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Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Turner Robinson


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: First Entertainment: Overture in Scipio-; Solitudini Amate, Le mor che per te Sento-Mrs Robinson; Ti con solo-Clarke; Mi Volgo, Si Caro-Mrs Robinson; When Myra Sings-Clarke, Mrs Robinson; Second Entertainment: Overture in Tamerlane-; Padre Amanta, Alla Fama-Mrs Robinson; Solo on German Flute-Wiedeman; La Tigrearde Disdegno-; Un Lampoe-; Cease to Beauty-Clarke; Vedeste Mai Sulprato, Seacciata del suo nido-Mrs Robinson; A Teneri Assetti Duetto-Mrs Robinson; Third Entertainment: Solo-Jones; Ah! Pardre Quel Golsomino-Mrs Robinson; No non Temer-Clarke; Baccia per me la Mana Sgomtra dell Anima-Mrs Robinson; Al Trionfo@Duetto-Clarke, Mrs Robinson

Performance Comment: Pardre Quel Golsomino-Mrs Robinson; No non Temer-Clarke; Baccia per me la Mana Sgomtra dell Anima-Mrs Robinson; Al Trionfo@Duetto-Clarke, Mrs Robinson.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Robinson. Morning Chronicle, 6 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Robinson, at Parviso's, No. 114, Long acre. Afterpiece [1st time; CO 2, by Mary Robinson. Larpent MS 447; not published]: The Music chiefly compiled. Tickets delivered for King Lear will be taken. Books of the Performances to be had at the Theatre. Receipts: #153 17s. 6d. (57.8.0; 21.3.6; 0.10.0: tickets: 74.16.0) (charge: #78 11s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: As17780105, but Lady Macbeth-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs Robinson

Afterpiece Title: The Lucky Escape

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Vernon, Waldron, Dodd, Miss Collett, Mrs Wrighten. Cast from Songs (Printed for the Author [1778]): Edwin-Vernon; Sir Toby Stedfast-Waldron; Venture-Dodd; Maria-Miss Collett; Letitia-Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Letitia Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Related Works
Related Work: The Lucky Escape Author(s): Mary Robinson

Song: As17780331

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time at a public theatre; C 3, by Elizabeth Craven, Baroness Craven, afterwards Margravine of Anspach, 1st acted privately at the Town-Hall, Newbury, 6 Apr. 1780. Text (G. Riley, 1781) assigns no parts. Prologue by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Epilogue by Joseph Jekyll (see text)]: With new Dresses, &c. "The Prologue [the first 30 lines and the concluding couplet of which were used by Sheridan as the Prologue to Pizarro (see dl, 24 May 1799)] was so much admired that at the request of the Duchess of Devonshire and several other of the nobility it was respoken after the piece; but as King was absent from the theatre, it was delivered by Palmer" (Town and Country Magazine, May 1780, p. 23 ). "The chief singularity was that [Lady Craven] went to it herself the second night, in form; sat in the middle of the front row of the stage-box, much dressed, with a profusion of white bugles and plumes, to receive the public homage due to her sex and loveliness. The Duchess of Richmond, Lady Harcourt,...Mrs Damer, Lord Craven,...and I were with her. It was amazing to see so young a woman entirely possess herself-but there is such an integrity and frankness in her consciousness of her own beauty and talents, that she speaks of them with a naivete as if she had no property in them, but only wore them as gifts of the gods. Lord Craven on the contrary was quite agitated by his fondness for her and with impatience at the bad performance of the actors, which was wretched indeed, yet the address of the plot, which is the chief merit of the piece, and some lively pencilling carried it off very well, though Parsons murdered the Scotch lord, and Mrs Robinson (who is supposed to be the favourite of the Prince of Wales) thought on nothing but her own charms, or him. There is a very good though endless prologue written by Sheridan and spoken in perfection by King, which was encored (an entire novelty) the first night: and an epilogue that I liked still better and which was full as well delivered by Mrs Abington, written by Mr. Jekyl. The audience, though very civil, missed a fair opportunity of being gallant, for in one of those ----logues, I forget which, the noble authoress was mentioned, and they did not applaud as they ought to have done, especially when she condescended to avow her pretty child and was there looking so very pretty...Yet Lady Craven's tranquillity had nothing displeasing;...and it was tempered by her infinite good nature, which made her make excuses for the actors instead of being provoked at them" (Walpole [28 May 1780], XI, 178-80). Public Advertiser, 14 July 1781: This Day at Noon will be published The Miniature Picture (price not listed). Receipts: #144 9s. (94.9; 48.3; 1.17)


