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Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Role: Tib Actor: Mrs James
Role: Kitely Actor: Garrick
Role: Old Knowell Actor: Berry
Role: Young Knowell Actor: Ross
Role: Wellbred Actor: Palmer
Role: Bobadil Actor: Woodward
Role: Justice Clement Actor: Taswell
Role: Master Stephen Actor: Shuter
Role: Cob Actor: Mozeen
Role: Formal Actor: Clough
Role: Downright Actor: Winstone
Role: Master Mathew Actor: Vaughan
Role: Brainworm Actor: Yates
Role: Cash Actor: Blakes
Role: Bridget Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Mrs Kitely Actor: Mrs Davies.

Afterpiece Title: The Shepherd's Lottery

Performance Comment: Collin-Beard; Thyrsis-Master Vernon; Dorylas-Wilder; Phillis(first time)-Miss Thomas; Daphne-Mrs Clive;To conclude with a Pastoral Dance-Piettro, Mad Janeton Auretti.

Dance: CCountry Amusements, as17530412


Mainpiece Title: The Plain Dealer

Role: Manly] Actor: Bensley
Role: Lord Plausible Actor: Parsons
Role: Major Oldfox Actor: Moody
Role: Freeman Actor: Palmer
Role: Vernish Actor: Packer
Role: Jerry Blackacre Actor: Yates
Role: Counsellor Quillet Actor: Waldron
Role: Oakam Actor: Wright
Role: Novel Actor: King
Role: Widow Blackacre Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Olivia Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Eliza Actor: Mrs Sharp
Role: Fidelia Actor: Mrs Robinson.

Afterpiece Title: Belphegor; or, The Wishes

Performance Comment: Booze-Vernon; Farmer Wheatear-Moody; Collin-Davies; Belphegor-Gaudry; Justice Solemn-Parsons; Phoebe-Miss Simson; Dame Din-Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Booze Actor: Vernon
Role: Farmer Wheatear Actor: Moody
Role: Collin Actor: Davies
Role: Belphegor Actor: Gaudry
Role: Justice Solemn Actor: Parsons
Role: Phoebe Actor: Miss Simson
Role: Dame Din Actor: Mrs Wrighten.


Mainpiece Title: Cinthia And Endimion; Or, The Loves Of The Deities

Performance Comment: Edition of 1697: Prologue to Cinthia and Endimion-; Epilogue to the Opera-. Mr Dogget, dress'd like Collin, rises from under the Stage as frighted. No actors' or singers' names.


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Role: Crabtree Actor: Waldron.
Role: Sir Peter Teazle Actor: King
Role: Sir Oliver Surface Actor: Yates
Role: Joseph Surface Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Benjamin Backbite Actor: Dodd
Role: Rowley Actor: Aickin
Role: Moses Actor: Baddeley
Role: Snake Actor: Packer
Role: Careless Actor: Farren
Role: Trip Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Charles Actor: Smith
Role: Mrs Candour Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Brereton
Role: Lady Sneerwell Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lady Teazle Actor: Mrs Abington.

Afterpiece Title: Belphegor

Role: Justice Solemn Actor: Waldron.
Role: Booze Actor: Vernon
Role: Farmer Wheatear Actor: Moody
Role: Collin Actor: Davies
Role: Belphegor Actor: Gaudry
Role: Phoebe Actor: Miss Simson
Role: Dame Din Actor: Mrs Wrighten.


Mainpiece Title: The Faithful Couple; Or, The Royal Shepherdess

Entertainment: Between Old Hob and his Wife, Comical Humours of Mopsey and Collin-


Mainpiece Title: The Lord Of The Manor

Role: Rashly Actor: Bannister
Role: Sir John Contrast Actor: Parsons
Role: Le Nippe Actor: Dodd
Role: Rental Actor: Aickin
Role: Truemore Actor: Barry more
Role: Captain Trapan Actor: Baddeley
Role: Huntsman Actor: Williames
Role: Crimp Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Snap Actor: Phillimore
Role: Contrast Actor: Palmer
Role: Moll Flaggon Actor: Mr Suett
Role: Annette Actor: Miss George
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Sophia Actor: Mrs Crouch

