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Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; MD 3, by Prince Hoare. Larpent MS 1126; not published; synopsis of plot in Monthly Magazine, May 1796, p. 320]: With new Scenes, Dresses, Decorations, &c. The Musick principally composed by the late Mr Storace [who had died on 19 Mar.], with a few Selections from Paisiello, Haydn and Sarti. [Grove, under Storace, states that the music was completed and prepared for the stage by Kelly and Sga Storace.] The Scenes designed and executed by Marinari and assistants. The Dresses by Johnston, Gay and Miss Rein. Books of the Songs to be had in the Theatre. "It was exceedingly tedious the first night, not being over till eleven o'clock. Since, it has been prudently cut down, and yet has lost nothing. A prologue, written on the very morning of representation, deploring the loss of the composer, was spoken (perfectly) by the last unfortunate Benson [for whom see 9 June. It was written by Hoare (Universal Magazine, May 1796, p. 362), and Was perhaps spoken only on the 1st night; it is not listed on any playbill]" (Monthly Magazine, May 1796, p. 320). "In short, possessing all the science of Harrison, the melody of Incledon, and the pleasing articulation of the late Mrs Kennedy, we have no hesitation in pronouncing [Braham] the first public singer of the present day. He was three times encored. His action is indifferent, and his dialogue scarcely audible" (Morning Herald, 2 May). Receipts: #297 14s. (258.10.6; 38.19.6; 0.4.0)


Mainpiece Title: Mahmoud; Or, The Prince Of Persia

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Related Work: Mahmoud; or, The Prince of Persia Author(s): Prince Hoare

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: Being full of my desire of seeing my Lord Orrery's new play this afternoon at the King's house, The Black Prince, the first time it is acted; where though we come by two o'clock, yet there was no room in the pit, but we were forced to go into one of the upper boxes, at 4s. a piece, which is the first time I ever sat in a box in my life. And in the same box come, by and by, behind me, my Lord Barkeley and his lady; but I did not turn my face to them to be known, so that I was excused from giving them my seat; and this pleasure I had, that from this place the scenes do appear very fine indeed, and much better than in the pit. The house infinite full, and the King and Duke of York was there. By and by the play begun, and in it nothing Particular but a very fine dance for variety of figures, but a little too long. But, as to the contrivance, and all that was witty (which, indeed, was much, and very witty), was almost the same that had been in his two former plays of Henry the 5th and Mustapha, and the same points and turns of wit in both, and in this very same play often repeated, but in excellent language, and were so excellent that the whole house was mightily pleased with it all along till towards the end he comes to discover the chief of the plot of the play by the reading of a long letter, which was so long and some things (the people being set already to think too long) so unnecessary that they frequently begun to laugh, and to hiss twenty times, that, had it not been for the King's being there, they had certainly hissed it off the stage. But I must confess that, as my Lord Barkeley says behind me, the having of that long letter was a thing so absurd, that he could not imagine how a man of his parts could possibly fall into it; or, if he did, if he had but let any friend read it, the friend would have told him of it; and, I must confess, it is one of the most remarkable instances that ever I did or expect to meet with in my life of a wise man's not being wise at all times, and in all things, for nothing could be more ridiculous than this, though the letter of itself at another time would be thought an excellent letter, and indeed an excellent Romance, but at the end of the play, when every body was weary of sitting, and were already possessed with the effect of the whole letter, to trouble them with a letter a quarter of an hour long was a most absurd thing. After the play done, and nothing pleasing them from the time of the letter to the end of the play, people being put into a bad humour of disliking (which is another thing worth the noting), I home by coach, and could not forbear laughing almost all the way home, and all the evening to my going to bed, at the ridiculousness of the letter, and the more because my wife was angry with me, and the world, for laughing, because the King was there, though she cannot defend the length of the letter


