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Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: Beau Mizen-Woodward; Worthy-Havard; Rovewell-Usher; Sir Charles-Palmer; Flip-Yates; Arabella Zeal-Miss Macklin; Belinda-Miss Haughton; Jenny Private-Miss Minors; Fair Quaker-Mrs Davies; Sailors-Beard, Vaughan, Clough, Blakes, Atkins, Mozeen, Ackman; with a Song-Beard in Character.
Role: Beau Mizen Actor: Woodward
Role: Worthy Actor: Havard
Role: Rovewell Actor: Usher
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Palmer
Role: Flip Actor: Yates
Role: Arabella Zeal Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Belinda Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Jenny Private Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Fair Quaker Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Sailors Actor: Beard, Vaughan, Clough, Blakes, Atkins, Mozeen, Ackman
Role: with a Song Actor: Beard in Character.
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Related Work: The Fair Quaker of Deal, or, The Humours of the Navy Author(s): Charles Shadwell

Afterpiece Title: Mercury Harlequin

Dance: II: The Market, as17571126

Event Comment: [By Charles Johnson.] Alter'd from the Comedy call'd As You Like It, Written by Shakespear


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Forest

Performance Comment: Edition of 1723 lists: Duke Frederick-Williams; Alberto-Booth; Jaques-Cibber; Amiens-Corey; Oliver-Thurmond; Orlando-Wilks; Roberto-Roberts; Adam-Mills; Le Beau-Th. Cibber; Charles-W. Mills; Rosalind-Mrs Booth; Celia-Mrs Thurmond; Hymen-Miss Lindar; Pyramqs-Penkethman; Wall-Norris; Lion-Wilson; Moonshine-Ray; Thisbe-Miller; Prologue-Wilks; Epilogue-Mrs Thurmond.
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Williams
Role: Alberto Actor: Booth
Role: Jaques Actor: Cibber
Role: Amiens Actor: Corey
Role: Oliver Actor: Thurmond
Role: Orlando Actor: Wilks
Role: Roberto Actor: Roberts
Role: Adam Actor: Mills
Role: Le Beau Actor: Th. Cibber
Role: Charles Actor: W. Mills
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Hymen Actor: Miss Lindar
Role: Pyramqs Actor: Penkethman
Role: Wall Actor: Norris
Role: Lion Actor: Wilson
Role: Moonshine Actor: Ray
Role: Thisbe Actor: Miller
Role: Prologue Actor: Wilks
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Thurmond.
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Related Work: Love in a Forest Author(s): Charles Johnson
Event Comment: [By Charles Johnson.]Receipts: #63 11s


Mainpiece Title: The Female Fortune Teller

Performance Comment: Parts-Ryan, Walker, Quin, Hippisley, Hulett, Hall, Mrs Egleton, Mrs Parker, Mrs Younger, Mrs Moffett, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Morgan; but edition of 1726 lists: Spring-Quin; Ringwood-Rian; Sir Charles Mirmont-Walker; Owen Apwigeon-Hippisley; Mrs Joiner-Mrs Egleton; Frances-Mrs Morgan; Astrea-Mrs Parker; Clarinda-Mrs Mowfet; Scuttle-Mrs Younger; Mrs Apwigeon-Mrs Vincent; Prologue-Ryan; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
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Related Work: The Female Fortune Teller Author(s): Charles Johnson
Event Comment: Mainpiece: [By Charles Molloy.] Never Acted before. Afterpiece: [By John Leigh.] A new Farce...being the Sequel to Country Wake. [The Prince present.


