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Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Arthur Murphy, based on L'Irresolu, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Prologue by the author. Epilogue by David Garrick (see text)]: A new Scene and New Dresses. Public Advertiser, 2 May 1778: This Day is published Know Your Own Mind (1s 6d.). Receipts: #246 7s. 6d. (245.7.0; 1.0.6)


Mainpiece Title: Know Your Own Mind

Role: Millamour Actor: Lewis
Role: Melvil Actor: Wroughton
Role: Bygrove Actor: Aickin
Role: Sir Harry Lizard] Actor: Whitefield
Role: Sir John Millamour Actor: Fearon
Role: Captain Bygrove Actor: Booth
Role: Charles Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Dashwould Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: Miss Neville Actor: Mrs Hartley
Role: Mrs Bromley Actor: Mrs Jackson
Role: Lady Jane Actor: Miss Dayes
Role: Madam La Rouge Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Lady Bell Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: New Prologue Actor: Lewis
Role: New Epilogue Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Captain Plume Actor: Lewis
Role: Justice Balance Actor: Hull
Role: Worthy Actor: Whitefield
Role: Scale Actor: Thompson
Role: Scruple Actor: Cushing
Role: Kite Actor: Fearon
Role: Bullock Actor: Dunstall
Role: Recruits Actor: Quick, Jones
Role: Brazen Actor: Woodward
Role: Melinda Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Rose Actor: Miss Dayes
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Lessingham.
Role: The Mock Doctor Actor: Dunstall
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Cushing
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Pitt.

Dance: As17761123

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Thomas Lewis O'Beirne, based on Le Dissipateur; ou, L'Honnete Friponne, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Prologue by Frederick Pilon (Crouch, 1, 90). Author of Epilogue unknown. For Pastoral Interlude see 23 Nov.]: With new Scenery and Dresses. Public Advertiser, 13 Dec. 1780: This Day at Noon is Published The Generous Impostor (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #197 3s. 6d. (183.4.0; 13.10.6; 0.9.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Generous Impostor

Role: Sir Harry Glenville Actor: Palmer
Role: George Oldgrove Actor: Dodd
Role: Supple Actor: Bensley
Role: Holdfast Actor: Parsons
Role: Sir Jacob Oldgrove Actor: Baddeley
Role: Harpin Actor: Burton
Role: Trimbush Actor: Vernon
Role: Mrs Courtly Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Phillis Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Dorinda Actor: Miss Farren
Role: unassigned Actor: R. Palmer, Norris, Fawcett, Phillimore
Role: Prologue Actor: Palmer
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Farren.

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Don Diego Actor: Gaudry.
Role: Mungo Actor: Suett
Role: Leander Actor: Du-Bellamy
Role: Du Actor: Bellamy
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Wright.
Event Comment: By Permission of the Right Hon. the Lord Chamberlain. Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, based on Le Dissipateur, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Authors of Prologue and Epilogue, and speaker of Epilogue, unknown]: Written by the late Samuel Foote Esq. [The attribution to Foote is dubious.] Afterpiece [1st time in London; MF-2. See CG, 28 Mar. 1778]: Now acting in Dublin with applause; written by [i.e. altered from, by T. A. Lloyd] the author of Love in a Village, &c. &c


Mainpiece Title: The Spendthrift; Or, The Female Conspiracy

Afterpiece Title: The Romp

Role: Priscilla Tomboy Actor: Mrs Cox

Song: End of Acts II and in of mainpiece two favourite airs by Mrs Cox (1st appearance.)

Monologue: 1781 11 12 End of Act IV of mainpiece Shuter's Post Haste Observations on his Journey to Paris by Dutton

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 3, by Elizabeth Inchbald, based on Le Philosophe Marie, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches]. Public Advertiser, 1 Aug. 1789: This Day is published The Married Man (1s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Married Man

Role: Sir John Classick Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Lord Lovemore Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Dorimant Actor: Williamson
Role: Mr Tradewell Classick Actor: Kemble
Role: William Actor: Barrett
Role: Mr Classick Actor: Aickin
Role: Emily Actor: Mrs Brooks
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Lady Classick Actor: Mrs Kemble.

Afterpiece Title: The Romp

Role: La Blonde Actor: Miss Brangin.
Role: Watty Cockney Actor: Moss
Role: Captain Sightly Actor: Johnson
Role: Old Cockney Actor: Barrett
Role: Barnacle Actor: Chapman
Role: Penelope Actor: Mrs Plomer
Role: The Romp Actor: Miss George.
Role: Principal Characters Actor: Chambers, Reeve, Mathews, Chapman, Miss George, Mrs Iliff, Mrs Plomer, Mrs Powell, Mrs Bannister
Role: Lord Megrim Actor: Iliff
Role: Fidget Actor: Powell
Role: Sparkle Actor: Barrett
Role: Winworth Actor: Williamson
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Celia Actor: Miss Heard.

