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Mainpiece Title: The Empress Of Morocco

Performance Comment: . Edition of 1674: Prologue-Ghost of Labas, Morena; Muly Labas-Coysh; Muly Hamet-Kew [Cue?]; Grimalhaz-Watson; Hamet Alhaz-Powel; Abdrahaman-Bird; Abdelcador-Carlton; Messenger-Kempton; Eunch-Venner; Laula-Griffin; Mariamne-Goodman; Morena-Harris; Epilogue [being a new Fancy after the old, and most surprising way of Macbeth, perform'd with new and costly Machines...invented and managed by Henry Wright.-Hecate, Three Witches; Hecate-Powel; 1 Witch-Harris; 2 Witch-Adams; 3 Witch-Lyddal; Thunder-Goodman; Lightning-Kew; An Epilogue [an additional one]-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Ghost of Labas, Morena
Role: Muly Labas Actor: Coysh
Role: Muly Hamet Actor: Kew
Role: Grimalhaz Actor: Watson
Role: Hamet Alhaz Actor: Powel
Role: Abdrahaman Actor: Bird
Role: Abdelcador Actor: Carlton
Role: Messenger Actor: Kempton
Role: Eunch Actor: Venner
Role: Laula Actor: Griffin
Role: Mariamne Actor: Goodman
Role: Morena Actor: Harris
Role: . Actor: Hecate, Three Witches
Role: Hecate Actor: Powel
Role: 1 Witch Actor: Harris
Role: 2 Witch Actor: Adams
Role: 3 Witch Actor: Lyddal
Role: Thunder Actor: Goodman
Role: Lightning Actor: Kew
Role: an additional one] Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Amorous Old Woman; Or, 'tis Well If It Take

Performance Comment: [The author is not known, but the play has been attributed to ThomasDuffett.] Edition of 1764: Prologue-Major Mohun; [A second Prologue intended but not spoken Honorio-Lydal; Amante-Beeston; Garbato-Eastland; Cicco-Perin; Riccamare-Coysh; Buggio-Chapman; Furfante-Powel; Sanco@panco-Shirly; Constantia-Mrs Cox; Arabella-Mrs James; Clara-Mrs Boutel; Strega-Mrs Corey; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Major Mohun
Role: cond Prologue intended but not spoken Honorio Actor: Lydal
Role: Amante Actor: Beeston
Role: Garbato Actor: Eastland
Role: Cicco Actor: Perin
Role: Riccamare Actor: Coysh
Role: Buggio Actor: Chapman
Role: Furfante Actor: Powel
Role: Sanco@panco Actor: Shirly
Role: Constantia Actor: Mrs Cox
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs James
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Boutel
Role: Strega Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Tragedy Of Nero, Emperour Of Rome

Performance Comment: Edition of 1675: Nero-Hart; Britannicus-Mehun; Petronius-Burt; Otho-Wintersal; Piso-Lydal; Seneca-Cartwrite; Drusillus-Clark; Plautus-Coysh; Silvius-Watson; Mirmilon-Powell; Flavius-Harris; Poppea-Mrs Marshal; Agrippina-Mrs Cory; Octavia-Mrs? Cox; Cyara-Mrs Bowtel; Syllana-Mrs Uptiel [Mrs Uphill]; Caligula's Ghost-Griffin; The Prologue-Haines; The Epilogue-Harris.
Role: Nero Actor: Hart
Role: Britannicus Actor: Mehun
Role: Petronius Actor: Burt
Role: Otho Actor: Wintersal
Role: Piso Actor: Lydal
Role: Seneca Actor: Cartwrite
Role: Drusillus Actor: Clark
Role: Plautus Actor: Coysh
Role: Silvius Actor: Watson
Role: Mirmilon Actor: Powell
Role: Flavius Actor: Harris
Role: Poppea Actor: Mrs Marshal
Role: Agrippina Actor: Mrs Cory
Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs? Cox
Role: Cyara Actor: Mrs Bowtel
Role: Syllana Actor: Mrs Uptiel
Role: Caligula's Ghost Actor: Griffin
Role: The Prologue Actor: Haines
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Harris.


Mainpiece Title: The Country Innocence; Or, The Chamber-maid Turn'd Quaker

Performance Comment: Edition of 1677: Prologue-Mr Clark; Sir Oliver Bellingham-Lydell; Sir Robert Malory-Coysh; Captain Mullineux-Goodman; Plush-Wiltshire; Rash-Griffin; Gregory Dwindle-Haynes; Mr William-Powell; Old Thrashard-Watson; Abraham-Styles; Lady Lovely-Mrs Marshal; Lady Malory-Mrs Rutter; Margaret-Mrs Baker; Gillian-Sarah Cook; Barbara-Mrs Knep; Old Gentlewoman-Perrin; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Clark
Role: Sir Oliver Bellingham Actor: Lydell
Role: Sir Robert Malory Actor: Coysh
Role: Captain Mullineux Actor: Goodman
Role: Plush Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Rash Actor: Griffin
Role: Gregory Dwindle Actor: Haynes
Role: Mr William Actor: Powell
Role: Old Thrashard Actor: Watson
Role: Abraham Actor: Styles
Role: Lady Lovely Actor: Mrs Marshal
Role: Lady Malory Actor: Mrs Rutter
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Gillian Actor: Sarah Cook
Role: Barbara Actor: Mrs Knep
Role: Old Gentlewoman Actor: Perrin
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Queens; Or, The Death Of Alexander The Great