Mainpiece Title: The Half Pay Officers

Performance Comment: Principal Part-Peg Fryer it being the first time of her Appearing on any Stage since the Reign of King Charles II; [The edition of 1720 adds: Bellayr-Ryan; Fluellin-Griffin; MacMorris-H. Bullock; Culverin-Spiller; Meagre-C. Bullock; Loadham-Harper; Sharp-Egleton; Jaspar-Boheme; Widow Rich-Mrs Vandervelt [Peg Fryer?]; Benedict-Mrs Bullock; Charlotte-Miss Stone; Jane-Mrs Robertson; Prologue-; Epilogue-.
Role: Principal Part Actor: Peg Fryer it being the first time of her Appearing on any Stage since the Reign of King Charles II
Role: Bellayr Actor: Ryan
Role: Fluellin Actor: Griffin
Role: MacMorris Actor: H. Bullock
Role: Culverin Actor: Spiller
Role: Meagre Actor: C. Bullock
Role: Loadham Actor: Harper
Role: Sharp Actor: Egleton
Role: Jaspar Actor: Boheme
Role: Widow Rich Actor: Mrs Vandervelt
Role: Benedict Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Stone
Role: Jane Actor: Mrs Robertson
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: .
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Related Work: The Half Pay Officers Author(s): Charles Molloy

Afterpiece Title: Hob's Wedding

Role: Sir ThomasTesty Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Woodvill Actor: Egleton
Role: Truelove Actor: Diggs
Role: Old Hob Actor: Harper
Role: Young Hob Actor: Spiller
Role: Saywell Actor: Coker
Role: Lady Testy Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Lucia Actor: Miss Stone
Role: Mary Actor: Mrs Bullock Jr
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Robertson
Role: Hob's Mother Actor: Mrs Elsam.

Dance: Bashful Maid, Irish Trot-Mrs Fryer

Event Comment: Charles II to Madame, 14 July 1664: I am just now come from seeing a new ill play and it is almost midnight (C. H. Hartman, Charles II and Madame [1934], p. 108). W. J. Lawrence, in a review of Boswell, The Restoration Court Stage, in Modern Language Review, XXVIII (1933), 103, stated his belief that this play was acted at court this day


Mainpiece Title: Pompey The Great

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Related Work: Pompey the Great Author(s): Sir Charles Sedley Charles Sackville
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. The date of the first performance is not known, but Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 32) states: The first new Play Acted there, was King Charles the VIII. of France; it was all new Cloath'd, yet lasted but 6 Days together, but 'twas Acted now and then afterwards. Two songs for this play, Too justly alas, set by James Hart, and O love if e'er thou'lt ease a heart, set by Pelham Humphrey, are in Choice Songs and Ayres, First Book, 1673


Mainpiece Title: The History Of Charles The Eighth Of France; Or, The Invasion Of Naples Of The French

Performance Comment: Edition of 1672: The Prologue-; Alphonso-Metbourn; Ferdinand-Harris; Prince of Salerne-Smith; Ascanio-Young; Trivultio-Sandford; Gonsalvo-Burford; Ghost-Cademan; Charles the Eighth-Batterton; Lewis-Crosby; Mompensier-Norris; Isabella-Mrs Batterton; Cornelia-Mrs Slaughter; Irene-Mrs Shadwell; Julia-Mrs Dixon; Epilogue-.
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: Alphonso Actor: Metbourn
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Harris
Role: Prince of Salerne Actor: Smith
Role: Ascanio Actor: Young
Role: Trivultio Actor: Sandford
Role: Gonsalvo Actor: Burford
Role: Ghost Actor: Cademan
Role: Charles the Eighth Actor: Batterton
Role: Lewis Actor: Crosby
Role: Mompensier Actor: Norris
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Batterton
Role: Cornelia Actor: Mrs Slaughter
Role: Irene Actor: Mrs Shadwell
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Dixon
Role: Epilogue Actor: .
Event Comment: Benefit for the Widows and Orphans of the Brave Men who perished, and for those who were wounded, in the Glorious Action on the 14th of February last [off Cape St. Vincent], under Admiral Sir John Jervis. Patrons: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness the Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Stewards: Duke of Leeds, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl of Cardigan, Earl Spencer, Lord Kinnaird, Charles Grey Esq., Thomas Tyrwhitt Esq., William Lushington Esq., William Manning Esq., John Thomson Esq., John Julius Angerstein Esq.


