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Mainpiece Title: Heroick Love

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: Prologue- by Henry StJohn Esq; Epilogue- By Bevill Higgons, Esq; Agamemnon-Betterton; Achilles-Verbruggen; Nestor-Bowman; Ulysses-Sandford; Patroclus-Scudemore; Chryses-Kynaston; Chalcas-Freeman; Talthybius-Baily; Chruseis-Mrs Barry; Briseis-Mrs Bracegirdle; Artemis-Mrs Prince.
Event Comment: [By Bevil Higgons. Date of premiere unknown. Published 15 Jan. 1702.] Dedicatory essay:...the short Time of its being Acted


Mainpiece Title: The Generous Conqueror; Or, The Timely Discovery

Related Works
Related Work: The Generous Conqueror: or, The Timely Discovery Author(s): Bevill Higgons
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Clendining. 2nd piece: Not acted these 10 years [acted 25 Apr. 1788]. 3rd piece [1st time; M 1, altered by John Gretton from his Ode performed at the Pantheon, 4 May. Larpent MS 1087; text printed in Morning Chronicle, 2 May 1795, with parts as above]: The Words by John Gretton, Esq. The Music by Spofforth; the Dances by Byrn. Books containing the Words of the Masque will be delivered gratis at the different Doors. Morning Herald, 5 June: Tickets to be had of Mrs Clendining, No. 13, King-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #204 5s. (72.17; 7.15; tickets: 123.13)


Mainpiece Title: The Follies Of A Day

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Afterpiece Title: A Masque, In Honor of the Nuptials of His Royal Highness [the Prince of Wales with Caroline Princess of Brunswick on 8 April 1795]

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Soldier

Dance: In 3rd piece: a Grand Dance-Byrn, Holland, Mlle St.Amand, Mme Rossi

Song: End I 2nd piece: The Richmond Primrose Girl (Music by Spofforth-Poetry by William Pearce, Esq.) sung in character-Mrs Clendining

Event Comment: By Permission [of the Lord Chamberlain]. 3rd piece: Written by A. Murphy, Esq. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30. Tickets to be had at the Shakespeare, Covent-garden; the Chapter Coffee-house, Paternoster-row; the Horn Tavern, Doctors Commons; the Theatre, where Places for the Boxes may be taken; and at Abbott's Academy, Bridges-street, Westminster


Mainpiece Title: Miss In Her Teens

Afterpiece Title: Barnaby Brittle; or, A Wife at her Wit's End

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Entertainment: Monologue. End 1st piece: Scrubb's Trip to the Jubilee (as altered by the late David Garrick, Esq., in character,)-Death; Vaudeville. End 2nd piece: a new favourite song-Birkett; Dance-the Miss Simonets; A Pantomimical Interlude: Harlequin (with the celebrated Dying Scene)-Follett Jun., Clown- Follett Sen.; +A martial song-Birkett

Performance Comment: End 1st piece: Scrubb's Trip to the Jubilee (as altered by the late David Garrick, Esq., in character,)-Death; Vaudeville. End 2nd piece: a new favourite song-Birkett; Dance-the Miss Simonets; A Pantomimical Interlude: Harlequin (with the celebrated Dying Scene)-Follett Jun., Clown- Follett Sen.; +A martial song-Birkett.
Event Comment: Benefit for Bannister Jun. 1st piece: 1st Time at this Theatre. 2nd piece: By permission of G. Colman, Esq. [as owner of the copyright]. Morning Chronicle, 26 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Bannister Jun., No. 2, Frith-street, Soho. Receipts: #681 2s. (392.3.6; 57.18.0; 7.17.6; tickets: 223.3.0) (charge: #211 14s. 5d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Child Of Nature

Performance Comment: Duke Murcia-King; Marquis Almanza-Wroughton; Count Valentia-Bannister Jun.; Seville-Maddocks; Granada-Trueman; Peasant-Aickin; Marchioness Merida-Mrs Goodall; Amanthis-Mrs Jordan; An Occasional Address by Henry Bunbury, Esq.-Mrs Jordan. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise

