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Mainpiece Title: Hamlet: Prince Of Denmark

Afterpiece Title: Taste; or, The Diversions of the Morning

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio; or, The Taming of a Shrew


Mainpiece Title: A Wife Well Managed

Afterpiece Title: The Young Quaker

Afterpiece Title: Duke and No Duke; or, Trappolin's Vagaries

Song: End 2nd piece: Four@and@twenty Perriwigs all on a Row-; In 3rd piece: Quoz-Edwin


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah, Preceded By god Save The King(coronation Anthems)

Music: End II: concerto on the violin-Master Bridgtower, Son to the African Prince


Mainpiece Title: The Czar

Afterpiece Title: Three Weeks after Marriage

Song: III: The Prince unable to conceal his Pain, from Alexander's Feast-Mrs Billington. [This was included, as here assigned, in all subsequent performances.


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah; Grand Selection 0

Afterpiece Title: The Messiah 1

Afterpiece Title: The Messiah 2

Afterpiece Title: The Messiah 3

Song: End Part I: Captivity (supposed to be sung by the unfortunate Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, during her confinement in the Tower of the Temple; composed by Percy)-Master Welsh

Music: End Part II: concerto on the violin-Janiewicz


Mainpiece Title: Every One Has His Fault

Afterpiece Title: The Pad

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck; or, French Ingratitude

Song: End: Captivity (Supposed to be sung by an Unfortunate Queen [Marie Antoinette] during her confinement)-; End 2nd piece: Black Eyed Susan-; In 3rd piece: Farewell to old England dear Mary adieu-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: A Quarter Of An Hour Before Dinner

Afterpiece Title: The London Hermit

Afterpiece Title: Caernarvon Castle; or, The Birth of the Prince of Wales


Mainpiece Title: Il Burbero Di Bu0n Cuore

Dance: End of Act I New Divertisement, as17940311End of Act II a new Ballet Dramatic Pantomime, composed by D'Egville, Le Bon Prince; ou, Les Infortunes Vertueux, by Favre Guiardele, Gentili, Aumer, Master Menage, D'Egville, Mlle Hilligsberg, Mlle Guiardele, Mme Del Caro


Mainpiece Title: The Follies Of A Day

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Afterpiece Title: A Masque, In Honor of the Nuptials of His Royal Highness [the Prince of Wales with Caroline Princess of Brunswick on 8 April 1795]

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Soldier

Dance: In 3rd piece: a Grand Dance-Byrn, Holland, Mlle St.Amand, Mme Rossi

Song: End I 2nd piece: The Richmond Primrose Girl (Music by Spofforth-Poetry by William Pearce, Esq.) sung in character-Mrs Clendining


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Afterpiece Title: The Purse; or, Benevolent Tar

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise


Mainpiece Title: Edward The Black Prince


Mainpiece Title: Mahmoud; Or, The Prince Of Persia

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet: Prince Of Denmark

Afterpiece Title: The Son-in-Law

Song: End: a song-Bannister


Mainpiece Title: The Purse

Afterpiece Title: Hamlet; Prince of Denmark

Afterpiece Title: Cross Purposes


Mainpiece Title: False And True

Afterpiece Title: The Son-in-Law

Afterpiece Title: The Paradox; or, Maid, Wife and Widow

Dance: III: a Characteristic Dance and Masquerade as at the Venetian Carnival-

Song: In course Evening: a new Sea Ballad, composed for his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Tomorrow[; or, the Mars, Capt. Connor (the words by the Author of the Castle Spectre [Matthew Gregory Lewis]; the music by Kelly)-Incledon; A Touch at old Times-Munden; In my Father's Mud Cabin-Johnstone


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Dance: I: A New Comic Dance, call'd The Cumberland Corn@thrashers-Mas. Blurton (Apprentice to Fishar), Miss Mathews; II: (By Particular Desire) a Minuet-Fishar, Sga Manesiere; III: A Hornpipe, first time-Miller (Scholar to Fishar)

Monologue: IV: a New Grand Ballet (that night only) called The Festival of the Black Prince(As performed at Paris by Fishar with universal applause). Black Prince-Fishar; Favourites-Sga Manesiere, Miss Twist; Pages-Mas. Blurton, Miller; Dancers and Attendants-Hussey, Petrie, Dumay, Settree, King, Merrifield, Curtat, Holloway, Miss Capon, Mrs Willems, Miss Stede, Mrs Inuill, Miss Matthews, Miss Bassan, Sodi, Mrs Holloway. With dresses in the mode

Ballet: V: First time this season The Wapping Landlady. Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Banks; Nosegay Woman-Sga Manesiere; with a New Hornpipe-Fishar, Mas. Blurton, Sga Manesiere, Miss Twist, Miss Capon, Miss Besford (Six principal dancers)