Mainpiece Title: Alceste

Ballet: End Opera: Sapho et Phaon. As17970406

Role: Adonis Actor: Miss Menage
Role: L'Amour Actor: Master Menage
Role: Zephyre Actor: Gentili
Role: Vulcain Actor: Fialon
Role: Phaon Actor: Didelot
Role: Alcee Actor: Simpson
Role: Nemesis Actor: Simpson
Role: Le Feu Actor: Gentili
Role: L'Hypocrisie Actor: Fialon
Role: Sapho Actor: Mme Rose
Role: Damophile Actor: Mme Hilligsberg
Role: Venus Actor: Mlle Parisot.
Event Comment: [Extra night] Benefit for the Widows and Orphans of those brave Men who perished, and those who were wounded, in the Glorious Action of the 14th February last [see king's, 18 May.] Patrons: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Stewards: Duke of Leeds, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl Spencer, Lord Kinnaird, Charles Grey Esq., Thomas Tyrwhitt Esq., Wm. Lushington Esq., Wm. Manning Esq., John Thomson Esq., John Julius Angerstein Esq. Boxes to be taken, and Tickets had at the Office of the Theatre, and at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee-House. Receipts: none listed


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Role: Moody Actor: Murray
Role: Harcourt Actor: Barrymore
Role: Belville Actor: Toms
Role: Countryman Actor: Wilde
Role: Sparkish Actor: Knight
Role: Alithea Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: The Country Girl Actor: Mrs Jordan

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Dance: End: Peggy's Love (By permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mme Hilligsberg; End afterpiece: Cupid and Psyche-the same.Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mlle Hilligsberg

Entertainment: Monologue. Preceding 1st ballet: [a favorite Epilogue-Mrs Abington (1st appearance on this stage these 8 [recte 7] years)


Mainpiece Title: The Devil To Pay; Or, The Wives Metamorphos'd

Performance Comment: Sir John Loverule-Stoppelaer; Jobson-Harper; Valentine-Roberts; Ranger-R. Wetherilt; Ananias-Charke; Butler-Berry; Cook-Fielding; Footman-Wright; Coachman-Grey; Doctor-Oates; Father-Wetherilt Jr; Lady Loverule-Mrs Mills; Nell-Miss Raftor; Lucy-Miss Oates; Lettice-Miss Williams; Gaffer Dungfork-Cibber Jr; but edition of 1731 adds: Nadir-Fisher Tench; Abishog-H. Tench; Prologue-Cibber Jr.
Role: Sir John Loverule Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Jobson Actor: Harper
Role: Valentine Actor: Roberts
Role: Ranger Actor: R. Wetherilt
Role: Ananias Actor: Charke
Role: Butler Actor: Berry
Role: Cook Actor: Fielding
Role: Footman Actor: Wright
Role: Coachman Actor: Grey
Role: Doctor Actor: Oates
Role: Father Actor: Wetherilt Jr
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Nell Actor: Miss Raftor
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Oates
Role: Lettice Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Gaffer Dungfork Actor: Cibber Jr
Role: Nadir Actor: Fisher Tench
Role: Abishog Actor: H. Tench
Role: Prologue Actor: Cibber Jr.
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Related Work: The Devil to Pay; or, The Wives Metamorphos'd Author(s): Charles Coffey

Dance: new dance %Bartholomew Fair-Fisher Tench, Miss Brett

Event Comment: [As mainpiece the playbill announces the 7th night of A School for Grey-Beards (see 3 Mar. 1787), but "Parsons was in bed so ill as to make it impossible for him to play-the play was in course changed" (Morning Chronicle, 26 Dec.). Its substitute is listed in the Account-Book.] Receipts: #163 16s. 6d. (121.18.0; 39.18.0; 2.0.6)


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee

Role: Irishman Actor: Moody
Role: Clown Actor: Parsons
Role: Country Girl Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Tragic Muse Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: Comic Muse Actor: Miss Farren
Related Works
Related Work: The Jubilee Author(s): Charles Dibdin
Event Comment: Benefit for Wilson. Mainpiece: Not acted these 3 years. 3rd piece: Written by D. Garrick, Esq., with Additions. 4th piece [1st time; MF 2, by Charles Stuart]: The Overture and Music chiefly new, by Gehot, and Shield, who composed the music to The Flitch of Bacon. Public Advertiser, 3 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Wilson, No. 2, Henrietta-street, Covent Garden. Ibid, 29 Apr. 1779: This Day is published The Cobler of Castlebury (1s.)


