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Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Dance: After 2nd song: A Pas Seul-Mons Symone

Song: End IV: Tippy Bob-C. Stanley; End: Poor Jack in character-Mrs Kennedy

Entertainment: Monologue After Dancing: The Monody on the Death of the late D. Garrick Esq. (Written by R. B. Sheridan, Esq.)-the Lady who performs Zara


Mainpiece Title: The Child Of Nature

Afterpiece Title: The Spoil'd Child

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Song: End I: Within a mile of Edinburgh-Dignum; End II: I never lov'd any dear Mary but you (composed by Hook)-Dignum; End I 2nd piece: Sally in our Alley-Dignum; End 2nd piece I that once was a Ploughman a Sailor am now (composed by Dibdin)-Dignum


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Afterpiece Title: The Highland Reel

Song: End IV: the Funeral Procession of Juliet to the Monument of the Capulets, in which a favorite-; Elegy- (composed by the late Dr Arne); a Solemn Dirge-; Vocal Parts-Johnstone, Incledon, Bowden, Townsend, Haymes, Linton, Blurton, Street, Abbot, Lee, Little, Sawyer, Tett, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Clendining, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Follett, Mrs Castelle, Mrs Masters, Mrs Blurton, Mrs Norton, Mrs Watts, Miss Leserve, Miss Walcup, Mrs Henley, Miss Burnett, Miss Logan, Mrs Martyr


Mainpiece Title: The Child Of Nature

Afterpiece Title: The Critic

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck

Song: End II 1st piece: I never lov'd any dear Mary but you-Dignum (composed by Hook); End 1st piece: The Fight off Camperdown-Dignum; End I 2nd piece: The Town and Country-Dignum (composed [i.e. words] by Capt. Morris); End 2nd piece: an Answer to the above, Country and Town-Dignum


Mainpiece Title: Il Barbiere Di Siviglia

Dance: End I: Peggy's Love, as17980428; End Opera: Elisa- , as17980515, in which Mme Rose , who is greatly recovered from her late illness, will, at her own desire, resume her situation


Mainpiece Title: Didone

Dance: As17990330

Music: II: a new song [(never before sung in this Country), composed by Guglielmi-; accompanied by the First Violin and Harp-Salomon, Meyer Jun. [by Mme Banti (Anthony LeTexier, L'Ami des Meres, 1799, II, 155-57, which also refers to the air composed and sung by Benelli, and the quartet composed by Federici, both in the 2nd act)]


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Afterpiece Title: The Naval Pillar

Dance: In afterpiece: New Dance (composed by Bologna Jun.)-Bologna Jun., King, Mrs Watts, Mrs Parker (1st appearance these 2 years)

Song: The Songs written or selected for the afterpiece: Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; When Britain first her Flag uprear'd-Incledon, Johnstone, Linton; An hungry Fox one day did spy (Old Welsh tune)-Munden; When Peace smiles around-Mrs Martyr; Sir Sydney Smith-Fawcett; When a Tar returns home-Fawcett, Munden, Mrs Martyr; Mr Speaker tho' 'tis late--Incledon, Johnstone, Townsend, Linton; A Bundle of Proverbs-Munden; In praise of the Pars who have leathered the World-Johnstone; +The Navy and Army of Britain forever-Townsend; The Embarkation-Incledon; Glee and Chorus [We come, ye guardians of our isle]-Mrs Martyr, Miss Sims, Miss Wheatley, Mrs Sydney; Recitative and Finale [Britons, your country's gratitude behold]-Mrs Chapman, Incledon, Johnstone, Townsend, Linton

Opera: End IV: Solemn Dirge. The Funeral Procession of Juliet-; Vocal Parts-Incledon, Johnstone, Townsend, Hill, Linton, Gardner, Denman, Blurton, King, Street, Lee, Little, Thomas, Sawyer, Tett, Dyke, Whitmore, Ms Waters, Ms Chapman, Ms Atkins, Ms Litchfield, Ms Mills, Ms Dibdin, Ms Wheatley, Ms Iliff, Ms Sims, Ms Whitmore, Ms Follett, Ms Watts, Ms Castelle, Ms Norton, Ms Gilbert, Ms Leserve, Ms Lloyd, Ms Masters, Ms Blurton, Ms Sydney, Ms Burnett, Ms Martyr


Mainpiece Title: The Beaux Stratagem

Afterpiece Title: The Naval Pillar

Dance: As17991007

Song: afterpiece: As17991007, but Mr Speaker tho' 'tis late-_


Mainpiece Title: The Good-natured Man

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Afterpiece Title: The Hermione

Song: End: A Chapter of Fashions (never performed; written by T. Dibdin Jun.)-Munden; The Tight Little Lads of the Ocean (never performed; written by the Author of The Bundle of Proverbs)-Fawcett


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Afterpiece Title: Hartford Bridge

Song: End II: A New Hunting Song- (never [previously] performed, composed by Davy); End III: Sally in our Alley-Incledon; End: The Red Cross Knight, as18000426; End I afterpiece: The Sailor's Journal-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: The Review

Afterpiece Title: A Mogul Tale

Afterpiece Title: Obi

Song: End 1st piece: Half and Half (never before sung)-Fawcett; End of 2nd piece: Paddy's Description of Pizarro, as18000829


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Song: Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Nicholas(late Miss Warren) being the first time of her appearance on the stage since her performing...Polly in the Beggar's Opera eight years ago