Mainpiece Title: The Black Prince

Performance Comment: Edition of 1672: Prologue-the Genius of England [holding Trident in one hand and a Sword in the other; King Edward-Moon [Mohun]; King John-Wintersell; Prince-Kenniston [Kynaston]; Lord Delaware-Hart; Count Guesclin-Burt; Lord Latimer-Cartwright; Page-Beeston; Alizia-Mrs Guinn; Plantaginet-Mrs Marshall; Cleorin-Mrs Corey; Sevina-Mrs Nepp; Valeria disguised-F. Damport [Davenport]; A Lady-Betty Damport [Davenport]; Epilogue to the King-.
Role: Prologue Actor: the Genius of England
Role: King Edward Actor: Moon
Role: King John Actor: Wintersell
Role: Prince Actor: Kenniston
Role: Lord Delaware Actor: Hart
Role: Count Guesclin Actor: Burt
Role: Lord Latimer Actor: Cartwright
Role: Page Actor: Beeston
Role: Alizia Actor: Mrs Guinn
Role: Plantaginet Actor: Mrs Marshall
Role: Cleorin Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Sevina Actor: Mrs Nepp
Role: Valeria disguised Actor: F. Damport
Role: A Lady Actor: Betty Damport
Role: Epilogue to the King Actor: .
Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; MF 2, by John O'Keeffe, based on Le Rival Suppose, by Germain Francois Poulain de Saint-Foix. It was written in honor of the 21st birthday, 12 Aug., of the Prince of Wales. Prologue by George Colman, the elder (Colman, Prose, m, 248)]: The Overture by Dr Arnold. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Public Advertiser, 2 Oct. 1783: This Day is published The Birth Day (1s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Separate Maintenance

Afterpiece Title: The Birth Day; or, The Prince of Arragon

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Williamson, Wilson; Miss George, Mrs Bannister. [Cast from text (T. Cadell, 1783): Prince of Arragon-Palmer; Don Frederick-Williamson; Don Leopold-Wilson; Fiorina-Miss George; Seraphina-Mrs Bannister.] New Prologue spoken by Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.] hathi. New Prologue spoken by Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.] hathi.
Role: : Prince of Arragon Actor: Palmer
Role: Don Frederick Actor: Williamson
Role: Don Leopold Actor: Wilson
Role: Fiorina Actor: Miss George
Role: Seraphina Actor: Mrs Bannister.

Dance: Afterpiece to conclude with a Grand Chorus and Dance (performers not listed)

Song: As17830613

Event Comment: Benefit for Kelly. Afterpiece [1st time, MF 2, by Prince Hoare]: The Music chiefly composed by Storace; the Rest selected from Pleyel, Harington, Giordani, Gluck, &c. [text adds Gretry]. Account-Book, 16 Dec. 1790: Paid P. Hoare for the Copyright of No Song No Supper #63. Gazetteer, 2 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Kelly, No. 27, James-street, Covent-garden. Receipts: #273 5s. (125.19; 38.18, 2.2; tickets: 106.6) (charge: #109 19s. 4d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Role: Robin of Bagshot Actor: Reynoldson
Role: Nimming Ned Actor: Danby
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Miss Palmer.
Role: Captain Macheath Actor: Kelly
Role: Filch Actor: Suett
Role: Lockit Actor: Fawcett
Role: Mat o' th' Mint Actor: Williames
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Burton
Role: Beggar Actor: Maddocks
Role: Player Actor: Benson
Role: Peachum Actor: Moody
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Barnes
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Jemmy Twitcher Actor: Webb
Role: Crook@finger'd Jack Actor: Lyons
Role: Wat Dreary Actor: Alfred
Role: Harry Paddington Actor: Phillimore
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Fox
Role: Dolly Trull Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Betty Doxey Actor: Mrs Shaw
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Sukey Tawdry Actor: Mrs Heard
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Mrs Butler.

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Role: Crop Actor: Dignum
Role: Frederick Actor: Kelly
Role: Endless Actor: Suett
Role: Robin Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: William Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Thomas Actor: Alfred
Role: Dorothy Actor: Miss Romanzini
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Margaretta Actor: Sga Storace
Role: Nelly Actor: Miss Hagley
Role: Deborah Actor: Mrs Booth.
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Related Work: No Song No Supper Author(s): Prince Hoare

Dance: III: Hornpipe-Bourk

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Crouch. Afterpiece [1st time; CO 2, by Prince Hoare, based on La Grotta di Trofonio, by Giovanni Battista Casti. Not in Larpent MS; not published]; Written by the Author of No Song No Supper. The Music composed principally by Storace [partly adapted from Salieri, composer of Casti's opera; one song each by Anna Storace, Thomas Attwood, Giovanni Paisiello, Richard Suett]. Oracle, 28 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Crouch, No. 26, Bridges-street. Receipts: #280 2s. (100.12.0; 33.13.6; 4.13.6; tickets: 141.3.0) (charge: #119 9s. 8d.)


