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Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; MD 2, by William Pearce. The Masque was produced in honor of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Princess Caroline of Brunswick, 8 April 1795]: The Overture composed expressly for the Occasion by Haydn, as is the rest of the Music by Salomon [and see 9 Apr.]. The Scenery, Machinery, Decorations and Dresses are entirely New, and Designed by Noverre, except St. George's Hall, painted by the late Signor Cipriani. The Scenery executed by Hodgins, Walmsley, Phillips, Lupino, Hollogan, and many Assistants. The Machinery and Decorations by Sloper. Goosetree and Martinelli. The Dresses by Lupino, Dick and Mrs Egan. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. "On the 10th [of April] I was at the Covent Garden Theatre-to see the big Spectacul [sic]-Windsor Castle, the music by Salomon quite passable. The decorations-costumes-scenery, and the enormous amount of people on the stage are exaggerated. All the Gods of Heaven and Hell, and everything that lives on the earth are in the piece" (Haydn, 299). Morning Chronicle, 7 May 1795: This Day is published Windsor Castle (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #266 8s. 6d. (250.12.6; 15.16.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Rage

Role: Clara Sedley Actor: Miss Hill in place of Mrs Mountain.
Role: Servants Actor: _Cross
Role: Gingham Actor: Lewis
Role: Sir Paul Perpetual Actor: Quick
Role: Darnley Actor: Holman
Role: Flush Actor: Munden
Role: Mr Savage Actor: Fawcett
Role: Signor Cygnet Actor: Bernard
Role: Sir George Gauntlet Actor: Middleton
Role: Ready Actor: Davenport
Role: Waiter Actor: Rees
Role: Groom Actor: Simmons
Role: Lady Sarah Savage Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Mrs Darnley Actor: Mrs Pope

Afterpiece Title: Windsor Castle 1

Role: Edward Prince of Wales Actor: Pope
Role: Sir Ralph Neville Actor: Incledon
Role: King Edward III Actor: Farren
Role: Leveret Actor: Fawcett
Role: Fitz@Alan Actor: Bowden
Role: Lord Edward Spyncer Actor: Macready
Role: Revel Actor: Burton
Role: Ferryman Actor: Rees
Role: Eustace Actor: Linton
Role: Lady Blanche Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Countess of Kent Actor: Miss Wallis
Role: Villagers Actor: Mrs Clendining, Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: Windsor Castle 2

Role: representing the Marriage of Peleus and Thetis Actor:
Role: Peleus Actor: Farley
Role: Ganymede Actor: Byrn
Role: Proteus Actor: Holland
Role: Hymen Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Hebe Actor: Mme Rossi
Role: Minerva Actor: Mrs Follett
Role: Thetis Actor: Mme Prevost
Role: Cupid Actor: Mrs Clendining
Role: Terpsichore Actor: Mlle St.Amand
Role: Discord Actor: Mlle Droma
Role: The Masque commences with the View of A Grove Actor:
Role: the Genii of the Morn Actor:
Role: preceded by Aurora Actor:
Role: the Graces Actor:
Role: Groups of Cupids Actor:
Role: Zephyrs Actor:
Role: he is her intended Husband Actor: Peleus approaching, offers her his hand, which she respectfully accepts-the Characters retire, and the Clouds gradually dispersing, discover Mount Olympus-
Role: which she respectfully accepts Actor: the Characters retire, and the Clouds gradually dispersing, discover Mount Olympus-
Role: discover Mount Olympus Actor:
Role: the Temple of Jupiter Actor:
Role: Jupiter Actor:
Role: Juno Actor:
Role: Mars Actor:
Role: Hercules Actor:
Role: Apollo Actor:
Role: Bacchus Actor:
Role: Mercury Actor:
Role: Saturn Actor:
Role: Diana Actor:
Role: Venus Actor:
Role: Ceres Actor:
Role: Victory Actor:
Role: Cybelle Actor:
Role: the Destinies Actor:
Role: Neptune Actor:
Role: and Amphitrite Actor:
Role: arise from the Sea in their Watry Car Pluto Actor:
Role: and Proserpine Actor:
Role: together with Rhadamanthus Actor:
Role: Minos Actor:
Role: and Eacus Actor:
Role: Sylvan Dancers Actor:
Role: Instrumental Performers Actor:
Role: Vocal Performers Actor:
Role: Rural Nymphs Actor:
Role: a Magnificent Column Actor:
Role: Rural Swains Actor:
Role: Virgins bearing Baskets of Flowers Actor:
Role: Nymphs and Swains Actor:
Role: enraged at not being invited to the sacred Festiva Actor: She attempts, in vain, to spread Confusion by throwing an Apple on the stage, inscribed "For the Fairest"-Cupid presents it to the Dieties, who adjudge it to Thetis-Pluto enraged by the menaces of Discord directs her to be bound in Chains, and forced away, after which the Ceremony is concluded
Role: For the Fairest" Actor: Cupid presents it to the Dieties, who adjudge it to Thetis-Pluto enraged by the menaces of Discord directs her to be bound in Chains, and forced away, after which the Ceremony is concluded
Role: who adjudge it to Thetis Actor: Pluto enraged by the menaces of Discord directs her to be bound in Chains, and forced away, after which the Ceremony is concluded
Role: Festoons of Flowers descend Actor: Cupids ascend supporting a Medallion and the Letters G. C.
Role: ] Actor: the Side Scenes draw off and discover Pyramids formed of Variegated Colours, bearing the Order of the Garter, and the Piece is concluded with a
Role: Grand Chorus Actor:
Role: Dance Actor: Ganymede, Proteus, Hebe, Terpsichore
Role: accompanied on the Harp Actor: Weippert.