Dance: As17890708

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Miles Peter Andrews and Frederick Reynolds; based on Le Dissipateur; ou, L'Honnete Friponne, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Prologue by the Duke of Leeds; Epilogue by Miles Peter Andrews (see text)]: With new Scenes, Dresses and Decorations. The Scenery designed and executed by Greenwood. Gazetteer, 18 Nov.: At the rehearsal of the new comedy on Tuesday the Duke of Leeds, Major Scott, Mr Angerstein [the banker] and Mr Boswell were in the boxes. Mr Boswell said an epigrammatic thought had struck him...and he brought the following Impromptu into life: Andrews, your play is safe enough; For noble Leeds endures it; Boswell and Scott are pledged to puff, And Angerstein ensures it. World, 13 Dec. 1790: To-morrow will be published Better Late than Never (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #240 14s. (206.7; 32.6; 2.1)


Mainpiece Title: Better Late Than Never

Role: Saville Actor: Kemble
Role: Flurry Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Charles Chouse Actor: Palmer
Role: Grump Actor: Baddeley
Role: Litigamus Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Pallet Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Lawyer's Clerk Actor: Maddocks
Role: Servant to Saville Actor: Lyons
Role: Servant to Flurry Actor: Webb
Role: Augusta Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Mrs Flurry Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Diary Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Prologue Actor: Bannister Jun
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Afterpiece Title: Don Juan

Role: Don Antonio Actor: Williames
Role: Don Ferdinand Actor: Dignum
Role: Don Juan Actor: Palmer
Role: Don Guzman Actor: Benson
Role: Carlos Actor: Haymes
Role: Perez Actor: Bland
Role: Pedrillo Actor: Banks
Role: Lopez Actor: Lyons
Role: Gomez Actor: Alfred
Role: Vasquez Actor: Fawcett
Role: Host Actor: Chapman
Role: Masaniello Actor: Fairbrother
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Dubois
Role: Alguaziles Actor: Burton, Jones, Webb
Role: Boatswain Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Sailors Actor: Phillimore, Danby, Maddocks
Role: Donna Anna Actor: Miss Collins
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Inis Actor: Miss Palmer
Role: Katharina Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Viletta Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Dignum, Sedgwick, Mrs Bland, Mrs Edwards, Miss Hagley
Role: Waiter Actor: Fairbrother
Role: 4th Sailor Actor: Reynoldson.

Dance: As17901026

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Thomas Holcroft, based on Le Glorieux, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. In 1793 reduced by the author to an afterpiece of 3 acts. Prologue and Epilogue by the author (Knapp, 101, 307). This play was originally attributed to James Marshall (Public Advertiser, 5 Feb.); on 8 Feb. he wrote a letter to the editor of the Oracle, stating that "The School for Arrogance is not mine, but Mr Holcroft's...By appearing for a time as the ostensible author I hope I have contributed to heal what was most unaccomodating between Mr Harris and Mr Holcroft." And see Genest, VII, 24, 27.] Oracle, 19 Feb. 1791: This Day is published The School for Arrogance (1s. 6d.). "If Mrs Wells could be prevailed upon to speak out, so that the audience might hear, it would be of some advantage to the new play. At present, the performer who happens to be on the stage with her has it all in confidence" (Gazetteer, 9 Feb.). Receipts: #186 11s. (181.8; 5.3)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Arrogance

Role: Count Conolly Villars Actor: Lewis
Role: MacDermot Actor: Johnstone
Role: Mr Dorimont Actor: Aickin
Role: Edmund Actor: Farren
Role: Sir Paul Peckham Actor: Wilson
Role: Sir Samuel Sheepy Actor: Munden
Role: Picard Actor: Marshall
Role: Exempt Actor: Thompson
Role: Footmen Actor: Farley, Evatt, Letteney, Blurton
Role: Bailiffs Actor: Cross, Lee
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Lydia Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Lady Peckham Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Prologue Actor: Bernard
Role: in the Character of a News Actor: hawker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Picture of Paris