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Role: Perdita Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Paulina Actor: Mrs Hopkins

Afterpiece Title: The Miniature Picture

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Parsons, Brereton, Wrighten, Mrs Davies, Miss Farren, Miss Sherry, Mrs Robinson. [Cast from Town and Country Magazine, May 1780, p.228: Mr Belvil-Palmer; Lord Macgrinnon-Parsons; Mr Camply-Brereton; John-Wrighten; Susan-Mrs Davies; Miss Loveless-Miss Farren; Mrs Arabella Loveless-Miss Sherry; Eliza Camply-Mrs Robinson; Prologue-King; Epilogue-Mrs Abington. [Thses were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]Thses were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]

Dance: II: New Dance, as17791126; End II afterpiece: The Coopers, as17800224

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Robinson. Public Advertiser, 28 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Robinson, No. 19, Southampton-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #189 10s. (77.5; 21.19; 0.0; tickets: 90.6) (charge: none listed)


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Performance Comment: As17761005, but Fanny-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Hopkins.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Robinson. Public Advertiser, 10 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Robinson, Great Piazza, the corner of Russel Street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #210 14s. (75.0.0: 21.2.6; 0.17.6; tickets: 113.14.0) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: King Lear

Performance Comment: As17790322but Cordelia-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character).
Role: 790322but Cordelia Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Colles

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Event Comment: By Permission of the Right Honourable the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Lefevre. Mainpiece: Acted but once these 60 years [on 15 Mar. 1779]. Tickets to be had of Mrs Lefevre, No. 25, Frith-street. tickets delivered by Mrs Robinson will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Humours Of Oxford

Performance Comment: Gainlove-Powell; Col. Trumore-Williams; Haughty-Massey; Conundrum-Barret; Young Apeall-Hayes; Old Apeall-Newton; Timothy-Booth; Dash-Gibson; Lord Shamwell-Forde (from the Theatre-Royal, Dublin); Clarinda-Mrs Robinson; Victoria-Miss Dudley; Kitty-Miss Brangin; Wife-Mrs Barnet; Lady Science-Mrs Lefevre.
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Wife Actor: Mrs Barnet
Role: Lady Science Actor: Mrs Lefevre.

Afterpiece Title: The Orators; or, The School of Eloquence Dissected

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Performance Comment: Lovell-Smith; Lord Duke-Hayes; Sir Harry-Long; Lady Bab-Miss Dudley; Lady Charlotte-Mrs Robinson; Kitty-Mrs Lefevre.
Role: Lady Charlotte Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Lefevre.

Song: Between Acts: an Italian song-a Young Lady [unidentified]

Entertainment: End III: Imitations-Young Gentleman [unidentified]

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. At the Desire of the Jerusalem Lodge. Benefit for Brother Harricks and Mrs Robinson. The Doors to be opened at 5:15. To begin at 6:30. Tickets delivered by West will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Friar

Performance Comment: Torrismond-Harricks; Bertran-Sincock; Raymond-Smith; Pedro-Echells; The Friar-Bowles; Gomez-Bailey; Alphonso-Kenny; Lorenzo-West; Elvira-Mrs West; Teresa-Mrs Smith; Queen-Mrs Robinson (from the Theatre-Royal at Bath).
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs West
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Robinson

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Performance Comment: Widow Brady-Mrs Wilks; Epilogue Song-Mrs Wilks.
Role: Widow Brady Actor: Mrs Wilks
Role: Epilogue Song Actor: Mrs Wilks.

Entertainment: Monologues End I: Bucks have at Ye All-Master Russell; End I afterpiece: an Address to the Ladies on the subject of Jealousy-Master Russell; Imitations End: of several Dramatic Characters-Master Russell

Event Comment: Benefit for Edwin. Public Advertiser, 2 May: Tickets to be had of Edwin, No. 2, Piazza., Covent Garden. Mainpiece: Not acted these 6 years. Miss Younge having refused performing the Part of Viola, Mrs Robinson has kindly undertaken that Character at a short Notice; and Mr Edwin humbly hopes she will be honoured by the Indulgence of the Public. Receipts: #304 0s. 6d. (211/3/6; tickets: 92/17/0) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: Twelfth Night; Or, What You Will

