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Mainpiece Title: Bacchus Festival; Or, A New Medley


Mainpiece Title: The Country Wife

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Dance: I: A new dance-LeSac, Miss LaTour; II: Je ne scai quoy, or The Merry Couple (new)-Nivelon, Mrs Laguerre; III: Voulez Vous, or The Frisky Lad (new)-Poitier, Miss LaTour; IV: The Sicilian (new)-Glover, Mrs Pelling; V: Fingalian-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Dance: I: A New Peasant Dance-Picq, Mlle Auguste; III: A New Dance call'd the Quarrelling Lovers Reconciled-Dubuisson, Mlle Bonneval; IV: New Comic Dance, as17420419 V: A New Dance call'd Les Matelots-Dubuisson, Mlle Bonneval


Mainpiece Title: L'allegro Ed Il Penseroso

Music: A New Medley Overture-Bates; a new Musical Medley by way of Epilogue-


Mainpiece Title: Artaserse

Dance: I: New Grand Ballet-Mlle Heinel; New Grand Chacone-Mlle Heinel; II: Pastoral Dance-Slingsby, Mlle Lafond, Mlle Grenier; Last Act: A New Serious Grand Ballet with new Pas de deux and Chacone-Mlle Heinel, Fierville


Mainpiece Title: Il Triomfo D'amore

Afterpiece Title: Orfeo

Dance: New Dance adapted to the Opera (Orfeo) intermixed with Grand Choruses-; In pastoral piece: Grand Ballet with Pas de cinq-Slingsby, Mlle Grenier, Lepy, Sga Crispi, Mlle Lafond; End Opera: New Grand Ballet-Mlle Heinel, Fierville; with a new Allemand-; New Grand Chacone-Mlle Heinel, Fierville


Mainpiece Title: Apollo Ed Issea

Dance: I: An Allemand-Slingsby, Mlle Lafond; II: two new Entrees-Mlle Heinel, Fierville; II: A New Grand Ballet entitled La Fete du Village-Slingsby, Mlle Grenier, Crispi, Leppy, Mlle Lafond; in which Minuet-Mlle Heinel, Fierville; End Opera: A New Grand Ballet-Mlle Heinel, Fierville in the characters of Sauvages; conclude: New Grand Chacone-Mlle Heinel, Fierville, other principal dancers


Mainpiece Title: She Stoops To Conquer

Afterpiece Title: The Country Mad-Cap

Dance: End II: New Comic Dance-Master Jackson, Miss Parish (A pupil of Aldridge; 1st appearanae on the stage); End III: a new characteristic Irish Dance, The Humours of Leixlip; or, A Jaunt to the Salmon-Leap, in which an Irish Jigg,-Aldridge, Miss Besford; End IV: a new Comic Dance, The Coopers-Langrish, Master Jackson, Miss Nicols (Scholar to Aldridge; 1st appearance also); End: a new pantomimical Naval Dance, All in the Downs ; or, Farewell to Deal,-Aldridge, Jackson, Besford, Miss Besford, Miss Valois


Mainpiece Title: Tony Aston's Medley

Entertainment: 1: A new Prologue-; 2: Riot and Arabella-; 3: Woodcock Squib and Hillaria-; 4: Serjeant Kite and Mob-; 5: Ben and Miss Prue-; 6: Fondlewife and Laetitia-; 7: Teague-; 8: Jerry Blackacre and Widow-; 9: Drunken Man-; 10: A new Epilogue-; With Dances, new Comical Songs-


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: A new Concerto grosso-; a new Cantata-; violin solo-; a new concerto for Little Flute-; solo for Hautboys-; Cantata Flute solo-; piece with two harpsichords-; concerto-; solo for German Flute-; solo for Harp-; cantata-


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Song: A new Comic Pastoral call'd Whitsuntide: or, The Clowns' Contention-; Two new Songs-the Boy; And a New Song-Mr Aston, representing a Hide Park Grenadier


Mainpiece Title: Les Quatre Arlequin Par Magie

Afterpiece Title: Le Tableau du Mariage

Dance: FFour Harlequins : 1st--Lalauze, 2d- Poitier, 3d- Maillard, 4th- LeBrun; End I: The Rival Pierros-Boudett, Lalauze Jr, Mlle Violante; II: A new Moor's Dance-Lalauze Jr, Mlle Violante; II: A new Chacoon of All Characters-Poitier, Boudett, Lalauze, Welman, Mlle Boudett, Mlle Violante, Mlle LeBrun, Mlle L'Inconnue; With a new Dance call'd Le Cotillon-12 Dancers; French Peasant-Poitier


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Afterpiece Title: The Strolers

