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Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift

Dance: End I: A new Harlequin-Young Rainton; II: Pastoral-Miss Robinson; III: La Pierrete-Roger, Mrs Brett; IV: Muzette-Young Rainton, Miss Robinson; V: A Grand Turkish Dance-Thurmond, Boval, Lally, Haughton, Duplessis

Music: In III: Trumpet Sonata by Mons Dieupart-; In IV: Sonata by Signor Corelli-; End IV: First Concerto (by Desire) of Signor Michael Arcangello Corelli-


Mainpiece Title: The Beaux Stratagem

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Music: Second Musick:A Concertoby Henry Burgess Jr-; The Overture: The First Concerto of Signor Corelli-; Preamble on the Kettle Drums-Master Ferg

Dance: I: Punches-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; II: By Desire, French Peasants-Poitier, Mlle Roland; III: Pierots-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; IV: Wooden Shoe Dance-Master Ferg; V: A new dance-Miss Wright

Song: a G Grand Chorus-, out of Alexander's Feast, for Trumpets, French-Horns, Kettle-Drums


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Performance Comment: music . The Vocal Parts by Gentlemen, particularly a new Hampstead Song, compos'd by Mr Seedo, for two French Horns, Violins, Hautboys, &c. The Instrumental by the best Hands. The Violin Concertino by Capt Dupar, Scholar to the late celebrated Signor Corelli, and late Musick Master to his present Highness the Prince of Orange. With several Pieces of his own composing, for the Violin and Harpsichord. The Concert will consist of three Acts .
Event Comment: By Signor Veracini. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Pit and Boxes half a guinea. Gallery 5s. 7 p.m


Mainpiece Title: A New Eclogue

Performance Comment: And other Pastoral Poems by Signor Veracini-; The Vocal Parts-Signora Francesina, Signor Andreoni; Intermixed with several Concertos-Caporali, Veracini.
Event Comment: Benefit for Macklin. Afterpiece: A New Dramtic Satire in two acts. N.B. As several of the Town have prejudged the Pit the Boxes and Galleries acting their own parts themselves for their diversion, to be of the same species of the Lick at the Town last year; and that it can mean only the ordinary Approbation or Disapprobation of the Audience, Signor Pasquin thinks it incumbent on himself to assure to Publick that all those conjectures are groundless; And farther, he assures them that the Pit, &c. acting their parts has no other meaning than the common literal sense; and that the Audience are really interwoven in the piece; and are to be bona fide part of the Dramatis Personae; and he makes no doubt but that he shall make them perform their parts to a numerous and polite audience, and with universal Applause. But he begs that those Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to perform in the Pit and Galleries will be at the Theatre betimes, for particular reasons; and those who are to act in the Boxes are requested to send their servants to keep their places by three o'clock. Signor Pasquin has received the letters sent by the Town and the Village, and they may depend upon having Places kept for them upon the Stage. The Hiss concerning the Robin Hood Society will be complied with (General Advertiser). [The parts were: Pasquin, Marforio, Sir Eternal Grinn, Sir Conjecture Positive, Sir Roger Ringwood, Bob Smart, Soloman Common Sense; Count Hunt Bubble, Sir John Ketch, hic and Hac (Scribblers), Hydra, Lady Lucy Loveit, Miss Diana Singlelife, Miss Brilliant, Miss Bashfull (Larpent MS 96).


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: Covent Garden Theatre; or, Pasquin turn'd Drawcansir, Censor of Great Britain

Performance Comment: The parts of the Pit, Boxes, Galleries, Stage, and Town to be performed by themselves, for their diversion; the parts of several Dull, disorderly characters, in and about St Jame's to be performed by certain persons, for example; And the part of Pasquin@Drawcansir to be performed by his Censorial Highness;, for his interest. The Satire to be introduced by an Exordium;, and to conclude by a satirical@panegyrical@ironical@comical@original Peroration upon the Virtues, Vices, Wisdom and Folly, Judgment and Power of the Town. Both to be spoken from the Rostrum-Signor Pasquin.