Performance Comment: Malvolio-Henderson (1st appearance in that character); Sebastian-Wroughton; Sir Toby Belch-Wilson; Orsino-Whitfield; Clown (with the Epilogue Song)-Davies; Sir Andrew Aguecheek-Edwin; Olivia-Mrs Mattocks; Maria-Mrs Wilson; Viola-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character) .
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Viola Actor: Mrs Robinson

Afterpiece Title: Tristram Shandy

Song: End of Act III of mainpiece The Pigeon by Mrs Kennedy; End of mainpiece Four and Twenty Fiddlers all on a Row by Edwin

Monologue: 1783 05 07 End of Act I of afterpiece A Description of the Tombs in Westminster-Abbey by Edwin

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Robinson. By Command. With the Original Mad-Scenev. Admission as 2 April. Colman's Opera Register: Ye House & ye stage full ye King, Prince, &c. present


Mainpiece Title: Ernelinda

Performance Comment: See17141116, but Ernelinda-Mrs Robinson.
Role: Ernelinda Actor: Mrs Robinson.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Robinson. Admission as 8 Dec. 1716


Mainpiece Title: Amadis

Performance Comment: See17170216, but With the Addition of a New Scene-; the Musick by Mr Hendel-Cavaliero Nicolino Grimaldi, Mrs Robinson.

Dance: deMirail's Scholar, Mlle Cerail

Event Comment: By Permission of the Right Hon. the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Pinto, formerly Miss Brett [recte Brent]. Afterpiece: With an additional scene, written by the author of the farce [Isaac Jackman], never performed in London. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin precisely at 6:30. Tickets to be had of Mrs Pinto at Mrs Golden's, milliner, Blackmoor-street, Clare-market


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Captain Macheath-Dighton; Peachum-L'Estrange; Lockit-Connell; Filch-Dutton; Ben Budge-Owen; Waiter and Gaoler-Besford; Mat o' th' Mint-Gaudry (of CG); Lucy-Mrs Greville; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Henley; Diana Trapes-Mrs Connell; Mrs Vixen-Mrs Elcock; Jenny Diver-Mrs Waldron; Molly Brazen-Miss Barrymore; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Robinson; Polly-Mrs Pinto (last appearance on the stage [but see CG 22 Apr.]). hathi.but see CG 22 Apr.]). hathi.
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Greville
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Henley
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Connell
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Mrs Elcock
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Pinto

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Performance Comment: Sir Gilbert Pumpkin-Connell; Harry Stukely-Cross; Charles Stanley-Benson; Waiter-Johnstone; Hostler-Stevens; William-Jones; Cymon-Owen; Diggory-Dutton; Jenny (the new character)-Mrs Waldron; Miss Sprightly-Mrs Benson; Miss Bridget Pumpkin-Mrs Henley .

Dance: In Act III of mainpiece Hornpipe by Miss Besford (of CG)

Monologue: 1785 03 15 End of mainpiece Shuter's Post-haste Observations in a journey to Paris by Dutton

Event Comment: Betterton's Company. The date of the first performance is not certain, but the evidence points toward this day. On Thursday 19 Nov. 1696, Robert Jennens reported that the two pieces had been acted four or five days together. If that day saw the fifth performance, the premiere probably occurred on 14 Nov. 1696. The Single Songs and Dialogue in Mars and Venus, set by John Eccles (Acts I and II) and Godfrey Finger (Act III), was published separately in 1697. The pieces for whom a performer is indicated are as follows: Prologue. The first Song Sung by Mrs Hudson, set by Finger: Come all, with moving songs [it is reproduced opposite page 300 in Wiley, Rare Prologues and Epilogues]. Love alone can here alarm me, sung by Mrs Ayloffe. Scorn tho' Beauty frowns to tremble, sung by Mrs Hudson. To double the sports, sung by Mrs Ayloffe. To treble the pleasures with regular measures, sung by Mrs Ayloffe. To meet her, May, the Queen of Love comes here, set by John Eccles and sung by Mrs Hudson. See Vulcan, Jealousie, Jealousie appears, set by Finger and sung by Mrs Hudson. Yield, no, no, sung by Mrs Bracegirdle and Bowman. Gildon, English Dramatick Poets, p. 115: This Play met with extraordinary Success having the Advantage of the excellent Musick of The Loves of Mars and Venus perform'd with it. Downes, Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 44-45: The Anatomist, or Sham Doctor, had prosperous Success, and remains a living Play to this Day; 'twas done by Mr Ravenscroft. A Comparison Between the Two Stages (1702), p. 20: I remember the success of that was owing to the Musick


