act #10 (Treasurer's Book). The Songs, Chorusses, &c. in the Masque (in the order they are now performed) to be had at the Theatre. The Music by Dr Arne and other masters (playbill). Receipts: #158 12s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Alfred

Performance Comment: Alfred-Reddish; Earl of Devon-Jefferson; Hermit-J. Aickin; Corin-Bannister; Danish King-Palmer; 1st Dane-Brereton; 2nd Dane-J. Bannister; Eltruda-Miss Younge; Edwin-Wright; Attendant-Miss Platt; Vocal Parts-Vernon, Bannister, Champness, Fawcett, Kear, Mrs Wrighten, Mrs Scott, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Smith; The Dances-Como, Grimaldi, Giorgi, Atkins, Mrs Sutton, Sga Giorgi, Sga Crespi; To conclude with a Grand Occasional Scene-; Edition of 1773 adds Emma-Mrs Smith; Edith-Mrs Wrighten.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge [who had 1st acted Monimia at DL, 21 Feb. 1772]. Receipts: #249 11s. 6d. (133/6/6; tickets: 116/5/0) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan; Or, The Unhappy Marriage

Performance Comment: Castalio-Wroughton; Acasto-Clarke; Polydore-Aickin; Chaplin-Webb; Ernesto-Fearon; Chamont-Henderson (1st appearance in that character); Serina-Miss Cleland; Florella-Mrs Poussin; Monimia-Miss Younge (1st appearance in that character [at this theatre]) .at this theatre]) .
Role: Castalio Actor: Wroughton
Role: Acasto Actor: Clarke
Role: Polydore Actor: Aickin
Role: Chaplin Actor: Webb
Role: Ernesto Actor: Fearon
Role: Chamont Actor: Henderson
Role: Serina Actor: Miss Cleland
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Monimia Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: Barnaby Brittle

Role: Clodpole Actor: Wilson
Role: Barnaby Brittle Actor: Quick
Role: Lovemore Actor: Whitfield
Role: Jeremy Actor: Edwin
Role: Sir Peter Pride Actor: Booth
Role: Jeffery Actor: Stevens
Role: Damaris Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Lady Pride Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Mrs Brittle Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Event Comment: Mainpicce: Not acted these 3 years. "[As Cleopatra] the Form of Miss Younge is sufficiently lovely√Ę‚?¨‚?Ěbut her Countenance, without speaking of it all prophanely, is surely not sufficiently venereal" (Public Advertiser, 25 Feb.). Receipts: #195 1s. (190/12; 4/9)


Mainpiece Title: All For Love

Performance Comment: Marc Anthony-Wroughton; Dolabella-Whitfield; Alexas-Davies; Eumenes-Mahon; Serapion-Thompson; Myris-Bates; Ventidius-Clarke; Octavia-Mrs Crawford (1st appearance in that character these 6 years); Charmion-Mrs Poussin; Iris-Miss Stuart; Cleopatra-Miss Younge .
Role: Marc Anthony Actor: Wroughton
Role: Dolabella Actor: Whitfield
Role: Alexas Actor: Davies
Role: Eumenes Actor: Mahon
Role: Serapion Actor: Thompson
Role: Myris Actor: Bates
Role: Ventidius Actor: Clarke
Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs Crawford
Role: Charmion Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Iris Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Cleopatra Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Rambler

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Mainpiece: Never acted here. In Act V a Grand Procession. Receipts: #275 12s. (161/4; tickets: 114/8) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Heroine Of The Cave

Performance Comment: Alberti-Wroughton; Emperor-Clarke; Everard-Hull; Clermont-Whitfield; Rodolpho-Fearon; Lorenzo-Davies; Colredo-Kemble; Seyfert-Booth; Menzel-Thompson; Faulkner-Chalmers; Laura-Miss Platt; The Heroine of the Cave-Miss Younge .
Role: Alberti Actor: Wroughton
Role: Emperor Actor: Clarke
Role: Everard Actor: Hull
Role: Clermont Actor: Whitfield
Role: Rodolpho Actor: Fearon
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Davies
Role: Colredo Actor: Kemble
Role: Seyfert Actor: Booth
Role: Menzel Actor: Thompson
Role: Faulkner Actor: Chalmers
Role: Laura Actor: Miss Platt
Role: The Heroine of the Cave Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Knights

Role: The Devil Actor: Bannister
Role: Maxwell Actor: Thompson
Role: Invoice Actor: Davies
Role: Dr Last Actor: Edwin
Role: Mrs Margaret Maxwell Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Morton

Afterpiece Title: Rosina

Role: Belville Actor: Bannister
Role: Belville Actor: Brett
Role: Rustic Actor: Davies
Role: Irishman Actor: Mahon
Role: William Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Phoebe Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Rosina Actor: Mrs Bannister

Song: In Act II of mainpiece an Anthem (singers not listed)

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Mainpiece: Never performed there. [Miss Orme, who made her 1st appearance on 5 Feb., is identified in Morning Chronicle, 9 Mar.]