Mainpiece Title: Illumination

Role: Skylight Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: Dip Actor: Wilson
Role: Quillet Actor: Brunsdon
Role: Parchment Actor: Thompson
Role: Dick Actor: Fearon
Role: Mob Actor: Bates, Mahon, Wewitzer
Role: Miss Skylight Actor: Miss Green
Role: Mrs Skylight Actor: Mrs Pitt

Afterpiece Title: The Funeral; or, Grief a-la-Mode

Role: Lord Hardy Actor: Wroughton
Role: Campley Actor: Lewis
Role: Lord Brumpton Actor: L'Estrange
Role: Trusty Actor: Hull
Role: Counsellor Puzzle Actor: Booth
Role: Tom Actor: Jones
Role: Sable Actor: Quick
Role: Trim Actor: Wilson
Role: Lady Harriet Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Lady Charlotte Actor: Mrs Lessingham
Role: Tattleaid Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Fardingale Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Lady Brumpton Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Farmer's Return from London

Role: Farmer Actor: Wilson
Role: Farmer's Wife Actor: Mrs Pitt.

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler of Castlebury

Role: Lapstone Actor: Wilson
Role: Rawboy Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Bluff Actor: J. Wilson
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Wilson.
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Related Work: The Cobler of Castlebury Author(s): Charles Stuart
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Written by the late J. Addison, Esq


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Role: Cato Actor: Quin
Role: Juba Actor: W. Mills
Role: Sempronius Actor: Mills
Role: Syphax Actor: Cibber
Role: Portius Actor: Milward
Role: Marcus Actor: Cross
Role: Lucius Actor: Winstone
Role: Decius Actor: Hewitt
Role: Marcia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Butler

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay; or, The Wives Metamorphos'd

Role: Jobson Actor: Harper
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Sir John Actor: Salway
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Related Works
Related Work: The Devil to Pay; or, The Wives Metamorphos'd Author(s): Charles Coffey


Mainpiece Title: Medea

Jason Actor: Smith
Role: Creon Actor: Bensley
Role: Aeson Actor: Hull
Role: Lycander Actor: Perry
Role: 1st Colchian Actor: Clarke
Role: Hecate Actor: Gardner
Role: Theano Actor: Mattocks
Role: Medea Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: The Song of Azure God Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: The Original Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates.
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Related Work: Medea Author(s): Charles Johnson

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Don Diego Actor: Reinhold
Role: Leander Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Mungo Actor: Quick
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Catley.
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Related Work: The Padlock Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Dance: End: The Reel, as17701103

Event Comment: Garrick put the finish hand to the sale of half the patent &c. to Dr Ford, Linley, Ewart, and Sheridan for #35,000 to be delivered over in June next. Garrick it was said rais'd #12,000 last year by subscription to pay New Ornamentation, which cost #3000, so that the remaining #4500 and #35,000 was no bad interest for the #5,000 he gave in 1747. New property valuation giving him a...(Winston MS 11, from Burney News Cuttings). Paid Mr Palmer, spermacetti candle Bill #186 13s.; Mr Machin, Chorus, 19 times #4 15s. Rec'd Mr Percy's rent 1 year to Mich Last, #10; Stopages #14 5s. Receipts: #167 2s. (Treasurer's Book). From the Morning Chronicle, 19 Jan.: "David Garrick, Esq., has signed and sealed for the sale of his share in the patent and Property of Drury Lane Theatre. The purchasers are Dr Ford, Mr Ewart, Mr Linley, and Mr Richard Sheridan. The purchase money is #35,000. The public may now therefore depend upon it that this will be the last season of Mr Garrick's performing. The new proprietors as an act of their own, have stipulated that Mr Garrick shall continue to keep that box which has of late years been set apart for the accomodation of his family. Mr Garrick intimated last night to the audience his having sold his share in Drury Lane Theatre, by answering in the part of Abel Drugger , on being asked if he had any interest at the theatre, 'I had some, I don't know what I may have.'