Mainpiece Title: The Anatomist; Or, The Sham Doctor

Performance Comment: Edition of 1697: Prologue-Mr Betterton by Mr Motteux; Old Mr Gerald-Bright; Young Mr Gerald-Hodson; The Doctor-Underhill; Wife to the Doctor-Mrs Leigh; Mrs Angelica-Mrs Bowman; Beatrice-Mrs Lawson; Martin-T. Harris; Crispus-Bowen; Simon-Trout; Waiting Woman-Mrs Robinson; Prologue to Her Royal Highness-Mr Motteux; Epilogue-Mr Motteux.

Afterpiece Title: The Loves of Mars and Venus

Performance Comment: Prologue or Induction Set to Musick by Mr Finger-; Erato-Mrs Hodgson; Thalia-Mrs Perrin; Terpsichore-Mrs Ayliff; Mars-Bowman; Vulcan-Reading; Gallus-Lee; Cupid-Jemmy Laroche; Momus-Sherburn; Venus-Mrs Bracegirdle; Aglaia-Mrs Hodgson; Euphrosyne-Mrs Ayliff; Hora-Mrs Perrin; Jealousy-Mrs Hudson; Epilogue-Mr Bowen.
Role: Erato Actor: Mrs Hodgson
Role: Thalia Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Terpsichore Actor: Mrs Ayliff
Role: Venus Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Aglaia Actor: Mrs Hodgson
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Ayliff
Role: Hora Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Jealousy Actor: Mrs Hudson
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Love & Mrs Johnston. Mainpiece: Not acted these 3 years. Public Advertiser, 1 May: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bradshaw, at Nichol's, baker, Bridge Street, Covent Garden; of Mrs Love, No. 36, Gerrard Street, Soho; of Mrs Johnston, No. 97, near Craven Buildings, Drury-lane. Receipts: #120 1s. 6d. (31.10.0; 20.13.0; 0.7.6; tickets: 67.11.0) (charge: #66 7s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Plain Dealer

Performance Comment: The Plain Dealer-Bensley; Lord Plausible-Parsons; Major Oldfox-Moody; Freeman-Palmer; Vernish-Packer; Jerry Blackacre-Yates; Couns. Quillet-Baddeley; Oakam-Wright; Novel-King; Widow Blackacre-Mrs Hopkins; Olivia-Miss Pope; Eliza-Mrs Johnston; Lettice-Mrs Bradshaw; Fidelia-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Widow Blackacre Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Eliza Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Fidelia Actor: Mrs Robinson

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wrighten.

Song: As17790503

Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Sweet Echo Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Event Comment: Betterton's Company. The date of the first performance is not known, but the fact that the Dedication of the play is dated 15 Jan. 1696@7 suggests that it was probably first acted not later than December 1696. The play was advertised in the Post Man, 21-23 Jan. 1696@7. The music was set by John Eccles. Dedication, Edition of 1697: I make you a Present of a Play, that miscarri'd on the first Nights Performance; tho' afterwards, without any farther Discouragement, it kept it self alive till the third day was over, and then I must confess the City Lady expir'd....This I am confident on, that the like Unfortunate Accidents which attended this Comedy, wou'd have been sufficient to have Dam'd a much better Play. The tedious waiting to have the Curtain drawn, after the Prologue was spoke, occasion'd by Mr Underhill's violent Bleeding, put the Audience out of Humour, and made it susceptible of the least Disgust; and when once the Torrent of its Displeasure break bounds, nothing cou'd put a stop to his Vehemence. After Mr Underhill was no longer able to come upon the Stage, scarce any thing was done but by Halves, and in much Confusion; in the midst of which, I think my self oblig'd to applaud the Justice I receiv'd from the Incomparable Mrs Barry. I very well know that the Ode in the third Act seems to be introduc'd something unseasonably. It was made and set long since, in hopes of having it perform'd before the King, at his return from Flanders; and the Music being so finely compos'd by Mr John Eccles, I was loath it shou'd be wholly lost to the Town. A Comparison Between the Two Stages (1702), p. 20: Damn'd


