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Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Dance: I: A New Comic Dance, call'd The Cumberland Corn@thrashers-Mas. Blurton (Apprentice to Fishar), Miss Mathews; II: (By Particular Desire) a Minuet-Fishar, Sga Manesiere; III: A Hornpipe, first time-Miller (Scholar to Fishar)

Monologue: IV: a New Grand Ballet (that night only) called The Festival of the Black Prince(As performed at Paris by Fishar with universal applause). Black Prince-Fishar; Favourites-Sga Manesiere, Miss Twist; Pages-Mas. Blurton, Miller; Dancers and Attendants-Hussey, Petrie, Dumay, Settree, King, Merrifield, Curtat, Holloway, Miss Capon, Mrs Willems, Miss Stede, Mrs Inuill, Miss Matthews, Miss Bassan, Sodi, Mrs Holloway. With dresses in the mode

Ballet: V: First time this season The Wapping Landlady. Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Banks; Nosegay Woman-Sga Manesiere; with a New Hornpipe-Fishar, Mas. Blurton, Sga Manesiere, Miss Twist, Miss Capon, Miss Besford (Six principal dancers)


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Dance: A Triple Hornpipe-Miss Matthews, Miller, Eves; being his first appearance. The two last, scholars to Fishar. A New Dance with Baskets of Flowers[, in which introduced, by particular desire, a Minuet and Allemande-Fishar, Sga Manesiere; [her first appearance this season. A New Grand Ballet, The Black Prince's Festival- (that night only); Prince-Fishar; Pages-Blurton, Miller; Favourites-Miss Twist, Miss Valois; [See17720424.] A New Serious Ballet-Miss Parish[, a Child of Ten Years of age, with only 4 months' instruction, Apprentice to Fishar, her first appearance

Ballet: The Favorite Comic Ballet, first time this season, The Wapping Landlady. Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Banks; Orange Woman-Miss Twist [see17730424]; [with Sixfold Hornpipe- [see17730424]