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Event Comment: A Serious Opera (1st time [in London; 1st performed at Rome, 1766]); the music partly by Sarti and partly [i.e. with additions] by Paisiello. 2nd ballet: With entire new scenes by Degotti and executed by himself and Marinari. "The dresses [in this ballet] are said to be after designs from David; the costume is correct, perhaps, but it may be a little softened without injury to the effect. The contrast of colours is in some of them too harsh...The scenery is in a new stile. It has been our taste to assist the perspective by contracting the stage to a point. This was but a clumsy method, as the illusion was rarely complete, and it gave the idea of littleness. In this instance the stage is thrown open on every side, and the perspective is managed as every painter is obliged to manage it, on the broad surface, but still with the mechanic aids which scenery affords. The effect was enchanting" (Morning Chronicle, 30 Nov.). The Doors to be opened at 6:30. To begin at 7:30 [same throughout season]. Pit 10s. 6d. Gallery 5s. No Money to be returned. The Subscribers are most earnestly entreated to observe that, on account of the abuses frequently practised in their names, it has become absolutely necessary to adopt the former rule for Subscribers themselves to produce their Tickets at the doors as they pass into the Theatre. The Upper Boxes to be lett by the night, at one Guinea each for four persons. The way to them through the Gallery Staircase


Mainpiece Title: Ipermestra

Dance: End I: Divertisement, composed by Gallet [with music by Bossi] L'Offrande a Terpsichore-Didelot, Mme Rose, Laborie (1st appearance in this country since 1790 [recte 1792]), Mme Hilligsberg, Mlle J. Hilligsberg, Mme Laborie

Ballet: End Opera: a new Grand, Heroic, Pastoral Ballet, composed by Gallet [with music by Bossi] Ariadne et Bacchus. Bacchus-Laborie; Ariadne-Mme Laborie; Silenus-Blake; Cupid-Master Menage; Followers of Bacchus-Mme Hilligsberg, Mlle J. Hilligsberg, Didelot, Mme Rose. [And see dl, 9 May 1798.