Mainpiece Title: Know Your Own Mind

Role: Miss Neville Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Millamour Actor: Wroughton
Role: Dashwould Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Malvil Actor: Whitfield
Role: Bygrove Actor: Aickin
Role: Captain Bygrove Actor: Haymes
Role: Sir John Millamour Actor: Packer
Role: Sir Harry Lovewit Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Charles Actor: Benson
Role: Lady Bell Actor: Miss Farren
Role: Lady Jane Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Mrs Bromley Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Madam Le Rouge Actor: Mrs Heard.

Afterpiece Title: The Cave of Trophonius

Role: Aristo Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Dorilas Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Amintas Actor: Kelly
Role: Dromo Actor: Suett
Role: Corin Actor: Dignum
Role: Trophonius Actor: Fox
Role: Daphne Actor: Sga Storace
Role: Phaedra Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Williames
Role: Alinet Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: 1st Spirit Actor: Miss DeCamp.
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Related Work: The Cave of Trophonius Author(s): Prince Hoare
Event Comment: Afterpiece: Written by the Author of No Song No Supper [Prince Hoare]; performed but once [on 3 May 1791]. The Music composed principally by Storace. Receipts: #464 15s. (377.4; 85.15; 1.16)


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Afterpiece Title: The Cave of Trophonius

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Related Work: The Cave of Trophonius Author(s): Prince Hoare
Event Comment: Afterpiece: Written by the Author of No Song No Supper [Prince Hoare]; the Music composed principally by Storace. Receipts: #145 14s. 6d. (94.1.6; 49.17.0; 1.16.0)


Mainpiece Title: At King's Love Makes A Man

Role: Antonio Actor: Baddeley
Role: Charino Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Don Lewis Actor: King
Role: Carlos Actor: Kemble
Role: Clodio Actor: Dodd
Role: Sancho Actor: Suett
Role: Monsieur Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Governor Actor: Packer
Role: Don Duart Actor: Barrymore
Role: Don Manuel Actor: Caulfield
Role: Pedro Actor: Banks
Role: Lopez Actor: Benson
Role: Roberto Actor: Jones
Role: Cook Actor: Burton
Role: Jaques Actor: Phillimore
Role: Guzman Actor: Lyons
Role: Priest Actor: Fawcett
Role: Lawyer Actor: Waldron
Role: Sailor Actor: Cooke
Role: Alguazile Actor: Maddocks
Role: Page Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Bravoes Actor: Alfred, Webb
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Honoria Actor: Mrs Bramwell
Role: Catalina Actor: Mrs Shaw.

Afterpiece Title: The Cave of Trophonius

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Related Work: The Cave of Trophonius Author(s): Prince Hoare
Event Comment: Benefit for Sga Storace. Mainpiece: By Permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Afterpiece [1st time; MF 2, by Prince Hoare, based partly on LE TABLEAU PARLANT, by Louis Anseaume]: The Music by Storace. "The songs are written with taste, and set to very lively and agreeable tunes by Storace's brother...[They are] calculated to afford her a complete opportunity of displaying that mixture of laughable levity, friskiness and merriment which on the stage give her so much attraction" (Public Advertiser, 18 Dec.). Tickets to be had of Sga Storace, No. 36, Howland Street, and of Rice at the Theatre, where Places for the Boxes may be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Haunted Tower

Role: Lord William Actor: Dignum
Role: Baron of Oakland Actor: Baddeley
Role: Baron de Courcy Actor: Caulfield
Role: Robert Actor: Suett
Role: Charles Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Lewis Actor: Bland
Role: Martin Actor: Cooke
Role: Hugo Actor: Benson
Role: Edward Actor: Bannister Jun.Lady Elinor-Miss De Camp
Role: Lady Elinor Actor: Miss De Camp
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Adela Actor: Sga Storace

Afterpiece Title: MY GRANDMOTHER

Role: : Vapour Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Gossip Actor: Suett
Role: Souffrance Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Sir Matthew Medley Actor: Waldron
Role: Woodly Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Tom Actor: Bland
Role: Servant Actor: Lyons Charlotte-Mrs Bland
Role: Lyons Charlotte Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Florella Actor: Sga Storace.
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Related Work: My Grandmother Author(s): Prince Hoare
Event Comment: 2nd piece [1st time; MF 2, by Prince Hoare]: The Music principally composed by Shield [and selected from Paisiello]. The Overture by W. Parke. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. 3rd piece: Representation of the Indian Manner, &c., as 26 Oct. 1795. Account-Book, 22 Feb.: Paid Hoare in full for Lock & Key #210. Receipts: #197 10s. (195.6; 2.4)