Performance Comment: Edition of 1677: Prologue to Alexander by Sir Char. Scroop, Baronet-; Epilogue-; Alexander-Hart; Clytus-Mohun; Lysimachus-Griffin; Hephestion-Clarke; Cassander-Kenaston; Polyperchon-Goodman; Philip-Powell; Thessalus-Wiltshire; Perdiccas-Lydall; Eumenes-Watson; Meleager-Perin; Aristander-Coysh; Sysigambis-Mrs Corey; Statira-Mrs Boutell; Roxana-Mrs Marshall; Parisatis-Mrs Baker.
Role: Baronet Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Alexander Actor: Hart
Role: Clytus Actor: Mohun
Role: Lysimachus Actor: Griffin
Role: Hephestion Actor: Clarke
Role: Cassander Actor: Kenaston
Role: Polyperchon Actor: Goodman
Role: Philip Actor: Powell
Role: Thessalus Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Perdiccas Actor: Lydall
Role: Eumenes Actor: Watson
Role: Meleager Actor: Perin
Role: Aristander Actor: Coysh
Role: Sysigambis Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Statira Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Roxana Actor: Mrs Marshall
Role: Parisatis Actor: Mrs Baker.


Mainpiece Title: Wits Led By The Nose; Or, A Poet's Revenge

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue [by F. W. Gent-Sir Symon Credulous; Antellus-Goodman; Oroandes-Lydell; Zannazarro-Perrin; Arratur-Watson; Vanlore-Powel; Sir Symon Credulous-Haynes; Sir Jasper Sympleton-Stiles; Jack Drayner-Nathaniel Q [Cue]; Dick Slywit-Coysh; Heroina-Mrs Baker Jr; Glorianda-Mrs Bowtell; Amasia-Mrs Baker; Theocrine-Mrs Farlee?; Epilogue-.
Role: Gent Actor: Sir Symon Credulous
Role: Antellus Actor: Goodman
Role: Oroandes Actor: Lydell
Role: Zannazarro Actor: Perrin
Role: Arratur Actor: Watson
Role: Vanlore Actor: Powel
Role: Sir Symon Credulous Actor: Haynes
Role: Sir Jasper Sympleton Actor: Stiles
Role: Jack Drayner Actor: Nathaniel Q
Role: Dick Slywit Actor: Coysh
Role: Heroina Actor: Mrs Baker Jr
Role: Glorianda Actor: Mrs Bowtell
Role: Amasia Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Theocrine Actor: Mrs Farlee?
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: All For Love; Or, The World Well Lost

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue to Anthony and Cleopatra-; Marc Anthony-Hart; Ventidius-Mohun; Dollabella-Clarke; Alexas-Goodman; Serapion-Griffin; Another Priest-Coysh; Cleopatra-Mrs Boutell; Octavia-Mrs Corey; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue to Anthony and Cleopatra Actor:
Role: Marc Anthony Actor: Hart
Role: Ventidius Actor: Mohun
Role: Dollabella Actor: Clarke
Role: Alexas Actor: Goodman
Role: Serapion Actor: Griffin
Role: Another Priest Actor: Coysh
Role: Cleopatra Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Rambling Justice; Or, The Jealous Husbands; With The Humours Of Sir John Twiford

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue-Flora; Sir Arthur Twilight-Powell; Sir Generall Amorous-Wilshire; Contentious Surly-Disney; Sir Geoffrey Jolt-Perrin; John Twiford-Powre; Spywell-Mr Q [Cue]; Bramble-Coysh; Eudoria-Mrs Farlee; Petulant Easy-Mrs Merchant; Emilia-Mrs Bates; Flora-Mrs Cook; Epilogue-Sir Arthur.
Role: Prologue Actor: Flora
Role: Sir Arthur Twilight Actor: Powell
Role: Sir Generall Amorous Actor: Wilshire
Role: Contentious Surly Actor: Disney
Role: Sir Geoffrey Jolt Actor: Perrin
Role: John Twiford Actor: Powre
Role: Spywell Actor: Mr Q
Role: Bramble Actor: Coysh
Role: Eudoria Actor: Mrs Farlee
Role: Petulant Easy Actor: Mrs Merchant
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Bates
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Epilogue Actor: Sir Arthur.