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Role: MacDuff Actor: Farren, first time
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs King, first time.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Smith
Role: Duncan Actor: Bransby
Role: Ross Actor: Aickin
Role: Macduff Actor: Reddish
Role: Malcolm Actor: Davies
Role: Angus Actor: Whitfield
Role: Captain Actor: Usher
Role: Banquo Actor: Packer
Role: Donalbain Actor: Everard
Role: Hecate Actor: Legg
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Witches Actor: Parsons
Role: Lenox Actor: Fawcett
Role: Seward Actor: Hurst
Role: Doctor Actor: Wright
Role: Fleance Actor: Mas. Pulley
Role: Seton Actor: Griffiths
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Legg, Kear, Carpenter, Cubitt, Blanchard, Mrs Scott, Mrs Love
Role: a Dance of Furies Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee

Related Works
Related Work: The Jubilee Author(s): Charles Dibdin
Event Comment: Rec'd stopages #11 18s.; Paid Daniel Maltoss [sic] Esq one year's rent due Xmas #31 10s. 10d. (Treasurer's Book). [Evidently Daniel Malthus. Although Victor was still Treasurer and Evans sub-treasurer this season, some new bookkeepers seem to be recording the financial transactions, for several different hands appear in the manuscript. The spelling by one of these bookkeepers is bad even by eighteenth-century standards. DeLoutherbourg's name is spelled a half-dozen different ways, including Lutenborgh, Lutterbourg, and Latherbourg.] Receipts: #266 2s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Role: Kitely Actor: Garrick
Role: Stephen Actor: Dodd
Role: Cash Actor: Brereton.
Role: Old Knowell Actor: Hurst
Role: Wellbred Actor: Jefferson
Role: Master Stephen Actor: Weston
Role: Bobadill Actor: King
Role: Brainworm Actor: Baddeley
Role: Justice Clement Actor: Parsons
Role: Mathew Actor: Burton
Role: Cob Actor: Moody
Role: Young Knowell Actor: Aickin
Role: Downright Actor: Bransby
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Tib Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Kitely Actor: Mrs Greville.

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Candidates

Role: Spy Actor: Baddeley
Role: Gardners Actor: Garland, _Kear.
Role: Mercury Actor: Vernon
Role: Harlequin Actor: Dodd
Role: Tragedy Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Comedy Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Role: King Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Miller Actor: Moody.
Role: Byron Actor: Vernon
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Dodd
Role: Worry Actor: Parsons
Role: First Gardner Actor: Bannister
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Smith, first time.
Related Works
Related Work: The Rival Candidates Author(s): Charles Thomas Carter

Dance: V: The Irish Fair, as17751003


Afterpiece Title: The Metamorphoses

Role: Don Pedro Actor: Wilson
Role: Lysander Actor: Bret
Role: Fabio Actor: Bannister
Role: Perez Actor: Weston
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Jewell
Role: Juletta Actor: Mrs Weston
Related Works
Related Work: The Metamorphoses Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Dance: The Venetian Regatta-

Event Comment: By Permission of the Right Hon. the Lord Chamberlain. Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, based on Le Dissipateur, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Authors of Prologue and Epilogue, and speaker of Epilogue, unknown]: Written by the late Samuel Foote Esq. [The attribution to Foote is dubious.] Afterpiece [1st time in London; MF-2. See CG, 28 Mar. 1778]: Now acting in Dublin with applause; written by [i.e. altered from, by T. A. Lloyd] the author of Love in a Village, &c. &c


Mainpiece Title: The Spendthrift; Or, The Female Conspiracy

Afterpiece Title: The Romp

Role: Priscilla Tomboy Actor: Mrs Cox
Related Works
Related Work: The Boarding School; or, The Sham Captain Author(s): Charles Coffey
Related Work: The Romp Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Song: End of Acts II and in of mainpiece two favourite airs by Mrs Cox (1st appearance.)