Mainpiece Title: The City Lady; Or, Folly Reclaim'd

Performance Comment: Edition of 1697: Prologue-Mr Hodgson; Epilogue-Miss Howard; Sir Geo. Grumble-Bright; Bevis-Underhill; Bellardin-Bowman; Lovebright-Hodgson; Pedanty-Harris; Burgersditius-Freeman; Brassby-Scudamore; Flash-Baily; Cash-Arnold; Jasper-Bowen; Lady Grumble-Mrs Barry; Lucinda-Mrs Bowman; Formosa-Mrs Prince; Secreta-Mrs Leigh; Fidget-Mrs Lawson; Biddy-Mrs Robinson.
Role: Lady Grumble Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Formosa Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Secreta Actor: Mrs Leigh
Role: Fidget Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Robinson.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mr and Mrs Jerrold. Afterpiece: Containing the Life and Death of King Chrononhotonthologos, the valiant Exploits of Bombardimian, his general, the unsuccessful Love of Fadladinada, Queen of Queerumania, to the Antipodean King, concluding with the marriage of the aforesaid Queen to her two fortunate Lovers, Aldiborrontiphoscophornio and Rigdum Funnidos. Mr and Mrs Jerrold present their humble respects to the Ladies and Gentlemen, and as through the badness of the weather, and being Assembly-Night on their former Benefit, there was not the Expenses in the House; therefore solicit the Favour of their Company, and Interest in this their second Attempt. To begin precisely at 6:30. Pit 2s. Gallery 1s. Tickets to be had at the Crown, and at the Cock, Well's row


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Performance Comment: Ranger-Jerrold; Strickland-Price; Frankly-Jones; Bellamy-Wilson; Jack Meggot-Davis; Tester-Leach; Simon-Wortley; Buckle-Master Simson; Jacintha-Mrs Kingham; Mrs Strickland-Mrs Weeks; Lucetta-Mrs Robinson; Clarinda-Mrs Jerrold; Prologue-Miss Jerrold (a child of 3 years old).
Role: Jacintha Actor: Mrs Kingham
Role: Mrs Strickland Actor: Mrs Weeks
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Jerrold

Afterpiece Title: Chrononhotonthologos

Dance: A Hornpipe-a Gentleman [unidentified]

Entertainment: Monologues. End: The Examination of Dr Last before the College of Physicians taken from The Devil upon Two Sticks-Jerrold; End afterpiece: The Picture of a Play-House; or, Bucks have at Ye All-

Event Comment: [For Henderson as King Richard see hay, 7 Aug. 1777.] Afterpiece: The Music composed by Dibdin. With New Scenes and Dresses. Books of the Songs, &c. to be had at the Theatre. [The text erroneously assigns: Gillian-$Mrs Wrighten; Floretta-$Miss Walpole, but see Public Advertiser, 8 Oct., which in a review, gives the correct assignment; see also 6 Oct. 1778.] Receipts: #260 7s. (241.14; 17.17; 0.16)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Performance Comment: King Richard-Henderson (1st time [at this theatre]); Richmond-Palmer; Buckingham (1st time)-Farren; Tressel-Davies; Lord Stanley-Chaplin; Norfolk-Hurst; Catesby-Packer; Prince Edward-Miss Field; Duke of York-Master Pulley; Lord Mayor-Griffiths; Ratcliffe-Wright; Lieutenant-R. Palmer; King Henry-Aickin; Lady Anne-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character); Dutchess of York-Mrs Johnston; Queen-Mrs Hopkins.
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Dutchess of York Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Vernon, Parsons, Wrighten, Bannister, Miss Walpole, Mrs Love, Mrs Wrighten. Cast from text (John Bell, 1777): Lubin-Vernon; Solomon-Parsons; Easy-Wrighten; Steady-Bannister; Gillian-Miss Walpole; Cicely-Mrs Love; Floretta-Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Event Comment: Comus [announced on playbill of 9 Jan.] is obliged to be deferred on account of Mrs Wrighten's hoarseness. Receipts: #132 4s. 6d. (99.9.0; 31.14.6; 1.1.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Runaway

Performance Comment: George Hargrave-Smith; Drummond-Bensley; Justice-Parsons; Jarvis-Palmer; Mr Morley-Aickin; Sir Charles Seymour-Brereton; Mr Hargrave-Moody (1st appearance in that character); Lady Dinah-Mrs Hopkins; Emily-Mrs Robinson (1st appearance in that character); Susan-Mrs Davies; Harriet-Miss P. Hopkins; Bella-Miss Younge.
Role: Lady Dinah Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Emily Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Davies

Afterpiece Title: Queen Mab

Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Pulley.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Public Advertiser, 9 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, No. 56, Drury-Lane. Receipts: #273 11s. 6d. (64.13.0; 7.9.6; 1.1.0; tickets: 200.8.0) (charge: #68 18s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Role: Mrs Malaprop Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: As17781215, but The Lady (for that night only)-Mrs Robinson.