Dance: GGrand Comic Ballet, as17511216

Event Comment: Benefit for R. Palmer, Russell & Dowton. 1st piece [1st time; B 1, by Edward Henry Iliff. The title-page has "by Edmund Spenser, Ynger." On his copy, now in Huntington Library, J. P. Kemble has written, "Iliffe [sic] is the real Name of the Authour"; he has made a similar notation on the playbill]: Founded on the 17th Number of The Spectator. 3rd piece [1st time; MF 1. Larpent MS 1219; not published. The characters are all taken from previous plays by John O'Keeffe, as follows: Sadboy (The Young Quaker); Signor Arionelli and Bowkitt (The Son-in-Law); Motley (The Dead Alive); Tully (The London Hermit); Lingo and Cowslip (The Agreeable Surprise); Ephraim Smooth (Wild Oats); Nipperkin (Sprigs of Laurel); Jemmy Jumps and Betty Blackberry (The Farmer); Mrs Casey (Fontainbleau)]: Written by Mr O'Keeffe. Times, 4 June: Tickets to be had of R. Palmer, No. 2, Queen's-row, Pimlico; of Russell, No. 19, Martlet-court, Bow-street; of Dowton, No. 5, Strand-lane, Surry-street, Strand. Receipts: #413 11s. 6d. (76.17.6; 37.7.0; 1.0.0 tickets: 298.7.0) (charge: #215 10s. 5d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Ugly Club

Afterpiece Title: The Castle-Spectre

Afterpiece Title: A Nosegay of Weeds; or, Old Servants in New Places

Performance Comment: Sadboy-Palmer; Signor Arionelli-Miss DeCamp; Motley-Hollingsworth; Tully-R. Palmer; Lingo-Dowton; Ephraim Smooth-Wewitzer; Nipperkin-Wathen; Jemmy Jumps-Russell; Bowkitt-Bannister Jun.; Mrs Casey-Mrs Sparks; Betty Blackberry-Miss Mellon; Cowslip-Mrs Bland.
Role: Signor Arionelli Actor: Miss DeCamp


Mainpiece Title: The False Friend

Afterpiece Title: The Necromancer

Song: Signor Gaetano Phillipo Rochetti, being the first Time of his performing on the British Stage


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserved

Dance: Signor Grimaldi, detto Gamba di Ferro, Mlle Auguste. (Being the 1st time of his appearing on the English stage.


Mainpiece Title: Alphonso

Dance: Signor and Signora Campioni will dance this Day for the first time in England


Mainpiece Title: British Fortitude And Hibernian Friendship; Or, An Escape From France

Afterpiece Title: THE LONDON HERMIT; or, Rambles in Dorsetshire

Afterpiece Title: THE SON-IN-LAW

Performance Comment: Signor Arionelli-Incledon; Bowkitt-Fawcett (Their 1st appearance in those characters); Bouquett-Davies; Vinegar-Cubitt; Cranky-Powel; Idle-Farley// Cecilia-Mrs Clendining. VAUDEVILLE. End of 2nd piece An Irishman's Tour through London; or, Tully's Vocal and Rhetorical Description of Westminster Abbey, St. James's, St. Paul's, The Tower, A Quarrel, A Masquerade, &c., by Johnstone . or, Tully's Vocal and Rhetorical Description of Westminster Abbey, St. James's, St. Paul's, The Tower, A Quarrel, A Masquerade, &c., by Johnstone .
Role: Signor Arionelli Actor: Incledon
Event Comment: Signor Martini danc'd for first time tolerable (Hopkins Diary). Paid Mr Park 1 boy 18 nights #6 15s.; Pryor (turner) #3 6d.; Mr Blanchard (tallow chandler) #43 17s. 2d. Receipts: #156 3s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee

Dance: I: A New Comic Dance call'd The Gardeners-Sg Martini, first appearance on the English Stage, and Sga Paccini


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Doctor Faustus

Music: between the Aetween the Acts: Pieces of Musick , selected from the Works of Signor Michael Archangelo Corelli-


