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Mainpiece Title: Love's Kingdom


Mainpiece Title: The Virtuoso

Music: An Entertainment of Musick, never performed in Publick before, by the famous -Mons Li Rich, lately arrived from the Court of Poland: being the only and last Time of performing the said Entertainment, or any other, by reason of his sudden return to the said Kingdom


Mainpiece Title: Entertainments

Dance: That Variety of Rope/danceing and Tumbling-; as far exceeds all that has ever yet been publickly seen; where the Lady Mary, who has given such great Satisfaction to the highest Nobility of the Kingdom, will outdo whatever she has perform'd before


Mainpiece Title: The Wonders In The Sun; Or, The Kingdom Of The Birds


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-Eminent English and Foreign Masters; Among other choice Compositions, a celebrated Song of Mr Hendel's-a Gentlewoman from Abroad, who hath never before exposed her Voice publickly in this Kingdom; To which will be added an uncommon Piece of Musick by Bassoons only-


Mainpiece Title: King Egbert, King Of Kent And Monarch Of England; Or, The Union Of The Seven Kingdoms


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Afterpiece Title: The Mad Captain

Dance: III: Harlequin and Harlequinette by Mons Leblanche and Mlle Larini Violante, the first time of their Performances since their arrival in this Kingdom. V: Louvre in Boy's Cloaths by Mlle Larini Violante

Song: IV: Mimick Song (by Desire) by Stoppelaer


Mainpiece Title: The Relapse

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Dance: I: Sailor's Hornpipe-Phillips late Harlequin of Drury Lane, his first in this Kingdom for three years; II: Quaker's Sermon on Viola-Phillips; III: Drunken Peasant-Phillips

Ballet: V:Pantomime Dance call'd Harlequin and Clown. Harlequin-Phillips


Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife

Afterpiece Title: Daphne and Amintor

Dance: III: A New Ballet-Mr Asselin, his first appearance in this kingdom, Miss Valois, Miss Twist


Mainpiece Title: Artaserse

Dance: I: A Grand Ballet-Mlle Heinel, Fierville; II: Turkish Ballet-Mlle Heinel (in the character of a Sultana, for the last time in this kingdom); III: Grand Chacone-Mlle Heinel, Fierville


Mainpiece Title: Il Dilletante

Music: As17730729

Song: Between the parts: will be sung a Burlesque Italian Laughing song-Sibbilla being his first performance in this kingdom


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Oaks

Afterpiece Title: Bon Ton

Dance: In II: The Double Festival-Gallet, Helme, Giorgi, Blurton, Sga Crespi, Sga Vidini, Mrs Sutton, Sga Ricci, Mlle Dupre; In IV: The Triumph of Love, as17761107

Song: In: songs-Tenducci (1st appearance in this kingdom these 12 years)


Mainpiece Title: Elfrida

Music: End Part I: concerto on the hautboy-LeBrun; End Part II: concerto on the violin-Salomon (1st public performance in this Kingdom)

Entertainment: Monologue.End Oratorio: Collins's Ode on the Passions-Henderson (Public Advertiser, 24 Mar.); , accompanied with new Airs, Chorus-Dr Arnold, under whose direction the whole Music will be conducted


Mainpiece Title: The Separate Maintenance

Afterpiece Title: The Son-in-Law

Dance: End of mainpiece La Giardinier Italiene by Master and Miss Michel (their 1st appearance in this Kingdom)

Song: As17850607


Mainpiece Title: A Prelude

Afterpiece Title: Acis and Galatea; Triumph of Truth 0

Afterpiece Title: A Miscellaneous Concert

Music: End I: serenata solo on harp-Mme Krumpholtz (2nd appearance in this Kingdom)


Mainpiece Title: The Iron Chest

Afterpiece Title: Blue Devils

Afterpiece Title: My Grandmother

Song: In course of Evening: The United Englishmen-Munden


Mainpiece Title: She Stoops To Conquer

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Ballet: End: The Scotch Ghost. As17991202, but Saundy-_; Donald-_

Entertainment: In which a Trial of Skill, in the exercise of the Austrian and Highland Broadsword-Nine of the First Swordsmen in this Kingdom


Mainpiece Title: Laugh When You Can

Afterpiece Title: Love in a Camp; or, Patrick in Prussia

Song: End I: The Sailor's Journal-Incledon; In course Evening: Young William was a seaman true-Incledon; All get drunk together-Townsend; United Englishmen-Munden; The Anchor Smiths-Townsend