Music: between the Aetween the Acts: Select Pieces-; End II: The 8th Concerto of Corelli-; IV: The 5th Concerto of Corelli-

Dance: I: A new Spanish Entry-Miss Robinson; III: A new Chacone-Essex, Young Rainton, Miss Robinson, others; V: A new Pastoral-Miss Robinson; End Farce: Pieraites-Roger, Mrs Brett


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: New Bizzaria's on all the New Gusto's of Italy-Mr Corbett for all Instruments and; Pieces on the Viol d'Amore-; Pieces on the two new Instruments call'd, The Chamber@Horns- (never heard in Publick)


Mainpiece Title: She Wou'd If She Cou'd

Dance: MMusette-Picq, Mlle Auguste; New Scots Dance, as17420401 New Dance call'd the Hussar-Desnoyer, Sga Domitilla; New Comic Dance-Picq, Mlle Auguste; Louvre, Minuet By Desire-Desnoyer, Sga Barbarina

Ballet: RRural Assembly. As17420121


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Dance: I: Mrs Auguste; II: New Comic Dance-Muilment, Mrs Auguste; IV: New Serious Dance, as17440119 V: A New Comic Dance-Muilment, Mrs Auguste


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: II: New Comic Dance-Frantzel, Sga Balbi; III: New Comic Dance-Frantzel; which introduces a Drunken Peasant-Frantzel; IV: Chinese Dance, as17550104; V: a New Pastoral Pantomime-Frantzel, Sga Balbi; a Comic Minuet-Frantzel, Sga Balbi


Mainpiece Title: Leucippo

Dance: I: The Turkish Coffee House, as17631213; II: A new Dance-Signora Marcucis, just arrived from Italy; III: A New Dance, as17631213; a new Dance Le Matellot Provencalle-Fischar, Miss Auretti call'd Le Matellot Provencalle


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Dance: End I: Comic Dance-Arnauld, Miss Capon apprentice to Fishar; End Act II: By Particular Desire, The Dutch Milkmaid, as17671114; End Act III: A New Grand Ballet, that night only, call'd The Tartarians-Fishar, Sga Manesiere (with New Dresses); End Act IV: a New Pantomime Dance, call'd The Spanish Coal@Heaver-Mas. Blurton, Miss Besford, both apprentices of Fishar

Ballet: End: The Wapping Landlady. Jack in Distress-Fishar; Landlady-Miles; Milk@woman-Sga Manesiere; A Double Hornpipe-Fishar, Sga Manesiere


Mainpiece Title: Il Filosopho Di Campagna

Dance: I: New Hornpipe-Slingsby; New Allemande-Slingsby, Signora Radicatti; II: The Tambourine-; III: A New Pastoral Dance-


Mainpiece Title: The Noble Pedlar

Music: In the course of the concert Catches and Glees: 1st Violin and new solo concerto-Barthelemon; New Concerto on Organ-Carter (composed by Barthelemon); New French Horn and Trumpet Concerto (also Barthelemon's composition) by Mas. Rogers of Bath (Mr Leander's scholar) 12 years old; and by Mas. Green (Mr Jones's scholar) 10 years old. Several New Simphonies composed by Barthelemon. To conclude with the Canon of the favourite burletta The Magic Girdle


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Song: I: A Song, in which will be introduc'd a Variety of Imitations-Church

Entertainment: IV: A new musical Interlude, The Old Women Weather@wise-Vandermere, Dancer, Lyon; End of Play: A new Piece call'd The Drunken News Writer-Dancer


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Dance: II: A New Dance call'd The European in America-Daigville, Sga Vidini, Sga Daigville, Miss Ross; IV: A New Dance call'd The Amusements of Strasburg-Daigville, Sga Vidini, Sga Daigville, Miss Ross, Miss Armstrong, others of Daigville's scholars; End: A Dance call'd The Ball-Children of Seven Years of Age; in which will be introduced some New Minuets, Allemandes, a Rigadoon, Cotillions-scholars of Daigville , who have been scholars of Daigville only five months


Mainpiece Title: Il Disertore

Dance: I: New DancesOf Mr Lepy-in which Mlle Heinel will dance two new Entres; End Last Act: A new Grand Ballet in which-Mlle Heinel will dance 3 Entres


Mainpiece Title: Le Pazzie D'orlando

Dance: I: Favourite Grand Ballet-Mlle Heinel, other principals; II: New Dutch Dance-Sga Guidi, in which Slingsby, other principals are introduced; III: New Grand Ballet called Le Jaloux sans un Rival- in which Mlle Heinel will dance a new Spanish Character, Sga Guidi in that of a Shepherdess, with the other principals