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Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Sherry and Miss Wright. Tickets delivered by Daglish will be taken. Tickets sold at the Doors will not be admitted. Public Advertiser, 22 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Miss Sherry, No. 2, Little Russel Street, Covent Garden; of Miss Wright, No. 54, Drury-lane. Receipts: #257 15s. (48.9.0; 10.8.6; 0.11.6; tickets: 198.6.0) (charge: #89 5s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Smith; Macduff-Brereton; Duncan-Hurst; Ross-Aickin; Malcolm-Davies; Donalbain-Master Benson; Banquo-Packer; Hecate-Bannister; Witches-Parsons, Moody, Baddeley; Lady Macduff-Mrs Sharp; Lady Macbeth-Miss Sherry.
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Miss Sherry.

Afterpiece Title: Selima And Azor

Performance Comment: Azor-Vernon; Ali-Dodd; Scander-Bannister; Fatima-Miss Collett; Lesbia-Miss Abrams; Selima-Miss Wright (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Fatima Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Lesbia Actor: Miss Abrams
Role: Selima Actor: Miss Wright

Song: With the original Music composed by Matthew Locke, with full Chorusses and additional accompaniments,-Bannister, Gaudry, Chaplin, Fawcett, Holcroft, Philimore, Kenny, Miss Simson, Miss Abrams, Mrs Love, Mrs Davenett, Mrs Smith, Miss Kirby, Mrs Gaudry, Miss Collett; End I: song-Miss Wright

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Sherry & Sga Crespi. Tickets delivered by Harwood will be taken. Afterpiece: Not acted these 2 years [see 31 Mar.]. Public Advertiser, 17 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Miss Sherry, at Nicholl's, Baker, Bridge's-street, Covent Garden; of Sga Crespi, Poland-street, opposite the Back Door of the Pantheon. Receipts: #257 0s. 6d. (91.14.0; 23.0.6; 0.0.0; tickets: 142.6.0) (charge: #70 17s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: As17761125, but Lady Macduff-Miss Platt; Lady Macbeth-Miss Sherry.
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Miss Sherry.

Afterpiece Title: The Register Office

Performance Comment: Irishman-Moody; Capt. LeBrush-Palmer; Gulwell-Packer; Scotchman-Parsons; Frenchman-Baddeley; Frankly-Davies; Harwood-Lamash [Public Advertiser: Wheeler]; Lord Brilliant-Fawcett; Williams-Wrighten; Margery Moorpout-Mrs Love; Maria-Miss Platt; Melpomene-Miss Stageldoir; Mrs Doggerel-Miss Pope.
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Melpomene Actor: Miss Stageldoir
Role: Mrs Doggerel Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: End II: a New Pastoral Ballet, composed by Helme, The Garden of Love-Helme, Sga Crespi, Miss Armstrong, Sga Ricci; End: Chaconne-Sga Crespi

Song: original Music by Matthew Locke-Bannister, Legg, Kear, Fawcett, Follett, Chaplin, Carpenter, Mrs Scott, Miss Abrams, Mrs Greville, Mrs Davies, Miss Jarratt, Miss Collett, Mrs Love, Mrs Booth, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Smith, Gaudry

Event Comment: Benefit for Farren and Miss Sherry. Mainpiece: With the grand Triumphal Entry. Tickets delivered by Thompson will be taken. Public Advertiser, 22 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Farren at Rumler's, Clare-court, Drury-lane; of Miss Sherry at Nichol's, Baker, Bridges-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #265 7s. (84.5; 15.9; 0.1; tickets: 165.12) (charge: #75 12s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great

Performance Comment: As17780330but Lysimachus-Farren; Roxana-Miss Sherry (1st appearance in that character).