Afterpiece Title: The Children in the Wood

Song: In course 2nd piece: The Little Farthing Rushlight-Bannister Jun


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Dance: Lancashire Hornpipe-Esq Timothy's Countryman who perform'd it with so much Applause during the Time of the Fair; Mimic Scene between Harlequin and a Peasant-; Vaulting on the Horse-a Gentleman lately arriv'd from France


Mainpiece Title: Oedipus, King Of Thebes

Dance: I: Two Pierrots-Nivelon, Poitier; III: Pastoral-Salle, Mlle Salle

Music: t the Request of the Free and Accepted Masons a Piece of Vocal and Instrumental Musick (never perform'd in publick), Words by Charles De la Faye, Esq; and set to Musick by Mr Francisco-; Vocal Parts-Leveridge, Laguerre, Salway, Hall, Papillion, Thompson


Mainpiece Title: The Blazing Comet

Song: Song on the Privilege and Happiness of Free@Masonry A very humorous Song on the Charitable Corporation, sent by George Robinson, Esq. late Treasurer, from Italy to his Friends in London-


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Song: End I: Sweet Lillies of the Valley-Dignum; End IV: My Friend is the Man I'd copy through Life (written by Miles Peter Andrews, Esq., composed by Hook)-Dignum; V: a song, as17990214


Mainpiece Title: The Jew Of Venice

Performance Comment: Edition of 1701 lists: Bassanio-Betterton; Antonio-Verbruggen; Gratiano-Booth; Lorenzo-Baily; Shylock-Dogget; Duke of Venice-Harris; Portia-Mrs Bracegirdle; Nerissa-Mrs Bowman; Jessica-Mrs Porter; Prologue written by Bevil Higgons: The Ghosts of Shakespear and Dryden arise Crown'd with Lawrel-; Epilogue-.
Event Comment: Benefit Bevill and Charlton, Boxkeepers


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: The Sailor's Wedding

Event Comment: Benefit for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of the brave Men who fell in the late Glorious Actions [on 1 June 1794], under Earl Howe. The Whole Receipt of the Night to be applied to the above Fund. Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. The Tickets for the Boxes at Half-a-Guinea each, are issued under the Direction of a Committee consisting of the following Noblemen and Gentlemen, who have obligingly undertaken to attend to the arrangements of the Evening: The Duke of Leeds, The Duke of Bedford, The Earl of Lauderdale, Lord Mulgrave, Lord William Russel, The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor [Paul Le Mesurier], Mr Alderman Coombe, Hon. Thos. Erskine, J. Nesbit Esq., I. B. Church Esq., W. Devaynes Esq., J. Taylor Vaughan Esq., J. J. Angerstein Esq., R. B. Sheridan Esq. Tickets and Places for the Boxes, not disposed of by the Committee, to be had of Fosbrook, at the Box-Office, Little Russel-Street. Tickets also to be had at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee House. Afterpiece [1st time; ENT 2, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan and James Cobb; with songs written by the Duke of Leeds, the Earl of Mulgrave, Mary Robinson, Joseph Richardson, &c. In 1797 altered as CAPE ST. VINCENT. Prologue by Joseph Richardson (London Chronicle, 4 July). Epilogue by Richard Brinsley Sheridan]: The Music composed and selected by Storace [with one song each by Reeve. Linley Sen., Michael Kelly]. The Dresses, Scenery and Machinery entirely New. "This piece is a sort of continuation of No Song No Supper...hastily put together for the occasion" (European Magazine, July 1794, p. 60). "The Theatre this Evening was crowded in every Part, the receipt amounting to something better than 1300 Guineas" (Powell). Powell, 1 July: Country Girl rehearsed at 10; Glorious First at 12 and at night. 2 July: Glorious First rehearsed at 10. Receipts: #1,526 11s. (450/6/0; 41/13/0; 0/12/6; tickets in boxes: 954/0/0; tickets in pit: 80/0/0) (charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl


Dance: In afterpiece the Ballets composed by James D'Egville; the Principal Dancers-D'Egville, Gentili, and also by permission of the Proprietor of the King's Theatre, Mme Del Caro, Mlle E. Hilligsberg, Mlle Hilligsberg

Event Comment: Benefit for the Widows and Orphans of the Brave Men who perished, and for those who were wounded, in the Glorious Action on the 14th of February last [off Cape St. Vincent], under Admiral Sir John Jervis. Patrons: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness the Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Stewards: Duke of Leeds, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl of Cardigan, Earl Spencer, Lord Kinnaird, Charles Grey Esq., Thomas Tyrwhitt Esq., William Lushington Esq., William Manning Esq., John Thomson Esq., John Julius Angerstein Esq.