Afterpiece Title: The Romp

Role: : Young Cockney Actor: Dodd
Role: Captain Sightly Actor: Barrymore
Role: Old Cockney Actor: Fawcett
Role: Barnacle Actor: Suctt
Role: Penelope Actor: Miss Stageldoir
Role: Miss La Blond Actor: Miss Barnes
Role: Priscilla Tomboy Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Dance: End of mainpiece The Sailors' Revels, as17860424

Song: In the course of the evening Collin cur'd of roving; End of Dancing Mad Bess (in character), both by Miss George


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Role: Sir John Melvil Actor: Staunton
Role: Fanny Actor: Miss Farren
Role: Lovewell Actor: Bannister Jun
Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: King
Role: Sterling Actor: Parsons
Role: Serjeant Flower Actor: Wrighten
Role: Traverse Actor: Phillimore
Role: Trueman Actor: Fawcett
Role: Canton Actor: Baddcley
Role: Brush Actor: Palmer
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Hopkins

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask d

Role: Coupee Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Blister Actor: Suett
Role: Quaver Actor: Barrymore
Role: Goodwill Actor: Packer
Role: Thomas Actor: Phillimore
Role: Miss Lucy Actor: Mrs Jordan

Song: End of Act IV of mainpiece Collin cur'd of roving by Miss George; End of mainpiece Bucks of the Field by Dignum

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Chapman. Tickets delivered for The Toy will be admitted. 3rd piece [1st time; D 1, author unknown. Larpent MS 950; not published. Songs by John Collins and Charles Dibdin (MacMillan, Larpent Catalogue, 157-58)]. Morning Herald, 14 May: Tickets to be had of Miss Chapman, No. 16, Henrietta-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #244 18s. (122.10; 13.5; tickets: 109.3) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Widow Of Malabar

Role: Young Bramin Actor: Holman
Role: Raymond Actor: Farren
Role: Narrain Actor: Thompson
Role: 2nd Bramin Actor: Powel
Role: Albert Actor: Evatt
Role: Chief Bramin Actor: Harley
Role: Fatima Actor: Mrs Rock
Role: Indamora Actor: Mrs Merry.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Role: Petruchio Actor: Lewis
Role: Grumio Actor: Quick
Role: Taylor Actor: Munden
Role: Catherine Actor: Miss Chapman

Afterpiece Title: A Cure for a Coxcomb; or, The Beau Bedevil'd

Related Works
Related Work: A Cure for a Coxcomb; or, The Beau Bedevil'd Author(s): John Collin

Song: In 3rd piece: will be introduced the following Favorite songs: When virtue forms-Mrs Davis; The Bottle-Davies; The Pleasures of the Chace-Incledon; Farewell each Tonish Life-Munden; Bucket of Water, 'Tis a mighty fine thing-Johnstone; Kitty Grogan, Tho' I'm no dancing master-Johnstone; Anna's Love-Incledon; The Pig, You all must have heard-Fawcett; To-morrow, In the downhill of life-Darley; You are aw nodding-Mrs Harlowe; Coach box, You may feast your ears-Cubitt


Mainpiece Title: Which Is The Man

Role: Beauchamp Actor: Lewis
Role: Fitzherbert Actor: Aickin
Role: Belville Actor: A Young Gentleman
Role: Lord Sparkle Actor: Bernard
Role: Bobby Pendragon Actor: Quick
Role: Miss Pendragon Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Julia Manners Actor: Mrs Bernard
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Rock
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Lewis
Role: Tiffany Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Lady Bell Bloomer Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: Primrose Green; or, Love in the Country

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Incledon, Blanchard, Munden, Bernard, Williamson, Wilson, Mrs Harlowe, Miss Williams, Mrs Warrell. [Larpent MS lists the parts: Sir Jeremiah Laurel, Abram, Standard, Scipio, Rural, Collin, Lucy, Peggy, Maria.]Larpent MS lists the parts: Sir Jeremiah Laurel, Abram, Standard, Scipio, Rural, Collin, Lucy, Peggy, Maria.]

Dance: After Monologue: The Jockies, as17910507

Song: End II: Black Eyed Susan-Incledon

Entertainment: Monologue. End: Dissertation on Hobby@Horses: The Statesman's Hobby; The Soldier's Hobby; The Beau's Hobby; The Lady's Hobby; The Fidler's Hobby; Mrs Mountain's Hobby; The Manager's Hobby; and His Own Hobby-Bernard

Role: and His Own Hobby Actor: Bernard.