Afterpiece Title: Bon Ton

Role: Miss Tittup Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Lady Minikin Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: End: The Sailors' Revels, as17780425

Event Comment: Miss Hopkins 2d appearance Arethusa--well receiv'd (+Hopkins Diary). Benefit for Brereton. Tragedy reviv'd not acted these 7 years. [See 23 April 1765.] Receipts: #130 19s. 6d. Charges: #67 1s. Profits to Brereton: #73 18s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Philaster

Performance Comment: Philaster-Brereton, first time; King-Bransby; Pharamond-Palmer; Dion-J. Aickin; Cleremont-J. Bannister; Countryman-Parsons; Captain-Baddeley; Bellario-Miss Younge; Arethusa-Miss Hopkins; Megra-Miss Sherry; Messenger-Master Cape; Galatea-Miss Platt; Thrasiline-Ackman.
Role: Bellario Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Arethusa Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Megra Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Galatea Actor: Miss Platt

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Mrs Davies

Dance: I: A Dance-Daigville's scholars

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Prologue by David Garrick. Epilogue by George Colman elder (London Chronicle, 9 May). Text 1st published (unauthorized), Dublin, 1780]: With New Scenes and Dresses. "No modern theatrical piece ever met with a fuller success, nor deserved it more... The performers deserve every sort of commendation for their spirited exertion in supporting the respective characters, especially Smith, King and the incomparable Mrs Abington" (Gazetteer, 9 May). "To my great astonishment there were more parts performed admirably in The School for Scandal than I almost ever saw in any play. Mrs Abington was equal to the first of her profession, Yates (the husband), Parsons, Miss Pope, and Palmer, all shone. It seemed a marvellous resurrection of the stage. Indeed, the play had as much merit as the actors. I have seen no comedy that comes near it since The Provoked Husband" (Walpole [13 July 1777], X, 82). Receipts: #224 10s. (215.12.0; 8.14.6; 0.3.6)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by King, Yates, Dodd, Palmer, Parsons, Baddeley, Aickin, Packer, Farren, Lamash, Gaudry, R. Palmer, Norris, Chaplin, Smith, Miss Pope,Miss P. Hopkins, Miss Sherry, Mrs Abington. [Cast from Public Advertiser, 9 May: Sir Peter Teazle-King; Sir Oliver Surface-Yates; Sir Benjamin Backbite-Dodd; Joseph Surface-Palmer; Crabtree-Parsons; Moses-Baddeley; Rowley-Aickin; Snake-Packer; Careless-Farren; Trip-Lamash; Sir Harry Bumper-Gaudry; Gentlemen-R. Palmer, Norris, Chaplin; Charles Surface-Smith; Mrs Candour-Miss Pope; Maria-Miss P. Hopkins; Lady Sneerwell-Miss Sherry; Lady Teazle-Mrs Abington; Prologue-King; Epilogue-Mrs Abington. [These were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]These were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]
Role: Mrs Candour Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Maria Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Lady Sneerwell Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Role: Bertha Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Matilda Actor: Miss Younge.
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Miss Platt
Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time at a public theatre; C 3, by Elizabeth Craven, Baroness Craven, afterwards Margravine of Anspach, 1st acted privately at the Town-Hall, Newbury, 6 Apr. 1780. Text (G. Riley, 1781) assigns no parts. Prologue by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Epilogue by Joseph Jekyll (see text)]: With new Dresses, &c. "The Prologue [the first 30 lines and the concluding couplet of which were used by Sheridan as the Prologue to Pizarro (see dl, 24 May 1799)] was so much admired that at the request of the Duchess of Devonshire and several other of the nobility it was respoken after the piece; but as King was absent from the theatre, it was delivered by Palmer" (Town and Country Magazine, May 1780, p. 23 ). "The chief singularity was that [Lady Craven] went to it herself the second night, in form; sat in the middle of the front row of the stage-box, much dressed, with a profusion of white bugles and plumes, to receive the public homage due to her sex and loveliness. The Duchess of Richmond, Lady Harcourt,...Mrs Damer, Lord Craven,...and I were with her. It was amazing to see so young a woman entirely possess herself-but there is such an integrity and frankness in her consciousness of her own beauty and talents, that she speaks of them with a naivete as if she had no property in them, but only wore them as gifts of the gods. Lord Craven on the contrary was quite agitated by his fondness for her and with impatience at the bad performance of the actors, which was wretched indeed, yet the address of the plot, which is the chief merit of the piece, and some lively pencilling carried it off very well, though Parsons murdered the Scotch lord, and Mrs Robinson (who is supposed to be the favourite of the Prince of Wales) thought on nothing but her own charms, or him. There is a very good though endless prologue written by Sheridan and spoken in perfection by King, which was encored (an entire novelty) the first night: and an epilogue that I liked still better and which was full as well delivered by Mrs Abington, written by Mr. Jekyl. The audience, though very civil, missed a fair opportunity of being gallant, for in one of those ----logues, I forget which, the noble authoress was mentioned, and they did not applaud as they ought to have done, especially when she condescended to avow her pretty child and was there looking so very pretty...Yet Lady Craven's tranquillity had nothing displeasing;...and it was tempered by her infinite good nature, which made her make excuses for the actors instead of being provoked at them" (Walpole [28 May 1780], XI, 178-80). Public Advertiser, 14 July 1781: This Day at Noon will be published The Miniature Picture (price not listed). Receipts: #144 9s. (94.9; 48.3; 1.17)