Song: Part I: concludes with ancient British Airs-; Chorus of Bards-, accompanied on the Harp by Jones

Event Comment: By Signor Veracini. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Pit and Boxes half a guinea. Gallery 5s. 7 p.m


Mainpiece Title: A New Eclogue

Performance Comment: And other Pastoral Poems by Signor Veracini-; The Vocal Parts-Signora Francesina, Signor Andreoni; Intermixed with several Concertos-Caporali, Veracini.
Event Comment: Benefit for Macklin. Afterpiece: A New Dramtic Satire in two acts. N.B. As several of the Town have prejudged the Pit the Boxes and Galleries acting their own parts themselves for their diversion, to be of the same species of the Lick at the Town last year; and that it can mean only the ordinary Approbation or Disapprobation of the Audience, Signor Pasquin thinks it incumbent on himself to assure to Publick that all those conjectures are groundless; And farther, he assures them that the Pit, &c. acting their parts has no other meaning than the common literal sense; and that the Audience are really interwoven in the piece; and are to be bona fide part of the Dramatis Personae; and he makes no doubt but that he shall make them perform their parts to a numerous and polite audience, and with universal Applause. But he begs that those Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to perform in the Pit and Galleries will be at the Theatre betimes, for particular reasons; and those who are to act in the Boxes are requested to send their servants to keep their places by three o'clock. Signor Pasquin has received the letters sent by the Town and the Village, and they may depend upon having Places kept for them upon the Stage. The Hiss concerning the Robin Hood Society will be complied with (General Advertiser). [The parts were: Pasquin, Marforio, Sir Eternal Grinn, Sir Conjecture Positive, Sir Roger Ringwood, Bob Smart, Soloman Common Sense; Count Hunt Bubble, Sir John Ketch, hic and Hac (Scribblers), Hydra, Lady Lucy Loveit, Miss Diana Singlelife, Miss Brilliant, Miss Bashfull (Larpent MS 96).


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Role: Lady Townly Actor: Miss Macklinher 1st appearance in Comedy
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Macklin
Role: Townly Actor: Barry.
Role: Manly Actor: Sparks
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Basset Actor: Dyer
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Collins
Role: Moody Actor: Dunstall
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Trusty Actor: Miss Haughton

Afterpiece Title: Covent Garden Theatre; or, Pasquin turn'd Drawcansir, Censor of Great Britain

Performance Comment: The parts of the Pit, Boxes, Galleries, Stage, and Town to be performed by themselves, for their diversion; the parts of several Dull, disorderly characters, in and about St Jame's to be performed by certain persons, for example; And the part of Pasquin@Drawcansir to be performed by his Censorial Highness;, for his interest. The Satire to be introduced by an Exordium;, and to conclude by a satirical@panegyrical@ironical@comical@original Peroration upon the Virtues, Vices, Wisdom and Folly, Judgment and Power of the Town. Both to be spoken from the Rostrum-Signor Pasquin.