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Afterpiece Title: The Strolers

Music: between the Aetween the Acts: Select Pieces-; End II: The 8th Concerto of Corelli-; IV: The 5th Concerto of Corelli-

Dance: I: A new Spanish Entry-Miss Robinson; III: A new Chacone-Essex, Young Rainton, Miss Robinson, others; V: A new Pastoral-Miss Robinson; End Farce: Pieraites-Roger, Mrs Brett


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: I: A Concerto for Two Trumpets-; Overture of Siroe-; Two Songs-Montier; Concerto Corelli-; Concerto for the Flute-; A Solo for the Hautboy-; A Concerto for Two French Horns-; II: Overture of Porus-; Concerto Corelli-; Two Songs-Salway; Violin Solo-Petit; Sonata for a German Flute and Violin-; Concerto for Trumpets-


Mainpiece Title: Aesop

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-; particularly some new Sonatas for the Violin lately brought from Rome, Compos'd by the Great Arcangelo Corelli-Gasperini, others

Song: Several of the best Stage Songs-Leveridge, Mrs Campion

Dance: Mrs Campion, Devonshire Girl, DuRuel


Mainpiece Title: The Libertine Destroy'd [don John]

Music: Italian sonatas for violin composed by Archangelo Corelli-Gasperini, others

Song: As17031102

Dance: Harlequin Man and Woman-Laferry, Mrs Bicknell; two new Entries-DuRuel


Mainpiece Title: The Maid's Tragedy

Music: A Masque set to Musick by the late Mr Henry Purcell,-Mr Leveridge, others; And a piece of Instrumental Musick composed by the great Arcangelo Corelli for a Flute and Violin-Signior Gasperini, Mr Paisible

Dance: DuRuel, Mrs Mayers


Mainpiece Title: Volpone; Or, The Fox

Music: In the play: A Sonata (compos'd by the Great Archangelo Corelli for Flute and Violin) -Signior Gasparini, Mr Paisable




Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-; With a new Dialogue between Honour Faction and Peace; by Mr Weldon;-Mr Leveridge, Mr Twiselton, a Gentlewoman, that never sung in Publick; Likewise several Pieces of Musick proper for the Trumpet-; particularly a Sonata- by Signior Corelli, on purpose for Mr Twiselton when he was at Rome


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-; Trumpet Concerto-Grano; Singing-Legare; Two Concertos of Corelli-the two first Violins in the Opera; Concerto on Hautboy-Kytch; Solo on German Flute-Grano; Concerto on Little Flute-Grano; Solo on Hautboy-Kytch


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Overture for French Horns, Hautboys, and Violins by Gasperini-; Three Airs-Mrs Robinson; Concerto by Corelli-Castrucci, Claudio, Pepo; Three Airs-Mrs Robinson; Solo for Hautboy-Kytch; Cantata by Handel-Mrs Robinson; New Concerto with French Horns by Handel-; Three Airs-Mrs Robinson


Mainpiece Title: The Plain Dealer

Music: End I: Concerto by Monsieur Dieupart for Hautboys Flutes and Violins-; End II: Concerto by Signior Carbonelli-; End III: Concerto by Signior Albinoni-; End IV: Eighth Concerto of Signior Corelli-

Dance: End I: The Harlequins-Shaw, Mrs Booth; End II: Scotch Dance-Mrs Bullock; End IV: The Country Maid-Miss Tenoe; End V: Foresters-Shaw, Thurmond Jr, Boval, Topham, Miss Tenoe


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Several concertos, solos-Castrucci of his own composition; Concerto-Corelli; Composition with an Eccho-


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Music: Select Pieces-; particularly the 8th concerto of Sig Corelli-

Dance: As17250504


Mainpiece Title: The Rover

Dance: End I: Polonese-Miss Robinson, Rainton; III: A new Passacaille-Miss Robinson; V: A New Comic Dance-Miss Robinson, Rainton

Music: II: 2d Concerto of Corelli-; IV: Select Piece with Hautboys and Flutes-