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Role: Hermione Actor: Miss Farren

Afterpiece Title: The Miniature Picture

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Parsons, Brereton, Wrighten, Mrs Davies, Miss Farren, Miss Sherry, Mrs Robinson. [Cast from Town and Country Magazine, May 1780, p.228: Mr Belvil-Palmer; Lord Macgrinnon-Parsons; Mr Camply-Brereton; John-Wrighten; Susan-Mrs Davies; Miss Loveless-Miss Farren; Mrs Arabella Loveless-Miss Sherry; Eliza Camply-Mrs Robinson; Prologue-King; Epilogue-Mrs Abington. [Thses were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]Thses were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]

Dance: II: New Dance, as17791126; End II afterpiece: The Coopers, as17800224

Event Comment: Benefit for Farren and Miss Sherry. Tickets delivered by Bidwell, Mrs Pulley, and for The Way of the World will be taken. Public Advertiser, 29 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Farren, No. 14, Catherine Street, Strand; of Miss Sherry, No. 2, Little Russel-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #214 13s. (39.8.0; 15.17.6; 0.12.6; tickets: 158.15.0) (charge: #69 3s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: As17781019, but Fainall-Farren (1st appearance in that character); Mrs Fainall-Mrs Davies; Millamant-Miss Farren (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Millamant Actor: Miss Farren
Role: Marwood Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Foible Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mincing Actor: Miss Collett

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Role: Pastoral Nymph Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Sabrina Actor: Miss Field

Song: End IV: Tally ho!, as17790413; In afterpiece: Sweet Echo, as17790413

Event Comment: Alexander the Great? [announced on playbill of 4 Nov.] is obliged to be deferred. [The playbill lists Mrs Yates as Lady Townly, but see following note. Miss Younge's name appears in all subsequent playbills, except on 19 Dec.] Alexander was advertised for this Night, but Lacy being hoarse, who was to have played Alexander, it was obliged to be deferred, and this Play substituted. It was between eleven and twelve o'clock at (Night) before we got it settled. Mr. Sheridan ordered me not to send to Mrs. Yates about (it) till the Morning. About eight o'clock I sent her Notice that the Provoked Husband was to be performed at Night. A little after nine, she sent Word by her Niece that she was never so ill treated in her life, that she was never before asked to play on the fifth of November [which day was traditionally set aside for the acting of Tamerlane], that she would not play Lady Townly that Night, nor would she play any more; and if she had an Inclination to play, she had no Cloaths ready to play it in; and sent back the Part of Semiramis in a new Tragedy that was preparing [see 16 Nov., 14 Dec.]. I got Miss Younge to do Lady Townly, and an Apology was made by Packer that Mrs Yates having refused this Morning to do Lady Townly, Miss Younge at a Minutes' Notice undertook to do it. Miss Younge was much applauded and Yates had a few hisses (Hopkins Diary). Receipts: #179 11s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Smith; Sir Francis Wronghead-Yates; Manly-Packer; John Moody-Moody; Squire Richard-Burton; Count Basset-Dodd; Lady Grace-Miss Sherry; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Hopkins; Miss Jenny-Mrs Davies; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cross; Trusty-Mrs Johnston; Myrtilla-Miss Platt; Lady Townly-Miss Younge.
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Miss Younge.
Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Last time of performing till Easter. Mainpiece: Not acted these 5 years. [See 9 Nov. 1768.] Afterpiece: Never acted here (playbill). Part of pit laid into boxes. Ladies and Gentlemen requested to come early. Rec'd stopages #2 12s. 6d.; short charge for new farce on 8 March #10 10s.; Paid 4 days salary list #348 14s. 8d.; Mr King's extra salary #2; Mr S. Barry on note #100; Mr Cook's 4 boys 4 nights (the 7th incl.) #6 Mr J. French on acct #10 10s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #282 19s. 6d. Charges #64 17s. Profit to Miss Younge: #218 2s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Warwick

