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Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Role: Taylor Actor: Penkethman
Role: Drunken Higler Actor: Norris
Role: Loom Actor: Leigh
Role: Armusia Actor: Powell
Role: Princess Actor: Mrs Baker.

Dance: Whimsical Dance between a Miller, his Wife, and a Town Miss-; Chest Dance, after the Italian Manner, between Scaramouch, Punchanello, Coachman, and Cookmaid-; French Peasant and his Wife-; Ladder Dance-a famous Master; Scaramouch-LeSac; Dance by a Flemming in Wooden Shoes-; Dance by a Switzer-; Night Scene of Scaramouch, Harlequin, Cooper, Wife, and others-


Mainpiece Title: The Busie Body

Role: Sir George Actor: Elrington
Role: Sir Jealous Actor: Leigh
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Norris
Role: Busie Body Actor: Spillar
Role: Charles Actor: Cory
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Sapsford
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Spillar.

Afterpiece Title: The Walking Statue; or, The Devil in the Wine Cellar

Dance: Irish Trot-; Harlequin Dance-; French Peasant-; Dutch Skipper-; Flemming in Wooden Shoes-; Dance between a Miller his Wife and a Town Miss-; Ladder Dance-a famous Master; Night Scene between a Harlequin, a Cooper, his Wife, and others-

Event Comment: [Music by Ariosti, Bononcini, Handel. Text by P. A. Rolli.] Admission as 19 Nov. 1720. De Fabrice to Flemming, 21 April (in Deutsch, Handel, p. 126): The Princess of Wales was safely delivered of a son last Saturday. The news was taken to the King by Lord Herbert during...Mutius Scevola, where there was a particularly large audience on account of its being the first performance. The audience celebrated the event with loud applause and huzzas. Each act of this opera is by a different composer, -the first by a certain Pipo, the second by Bononcini, and the third by Hendell, who easily triumphed over the others


Mainpiece Title: Mutius Scaevola

Event Comment: Admission as 7 Nov. M De Fabrice to Count Flemming, 15 Jan. (in Deutsch, Handel, p. 147): Today is the second performance and there is such a run on it that tickets are already being sold at 2 and 3 guineas which are ordinarily half a guinea. London Journal, 19 Jan.: Last Tuesday being the second Time of Madam Cotzoni's Performance, we hear that Opera Tickets sold that Day and the preceding, at 4 Guineas each


Mainpiece Title: Otho