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Mainpiece Title: Camilla

Performance Comment: Edition of 1706 lists: Latinus-[Turner]; Prenesto-Holcomb; Turnus-Hughs; Metius-Ramondon; Linco-Leveridge; Camilla-Mrs Tofts; Lavinia-Mrs Joanna Maria; Tullia-Mrs Lyndsey; Prologue [written by Mainwaring-; Epilogue [written by Estcourt,-Mrs Oldfield.
Role: Mainwaring Actor:
Event Comment: [Text by N. F. Haym. Music by G. F. Handel.] By Command Pit and Boxes at half a guinea. Gallery 5s. At 6:30 p.m. When the Tickets are dispos'd of, No Persons will be admitted for Money. The Diary of Mary Countess Cowper, p. 154: At Night, Radamistus, a fine Opera of Handel's Making. The King there with his Ladies. The Prince in the Stage-box. Great Crowd. Mainwaring, Handel, pp. 98-99: If the persons who are now living, and who were present at that performance may be credited, the applause it received was almost as extravagant as his Agrippina had excited; the crowds and tumults of the house at Venice were hardly equal to those at London. In so splendid and fashionable an assembly of Ladies (to the excellence of their taste we must impute it) there was no shadow of form, or ceremony, scarce inoeed any appearance of order or regularity, politeness, or decency. Many, who had forc'd their way into the house with an impetuosity but ill-suited to their rank and sex, actually Fainted through the heat and closeness of it. Several Gentlemen were turned back, who had offered forty shillings for a seat in the gallery, after having despaired of getting any in the pit or boxes


Mainpiece Title: Radamistus