Performance Comment: Warwick-Reddish; King Edward-Clinch; Pembroke-J. Aickin; Buckingham-Fawcett; Messenger-Griffith; Lady Elizabeth-Mrs Baddeley, first appearance here in 3 years; Lady Clifford-Miss Sherry; Margaret of Anjou-Miss Younge; Suffolk-Packer; Original Epilogue-Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Pantheonites

Performance Comment: Parts-Weston, Dodd, Parsons, Dimond, Bannister, Baddeley, Mas. Blanchard, Mrs Greville, Miss Platt, Mrs Hopkins; Dan Drugger-Weston; Farmer Tilwell-Bannister; Anna-Miss Platt (Genest, V, 408).

Dance: V: The Sailors Revels, as17730928

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Younge. Mainpiece: Not acted these 7 years [acted 23 Apr. 1773]. Public Advertiser, 13 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Miss Younge at Thelwall's, King-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #217 16s. 6d. (83.16.0; 17.14.6; 9.1.0; tickets: 107.5.0) (charge: #64 15s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Countess Of Salisbury

Performance Comment: Alwin-Smith (1st appearance in that character); Grey-Aickin; Morton-Farren; Sir Ardolph-Packer; Laroches-Chaplin; Peasant-Wright; Knights-Philimore, Fawcett, Norris; Lord William-Miss G. Abrams; Raymond-Palmer; Eleanor-Miss Sherry; Countess of Salisbury-Miss Younge (1st appearance in that character).

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Performance Comment: Cadwallader-Bannister; Vamp-Moody; Governor Cape-Chambers; Young Cape-Aickin; Sprightly-Packer; Poet-Waldron; Robert-Wrighten; Printer's Devil-Burton; Arabella (1st time)-Mrs Cuyler; Mrs Cadwallader-Miss Younge (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Miss Younge

Dance: End: Minuet de la Cour, as17780919; Allemande, as17780919

Event Comment: Louisa Dudley first time Miss Hopkins very well receiv'd (Hopkins Diary). Mrs Smith being hoarse, the Wedding Ring deferr'd. Paid Miss Berkley on note 25 Aug. #2 2s.; Mrs Sykes for women's Cloaths #21. Receipts: #163 16s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-King; Stockwell-Aickin; O'Flaherty-Moody; Capt. Dudley-Packer; Charles Dudley-Cautherly; Fulmer-Baddeley; Varland-Parsons; Lady Rusport-Mrs Hopkins; Louisa Dudley-Miss Hopkins; Mrs Fulmer, first time-Miss Sherry; Housekeeper-Mrs Bradshaw; Lucy-Mrs Love; Charlotte Rusport-Mrs Abington; with Original Epilogue-.
Role: Louisa Dudley Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: first time Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Elopement