Mainpiece Title: The Days Of Yore

Role: Magnet Actor: Incledon
Role: Ferret Actor: Fawcett
Role: Tropic Actor: Bowden
Role: Pendant Actor: Toms
Role: Major Drummond Actor: Townsend
Role: Wat Actor: Macready
Role: Mrs Ferret Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Mountain.

Afterpiece Title: Lock and Key

Role: Cheerly Actor: Incledon
Role: Brummagem Actor: Munden
Role: Ralph Actor: Fawcett
Role: Vain Actor: Knight
Role: Servants and Sailors Actor: Linton, Street, Gray
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Serres
Role: Selina Actor: Mrs Castelle
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Norton
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: unassigned Actor: Miss Kirton.
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Related Work: Lock and Key Author(s): Prince Hoare

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck

Role: Jack Haulyard Actor: Townsend
Role: Susan Actor: Miss Smyth
Role: Officers Actor: Williamson, Rees, Abbot, Wilde, Rayner, King
Role: Principal Warriors Actor: Simpson, Price.
Role: Herman Actor: Holman
Role: Ratibor Actor: Pope
Role: Holstein Actor: Harley
Role: Ulric Actor: Middleton
Role: Principal Judge of the Tribunal Actor: Hull
Role: Duke of Wirtemberg Actor: Macready
Role: Badendorff Actor: Powel
Role: Rudolph Actor: Claremont
Role: Minister of Vengeance Actor: Thompson
Role: Ellen Holstein Actor: Miss Morris
Role: Ida Actor: Miss Wallis
Role: Briton Actor: Byrn
Role: Boatswain Actor: Farley
Role: Midshipman Actor: Jackson
Role: Cabin Boy Actor: Simmons
Role: Captain's Lady Actor: Mlle St.Amand
Role: Sanguinaire Actor: Cranfield
Role: Monsieur L'Ingrate Actor: Holland
Role: Indian Characters Indian Chief Actor: Follett
Role: Female Savage Actor: Mr Goosetree.

Dance: As17951031

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; CO 2, by Prince Hoare, based partly on Le Comte D'Albert et sa Suite, by Michael Jean Sedaine. Larpent MS 1153; not published; synopsis of plot in Monthly Visitor, Feb. 1797, p. 164]: The Musick partly new and partly selected [by Michael Kelly; overture by Stanislas Champein (BUC 567)]. Books of the Songs to be had in the Theatre. Receipts: #321 14s. (184.18.6; 134.14.6; 2.1.0)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Role: Careless Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Sir Peter Teazle Actor: King
Role: Sir Oliver Surface Actor: Aickin
Role: Sir Benjamin Backbite Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Joseph Surface Actor: Palmer
Role: Charles Surface Actor: Wroughton
Role: Crabtree Actor: Suett
Role: Snake Actor: Caulfield
Role: Rowley Actor: Packer
Role: Moses Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Trip Actor: Trueman
Role: Servants Actor: Banks, Evans
Role: Lady Teazle Actor: Miss Farren
Role: Lady Sneerwell Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Mrs Candour Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Miller.

Afterpiece Title: A Friend in Need

Role: Count Solano Actor: Kelly
Role: Jack Churly Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Pazzarello Actor: Suett
Role: Belmont Actor: Dignum
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Caulfield
Role: Morado Actor: Wathen
Role: Carlo Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Informers Actor: Maddocks, Trueman
Role: Children Actor: Master Welsh, Master Chatterley
Role: Gaoler Actor: Webb
Role: Bernardo Actor: Banks
Role: Neapolitan Sailor Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Soldiers Actor: Cooke, Evans, Welsh
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Plautina Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Ellen Actor: Mrs Bland.
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Related Work: A Friend in Need Author(s): Prince Hoare

Song: Afterpiece: Chorus-Welsh, Maddocks, Gregson, Wentworth, Atkins, Meyers, Annereau, Bardoleau, Walker, Willoughby, Ms Butler, Ms Roffey, Ms Granger, Ms Jackson, Ms Maddocks, Ms Menage, Ms Wentworth, Ms Benson

