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Event Comment: [Maria Macklin wrote her father (13 March 1773): Smith has rais'd such a fury in the Town, owing to Colman's having refus'd Mrs Yates to play for him, that last Saturday [6 March] being the fifth night of Alzuma, when the play ought to have begun, the Audience made a most violent noise, called for Colman, insisted that the play should not begin till he was found & the reasons given why Mrs Yates was not suffered to play for Smith. In vain did Bensley endeavor frequently to speak and tell them that Colman was not to be found. The still continued hissing and roaring, and this last till past seven o'clock. Dagge and Harris were behind in a dreadful consternation least the house should be demolished, of which indeed it was in some danger. At last they said something must be said to quiet them, when Smith in the confusion ran on and told them that the managers had consented Mrs Yates should play for him. Then they sent him off to tell them that his day must be settled whenever he thought proper, to give her time to come here. He went off and made them fix it for the 19th of April, went on and told them it was settled. They then insisted that Smith should tell them whether everything was settled to his entire satisfaction. He assured them it was. The play was then ordered to begin. I am told they have given him up his articles for three years, at his desire. Several Gentlemen went round into the Hall and sent for Smith, telling him his private quarrels with the managers were nothing to them. That if Mrs Yates play'd they should be glad to see her, but that as she was not in the company it was not right in him to disturb the play and hinder them from seeing it. He expostulated with them and told his story. The Town rings with this affair. Various are the opinions. Some think it is her plan to get once more upon the stage, and they say there is a most powerful Party making to oppose her & that she shall not play that night. Others say Colman is very wrong to hinder her. I find she entirely built upon your playing for me, and there has been a very impatient card in the Ledger to Colman insisting upon his telling the town why Mrs Yates was hindered to play, and why Mr Macklin had any more right to be suffered to come over so long unmolested to play for Miss Macklin? But that everybody sees thru'....Colman I am certain has not a thing against your playing for me. He seems rather to wish for your coming....I do not think the Yeats's will be engag'd tho' the Town rail much at Mrs Hartley & Miss Miller, and sure enough they are bitter bad....On Tuesday I shall send you the fate of Dr Goldsmith's Comedy, which comes out on Monday next. It is call'd the Mistakes of a Night....Foote's Rary Shew has been rehears'd three mornings but he got no money, so he shews off again at night instead-but it does not fill violently. Alonzo goes on but Barry is too ill to play. The great support of it is Mrs Barry's acting." (Harvard Theatre Collection, A.L.S.)] Receipts: #196 19s


Mainpiece Title: Alzuma

Afterpiece Title: Cross Purposes