Event Comment: Archer by Mr King. Cherry first time Miss Jarratt pretty well. Sga Pacini danc'd for the first time. She is a small figure, not much Elegance but was very well received (Hopkins Diary). Agreement with Sga Paccini, 20 June 1775: "I do agree for my partner, Mr Willoughby Lacy, and myself, to engage Signora Paccini as first dancer at our Theatre, the ensuing season, which commences the first week in September 1775, and finishes the end of May 1776; for which the said Signora shall receive from us, by weekly or monthly payments as she pleases, the sum of three hundred and twenty-five pounds sterling, and she is likewise to have a benefit in course of salary, and at the best time of the year, for which she is to dance whenever she is called upon, to the best of her power and abilities. This engagement the managers of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane engage to fulfill on their part, under the penalty of five-hundred pounds sterling. Witness my hand this nineteenth day of June 1775." (Signed.) David Garrick for Willoughby Lacy and himself (Boaden, Private Correspondence of Garrick, II, 63). The Comedy of The School for Lovers oblig'd to be deferr'd. Receipts: #153 19s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Scrub-Weston; Archer-King; Cherry-Miss Jarratt, first time; Aimwell-Packer; Foigard-Moody; Boniface-Usher; Sir Charles Freeman-Brereton; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Cross; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Abington; Sullen-Hurst; Gibbet-Bransby; Dorinda-Miss Sherry; Gipsey-Mrs Davies.
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Jarratt, first time
Role: Dorinda Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Theatrical Candidates

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Candidates

Dance: II: A Grand New Ballet, call'd The Savage Hunters-Slingsby first appearance this season, Grimaldi, Como, Giorgi, Sga Crespi, Sga Paccini, first appearance on the English Stage

Event Comment: This Musical Farce of one Act was wrote by Mr G on purpose to introduce Miss Abrams (a Jew) about 17 Years old. She is very small, a Swarthy Complexion, has a very sweet Voice and a fine Shake, but not quite power enough yet-both the Piece and Young Lady were receiv'd with Great Applause (Hopkins Diary). Books of the Songs, Choruses etc. of Afterpiece to be had at the Theatre. The Conscious Lovers oblig'd to be deferred till Monday, with which will be performed the last new Grand Ballet, The Savage Hunters. [Advertisement to the published edition: "The author of this musical Farce, begs leave to inform the readers, if there should be any, that it was merely intended to introduce The Little Gipsy to the public, whose youth and total inexperience of the stage made it necessary to give as little dialogue to her character as possible, her success depending wholly upon her singing-This reason added to another, which is that the piece was produced at an early part of the season, when better writters are not willing to come forth, is the best apology the Author can make for its defects."] Paid 6 days salary list at #104 7s.-per diem, #626 2s.; Mr Lamash on note #5 5s. (Treasurer's Book). [The note on sale of books of the songs and choruses for the afterpiece occurs on all subsequent bills this season in which May Day is mentioned. The songs and chorusses and overture by Dr Arne. The afterpiece reviewed in Westminster Magazine for Nov.: The preparation is palatable, and the hand of the preparer is discoverable from the affinity between the scene of Roger and the Old Man, and that of whittle and Thomas in the Irish Widow....The Music of the overture and Finale were remarkably light and pretty: some of the airs also did Dr Arne credit. As to Miss Abrams, she has a sweet pipe, and a natural shake that charmed us;-If maturity does but strengthen her voice, at the same time that it gives her ease in deportment, she will prove an ornament to the stage."] Receipts: #205 3s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Performance Comment: Horatio-Bensley; Altamont-Brereton; Sciolto-Aickin; Rossano-Whitfield; Lothario-Reddish; Lavinia-Miss Sherry; Lucilla-Mrs Davies; Calista-Mrs Yates.
Role: Lavinia Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: May Day; or, The Little Gipsy