Dance: GGrand Comic Ballet, as17511216

Event Comment: Benefit for R. Palmer, Russell & Dowton. 1st piece [1st time; B 1, by Edward Henry Iliff. The title-page has "by Edmund Spenser, Ynger." On his copy, now in Huntington Library, J. P. Kemble has written, "Iliffe [sic] is the real Name of the Authour"; he has made a similar notation on the playbill]: Founded on the 17th Number of The Spectator. 3rd piece [1st time; MF 1. Larpent MS 1219; not published. The characters are all taken from previous plays by John O'Keeffe, as follows: Sadboy (The Young Quaker); Signor Arionelli and Bowkitt (The Son-in-Law); Motley (The Dead Alive); Tully (The London Hermit); Lingo and Cowslip (The Agreeable Surprise); Ephraim Smooth (Wild Oats); Nipperkin (Sprigs of Laurel); Jemmy Jumps and Betty Blackberry (The Farmer); Mrs Casey (Fontainbleau)]: Written by Mr O'Keeffe. Times, 4 June: Tickets to be had of R. Palmer, No. 2, Queen's-row, Pimlico; of Russell, No. 19, Martlet-court, Bow-street; of Dowton, No. 5, Strand-lane, Surry-street, Strand. Receipts: #413 11s. 6d. (76.17.6; 37.7.0; 1.0.0 tickets: 298.7.0) (charge: #215 10s. 5d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Ugly Club

Role: Tonnage Actor: Palmer
Role: Diaphanous Actor: Russell
Role: Spondee Actor: Holland
Role: Hugh Goblin Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Crank Actor: Wathen
Role: Limp Actor: Dignum
Role: Crasis Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Shin Actor: Dowton
Role: Gibbous Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Landlork Actor: Maddocks
Role: Nell Trot Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Luce Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Miss Mary Actor: Mrs Bland.

Afterpiece Title: The Castle-Spectre

Role: Percy Actor: Russell in place of Kemble
Role: Muley Actor: Caulfield of Davis.
Role: Fustian Actor: Caulfield.
Role: Sylvester Daggerwood Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Hokensloken Actor: Caulfield in place of Wewitzer.
Role: A Salt Eel for Mynheer Actor:
Role: Mr Cockney Actor: Suett
Role: Ben Bowsprit Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Billy Buckram Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Donald Campbell Actor: Dignum
Role: Boatswain Actor: Sedgwick
Role: O'Thunder Actor: Davis
Role: Chimney@Sweeper Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Boatman Actor: Maddocks
Role: Sailors Actor: Trueman, Wentworth, Evans
Role: Mary Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Mrs Cockney Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Mrs Buckram Actor: Miss Tidswell.
Role: Goodwill Actor: Packer
Role: Blister Actor: Suett
Role: Coupee Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Quaver Actor: Dignum
Role: Miss Lucy Actor: Mrs Bland.
Role: Sir Matthew Medley Actor: Maddocks
Role: Vapour Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Woodly Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Gossip Actor: Suett
Role: Soufrance Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Wentworth
Role: Florella Actor: Miss Leak.
Role: Count Almaviva Actor: Palmer
Role: Figaro Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Antonio Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Bazil Actor: Maddocks
Role: Page Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Countess Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Agnes Actor: Miss Wentworth
Role: Susan Actor: Miss Mellon.

Afterpiece Title: A Nosegay of Weeds; or, Old Servants in New Places

Performance Comment: Sadboy-Palmer; Signor Arionelli-Miss DeCamp; Motley-Hollingsworth; Tully-R. Palmer; Lingo-Dowton; Ephraim Smooth-Wewitzer; Nipperkin-Wathen; Jemmy Jumps-Russell; Bowkitt-Bannister Jun.; Mrs Casey-Mrs Sparks; Betty Blackberry-Miss Mellon; Cowslip-Mrs Bland.
Role: Sadboy Actor: Palmer
Role: Signor Arionelli Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Motley Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Tully Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Lingo Actor: Dowton
Role: Ephraim Smooth Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Nipperkin Actor: Wathen
Role: Jemmy Jumps Actor: Russell
Role: Bowkitt Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Mrs Casey Actor: Mrs Sparks
Role: Betty Blackberry Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Cowslip Actor: Mrs Bland.


