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Event Comment: Benefit for Miller, Longley & Colley. Tickets delivered by Robson, Stephenson, Robinson, Varley, Brereton, W. Ansell, Miller (constable), Smallwood, Haliburton, R. Ledger, Baker and Whittington will be received. Receipts: #286 6s. 6d. [151.0.6; 0.14.0; tickets: 134.12.0]


Mainpiece Title: She Stoops To Conquer

Role: Marlow Actor: Wroughton
Role: Mrs Hardcastle Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Miss Neville Actor: Miss Leeson.
Role: Hardcastle Actor: Wilson
Role: Tony Lumpkin Actor: Quick
Role: Hastings Actor: Whitfield
Role: Sir Charles Marlow Actor: Fearon
Role: Miss Hardcastle Actor: Mrs Bulkley.

Afterpiece Title: The Country Mad-Cap

Role: Cantileno Actor: Reinhold
Role: Ballad Actor: Mahon
Role: Zorobabel Actor: Quick
Role: Lord Bawble Actor: Robson
Role: The Country Mad@Cap Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Dance: End II: The Arts and Sciences, as17780509; in which an Assault-Master Dagueville, Master Holland; with a Minuet-Master Dagueville, Miss Bullock; Prince of Wales's New Court Minuet-Master Holland, Miss Simonet

Event Comment: Benefit for T. Ansell, Pilfold, Woolley, Marks & Furkins. Tickets delivered by Clarridge, Doe, Wells, Roberts, Francis, Walker, Whittington, Abbot, Haliburton, Ledger Jun. will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Role: Belcour Actor: Lewis
Role: Stockwell Actor: Booth
Role: Dudley Actor: Hull
Role: Charles Actor: Wroughton
Role: Major O'Flaherty Actor: Aickin
Role: Fulmer Actor: Thompson
Role: Varland Actor: Quick
Role: Lady Rusport Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Mrs Fulmer Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Charlotte Rusport Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Liverpool Prize

Dance: As17790222

Event Comment: Benefit for Rolles, Brereton, Longley & Colley. Tickets delivered by Robson (pit door-keeper), Stephenson, Robinson, Varley, W. Ansell, Smallwood, Shuter, Pillbrow, Turtle, Haliburton, Jennings will be admitted this Evening. [Afterpiece in place of The Citizen, announced on playbill of 28 May.] The last Time of the Company's performing this Season. Receipts: #240 8s. 6d. (27/13/6; 1/14/0; tickets: 211/1/0)


Mainpiece Title: The Beaux Stratagem

Role: Archer Actor: Wroughton
Role: Aimwell Actor: Whitfield
Role: Gibbet Actor: W. Bates
Role: Dorinda Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Lewis
Role: Boniface Actor: Booth
Role: Foigard Actor: Egan
Role: Freeman Actor: Robson
Role: Sullen Actor: Clarke
Role: Scrub Actor: Quick
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Gipsy Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Mattocks

Afterpiece Title: Barnaby Brittle

Role: Jeremy Actor: W. Bates
Role: Clodpole Actor: Thompson
Role: Damans Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Barnaby Brittle Actor: Quick
Role: Lovemore Actor: Robson
Role: Sir Peter Pride Actor: Booth
Role: Damaris Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Lady Pride Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Mrs Brittle Actor: Mrs Mattocks

Dance: As17811219