Performance Comment: Parts by Vernon, Wrighten, Parsons, Bannister, Kear, Legg, Fawcett, Cubitt, etc., Mrs Wrighten, Mrs Scott, Mrs Davies, Miss Platt, Miss Robbins, Miss Hopkins, Miss Jarratt, etc., and a Young Lady. Farmer Furrow-Parsons; William-Vernon; Clod-Bannister; Dozey-Weston; Cryer-Wrighten; Dolly-Mrs Wrighten; Little Gipsy-Young Lady, first appearance on any stage (Miss Abrams); Country lads-Kear, Fawcett, Legg, Cubitt; Country lasses-Mrs Scott, Mrs Davies, Miss Platt, Miss Robins, Miss Jarratt (Genest, V, 480).
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 2 years. Afterpiece: With Alterations and Additions; to conclude with a grand View of Greenwich Hospital, designed by DeLoutherbourg. [This was included in all subsequent performances. Miss Farren was from the hay. And see cg, 23 Sept.] Receipts: #190 4s. [161.6; 28.14; 0.4)


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-King; Stockwell-Aickin; Major O'Flaherty-Moody; Captain Dudley-Packer; Charles Dudley-Brereton; Fulmer-Baddeley; Varland-Parsons; Lady Rusport-Mrs Hopkins; Louisa Dudley (1st time)-Mrs Brereton; Housekeeper-Mrs Bradshaw; Lucy-Mrs Love; Mrs Fulmer-Miss Sherry; Charlotte Rusport-Miss Farren (1st appearance on this stage).

Afterpiece Title: Queen Mab

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Wright; Pantaloon-Grimaldi; Clod-Carpenter; Silvio-Burton; Meagre-R. Palmer; Fat Cook-Griffiths; Watchman-Holcroft; Farmer-Chaplin; Queen Mab-Miss Abrams; Colombine-Miss Collett.
Role: Queen Mab Actor: Miss Abrams
Role: Colombine Actor: Miss Collett.

Dance: End II: The Power of Love The Force of Love, as17781003

Event Comment: Leonora by Miss Abrams first time-so, so (Hopkins Diary). Paid Machin (chorus singer) #3 10s.; Mr Lalonese for men's cloath's #13 13s. Receipts: #188 9s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Smith; Duncan-Bransby; Ross-Aickin; Macduff-Reddish; Malcolm-Davies; Angus-Whitfield; Captain-Usher; Banquo-Packer; Donalbain-Everard; Hecate-Legg; Lady Macbeth-Mrs Yates; Lady Macduff-Miss Sherry; Witches-Parsons; Moody, Baddeley; Lenox-Fawcett; Seward-Hurst; Doctor-Wright; Fleance-Mas. Pulley; Seton-Griffiths; Vocal Parts-Legg, Kear, Carpenter, Cubitt, Blanchard, Mrs Scott, Mrs Love; in IV, a Dance of Furies-.
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Performance Comment: As17751005, but Leander-Davies , first time; Leonora-The Young Lady who performed the Little Gipsy (Miss Abrams); Mungo-Fawcett.


Mainpiece Title: The Fair American

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Suett, Parsons, Du-Bellamy, Wright, Burton, Griffiths, Chaplin, Phillimore, Helme, Bannister; Mrs Wrighten, Miss Wheeler, Mrs Hopkins, Miss Sherry, Miss Simson, Miss Phillips. [Cast from text (J. Almon, 1785), and Public Advertiser, 20 May: Colonel Montford-Palmer; Carbine-Suett; Bale-Parsons; Summers-Du-Bellamy; Splinter-Wright; Swiss-Burton; Coachman-Griffiths; Boreas-Chaplin; Servants-Phillimore, Helme; Admiral Dreadnought-Bannister; Rachel-Mrs Wrighten; Charlotte-Miss Wheeler; Kitty Dreadnought-Mrs Hopkins; Mrs Wilmot-Miss Sherry; Miss Melcomb-Miss Simson; Angelica-Miss Phillips.] hathi. hathi.
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Wheeler
Role: Mrs Wilmot Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Miss Melcomb Actor: Miss Simson
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Phillips.