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; CO 3, by Prince Hoare. Larpent MS 1159; not published; synopsis of plot in Universal Magazine, May 1797, p. 364]: Overture and rest of Music composed and selected by Shield. Harp by Weippert. The new Scenery by Richards. Books of the Songs to be had in the Theatre. Receipts: #172 10s. 6d. (169.6.6; 3.4.0)


Mainpiece Title: Italian Villagers

Afterpiece Title: The Farm House

Role: Modely Actor: Knight
Role: Heartwell Actor: Middleton
Role: Freehold Actor: Davenport
Role: Sir John English Actor: Wilde
Role: Shacklefigure Actor: Simmons
Role: Constables Actor: Thompson, Abbot
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Mansel
Role: Aura Actor: Mrs Knight.
Event Comment: [Extra night] Benefit for the Widows and Orphans of those brave Men who perished, and those who were wounded, in the Glorious Action of the 14th February last [see king's, 18 May.] Patrons: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Stewards: Duke of Leeds, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl Spencer, Lord Kinnaird, Charles Grey Esq., Thomas Tyrwhitt Esq., Wm. Lushington Esq., Wm. Manning Esq., John Thomson Esq., John Julius Angerstein Esq. Boxes to be taken, and Tickets had at the Office of the Theatre, and at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee-House. Receipts: none listed


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Role: Moody Actor: Murray
Role: Harcourt Actor: Barrymore
Role: Belville Actor: Toms
Role: Countryman Actor: Wilde
Role: Sparkish Actor: Knight
Role: Alithea Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: The Country Girl Actor: Mrs Jordan

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

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Related Work: No Song No Supper Author(s): Prince Hoare

Dance: End: Peggy's Love (By permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mme Hilligsberg; End afterpiece: Cupid and Psyche-the same.Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mlle Hilligsberg

Entertainment: Monologue. Preceding 1st ballet: [a favorite Epilogue-Mrs Abington (1st appearance on this stage these 8 [recte 7] years)

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; MD 2, by Prince Hoare, adapted from Camille; ou, Le Souterrain, by Benoit Joseph Marsollier des Vivetieres]: The Musick entirely new by Dussek [and Kelly]. With new Scenery [by Marinari (Monthly Mirror, Nov. 1798, p. 309)], Dresses, and Decorations. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Morning Chronicle, 7 May 1799: On May 9 will be published The Captive of Spilburg (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #209 6s. 6d. (108.10.6; 99.19.6; 0.16.6)


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Role: Stockbrokers Actor: _Hollingsworth, Sparks.
Role: Feignwell Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Freeman Actor: Caulfield
Role: Sir Philip Modelove Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Aickin
Role: Tradelove Actor: Wathen
Role: Perriwinkle Actor: Suett
Role: Sackbut Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Simon Pure Actor: Russell
Role: Aminadab Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Gentlemen Actor: Trueman, Wentworth
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Miss Pope
Role: called Anne Lovely] Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Roffey.

Afterpiece Title: The Captive of Spilburg

Dance: In afterpiece: a Dance-Roffey, Whitmell, Wells, Male, Garman, W. Banks, Goodman, Gauron, Ms Brooker, Ms Daniels, Ms Brigg, Ms Byrne, Ms Vining, Ms Luciet, Ms Drake, Ms Riches; New Hornpipe-Sga Bossi DelCaro

Event Comment: 2nd piece [1st time; C 5, by Prince Hoare, adapted from Armuth und Edelsinn, by August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue. Prologue by John Taylor (see text). Epilogue by the author (London Chronicle, 21 Aug. 1799)]. Morning Chronicle, 14 Aug. 1799: This Day is published Sighs (2s.)


Mainpiece Title: Seeing Is Believing

Role: Sir Credule Actor: Davenport
Role: Simon Actor: Palmer
Role: Nightshade Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Sceptic Actor: Clarke
Role: Miss Die Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Harlowe.

