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Mainpiece Title: Cymon

Performance Comment: As17670109, but Miss_ Plym; The Dances-_Guidetti, Mrs _King, Sga _Giorgi, Miss _Ford.
Event Comment: [R+Rich's Register lists The Hermit as afterpiece.] Paid salary list 5 days at #72 6s. 8d. per diem, #361 13s. 4d.; Atkins not on list #1 7s. 6d.; Rollet on note #7 7s.; Vernon on note per order Mr L, #12 12s.; Bill for 2 suit Men's cloathes #15 15s. (Treasurer's Book). [See engagement contract for Guidetti (Private Correspondence of David Garrick, II, 454) arranged for in Paris by Jean Monnet in early August 1766. He was engaged as Premier Danseur and composer of Ballets at 150 Guineas a year plus "300 Livres argent de France" for travelling expenses. He was to dance for no other theatre without explicit permission from Garrick.] Receipts: #130 17s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserved

Afterpiece Title: Polly Honeycombe

Performance Comment: As17660925 (MacMillan). [The Gazetteer lists no afterpiece but Entertainment of Dancing by Sg Guidetti.]

Dance: II: A New Comic Dance call'd The Vintage-Sga Giorgi, Sg Guidetti (his first appearance in England); End: A New Entertainment of Dancing call'd The Italian Bakers-Guidetti, Mrs King


Mainpiece Title: Cymon

Performance Comment: Parts by King, Bensley, Parsons, Champness, Fawcett, Fox, Vernon, Mrs Abington, Mrs Baddeley, Miss Plym, Miss Reynolds, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Dorman, Mrs Arne. Prologue and Epilogue. The Dances-Grimaldi, Guidetti, Duquesney, Giorgi, Mrs King, Sga Giorgi, Miss Rogers, Miss Ford, Miss Collet; Cymon-Vernon; Linco-King; Merlin (Enchanter)-Bensley; Dorus-Parsons; Damon and Dorilas-Fawcett, Fox; Demon of Revenge-Champness; Sylvia-Mrs Arne; Urganda (Enchantress)-Mrs Baddeley; Fatima-Mrs Abington; Dorcas-Mrs Bradshaw; 1st shepherdess-Miss Reynolds; 2nd Shepherdess-Miss Plym; Cupid-Miss Rogers; Parts-Mrs Dorman; Prologue for New Year's Day-King; Epilogue (by George Keate)-Mrs Abington (Edition of 1767).
Event Comment: DDido deferred on account of the indisposition of Mrs Yates. [See 14 May.] Paid 2 Printer's Bills #17 4s. Mr Mallet 1 suit of lac'd cloths #11 6d.; Paid Guidetti in full #33 5s.; Chorus 1 night #2 10s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #189 6s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)



Mainpiece Title: The English Merchant

Music: After Interlude-Epilogue: The New Concerto on Harpsichord, as17670212

Dance: NNew Pantomime Dance-Guidetti, Giorgi, Mrs King