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Event Comment: Benefit for Follet, Sloper & Farley. By Particular Desire of His Excellency the Turkish Ambassador [see 7 May). 2nd piece: To conclude with a Representation of the Engagement and Defeat of the French Navy, by the British Fleet under the Command of Lord Howe, on the Glorious First of June (1794); with the bringing in La Juste, Sans Pareille, L'America, L'Achille, Northumberland, et L'Eupeteux; and the Sinking of Le Vengeur; with Rule Britannia. Receipts: #357 10s. (66/2/6; 3/16/6; tickets: 287/11/0)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Afterpiece Title: A LOYAL EFFUSION


Event Comment: In celebration of the Glorious Victory of His Majesty's Fleet over the Fleet of the French


Mainpiece Title: La Serva Padrona

Dance: End of opera concerto, as17940603 after which La Vittoria (a Grand Cantata, composed by Paisiello, and performed by Mme Banti at Naples, adapted [by Da Ponte] to the glorious occasion of the triumph of the British flag [on 1 June 1794]), The Goddess of Victory-Mme Banti, accompanied by Chorusses, and a grand Allegorical Ballet, composed by Noverre; to conclude with Rule Britannia by Mme Banti

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Gibbs. 3rd piece [1st time; M. ENT 2, by James Roberts]: End of Act I A Grand View of the British Fleet and the French Prizes entering Portsmouth, and an appropriate Procession. The Piece to conclude with a representation of the Town, &c. of Portsmouth, as illuminated on the glorious occasion. With a Transparency of Earl Howe. [These were included in all subsequent performances.] The selected Musick by Mornington, Handel, Dr Arne, Boyce, Pleyel, &c. A Naval Overture, and the new Musick, by Dr Arnold. The Scenery by Rooker. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Morning Chronicle, 24 Oct. 1794: This Day is published RULE BRITANNIA! (1s.)


Mainpiece Title: Heigho For A Husband

Afterpiece Title: MISS IN HER TEENS

Afterpiece Title: RULE BRITANNIA

Event Comment: Afterpiece: End of Act I an exact Representation of the Engagement between the British and French Fleets on the First of June [1794]. The whole to conclude with a Grand Fire-Work, in honour of Earl Howe. Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully requested to give peremptory orders to their servants to set down with their Horses Heads towards Drury-Lane, and to take up with the Horses Heads towards Covent-Garden. No Carriage can be permitted to stop the way after proper Notice given to the Company. Powell: Glorious First of June rehearsed at 11. Miss DeCamp came 10 minutes beyond the Time, Dignum 15 minutes, Miss Leak 20 minutes. Receipts: #328 13s. 6d. (271.11.6; 56.2.6; 0.19.6)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: The Glorious First of June

Song: In afterpiece: Choruses-Cooke, Danby, Lyons, Maddocks, Welsh, Mrs Bramwell, Miss Granger, Miss Chatterley

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Martyr. By Special Desire of the Turkish Ambassador [Yussuf Adijah Effendi]. 2nd piece [1st time; M. INT 1, probably by William Pearce. Text (Glindon and Co., 1795)]: The Music composed by Shield, Reeve, &c. The Dance and Procession by Byrn. With a Naval Medley Overture composed by Dr Arnold. In the course of the Piece will be represented the Engagement in which the brave Captain Robert? Faulknor fell [in an action off Guadeloupe on 5 Jan. 1795] between the English Frigate the Blanche and the French Frigate La Pique. To conclude with the Funeral Procession of Capt. Faulknor (composed by Byrn), accompanied by a new Dead March (composed by Shield). Morning Chronicle, 21 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Martyr, No. 16, Martlett-court, Bow-street, Covent-garden. Receipts: #402 10s. (201.0; 5.19; tickets: 195.11)


Mainpiece Title: The Bank Note

Afterpiece Title: The Death of Captain Faulknor; or, British Heroism

Afterpiece Title: Tom Thumb

Song: Incidental to 1st piece: The Irishman's Peep at the Continent-Johnstone; In course: Black Eyed Susan-Incledon; In course 2nd piece: [Larpent MS 1079 states, correctly, that most of the songs were "Sung in Arrived at Portsmouth"] Glee-Incledon, Linton, Bowden (Shield); With pride we steer for Britain's Coast-Incledon (Shield); O bring me wine-Bowden (Shield); A description of the Irish way of settling a Quarrel-Johnstone (Reeve); Negro Song-Mrs Martyr (Reeve); Description of a Cockney-Munden (Reeve); Hail to the Brave-Johnstone, Bowden, Incledon (Shield)

Entertainment: End II: Imitations of several favorite Vocal Performers-Mrs Wells; End 1st piece: Imitations of two celebrated Tragic Actresses-Mrs Wells (positively her last appearance in public)

Event Comment: 2nd piece [1st time; M. ENT 1, but printed in 2, by George Nugent Reynolds]: With new and appropriate Scenery by Phillips, &c. The new Music by Reeve. Books of the Songs and Chorusses to be had in the Theatre. [This piece is based on the attempt of the French navy to make a landing in Bantry Bay on 24 Dec. 1796.] Receipts: #293 5s. 6d. (284.5.6; 9.0.0)