Mainpiece Title: The False Friend

Afterpiece Title: The Necromancer

Song: Signor Gaetano Phillipo Rochetti, being the first Time of his performing on the British Stage


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserved

Role: Pierre Actor: Quin
Role: Jaffier Actor: Ryan
Role: Priuli Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Duke Actor: Rosco
Role: Bedamar Actor: Hale
Role: Antonio Actor: Hippisley
Role: Renault Actor: Chapman
Role: Eliot Actor: Cashell
Role: Spinoza Actor: Harrington
Role: Officer Actor: Gibson
Role: Belvidera Actor: Mrs Cibber.

Dance: Signor Grimaldi, detto Gamba di Ferro, Mlle Auguste. (Being the 1st time of his appearing on the English stage.


Mainpiece Title: Alphonso

Role: Alfonso Actor: Monticelli
Role: Pelagio Actor: Fratesanti
Role: Ermesenda Actor: Sga Visconti
Role: Elvira Actor: Rosa Mancini
Role: Garzia Actor: Sga Frasi
Role: Fernando Actor: Sga Caselli

Dance: Signor and Signora Campioni will dance this Day for the first time in England


Mainpiece Title: British Fortitude And Hibernian Friendship; Or, An Escape From France

Role: Edward Actor: Incledon
Role: Joey Actor: Munden
Role: Sedgly Actor: Hull
Role: Patrick Actor: Rock
Role: French Commandant Actor: Claremont
Role: Gaoler Actor: Blurton
Role: Sailor Actor: Wilde
Role: Captain O'Leary Actor: Johnstone Annette-Miss Poole
Role: Johnstone Annette Actor: Miss Poole

Afterpiece Title: THE LONDON HERMIT; or, Rambles in Dorsetshire

Role: Toby Thatch Actor: Quick
Role: Old Pranks Actor: Munden
Role: Young Pranks Actor: Fawcett
Role: Natty Maggs Actor: Bernard
Role: Barleycorn Actor: Cubitt
Role: Whimmy Actor: Powel
Role: Tully Actor: Johnstone If Dian-Miss Hopkins
Role: Johnstone If Dian Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Mrs Maggs Actor: Mrs Henley
Role: Kitty Barleycorn Actor: Mrs Mountain

Afterpiece Title: THE SON-IN-LAW

Performance Comment: Signor Arionelli-Incledon; Bowkitt-Fawcett (Their 1st appearance in those characters); Bouquett-Davies; Vinegar-Cubitt; Cranky-Powel; Idle-Farley// Cecilia-Mrs Clendining. VAUDEVILLE. End of 2nd piece An Irishman's Tour through London; or, Tully's Vocal and Rhetorical Description of Westminster Abbey, St. James's, St. Paul's, The Tower, A Quarrel, A Masquerade, &c., by Johnstone . or, Tully's Vocal and Rhetorical Description of Westminster Abbey, St. James's, St. Paul's, The Tower, A Quarrel, A Masquerade, &c., by Johnstone .
Event Comment: Signor Martini danc'd for first time tolerable (Hopkins Diary). Paid Mr Park 1 boy 18 nights #6 15s.; Pryor (turner) #3 6d.; Mr Blanchard (tallow chandler) #43 17s. 2d. Receipts: #156 3s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Role: Horatio Actor: Bensley
Role: Altamont Actor: Brereton
Role: Sciolto Actor: Aickin
Role: Rossano Actor: Whitfield
Role: Lothario Actor: Reddish
Role: Lavinia Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Calista Actor: Mrs Yates.

Dance: I: A New Comic Dance call'd The Gardeners-Sg Martini, first appearance on the English Stage, and Sga Paccini


Mainpiece Title: Ridotto

Music: Consisting of several Songs chosen out of the last new Operas, some new Cantatas by Signor Bononcini-Signor Francisco Bernardi Senesino, Signor Benedetto Baldassari, Mrs Anastasia Robinson, Signora Salvai


Mainpiece Title: Amadis

Music: A New Symphony by the Famous Signor Atilio Ariosti-; in which he performs upon a New Instrument, call'd Viola D'Amour-Signor Atilio Ariosti