Monologue: 1781 11 12 End of Act IV of mainpiece Shuter's Post Haste Observations on his Journey to Paris by Dutton

Event Comment: Benefit for Whitfield. 2nd piece: Written by George Colman, Esq. Not acted these 10 years [acted 20 Dec. 1777]. After which, a Grand Procession of the principal Characters of Shakespeare, as exhibited at the Jubilee at Stratford upon Avon [in Sept. 1769]. Public Advertiser, 5 May: Tickets to be had of Whitfield at his house, Leicester Court, Castle Street, Leicester Fields. Receipts: #114 4s. (45/18; tickets: 68/6) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Wives Revenged

Role: Mr Vermilion Actor: Mattocks
Role: Mr Tokay Actor: Edwin
Role: Mr Dimity Actor: Quick
Role: Mrs Vermilion Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Mrs Dimity Actor: Mrs Chalmers
Role: Mrs Tokay Actor: Mrs Morton
Related Works
Related Work: The Wives Revenged Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Afterpiece Title: Man and Wife

Role: Marcourt Actor: Whitfield
Role: Kitchen Actor: Thompson
Role: Frankly Actor: Davies
Role: Cross Actor: Fearon
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Sally Actor: A Very Young Lady, the same that performed it in the Haymarket
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Mrs Cross Actor: Mrs Webb

Afterpiece Title: Poor Vulcan

Role: Squire Actor: Mattocks
Role: Mars Actor: Reinhold
Role: Apollo Actor: Davies
Role: Joe Actor: Brett
Role: Poor Vulcan Actor: Quick
Role: Grace Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Mrs Maudlin Actor: Mrs Martyr
Related Works
Related Work: Poor Vulcan! Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Dance: End of 2nd piece The Poney Races, as17840504

Song: Procession to conclude with a new Theatrical Glee, composed by Shield, by Reinhold, Brett, Johnstone

Related Works
Related Work: Buthred Author(s): Charles Johnstone
Event Comment: Benefit for Pope. At the particular Desire of his Excellency the Ambassador [see 7 May] from the Sublime Porte:. 3rd piece: At End of Act I of the DIVERTISEMENT. Written by Edward Jerningham, Esq., with Alterations and Additions, interspersed with Music, after the manner of Rousseau's PYGMALION. Morning Chronicle, 19 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Pope, Half-Moon-street, Piccadilly. Receipts: #231 17s. (138/14; 3/3; tickets: 90/0)


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Role: Hamlet Actor: Pope
Role: Ghost Actor: Farren
Role: Horatio Actor: Harley
Role: Laertes Actor: Middleton
Role: King Actor: Powel
Role: Polonius Actor: Munden
Role: Ostrick Actor: Bernard
Role: Rosencraus Actor: Macready
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Davies
Role: Player King Actor: Thompson
Role: Marcellus Actor: Evatt
Role: Grave@Diggers Actor: Quick, Rees
Role: Ophelia Actor: Miss Poole
Role: Mad Bess Actor: Miss Poole
Role: Player Queen Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: A DIVERTISEMENT

Role: Uncle Toby Actor: Fawcett
Role: Mr Shandy Actor: Hull
Role: Obadiah Actor: Blanchard
Role: Dr Slop Actor: Rees
Role: Corporal Trim Actor: MundenWidow Wadman-Mrs Fawcett
Role: MundenWidow Wadman Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: Susannah Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: . Frederick Actor: Johnstone
Role: Sir Fidget Fearful Actor: Powel
Role: Gregory Actor: Blanchard
Role: Thicket Actor: Incledon
Role: Clueline Actor: Richardson
Role: Flambeau Actor: BernardPeggy-Mrs Martyr
Role: BernardPeggy Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Sophia Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Whim Actor: Mr Rees.
Related Works
Related Work: A Divertisement Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Afterpiece Title: MARGARET OF ANJOU

Song: In Act V of 1st piece, as17931216; End of 1st piece Black-Eyed Susan by Incledon

Event Comment: [Extra night] By Authority of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Waldron, prompter. Tickets to be had of Waldron, No. 54 , Drury-lane. 3rd piece: By permission of George Colman, Esq


Mainpiece Title: The Sultan; Or, A Peep Into The Seraglio

Role: Solyman Actor: Barrymore
Role: Osmyn Actor: DignumIsmene
Role: DignumIsmene Actor: Miss Leak
Role: Elmira Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Roxalana Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Related Works
Related Work: The Sultan; or, A Peep into the Seraglio Author(s): Charles Dibdin