Afterpiece Title: Sighs; or, The Daughter

Role: Von Snarl Actor: Suett
Role: Tilman Totum Actor: Fawcett
Role: Adelbert Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Leopold Actor: Barrymore
Role: Nicolas Actor: Chippendale
Role: Hans William Actor: Palmer
Role: Josephine Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Gibbs
Role: Mrs Rose Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Ellen Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Prologue Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Epilogue Actor: Fawcett, Mrs Gibbs.
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Related Work: Sighs; or, The Daughter Author(s): Prince Hoare

Afterpiece Title: The Purse

Role: Fripon Actor: Caulfield
Role: Adelaide Actor: Miss Heard.
Role: Robert Maxwell Actor: Pope
Role: Harrington Actor: Swendall
Role: Landlord Actor: Palmer
Role: Harry Actor: Master Tokely
Role: Flood Actor: Davies
Role: John Hartopp Actor: Davenport
Role: Dempster Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Jew Actor: Waldron
Role: Dumfries Actor: Abbot
Role: Servant Actor: Lyons
Role: Walwyn Actor: H. Johnston
Role: Old Blind Lady Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Jane Actor: Miss Leserve
Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Chapman.
Role: Scout Actor: Fawcett
Role: Snarl Actor: Suett
Role: Sheepface Actor: Wathen
Role: Charles Actor: Trueman
Role: Justice Mittimus Actor: Usher
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Edward
Role: Mrs Scout Actor: Mrs Davenport.
Role: Walter Actor: H. Johnston
Role: Sir Rowland Actor: Clarke
Role: Gabriel Actor: Caulfield
Role: Oliver Actor:
Role: Lord Alford Actor: Davies
Role: Children Actor: Master Tokely, Miss Benson
Role: Helen Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Winifred Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Josephine Actor: Mrs Bland.
Role: Muns Actor: Fawcett
Role: Dowdle Actor: Suett
Role: Jack Conner Actor: Palmer
Role: Lord Edmund Actor: Davies
Role: Trap Actor: Davenport
Role: Frill Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Father Frank Actor: Ledger
Role: Tough Actor: Abbot
Role: Rachel Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: Mary Actor: Mrs Gibbs.
Role: the Baron Actor: Caulfield
Role: Edmund Actor: Trueman
Role: Page Actor: Master Chatterley.

Song: not listed in playbill; see17990824: In II 2nd piece: 'Twas in the solemn mid@night hour-Mrs Bland

Event Comment: An accurate Edition of the [mainpiece] to be had in the Theatre. "The Prince, we observed, wore the regimentals of an English officer, and the star of a knight of the Bath or Garter. We know not well how this can be thought the costume of either Messina or Arragon" (Monthly Mirror, Oct. 1799, p. 237). Receipts: #252 16s. (151.11; 100.11; 0.14)


Mainpiece Title: Much Ado About Nothing

Role: Don Pedro Actor: Holland
Role: Leonato Actor: Aickin
Role: Don John Actor: Caulfield
Role: Claudio Actor: Barrymore
Role: Benedick Actor: Kemble
Role: Balthazar Actor: Dignum
Role: Antonio Actor: Packer
Role: Borachio Actor: Trueman
Role: Conrade Actor: Surmont
Role: Dogberry Actor: Suett
Role: Verges Actor: Dowton
Role: Friar Actor: Maddocks
Role: Sexton Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Hero Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Beatrice Actor: Miss Biggs
Role: Margaret Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Ursula Actor: Miss Wentworth.

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Role: Crop Actor: Dignum
Role: Frederick Actor: Trueman
Role: Endless Actor: Suett
Role: Robin Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: William Actor: Caulfield
Role: Servant Actor: Webb
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss Wentworth
Role: Margaretta Actor: Miss Stephens
Related Works
Related Work: No Song No Supper Author(s): Prince Hoare

Song: In II: Masquerade-;, and Stevens' Glee, Sigh no more Ladies-Dignum, Danby, Evans, Danby Jun., Miss Wentworth, Miss Menage

Event Comment: Benefit for Bannister Jun. 2nd piece [1st time; MF 2, by Prince Hoare, Larpent MS 1289; not published; synopsis of plot in Morning Herald, 29 Apr, Author of Prologue unknown]: The new Musick composed by Kelly. Morning Chronicle, 16 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Bannister Jun., No. 65, Gower-street, Bedford-square. Receipts: #360 8s. 6d. (272.17.6; 80.9.6; 7.1.6; tickets: none listed) (charge: #213 3s. 7d.)