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Simson


Mainpiece Title: The Bankrupt

Performance Comment: Parts by Foote, Whitfield, Fearon, Aickin, R.Palmer, Jackson, Palmer, Davis, Lloyd, Bannister, Stephens, Walters, Baddeley; Miss Sherry, Miss Ambrose, Miss Platt, Mrs Jewell. Sir Robert Riscounter-Foote; Sir James Biddulph-J. Aickin; Pillage-Palmer; Resource-Fearon; Margin-Baddeley; Robin-Whitfield; Phelim-Bannister; James-R. Palmer; Lady Riscounter-Miss Sherry; Lydia-Mrs Jewell; Lucy-Miss Ambrose; Kitty-Miss Platt (Genest, V, 528).
Role: Lady Riscounter Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Platt

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: The Merry Lasses-


Mainpiece Title: Epicoene; Or, The Silent Woman

Performance Comment: Parts by: King, Bensley, Palmer, Parsons, Brereton, Baddeley, Davies, Yates, Mrs Hopkins, Miss Sherry, Mrs Davies, Miss Platt, Mrs Millidge, and Mrs Siddons. With a New Occasional Prologue-Palmer; Morose-Bensley; Truewit-Palmer; Sir Amorous-King; Capt. Otter-Yates; Sir John Daw-Parsons; Cutbeard-Baddeley; Dauphine-Brereton; Clerimont-Davies; Mrs Otter-Mrs Hopkins; Lady Haughty-Miss Sherry; Centaur-Mrs Davies; Mavis-Miss Platt; Trusty-Mrs Millidge; Epicoene-Mrs Siddons (Genest, V, 484).
Role: Lady Haughty Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Mavis Actor: Miss Platt

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee


Mainpiece Title: The Female Chevalier

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Aickin, Baddeley, R. Palmer, Massey, Davis, Kenny, Silvester, Parsons, Miss Sherry, Mrs Love, Miss Walton, Mrs Greville. Cast from London Chronicle, 20 May: Sir Harry Freelove-Palmer; Ned Winworth-Aickin; Servants-Baddeley, Massey, Davis, Kenny, Silvester; Young Upstart-R. Palmer; Mr Stockwell-Parsons; Mrs Upstart-Miss Sherry; Landlady-Mrs Love; Mademoiselle-Miss Walton; Belinda-Mrs Greville; The occasional Prologue on Opening the Theatre, with Alterations,-Palmer.
Role: Mrs Upstart Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Miss Walton

Afterpiece Title: Piety in Pattens

Dance: End I: The Merry Lasses-(see17780529); End: Provencalle Dance-Master and Miss Byrn


Mainpiece Title: Fatal Curiosity

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Bannister Jun., R. Palmer, Bensley; Miss Sherry, Miss Hooke, Mrs Bulkley. [Cast from text (T. Cadell, 1783): Young W'ilmot-Palmer; Randal-Bannister Jun.; Eustace-R. Palmer; Old Wilmot-Bensley; Agnes-Miss Sherry; Maria-Miss Hooke; Chariot-Mrs Bulkley.] New Occasional Prologue spoken by Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.] hathi. New Occasional Prologue spoken by Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.] hathi.
Role: Agnes Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Hooke

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise

Role: Laura Actor: Miss Harper.

Song: In Act I of mainpiece a song in character by Miss Hooke. [This was sung, as here assigned, in all subsequent performances.]


Mainpiece Title: The East Indian

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Bannister Jun., R. Palmer, Gardner, Wilson, Webb, Usher, Staunton, Egan, Swords, Bensley; Miss Sherry, Miss Morris, Mrs Inchbald, Mrs Poussin, Mrs Bulkley. [Cast from European Magazine, July 1782, p. 67: Colonel Errwood-Palmer; Edmonds-Bannister Jun.; Young Johnson-R. Palmer; Johnson-Gardner; Cecil-Wilson; Landlord-Webb; Simpson-Usher; Danford-Staunton; Chairman-Egan; Savage-Bensley; Mrs Cecil-Miss Sherry; Nancy Johnson-Miss Morris; Emma Cecil-Mrs Inchbald; Mrs Johnson-Mrs Poussin; Harriet Sidney-Mrs Bulkley. Swords is unassigned.] New Prologue spoken by Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.] hathi. New Prologue spoken by Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.] hathi.
Role: Mrs Cecil Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Nancy Johnson Actor: Miss Morris

Afterpiece Title: None are so Blind as Those Who Won't See

Role: Caroline Actor: Miss Hooke.

