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Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife And Have A Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: I: Drunken Peasant-LeBrun; III: Scots Dance-Haughton, Mrs Walter; IV: Dutchwoman-Miss Robinson; End of Afterpiece: Les Bergeries-Essex, Haughton, Miss Robinson

Song: II: Singing in English-E. Roberts; V: Singing in Italian-E. Roberts

Music: In III: Concerto on Little Flute-John Bastion

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. This performance is on the L. C. list, 5@142, p. 81: At the Man of Mode. See also Nicoll, Restoration Drama, p. 348. Nell Gwyn also attended this performance. See VanLennep, Nell Gwyn's Playgoing, p. 407. It is uncertain whether this is the premiere, but the licensing date of 3 June 1676 suggests that the first production may have occurred at this time. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 36): This Comedy being well Cloath'd and well Acted, got a great deal of Money. One song, As Amoret with Phyllis sat, the words by Sir Car Scroope and the music by Nicholas Staggins, is in Choice Ayres and Songs, The Second Book, 1679; another, When first Amintas charmed my heart, the music by Staggins, is in the same collection, Fifth Book, 1684. John Dennis: I remember very well that upon the first acting this Comedy, it was generally believed to be an agreeable Representation of the Persons of Condition of both both Sexes, both in Court and Town; and that all the World was charm'd with Dorimont (A Defence of Sir Fopling Flutter, 1722, p. 18). For the full text of Dennis' discussion of this play, see The Critical Works of John Dennis, ed. E. N. Hooker (Baltimore, 1943), II, 241-50


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Mode; Or, Sir Fopling Flutter


Mainpiece Title: Il Bacio

Dance: I: Serious Ballet-Fierville, Mlle Bacelli; II: Les Evenemens Imprevues-M N. N., Helm, Mlle Tinti, Mlle Sophie; End Opera: La Generosite de Scipion-N. N., Fierville, Mlle Baccelli


Mainpiece Title: Il Bacio

Dance: I: Les Deux Soeurs, as17760203; II: Ballet Pastoral, as17760120; End of Opera: La Generosite de Scipion-N. N., Fierville, Helm, Sga Tinti, Mlle Sophie, Mlle Baccelli


Mainpiece Title: Le Ali D'amore

Dance: Les Deux Soeurs, as17760229; Ballet Pastoral, as17760229; Pigmalion, as17760213 with the dancer N. N. omitted


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great; Or, The Rival Queens

Afterpiece Title: Marriage a la Mode [i

Song: II: the grand chorus, See the conquering Hero comes-; Between Acts: Singing, as17760925

Entertainment: Monologue.The Painter's Art-[from Taste, by Samuel Foote]; Lady Pentweazle-Master Russell


Mainpiece Title: Secrets Worth Knowing

Afterpiece Title: Fortune's Frolic

Dance: The Highland Lovers [see17990423]-; with Un Pas de Trois-Bologna, Miss E. Cabanel, Miss H. Cabanel; Un Pas Seul Serieux-Miss H. Cabanel; Un Pas Seul de Demie Caractere-Miss E. Cabanel, Platt

Song: End II: The Death of Admiral Benbow-Incledon; End IV: Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; The Tight Little Island-Townsend


Mainpiece Title: Zemira E Azore

Dance: As17790302


Mainpiece Title: Piramo E Tisbe

Dance: End I: a new Ballet Anacreontique (composed by Vestris Sen.) Les Caprices de Galatee-Vestris Jun., Mlle Baccelli, Traffieri, Sga Tantini [Galatee-Mlle Baccelli ($Lynham, 166)]

Ballet: End Opera: a new Ballet Tragique (composed by Vestris Sen.) Medee et Jason. -Mme Simonet, Vestris Sen., Mlle Baccelli, Vestris Jun., Simonet, Traffieri, Slingsby, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Henry, Sga Jason Cast from libretto of Piramo e Tisbe: Medea-Mme Simonet; Jason-Vestris Sen.; Creusa-Mlle Baccelli; A young Prince-Vestris Jun.; Creon-Simonet; Furies-Traffieri, Slingsby, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Henry, Sga Tantini; 2 children of Medea-


Mainpiece Title: Alessandro E Timoteo

Dance: A New Bacchanalian Divertisement Ballet-; La Fille Mal Gardee- As18000415 but no performers listed for either ballet


Mainpiece Title: Alessandro E Timoteo

Dance: As18000524


Mainpiece Title: A New Occasional Prelude

Afterpiece Title: The Road To Ruin

Afterpiece Title: The Irishman in London


Mainpiece Title: The Widow Of Malabar

Afterpiece Title: The Man of Quality

Afterpiece Title: The Two Misers

Song: In: Bannister, Johnstone, Darley, Duffey, Mrs Mountain, Miss Stuart, Miss Rowson, Mrs Martyr; The Music by Stevens-

Entertainment: Monologue. Preceding 2nd piece: Occasional Address-Miss Brunton


Mainpiece Title: Camilla

Dance: n additional Dance called The Two Pierots-Nivelon, Poitier; all the other Dances as usual-


Mainpiece Title: The Country Wife


Dance: n, 1n, and v as17350204


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Afterpiece Title: n% Old Man Taught Wisdom; or, The Virgin Unmask'd


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal; Or, The Humours Of The Navy

Afterpiece Title: n% Old Man Taught Wisdom


Mainpiece Title: Liberty Asserted

Afterpiece Title: Orpheus and Eurydice

Song: n Occasional%Song on the Defeat of the Rebels-Beard

Dance: PPigmalion, as17460409


Mainpiece Title: The Lady's Last Stake; Or, The Wife's Resentment

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Song: n Irish Song %Ellen a Roon-Mrs Storer

Dance: Master Granier, Miss Granier


Mainpiece Title: The Confederacy

Afterpiece Title: The Tears and Triumphs of Parnassus

Dance: II: Reviv'd the Pantomime Dance, call'd The Prussian Camp The Prussian Soldiers by the Comedians, the Characters of the Dance-Grimaldi, Miss Baker


Song: n Ode for Music, call'dThe Tears and Triumphs of Parnassus-. The Music compos'd by Stanley


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Afterpiece Title: The Mad Captain

Song: E. Roberts

Dance: TTwo Pierrots-Vallois, J. Delagarde; Scotch Dance-Mrs Bullock; Masqueraders-Vallois, Mrs Bullock


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Afterpiece Title: The Triumphs of Hibernia

Dance: I: Grand Comic Ballet, as17511216; III: Venetian Gardeners-Grandchamps, Madem Camargo; End of Play: Louvre, Minuet-Grandchamps, Madem Camargo


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Afterpiece Title: The Festive Board [i

Afterpiece Title: Richard Coeur de Lion


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Wife

Song: Lowe

Dance: Muilment


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: Apollo and Daphne