Mainpiece Title: She Wou'd And She Wou'd Not

Role: Don Manuel Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Don Philip Actor: Barrymore
Role: Octavio Actor: Holland
Role: Trappanti Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Soto Actor: Wathen
Role: Don Lewis Actor: Surmont
Role: Diego Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Hippolita Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Rosara Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Flora Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Viletta Actor: Miss Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Children; or, Give Them their Way

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Related Work: The Children; or, Give Them Their Way Author(s): Prince Hoare
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Prince Hoare. Prologue by Richard Cumberland; Epilogue by John Taylor (see text)]. Receipts: #220 16s. 6d. (163.9.0; 56.6.6; 1.1.0)


Mainpiece Title: Indiscretion

Role: Sir Marmaduke Maxim Actor: King
Role: Burly Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Clermont Actor: Barrymore
Role: Algernon Actor: Talbot
Role: Frederic Actor: Palmer
Role: Gaylove Actor: Holland
Role: Lounge Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Thomas Actor: Wathen
Role: Francis Actor: Webb
Role: John Actor: Evans
Role: Victoria Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Fanny Actor: Miss Biggs
Role: Mrs Goodly Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Laura Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Coates
Role: Prologue Actor: Talbot
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Biggs.
Related Works
Related Work: Indiscretion Author(s): Prince Hoare

Afterpiece Title: The Liar

Role: Sir James Elliot Actor: Trueman
Role: Servants Actor: Fisher, Ryder
Role: Waiter Actor: Webb.
Role: Old Wilding Actor: Archer
Role: Young Wilding Actor: Powell
Role: Papillion Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Miss Grantham Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Miss Godfrey Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Tidswell.

Song: [not listed on playbill.]In: I rise with the morn-Mrs Jordan; IV: a Glee-Dignum, Trueman, Danby (Dramatic Censor, II, 169, 171)

Role: I rise with the morn Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: a Glee Actor: Dignum, Trueman, Danby


Mainpiece Title: The Captive Prince; Or, Love And Loyalty; With The Comical Humours Of Falstaff And Antient Pistol

Performance Comment: Prince-Miss Charke; Gloriana-Mrs Smith; Periander-Bowman; Gonzales-Dukes; Philotas-Edwards; Anglaura-Mrs Godwin; Falstaff-Smith; Hostess Quickly-Godwin; Justice Shallow-Adams; Doll Tearsheet-Mrs Freeman; Antient Pistol-Mrs Charke.
Role: Prince Actor: Miss Charke
Role: Gloriana Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Periander Actor: Bowman
Role: Gonzales Actor: Dukes
Role: Philotas Actor: Edwards
Role: Anglaura Actor: Mrs Godwin
Role: Falstaff Actor: Smith
Role: Hostess Quickly Actor: Godwin
Role: Justice Shallow Actor: Adams
Role: Doll Tearsheet Actor: Mrs Freeman
Role: Antient Pistol Actor: Mrs Charke.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Sclavonian

Role: Harlequin Actor: Adams
Role: Marquis Actor: Edwards
Role: Pierrot Actor: Robinson
Role: Colombine Actor: the celebrated Mrs Careless.
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. If the run of The Wits occurred as it is outlined above, this would presumably be the first day of Hamlet. Pepys, Diary: To the Opera, and there saw Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, done with scenes very well, but above all, Betterton did the prince's part beyond imagination. Downes (p. 21): The Tragedy of Hamlet: Hamlet being Perform'd by Mr Betterton, Sir William (having seen Mr Taylor of the Black-Fryars Company Act it, who being Instructed by the Author Mr Shakespear) taught Mr Betterton in every Particle of it; which by his exact Performance of it, gain'd him Esteem and Reputation, Superlative to all other Plays...No succeeding Tragedy for several Years got more Reputation, or Money to the Company than this


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Role: Hamlet Actor: Betterton
Role: Horatio Actor: Harris
Role: King Actor: Lilliston
Role: Ghost Actor: Richards
Role: Polonius Actor: Lovel
Role: Rosencrans Actor: Dixon
Role: Guilderstern Actor: Price
Role: 1st Gravemaker Actor: Underhill
Role: 2d Gravemaker Actor: Dacres
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Sanderson.
Event Comment: Mr Colman's Night for the Fairy Prince. Charges #84. Profit to Colman #125 15s. 6d. Paid Messrs Schneider & Otto (furriers) #7 3s.; Paid Dr Arne for composing additional Music for the Fairy Prince #1 11s. 6d. (Account Book). Receipts: #209 15s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Role: Macbeth Actor: Smith
Role: Macduff Actor: Clarke
Role: Lenox Actor: Hull
Role: Malcolm Actor: Wroughton
Role: Banquo Actor: Bensley
Role: Duncan Actor: Gardner
Role: Seyton Actor: Thompson
Role: Hecate Actor: Reinhold
Role: Witches Actor: Dunstall, Mrs Pitt, Quick
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Reinhold, DuBellamy, Baker, Legg, Fox, Phillips, Mrs Baker, Mrs Lampe, Mrs Jones
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Fairy Prince