Mainpiece Title: Alceste

Ballet: End Opera: Sapho et Phaon. As17970406

Event Comment: [Extra night] Benefit for the Widows and Orphans of those brave Men who perished, and those who were wounded, in the Glorious Action of the 14th February last [see king's, 18 May.] Patrons: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Stewards: Duke of Leeds, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl Spencer, Lord Kinnaird, Charles Grey Esq., Thomas Tyrwhitt Esq., Wm. Lushington Esq., Wm. Manning Esq., John Thomson Esq., John Julius Angerstein Esq. Boxes to be taken, and Tickets had at the Office of the Theatre, and at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee-House. Receipts: none listed


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Dance: End: Peggy's Love (By permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mme Hilligsberg; End afterpiece: Cupid and Psyche-the same.Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mlle Hilligsberg

Entertainment: Monologue. Preceding 1st ballet: [a favorite Epilogue-Mrs Abington (1st appearance on this stage these 8 [recte 7] years)

Event Comment: Know all men by these presents, that Colley Cibber, Esq; of the Parish of St/James's in the County of Middlesex, for and in consideration of the sum of Eighty Pounds of lawful Mony of Great Britain to him in hand paid by John Watts of London, Stationer, he the said Colley Cibber, Esq; hath bargained, sold and assigned, and set over, and by these presents doth bargain, sell, assign and set over all that the full and sole right and title, of, in and to the copy of a Tragedy, intitled, Papal Tyranny in the Reign of King John, written by the said Colley Cibber, Esq; to have and to hold the said copy of the said tragedy unto the said John Watts, his heirs and assigns for ever, notwithstanding any act or law to the contrary: In witness whereof the said Colley Cibber, Esq; hath hereunto sett his hand and seal this twentieth day of February, 1744/5. [Signed] C. Cibber. [Witnesses] James Webster, John Mark Bimson. [Original Document in Folger Shakespeare Library, validated by three Sixpence stamps, and Cibber's seal. Case No. 993 among Cibber documents.


Mainpiece Title: Papal Tyranny


Mainpiece Title: Othello, By Gentlemen

Performance Comment: Othello-Sir Francis Delaval; Iago-John Delaval Esq; Cassio-E. Delaval Esq; Brabantio, Lodovico-Sim Pine Esq; Roderigo-Capt. Stevens; Desdemona-Mrs Quarme (Hogan) , Mrs Quan (Cross), Mrs Qualm (Winston); Emelia-Mrs Stevens (Hogan).
Role: Iago Actor: John Delaval Esq
Role: Cassio Actor: E. Delaval Esq
Role: Lodovico Actor: Sim Pine Esq


Mainpiece Title: The Disappointment; Or, The Mother In Fashion

Performance Comment: Edition of 1684: Alphonso-Betterton; Lorenzo-Smith; Alberto-Wilshire; Lesbino-Carlisle; Rogero-Leigh; Erminia-Mrs Cook; Juliana-Mrs Percival; Angelline-Mrs Knight; Her Supposed Mother-Mrs Corey; Clara-Mrs Leigh; The Prologue by Mr John Dryden-Mr Betterton; The Epilogue by the Honourable John Stafford, Esq-.
Role: Esq Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Achilles; Or, Iphigenia In Aulis

Performance Comment: Edition of 1700: Prologue by Tho. Cheek Esq-Mr Powell; Epilogue by Mr Motteux-Mr Norris; Eriphile-Mrs Wilkins.
Role: Cheek Esq Actor: Mr Powell
Event Comment: FFog's, 24 March: Colley Cibber, Esq; one of the Patentees of [dl], being now possessed of a more commodious Post, has sold his entire Share of the Cloaths, Scenes, and Patent, to John Highmore, Esq; and at the End of this Season he is, we hear, to quit the Stage