Afterpiece Title: A BOLD STROKE FOR A WIFE

Role: Colonel Feignwell Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Perriwinkle Actor: Parsons
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Suett
Role: Moddove Actor: Baddeley
Role: Tradelove Actor: Aickin
Role: Simon Pure Actor: Bland
Role: Freeman Actor: Caulfield
Role: Sackbut Actor: Benson
Role: Aminadab Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: Servant Actor: Lyons
Role: Stock Actor: brokers-Burton, Jones, Usher, Cooke Mrs Prim-Mrs Hopkins
Role: brokers Actor: Burton, Jones, Usher, Cooke Mrs Prim-Mrs Hopkins
Role: Cooke Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Anne Lovely Actor: Mrs Gibbs

Afterpiece Title: THE PURSE

Role: Theodore Actor: Caulfield Sally-Mrs Harlowe
Role: Caulfield Sally Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: : Queen Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Madelon Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: King Edward Actor: Davies
Role: Harcourt Actor: Bland
Role: Sir Walter Manny Actor: Usher
Role: John de Vienne Actor: Aickin
Role: Ribbomont Actor: Barrymore
Role: Pierre Actor: Bensley
Role: Officer Actor: Pindar
Role: John d'Aire Actor: Benson
Role: Old Man Actor: Waldron
Role: Crier Actor: Cross
Role: Citizens Actor: Baddeley, Barrett, Abbot, Waldron Jun.
Role: O'Carrol Actor: Johnstone
Role: Serieant Actor: Suett
Role: La Gloire Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Carpenters Actor: Parsons, Burton.
Role: William Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Baron Actor: Benson
Role: Page Actor: Miss MenageSally-Mrs Bland
Role: Miss MenageSally Actor: Mrs Bland

Song: In the course of the Evening Dibdin's Lucky Escape; or, the Ploughboy's Return from Sea, in character, by Mrs Harlowe

Event Comment: Benefit for Fawcett. 1st piece: Not acted some years [acted 30 Oct. 1790]. 2nd piece [1st time: ENT 1]. 3rd piece: By Permission of George Colman, Esq., and for that Night only. Tickets and Places to be had of Fawcett at his house, No. 10, Golden Square, and of Brandon, at the Theatre. "To the Public, May 16, 1797. In consequence of repeated Forgeries of Tickets on Benefit Nights, particularly those of Miss Wallis, Mr Incledon, Mr Holman, and Mrs Mattocks, it has been found necessary to offer a large Reward for the Discovery of the Person or Persons concerned in this unjust and cruel Practice. Mr Fawcett, therefore, thinks it his Duty to warn his Friends and the Public from purchasing Tickets for his Night of Strangers, especially those Persons who sell them in the Avenues of the Theatre, as all such will be stopt at the Doors, and if forged the Persons offering them for Admittance will be drawn into a disagreeable dilemma" (printed slip attached to Kemble playbill). Receipts: #462 5s. (189.12; 8.13; tickets: 264.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of The World

Role: Sir Pertinax Macsycophant Actor: Fawcett
Role: Egerton Actor: Holman
Role: Sidney Actor: Murray
Role: Melville Actor: Hull
Role: Lord Lumbercourt Actor: Thompson
Role: Counsellor Plausible Actor: Waddy
Role: Serjeant Eitherside Actor: Macready
Role: Sam Actor: Ledger
Role: John Actor: Wilde
Role: Tomkins Actor: Abbot
Role: Betty Hint Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Constantia Actor: Miss Mansel
Role: Lady Macsycophant Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Nanny Actor: Mrs Norton
Role: Lady Rodolpha Lumbercourt Actor: Mrs Mattocks
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Related Work: The Man of the World Author(s): Charles Macklin

Afterpiece Title: An Entremets

Afterpiece Title: Peeping Tom

Role: Peeping Tom of Coventry Actor: Fawcett
Role: Crazy Actor: Knight
Role: Mayor of Coventry Actor: Waddy
Role: Count Louis Actor: Claremont
Role: Earl Mercia Actor: Haymes
Role: Harold Actor: Incledon
Role: Emma Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Mayoress of Coventry Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Lady Godiva Actor: Mrs Gilbert
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Martyr.