Event Comment: Benefit Signora Durastanti. At 7 p.m. Admission as 14 June


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-the best Masters; Particularly, Two new Cantatas by Mr Hendel and Sig Sandoni-; Four Songs, Six Duettos by the famous Signor Stefan-Signora Durastanti, Signor Senesino


Mainpiece Title: Ridotto

Music: Consisting of 24 Songs chosen out of the late Operas-Signor Francisco Bernardi Senesino, Signor Benedetto Baldassari, Mrs Anastasia Robinson, Signora Salvai


Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift

Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Horton.
Role: Sir Novelty Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir William Actor: Johnson
Role: Loveless Actor: Wilks
Role: Elder Worthy Actor: Williams
Role: Worthy Actor: Mills
Role: Snap Actor: Cibber Jr
Role: Sly Actor: Miller
Role: Amanda Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Flareit Actor: Miss Tenoe.

Dance: End I: A new Harlequin-Young Rainton; II: Pastoral-Miss Robinson; III: La Pierrete-Roger, Mrs Brett; IV: Muzette-Young Rainton, Miss Robinson; V: A Grand Turkish Dance-Thurmond, Boval, Lally, Haughton, Duplessis

Music: In III: Trumpet Sonata by Mons Dieupart-; In IV: Sonata by Signor Corelli-; End IV: First Concerto (by Desire) of Signor Michael Arcangello Corelli-


Mainpiece Title: A Comedy Within A Comedy; Or, The Foppish Merchant Turn'd Comedian For Love By Pantalon

Entertainment: Singing Dancing and Serenading after the Venetian Manner-; To which is added, A most noble Concert of Musical French Horns-; Songs-; accompany'd-the said Concert; Dance-Turkish Men, Turkish Women; at the Sound of Trumpets and Kettle Drums-; Dance call'd the King of Morocco's Diversions-Signor Grimaldo Francolino of Malta; and his most surprizing Activity and Strength in a Dance on his Knees with a wonderful heavy Machine upon his Head, never yet attempted by any one before-Signor Grimaldo Francolino


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal Entertainments-Signor Mancini, formerly Servant to the late King of Spain


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: An Italian Consort-; with Additions of New Songs-the Gentlewoman; Symphonies-Signor Gasparine


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and instrumental Music-the best Masters; With several Solos and Sonatas-Dean, Manship; Signor Nicholas' Trumpet Tune-Phillips; several Trumpet Sonatas-

Event Comment: Benefit Signora Margaretta. [She received #76 5s. 8d. See Deutsch, p. 58.


Mainpiece Title: Dorinda (acts I And Ii)

Music: An Entertainment of the choicest Songs out of several Operas-; Also a Piece (never perform'd before)-Signior Cavaliero Valeriano; The Songs out of the Opera will be as follows Convezzo luinghiero, Pria che la doglia-Signora Pilotti; Del fallo ful camin, Ti stringo o miodiletto-Signor Valentini; E vano ognipensiero, To Beauty devoted, Love wou'd invade me-Signora Margaretta; Di se senti, Nume Alata-Mrs Barbier; Solo pieta vi chiedo-; Di luci adourno-Mrs Manina; concluding with the Chorus of Clotilda-; a new piece-Signior Cavaliero Valeriano


Mainpiece Title: Dorinda

Music: With Symphonies-famous Signor Veracini , lately arriv'd from Italy


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-the best Masters; particularly several Sonatas-the famous Signor Veracini


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-; With several Solos on the Bass Viol and German Flute-Signor Pietro


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Singing the Famous-Signor Beneditte


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Role: Morelove Actor: Mills
Role: Foppington Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Wilks
Role: Lady Betty Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Lady Easy Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Lady Graveairs Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Edgin Actor: Mrs Bicknell.

Song: Singing in Italian-Signor Pietro


Mainpiece Title: The True And Ancient History Of King Lear And His Three Daughters

Role: Gloster Actor: Cibber
Role: Edmund Actor: Wilks Jr.
Role: Kent Actor: Williams.
Role: Lear Actor: Booth
Role: Edgar Actor: Wilks
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Penkethman
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Booth.

Music: Between the Acts: Select Pieces-; particularly a Solo-Signor Carbonelli

Dance: Shaw, Denoye, Mrs Bicknell, Mrs Younger, Mrs Bullock