Event Comment: At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Mainpiece: Written by the late N. Rowe, Esq. Afterpiece: Written by the late Barton Booth, Esq; Set to Musick by Mr Arne


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: Dido and Aneas

Afterpiece Title: The Burgomaster Trick'd

Dance: As17340112


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Performance Comment: Hamlet-Giffard; King-W. Giffard; Polonius-Lyon; Laertes-Richardson; Ostrick-Woodward; Horatio-Havard; Guildenstern-Hamilton; Bernardo-Dove; Queen-Mrs Haughton; Ophelia-Mrs Hamilton; Ghost-Rosco; Gravediggers-Penkethman, Ray. After which will be introduced, The Ceremony of Hamlet's Lying in State, after the Manner of his Grace, the late Duke of Buckingham. With new Musick proper to the Occasion, set by Mr Carey. The Words by Henry Saville, Esq. [but see17351205] .but see17351205] .


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Performance Comment: As17380421 With a Prologue to the Farce, written by Aaron Hill, Esq-Miss Wright; in Boy's Cloaths. and an Epilogue to the Farce-Miss Wright, as Captain of the Lilliputians, at the Head of her Company.
Role: Esq Actor: Miss Wright

Dance: I: Saraband-Miss Wright, Miss Morrison; II: French Peasant-Master Ferg, Miss Wright, Scholars to Leviez; AII: La Pieraite-Leviez, Mrs Thompson; IV: Grand Ballet in Comic Characters-the Lilliputians; V: Minuet-Leviez, Mrs Walter

Song: II: Beard

Event Comment: Paid to Sun Fire Office Insurance #15; Paid for a poker and shovel 5s. (Treasurer's Book). [This policy was doubltless similar to No 109085 dated 29 July 1747 issued to James Lacy and David Garrick Esq. Patentees of His Majesties Company of Comedians of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, for #4,000: "On the Goods and Furniture, Wardrobe Apparel, Machines and Scenes, not valued as pictures, in the House, Dressing Rooms, Wardrobe, and Scene Rooms, of the said Theatre Royal, adjoining togethe r and situate in Drury Lane aforesaid and not elsewhere, not exceeding #4,000...Note: Except such Loss and Damage as may happen by any Fire occasioned by means of any representation in any Play or Farce or in any Rehearsal of the same." (From copy of original policy, by courtesy J. A. Miller, Esq. General Manager, Sun Insurance Office Ltd., sent me in ltr. dated 5 July 1951.)] Receipts: #110 (Cross). #104 5s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Rehearsal

Dance: As17491220

Song: III: Master Mattocks

Event Comment: Yesterday George Frederick Handel, Esq; was couch'd by William Bromfield, Esq; Surgeon to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, when it was thought there was all imaginable hopes of success by the Operation, which must give the greatest pleasure to all lovers of Music


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Afterpiece Title: The Fair

Event Comment: JJohn Rich Esq, Master and Patentee of the TRCG, died Thursday 26 Nov. 1761, about six o'clock in the evening, at his house adjoining to the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden, in the seventieth year of his age. Mrs Priscilla Rich sole executrix of the Will of John Rich Esq, deceas'd. Mr John Rich was buried in Hillingdon Churchyard. (See his Epitaph, Lysons's Middlesex Parishes, p. 162) Dec. 4, 1761. ibid p. 173 (Hopkins MS Notes). Income from Boxes #85 5s. Rec'd of John Condill on acct of Fruit #20. Expenses #46 3s. 8d. [The balance brought forward to this date for this season was #2007 9s. 1d. From this was subtracted the #1291 19s. 4d. necessary for starting the season (see 9 Sept.), which left Beard a favorable balance of #715 9s. 9d. with which to carry on. The Winston Theatrical Record ceases on this date.


Mainpiece Title: King Henry V

Afterpiece Title: The Coronation