Mainpiece Title: Trick For Trick; Or, The Debauch'd Hypocrite

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue-Mr Haines in a Red Coat like a Common Souldier; Sir Wilding Frollick-Mohun; Monsieur Thomas-Hart; Valentine-Griffin; Franck-Clark; Hylas-Goodman; Sir Peregreen-Powell; Launce-Haynes; Physicians-Watson, Coysh, Perin; Cellida-Mrs Boutell; Sabina-Mrs Corbett; Lucilla-Mrs Merchant; A Whore-Mrs Farlee; Mrs Dorothy-Mrs Knepp; Epilogue-Mr Mohun.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Haines in a Red Coat like a Common Souldier
Role: Sir Wilding Frollick Actor: Mohun
Role: Monsieur Thomas Actor: Hart
Role: Valentine Actor: Griffin
Role: Franck Actor: Clark
Role: Hylas Actor: Goodman
Role: Sir Peregreen Actor: Powell
Role: Launce Actor: Haynes
Role: Physicians Actor: Watson, Coysh, Perin
Role: Cellida Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Sabina Actor: Mrs Corbett
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Merchant
Role: A Whore Actor: Mrs Farlee
Role: Mrs Dorothy Actor: Mrs Knepp
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Mohun.


Mainpiece Title: Psyche Debauched

Performance Comment: [Edition of 1678: King Andrew-Coysh; Costard-$Poell $Powell?">Mrs Corbett; Nicholas-$Mrs Knep; Phillip-$Charleton; Bruine-$Harris; Apollo-$Lyddall; Jeffrey-$Coysh; Costard-$Poell $Powell?]; Justice Crabb-$Wiltshire; Wou'dhamore-$Mrs Rutter; None-so-fair-$Haynes; Redstreak-$Cory; Woossat-$Clarke; Prologue-; Epilogue-.
Role: King Andrew Actor: Mrs Corbett
Role: Nicholas Actor: Mrs Knep
Role: Phillip Actor: Charleton
Role: Bruine Actor: Harris
Role: Apollo Actor: Lyddall
Role: Jeffrey Actor: Coysh
Role: Costard Actor: Poell Powell?
Role: Justice Crabb Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Wou'dhamore Actor: Mrs Rutter
Role: None Actor: so-fair-Haynes
Role: so Actor: fair-Haynes
Role: fair Actor: Haynes
Role: Redstreak Actor: Cory
Role: Woossat Actor: Clarke
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Newmarket

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: The Induction. Enter Prologue at one Door; and just as he addresses to speak, enter Shatteril and Haines at t'other. The Prologue-Mr Clarke; Passal-Wiltshire; Maldrin-Birt; Sir Ral. Nonsuch-Powel; Whiffler-Haines; Swiftspur-Clark; Trainsted-Goodman; Bowser-Griffin; Plodwell-Perin; Breakbond-Moon [Mohun]; Pricknote-Cash [Coysh]; Clevly-Mrs Corbit; Jocalin-Mrs Baker; Quickthridt-Mrs Corey; Luce-Mrs Farle; The Epilogue-Mrs Baker.
Role: The Prologue Actor: Mr Clarke
Role: Passal Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Maldrin Actor: Birt
Role: Nonsuch Actor: Powel
Role: Whiffler Actor: Haines
Role: Swiftspur Actor: Clark
Role: Trainsted Actor: Goodman
Role: Bowser Actor: Griffin
Role: Plodwell Actor: Perin
Role: Breakbond Actor: Moon
Role: Pricknote Actor: Cash
Role: Clevly Actor: Mrs Corbit
Role: Jocalin Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Quickthridt Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Luce Actor: Mrs Farle
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Mrs Baker.
Event Comment: This work is advertised in The Loyal Protestant 22, 27, and 29 Aug. 1682: at Mrs Saffry's, a Dutch Woman's booth, over against the Greyhound Inne in West Smithfield. [Her first announcement calls the company "By an Approved Company"; the other two notices refer to it as "the first New-market Company." See Rosenfeld, The Theatre of the London Fairs, p. 6.] John Coysh paid #6 for a booth at the Fair (Rosenfeld, The Theatre of the London Fairs, p. 6). See also Morley, Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair, p. 222, for notice of the Indian Water Worksv. In Wit and Drollery (1682), p. 304, are verses on the Fair: @Here's the Whore of Babylon the Devil and the Pope,@The Girl is just agoing on the Rope@Here's Dives and Lazarus and the World's Creation,@Here's the Tall Dutch Woman the like's not in the Nation,@Here is the Booth where the High-Dutch Made is@Hear are the Bears that dance like any Ladies,@Tat, tat, tat, tat, tat says the little penny Trumpet@Here's Jacob Hall, that does so jump it, jump it.@Sound Trumpet Sound, for Silver Spoon and Fork,@Come here's your dainty Pit and Pork.@ [See also August 1680.


Mainpiece Title: The Irish Evidence, The Humours Of Tiege; Or, The Mercenary Whore

Role: Variety of Dances Actor: .