Dance: As17820613


Mainpiece Title: The Capuchin

Performance Comment: Parts by: Foote, Baddeley, Parsons, Palmer, R. Palmer, L'Estrange, Bannister, Edwin, Griffiths, Stephens, Walters, Pierce, Mrs Gardner, Miss Sherry, Mrs Love, Mrs W. Palmer, Mrs Jewell. Prologue-Foote; Capuchin-Foote; Sir Harry Hamper-Parsons; Dr Viper-Palmer; Minnikin-Edwin; Kit Codling-Bannister; Dick Drugget-R. Palmer; Tromfort-Baddeley; Colonel-L'Estrange; Mrs Minnikin-Miss Sherry; Mrs Clack-Miss Platt; Jenny Minnikin-Mrs Jewell (Genest, V, 529).
Role: Mrs Minnikin Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Mrs Clack Actor: Miss Platt

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: The Venetian Regatta-


Mainpiece Title: A Widow And No Widow

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Bannister, Blissett, Egan, Barrett, Usher, Kenny, Painter, R. Palmer, Edwin, Mrs Hitchcock, Mrs Love, Miss Sherry. Cast adjusted from text (N. Conant, 1780): Macfable-Bannister; Dr Alfred-Blissett; Capt. O'Kite-Egan; Spurious-Usher; Jemmy Daisey-R. Palmer; Splash-Edwin; Lucy-Mrs Hitchcock; Peg Pennyworth-Mrs Love; Betty-Miss Wood (see17800719; Mrs Sharp-Miss Sherry; unassigned-Barrett, Kenny, Painter.

Afterpiece Title: Fire and Water


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Hastings-Smith; Gloster-Aickin; Bellmour-Davies; Catesby-Wright; Ratcliffe-Chaplin; Derby-Chambers; Shore-Bensley; Alicia-Miss Younge; Jane Shore-Mrs Yates.
Role: Alicia Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: Joseph Andrews

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Parsons, Baddeley, Burton, Lamash, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Wrighten, Miss Sherry, Mrs Robinson. Cast from Morning Chronicle, 21 Apr.: Joseph Andrews-Palmer; Peter Pounce-Parsons; Captain Wilson-Baddeley; Coupee-Burton; Lord Didapper-Lamash; Slipslop-Mrs Hopkins; Jenny-Mrs Wrighten; Lady Booby-Miss Sherry; Fanny-Mrs Robinson; New Prologue-Bensley.
Role: Lady Booby Actor: Miss Sherry

Dance: As17780109


Mainpiece Title: Bonduca

Performance Comment: Principal Parts by Digges, Aickin, Usher, Gardner, Lamash, R. Palmer, Parsons, Massey, Davis, Griffin, Egan, Stevens, Kenny, Painter, Master Edwin, Palmer, Miss Sherry, Mrs Greville, Mrs Massey. [Cast from text (T. Cadell, 1778): Caratach-Digges; Penius-Aickin; Nennius-Usher; Suetonius-Gardner; Junius-Lamash; Demetrius-R. Palmer; Judas-Parsons; Macer-Massey; Decius-Davis; Drusius-Griffin; Curius-Egan; Soldiers-Stevens, Kenny, Painter; Hengo-Master Edwin; Petillius-Palmer; Bonduca-Miss Sherry; Daughters-Mrs Greville, Mrs Massey; Prologue-Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]
Role: Bonduca Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Portrait

Role: Isabel Actor: Miss Twist.