Mainpiece Title: A Cure For The Heart Ache

Afterpiece Title: Bantry Bay

Afterpiece Title: The Ghost

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Jordan. [In mainpiece the playbill retains King as Sir Peter Teazle, but "Murray, on account of the indisposition of King, was the Sir Peter to Mrs Jordan's Lady Teazle" (Monthly Mirror, May 1797, p. 311).] Tickets delivered for the 15th [for which day the benefit was first announced] will be admitted. "On the whole, Mrs Jordan's Lady Teazle, if not excellent, was respectable; and at a time when it was thought that it would be impossible to personify her Ladyship [i.e. after the retirement of Miss Farren], Mrs Jordan is commendable in having endeavoured it...[Sir Peter] was a part well suited to Murray, who excels in the still and the pathetic...In the screen scene his mirth in revealing to Charles the story of the French milliner, and his amazement the moment after when Charles, throwing down the screen, presented that milliner in the shape of Lady Teazle, must confirm the reputation of Murray. 'Lady Teazle!' (exclaimed he, turning from her towards the door, and in an accent alarmingly impressive), 'Lady Teazle, by all that is damnable!" (Monthly Visitor, June 1797, pp. 531-32). True Briton, 6 May: Tickets to be had of Mrs Jordan, No. 14, Somerset-street, Portman-square. Receipts: #550 3s. (232.4.0; 72.2.0; 7.10.6; tickets: 238.6.6) (charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Song: As17960927

Entertainment: Monologue. End Address, (Written by R. Cumberland, Esq.) in which she will introduce the Original Ballad from which In the dead of the Night, from The Wedding Day, was taken-Mrs Jordan

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for The Choral Fund, instituted for the Relief of their decayed Members, their Widows, and Orphans. Conductor-Dr Arnold. Leader of the Band-Barthelemon. Organ-Smart Jun. Principal Instrumental Performers-Lindley, Harrington, Holmes, Smart and Sons, Betts, Hyde, Lyon and Son, Boyce, Kauntze, French, Oliver, Dickenson, Manessier, Piercy, King, Brandi, Cubit and Son, Hoffman, Charlton, Gillingham, Buckinger, Nerborn, Wilcox, Mawby, Purryer, Barrett, Windsor, Jackson, Forrett, Fenny, Flack and Son, Dressler, Zwingman, &c. Double Drums-Jenkins; The Chorus will be selected, and assisted by the Young Gentlemen of the Westminster Choir. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. 2nd Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin precisely at 7:00. A Subscription of One Guinea will entitle the Subscriber to Five Box Tickets. Tickets to be had at the principal Music Shops, and of the Secretary, J. Vale, Old Bethlem, Bishopsgate. Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be had of Rice, at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah

Music: In course: solo on the violin, of his own composition-Barthelemon

Event Comment: 3rd piece: Taken from the French of Patrat; Performed but once [at cg on 24 Apr. 1798]. [On this night the following performers appeared both at dl and at the hay: Aickin, Caulfield, Wathen, Trueman, Bannister, Miss DeCamp, Miss Heard.] On playbill of 13 June: Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. 2nd Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00 [same throughout season]. Places for the Boxes to be had of Rice, at the Theatre. Printed by T. Woodfall, No. 104, Drury-Lane


Mainpiece Title: The Deaf Lover

Afterpiece Title: The Battle of Hexham; or, Days of Old

Afterpiece Title: Blue Devils

Event Comment: Under the Patronage of their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Duke of Clarence, Duke of Cumberland, and Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York [and] the Duchess of Devonshire and the Duchess of Gordon. Benefit for O'Keeffe, the Unfortunate Author of the following successful Dramatic Pieces: The Son in Law, Agreeable Surprise, Peeping Tom, Dead Alive, Young Quaker, Life's Vagaries, Castle of Andalusia, Czar, Tony Lumpkin in Town, Poor Soldier, Modern Antiques, Basket Maker, Wild Oats, Wicklow Mountains, French Grenadier [never acted], Positive Man, Love in a Camp, Tantara Rara Rogues all, Beggar on Horseback, Toy, London Hermit, Highland Reel, Blacksmith of Antwerp, Man Milliner, Irish Mimic, Little Hunchback, World in a Village, Fontainbleau, Magic Banner, Farmer, Doldrum, Sprigs of Laurel, Birth Day, Prisoner at Large, &c. &c. Tickets delivered for The Belle's Stratagem will be admitted. [O'Keeffe is referred to as being unfortunate because he was totally blind. In delivering his Poetical Composition, which is printed in Dramatic Censor, II, 265-67, the Monthly Mirror, June 1800, p. 367, reports that he was led on and off the stage by Lewis. It also notes that "Mrs Jordan...came from Drury-Lane, where she had performed the Child of Nature, to officiate at Covent-Garden as the handmaid of charity."] The Last Night of the Company's performing this season. Receipts: none listed


Mainpiece Title: The Lie Of The Day

Afterpiece Title: Three Weeks after Marriage

Afterpiece Title: Paul and Virginia

Song: In Course Evening: The Storm-Incledon

Entertainment: Monologue End II: personal address to the Audience in a Poetical Composition-O'Keeffe (written by Himself for the Occasion); End: Imitations-Rees