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Event Comment: The United Company. This performance is on the L. C. list, 5@149. p. 368. See also Nicoll, Restoration Drama, p. 352. The Prologue, separately printed, bears a licensing date of 16 Nov. 1689, and is reprinted in Wiley, Rare Prologues and Epilogues, pp. 276-77. Huygens, 15 Nov. 1689 OS (translation): The King, who had been at the comedy, at the birthday of the Queen-mother, which had been played at Whitehall, did not come home until twelve o'clock (Journal van Constantijn Huygens, Publications of the Dutch Historical Society, New Series, XXIII [Utrecht, 1876], 205)


Mainpiece Title: A Jovial Crew

Event Comment: The United Company. This performance is on the L. C. list, 5@149, p. 368: The Queene a Box, and a Box for the Maids Honor at Don Sebastian King of Portugal. See also Nicoll, Restoration Drama, p. 352. There is no certainly that this is the first performance. The play was entered in the Stationers' Register, 15 Dec. 1689. See also Charles E. Ward, The Life of John Dryden (Chapel Hill, N. C., 1961), pp. 242-46. Preface, Edition of 1690: I acknowledge, with all manner of gratitude, their civility; who were pleas'd to endure it with so much patience....Above twelve hundred lines have been cut off from this tragedy since it was first deliver'd to the actors. They were indeed so judiciously lopt by Mr Betterton, to whose care and excellent action I am equall y oblig'd, that the connexion of the story was not lost. Does a cryptic remark by Huygens, 3 Dec. 1689 OS, refer to this play: Dat dat geklap met de handen in comedie, onlanxgebeurt, als er gesproken wierd van een Coning, die wederom quam in sign rijck, van seer quade consequentie was. Dat voorseker de Con. too mercifull was, en dat er mosten exempelen gestatueert werden (Journal van Constantijn Huygens, Dutch Historical Society Transactions, New Series, XXIII [Utrecht, 18-212)


Mainpiece Title: Don Sebastian

Event Comment: The United Company. Constatijn Huygens, 16 Jan. 1692@2 O. S. [translation]: In the afternoon I went with Preswitz to the comedy, by Covent Garden, where there was a play about Henry II, but I could not very well understand the comedians, neither what they said. Mrs Barry played the King's wife and Mrs Bracegirdle his mistress, who let the King be poisoned in her presence. Sayer came and sat with us. The best places were for the English crown (Journaal van Constantijn Huygens, Publication of the Dutch Historical Society, New Series, XXV [Utrecht, 1877], 168)


Mainpiece Title: Henry The Second

Event Comment: Journal of van Constantijn Huygens, 26 Aug. 1689 (translation): I was, in the afternoon, with my wife and Tien, at Bartholomew Fair, which was held in Smithfield, There were many people, most of them to laugh at the Pope, and all the actors and actresses were seated at the galleries built for them and dressed in extraordinary clothes of high value. There were also some big wheels, twenty foot or more in diameter, where little ships had been hung on, which turned around with the wheel, always hanging, where many people, children and others were seated. There was a great pressure of people, and everywhere sucking pigs were for sale (Journal van Constantijn Hygens, Publications of the Dutch Historical Society, New Series, XXIII [Utrecht, 1876], 172-73)


Mainpiece Title: Entertainments

Event Comment: It is not known in which theatre this revival occurred. It was witnessed by van Constantijn Huygens, Monday 19 Dec. 1695 N.S. [translation]: In the afternoon I was at the comedy with my wife and Mrs Creitsmar. They played an old show called: The Love in the Tubb (Publications of the Dutch Historical Society, New Series, XXV [Utrecht, 1877], 560)


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Tub