Role: Lemonadier Actor: Rees
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Rock
Role: Dancing Nymphs Actor: Mrs _Lloyd
Role: Alban Actor: Holman
Role: Captain O'Leary Actor: Johnstone
Role: Patrick Actor: Rock
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Bannister, Incledon, Davies, Blanchard, Cubitt, Johnstone, Mrs Martyr, Mrs Warrell, Miss Huntley, Miss Barnet
Role: Harlequin Actor: Boyce
Role: Petit Maitre Actor: Farley
Role: Marquis Actor: W. Powel
Role: Pioneer Actor: Cranfield
Role: Dusty Gentleman Actor: Bernard
Role: Poet Actor: Marshall
Role: Shoe@Black Actor: Rees
Role: Jacobine Actor: Cross
Role: Poissards Actor: Blurton, Rayner
Role: Gardener Actor: Milburne
Role: Grotesque Actor: Follett
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Event Comment: 2nd piece [1st time; C 3, by Elizabeth Inchbald, based on L'Indigent, by Louis Sebastien Mercier, and on Le Dissipateur; ou, L'Honnete Friponne, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Prologue and Epilogue by Thomas Vaughan (see text)]. Morning Chronicle, 21 July 1791: This Day is published Next Door Neighbours (1s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Half An Hour After Supper

Role: Mr Level Actor: Williamson
Role: Colonel Modish Actor: Davies
Role: Lord Simper Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Wealthy Actor: Kemble
Role: Plainwell Actor: Aickin
Role: John Actor: Phillimore
Role: William Actor: Abbott
Role: Mrs Level Actor: Mrs Brooks.

Afterpiece Title: Next Door Neighbours

Role: Sir George Splendorville Actor: Palmer
Role: Willford Actor: Aickin
Role: Henry Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Mr Manly Actor: Kemble
Role: Mr Blackman Actor: Baddeley
Role: Bluntly Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Lord Hazard Actor: Evatt
Role: Mr Lucre Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Servants Actor: Ledger, Abbott
Role: Shopman Actor: Chapman
Role: Lady Caroline Seymour Actor: Mrs Brooks
Role: Lady Bridget Squander Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Evans Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Eleanor Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Prologue Actor: Bannister Jun
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Kemble.

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: Goodman Hobbs Actor: Rock
Role: Rasher Actor: Burton.
Role: Marquis of Montague Actor: Cubitt.
Role: Duke of Somerset Actor: Evatt
Role: Robbers Actor:
Role: Villagers Actor: Mrs +Bland, Mrs +Powell, Miss +Hale, Mrs +Edwin.
Role: Doiley Actor: Parsons
Role: Sandford Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Granger Actor: Palmer
Role: Gradus Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Miss Doiley Actor: Mrs Brooks
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Fontenelle.
Role: Mr Sturdy Actor: Kemble
Role: Bentley Actor: Evatt
Role: Captain Berry Actor: Iliff
Role: Frank Actor: Farley
Role: Miss Tabitha Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Mrs Sturdy Actor: Mrs Edwin
Role: Miss Eliza Sturdy Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Nanny Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Miss Sukey Actor: Mrs Taylor.
Role: Sir David Dunder Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Young Random Actor: Palmer
Role: Scruple Actor: Williamson
Role: Old Random Actor: Aickin
Role: Carney Actor: Barrett
Role: Tiptoe Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Peery Actor: Usher
Role: Roundfee Actor: Kemble
Role: Quirk Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Lady Dunder Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Mrs Peery Actor: Mrs Powell.
Role: Eugene Actor: Davies
Role: John Actor: Lyons
Role: Cudden Actor: Ledger.
Role: Sir Felix Friendly Actor: Wilson
Role: Compton Actor: Bannister
Role: Chicane Actor: Usher
Role: Lingo Actor: Cornellys
Role: Thomas Actor: Burton
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Mrs Cheshire Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Fringe Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Cowslip Actor: Mrs Wells.
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, ascribed variously to Elizabeth Inchbald and to Miss Griffiths, based on L'Amour Use, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Prologue and Epilogue by George Colman, ynger (see text)]. Morning Herald, 4 Sept. 1792: This Day is published Cross Partners (1s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: All In Good Humour

Role: Scene Carpenters Actor: R. Palmer, Cubitt
Role: Prompter Actor: Wrighten
Role: Project Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Parsons Actor: Parsons
Role: Mrs Edwin Actor: Mrs Edwin
Role: Mrs Powell Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Mrs Gaudry Actor: Mrs Gaudry
Role: Miss Hale Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Mrs Webb Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: unassigned Actor: Wewitzer, Evatt, Wilson
Role: Messenger Actor:
Role: Man in the Pit Actor:
Role: Short Lady Actor:
Role: Actresses Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: Cross Partners

Role: Sir Charles Cullender Actor: Wilson
Role: General Touchwood Actor: King
Role: George Cleveland Actor: Williamson
Role: Captain Herbert Actor: Palmer
Role: Corporal Smack Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Pompey Actor: Farley
Role: Thomas Actor: Johnson
Role: Servant Actor: Lyons
Role: Lady Diana Dupely Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Maria Sydney Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Louisa Fairfax Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Mrs Mutter Actor: Miss Fontenelle
Role: Prologue Actor: Palmer
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Goodall.