Mainpiece Title: Matilda

Performance Comment: Morcar-Holman; Seyward-Farren; Harold-Thompson; Officer-Helme; Edwin-Pope; Bertha-Mrs Inchbald; Matilda-Miss Younge .
Role: Morcar Actor: Holman
Role: Seyward Actor: Farren
Role: Harold Actor: Thompson
Role: Officer Actor: Helme
Role: Edwin Actor: Pope
Role: Bertha Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Matilda Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: Comus-Henderson; Spirit-Thompson; Brothers-Kennedy, Helme; Bacchanals-Brett, Darley, Davies; Sabrina and Pastoral Nymph-A Young Lady (2nd appearance [Miss Orme]); The Lady (with Sweet Echo, accompanied on the hautboy by W. Parke)-Mrs Bannister; Principal Bacchant-Mrs Morton; Euphrosyne-Mrs Martyr .
Role: Comus Actor: Henderson
Role: Spirit Actor: Thompson
Role: Brothers Actor: Kennedy, Helme
Role: Bacchanals Actor: Brett, Darley, Davies
Role: Sabrina and Pastoral Nymph Actor: A Young Lady
Role: The Lady Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Principal Bacchant Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Martyr
Event Comment: JJane Shore for the 1st time by Miss Younge--so, so--spoke much too low.--Mrs Barry was very well in Alicia (Hopkins Diary)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Shore-Reddish; Hastings-Barry; Gloster-Love; Belmour-Packer; Darby-Hurst; Ratcliff-Ackman; Catesby-Strange; Jane Shore-Miss Younge, 1st time; Alicia-Mrs Barry, 1st time.
Role: Shore Actor: Reddish
Role: Hastings Actor: Barry
Role: Gloster Actor: Love
Role: Belmour Actor: Packer
Role: Darby Actor: Hurst
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Ackman
Role: Catesby Actor: Strange
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Miss Younge, 1st time
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Barry, 1st time.

Afterpiece Title: Queen Mab

Role: Silvio Actor: Wright instead of Baddeley.
Role: Puck Actor: Mas. Cape
Role: to Conclude with a Masquerade Actor: .
Role: Harlequin Actor: Rooker
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Silvio Actor: Baddeley
Role: Clod Actor: Ackman
Role: Watchman Actor: Moody
Role: Fairy Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Maigre Actor: Keen
Role: Cook Actor: Johnston
Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Queen Mab Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs King.
Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Tickets deliver'd for The Double Gallant will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Performance Comment: As17691111, but Horatio-Bensley, from Covent Garden; Calista-Miss Younge, first time.
Role: Horatio Actor: Bensley, from Covent Garden
Role: Calista Actor: Miss Younge, first time.
Role: Lothario Actor: Reddish, first time
Role: Rossano Actor: Ackman
Role: Sciolto Actor: Aickin
Role: Altamont Actor: Packer
Role: Lavinia Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Johnston

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Leander Actor: Vernon
Role: Don Diego Actor: Bannister
Role: Mungo Actor: Dibdin
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Dorman
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Radley.

Dance: II: Comic Dance, as17690926

Entertainment: End: Bucks have at ye all-Dodd

Event Comment: Mr Inchbald from the Norwich Compy. made his first appearance in Osmyn very bad Figure, Indifferent voice and a very bad Actor. a Small hiss at End of Play (Hopkins Diary). Osmyn, Young Gentleman (Cross Diary). This appears to be the last night of Miss Younge's performing in London this season--She left Drury Lane, and went ot Dublin. Mr Joseph Inchbald became an actor in the York Company of Comedians--He died at Leeds in Yorkshire, where he is buried--I knew him intimately--he was an excellent man, and an admirable actor of old comic characters, and of drunken men--He was at once-poor fellow-the greatest Sloven and in many Particulars of the nicest Delicacy too, that could be imagined (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Performance Comment: Osmyn-a young gentleman [his first appearance Mr Inchbald]; King-J. Aickin; Gonzales-Packer; Garcia-Palmer; Heli-Hurst; Selim-Fawcett; Alonzo-Ackman; Perez-Keen; Zara-Mrs Hopkins; Almeria-Miss Younge; Leonora-Mrs Johnson.
Role: Osmyn Actor: a young gentleman
Role: King Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Gonzales Actor: Packer
Role: Garcia Actor: Palmer
Role: Heli Actor: Hurst
Role: Selim Actor: Fawcett
Role: Alonzo Actor: Ackman
Role: Perez Actor: Keen
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Almeria Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Johnson.
Event Comment: The Bills were posted for the School for Wives but Mr King sent word about Eleven o'clock that he was so ill he could not play & fresh bills were put up for Zara. Mrs Barry being out of Town Miss Younge play'd Zara & was very well receiv'd (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Kemble differs slightly in wording.] Paid Chorus 2 nights (this incl.) #4 1s. Receipts: #195 10s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Zara

Performance Comment: As17731008, but Zara-Miss Younge.
Role: Zara Actor: Miss Younge.
Role: Lusignan Actor: Garrick
Role: Osman Actor: Reddish
Role: Nerestan Actor: Packer
Role: Chatillon Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Orasmin Actor: Hurst
Role: Melidor Actor: Wheeler
Role: Selima Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Role: Henry Actor: Vernon
Role: Skirmish Actor: Parsons
Role: Russett Actor: Bannister
Role: Simkin Actor: Dibdin
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Flint Actor: Wright
Role: Soldiers Actor: Ackman, Fawcett, Kear, Courtney