Role: ] Actor:
Role: Nymphs Actor: Mrs Potts, Miss Baker.
Role: Parts Actor: Mattocks, DuBellamy, Phillips, Reinhold, Baker, Fox, Two Children
Role: Dances Actor: Fishar, Aldridge, Sga Manesiere. Silenus-Reinhold
Role: Silenus Actor: Reinhold
Role: 1st Satyr Actor: Mattocks
Role: Echo Actor: DuBellamy
Role: 3rd Satyr Actor: Phillips
Role: 4th Satyr Actor: Baker
Role: 5th Satyr Actor: Fox
Role: Sylvan Actor: Owenson
Role: Principal Fairies Actor: Mas. Wood, Miss Brown
Role: The Dances Actor: Fisher, Aldridge, Sga Manesiere


Mainpiece Title: The Amorous Prince

Performance Comment: The Principal Characters are Frederick, the Amorous Prince, Son to the Duke; Curtius, his Friend; Salvator, Father to Aura; Lorenzo, a rich, extravagant Lord, favourite of Frederick; Antonio, a Nobleman of Florence, Alberto, his Friend, a Nobleman also; Piertro, Man to Curtius; A Valet to Antonio; A Page to Ismenia; Galliard, Servant to the Prince; Guilliam, Man to Cloris, a Country Fellow; Clarina, Wife to Antonio; Ismenia, Sister to Antonio, in love with Alberto; Laura, Sister to Lorenzo, in love with Curtius; Isabella, Woman to Clarina; Cloris, Sister to Curtius, disguised like a Country Maid, in love with Frederick. The Principal Parts by independent Ladies and Gentlemen. With a Prologue and Epilogue .

Afterpiece Title: The Battle Royal

Dance: In Act V of mainpiece a Masquerade, and a Minuet de la Cour by Master Corbyn and Miss Keen

Song: End of mainpiece most of the favourite airs from The Poor Soldier [singers not listed]. Vaudeville. End of afterpiece a short Pantomimical Scene, in which Harlequin will leap through a Hogshead on Fire

Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the King's playhouse, and there saw The Black Prince again: which is now mightily bettered by that long letter being printed, and so delivered to every body at their going in, and some short reference made to it in heart in the play, which do mighty well; but, when all is done, I think it is the worst play of my Lord Orrery's. But here, to my great satisfaction, I did see my Lord Hinchingbroke and his mistress, with her father and mother; and I am mightily pleased with the young lady, being handsome enough--and, indeed, to my great liking, as I would have her. I could not but look upon them all the play


Mainpiece Title: The Black Prince

Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: All alone to the King's house, and there sat in an upper box, to hide myself, and saw The Black Prince, a very good play; but only the fancy, most of it, the same as in the rest of my Lord Orrery's plays; but the dance very stately; but it was pretty to see how coming after dinner and with no company with me to talk to, and at a play that I had seen, and went to now not for curiosity but only idleness, I did fall asleep the former part of the play, but afterward did mind it and like it very well


Mainpiece Title: The Black Prince

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Prince. By reason of the Entertainment, the Play will be shortened. Boxes 6s., pit 4s., gallery 2s. 6d. [Genest, II, 293, lists this for 7 June.


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Song: Four new songs, the Nightingale Song-Francisca Margarita del'Epine, with music composed by Jacomo Greber

Dance: As17030601 Also Mezzetin a Clown and two Chair/men-; Blouzabella-Prince, Mrs Elford

Event Comment: Benefit Prince, the Dancing-Master


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Dance: Mrs Santlow, Mrs Bicknell, Miss Younger, Prince, Wade, Sandham, others; particularly a Harlequin-; Eight Linkmen-

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Related Work: Mahmoud; or, The Prince of Persia Author(s): Prince Hoare