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: Flip-Leigh; Mizen-Powell; Worthy-Thurmond; Sir Charles-Husband; Easy-Cory; Rovewell-Shepard; Indent-Bullock Jr; Cribbige-Elrington; Coxen-Norris; Locker-Spiller; Arabella-Mrs Baker; Dorcas-Mrs Shepard; Belinda-Mrs Kent; Jenny-Mrs Spillar; Jiltup-Mrs Sapsford.
Role: Flip Actor: Leigh
Role: Mizen Actor: Powell
Role: Worthy Actor: Thurmond
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Husband
Role: Easy Actor: Cory
Role: Rovewell Actor: Shepard
Role: Indent Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Cribbige Actor: Elrington
Role: Coxen Actor: Norris
Role: Locker Actor: Spiller
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Shepard
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Spillar
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Sapsford.
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Related Work: The Fair Quaker of Deal, or, The Humours of the Navy Author(s): Charles Shadwell

Dance: As17100708


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: As17200121, but Sir Charles-_; Cribbidge-_; Scruple-_; Easy-_; Indent-_; Jenny-Mrs Gulick.
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Gulick.
Role: Easy Actor: Egleton
Role: Indent Actor: Boheme
Role: Dorcas Actor: Miss Stone.
Role: Flip Actor: Spiller
Role: Mizen Actor: Pack
Role: Worthy Actor: Ryan
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Diggs
Role: Rovewell Actor: C. Bullock
Role: Cribbidge Actor: Ogden
Role: Scruple Actor: Griffin
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Robertson
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Related Work: The Fair Quaker of Deal, or, The Humours of the Navy Author(s): Charles Shadwell

Dance: As17200326 The Italian Shadows-


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: Mizen-Miller; Cockswain-Norris; Sir Charles-Walker; Worthy-Wilks Jr; Rovewell-Williams; Cribidge-Mills; Easy-Cory; Indent-Oates; Flip-Shepherd; Scruple-Boman; Arabella-Mrs Willis Jr; Dorcas-Mrs Rogeir; Belinda-Mrs Moore; Jiltup-Mrs Markham; Jenny-Miss Tenoe; Barmaid-Mrs Baker.
Role: Mizen Actor: Miller
Role: Cockswain Actor: Norris
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Walker
Role: Worthy Actor: Wilks Jr
Role: Rovewell Actor: Williams
Role: Cribidge Actor: Mills
Role: Easy Actor: Cory
Role: Indent Actor: Oates
Role: Flip Actor: Shepherd
Role: Scruple Actor: Boman
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Willis Jr
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Rogeir
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Moore
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Markham
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Tenoe
Role: Barmaid Actor: Mrs Baker.
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Related Work: The Fair Quaker of Deal, or, The Humours of the Navy Author(s): Charles Shadwell

Dance: As17210704


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: Fair Quaker-Mrs Younger; Arabella-Mrs Bullock; Flip-Hulett; Mizen-Ray; Worthy-Ryan; Rovewell-Milward; Sir Charles-Walker; Cribbidge-Ogden; Scruple-Hippisley; Sailors-Bullock, Hall, Morgan, H. Bullock, Wilcocks; Belinda-Mrs Kilby; Jenny-Mrs Egleton; Jiltup-Mrs Martin.
Role: Fair Quaker Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Flip Actor: Hulett
Role: Mizen Actor: Ray
Role: Worthy Actor: Ryan
Role: Rovewell Actor: Milward
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Walker
Role: Cribbidge Actor: Ogden
Role: Scruple Actor: Hippisley
Role: Sailors Actor: Bullock, Hall, Morgan, H. Bullock, Wilcocks
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Martin.
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Related Work: The Fair Quaker of Deal, or, The Humours of the Navy Author(s): Charles Shadwell

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Damon Actor: Ray
Role: Phillida Actor: Mrs Cantrell.

Dance: FFingalian-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden; French Peasant-Poitier; A new Sailor's Dance- proper to the Play

Song: A Gentlewoman, in the Character of a Sailor, who never appeared on any Stage before