Song: Between the acts: Tally ho!-Mrs Wrighten; In afterpiece: Sweet Echo-Mrs Wrighten; accompanied-Parke

Performance Comment: -Mrs Wrighten; In afterpiece: Sweet Echo-Mrs Wrighten; accompanied-Parke.
Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Sweet Echo Actor: Mrs Wrighten


Mainpiece Title: Croesus

Performance Comment: Mrs Robinson performs a Part. The edition of 1714 lists: Creso-Signora Galerati; Ciro-Valentino; Climenide-Mrs Robinson; Rosena-Mrs Barbier; Adraspe-Signora Margharita; Oronote-Lawrence [, according to MS note in edition in BM, 11714 aa 23]., according to MS note in edition in BM, 11714 aa 23].
Role: Climenide Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Rosena Actor: Mrs Barbier

Music: As17140123


Mainpiece Title: Amadis

Performance Comment: Amadis-Cavaliero Nicolini Grimaldi; Dardanus-Antonio Bernacchi; Oriana-Mrs Robinson; Melissa-Signora Elizabetta Pilotti; Mrs Robinson will perform all the Songs which was Originally Compos'd for this Opera. Mrs Robinson will perform all the Songs which was Originally Compos'd for this Opera.
Role: Oriana Actor: Mrs Robinson


Mainpiece Title: Braganza

Performance Comment: Velasquez-Smith; Almada-Aickin; Ribiro-Palmer; Mendoza-Farren; Lemos-Chaplin; Corea-Hurst; Roderic-Wright; Mello-R. Palmer; Pizarro-Davies; Ramirez-Packer; Antonio-Wrighten; Ferdinand-Griffiths; Duke of Braganza-Brereton; Ines-Mrs Johnston; Dutchess of Braganza-Mrs Yates.
Role: Ines Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Dutchess of Braganza Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Webster, Moody, Parsons, Bannister, Baddeley, Carpenter, Wrighten, Burton, Fawcett, Dodd; Mrs Robinson, Mrs Cuyler, Miss Farren, Mrs Love, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Booth, Miss Kirby, Mrs Wrighten, Miss Walpole. Prologue-Palmer; [This was spoken, as here assigned, at the first 46 performances, except on 9, 10, 17, 18 Nov. (see17790209).] [Cast from Morning Chronicle, 16 Oct.: Corporal [later called William]-Webster; O'Daub-Moody; Gage-Parsons; Serjeant-Bannister; Mons Bluard-Baddeley; Recruits-Carpenter, Fawcett, Holcroft, Chaplin; Countrymen-Wrighten, Burton, Waldron; Sir Charles Plume [later called Sir Harry Bouquet]-Dodd; Commander@in@Chief at the Camp-Farren; Officers of Regiments-R. Palmer, Lamash, Kenny; Lady Plume-Mrs Robinson; Lady Gorget-Mrs Cuyler; Lady Sash-Miss Farren; Countrywomen-Mrs Love, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Booth, Miss Kirby; Nell-Mrs Wrighten; Nancy-Miss Walpole.


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Husband

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Lewis, Wroughton, Quick, Edwin, Wilson, Whitfield, Fearon, Stevens; Mrs Robinson, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Whitfield, Miss Morris, Mrs Davenett, Miss Platt, Mrs Mattocks. [Cast from text (T. Evans, 1784): Don Julio-Lewis; Don Carlos-Wroughton; Don Caesar-Quick; Don Vincentio-Edwin; Gasper-Wilson; Don Garcia-Whitfield; Vasquez-Fearon; Pedro-Stevens; Victoria-Mrs Robinson; Minette-Mrs Wilson; Laura-Mrs Whitfield; Marcella-Miss Morris; Sancha-Mrs Davenett; Inis-Miss Platt; Olivia-Mrs Mattocks.] New Prologue [spoken by Whitfield]. New Epilogue [spoken by Mrs Mattocks (.European Magazine, Mar. 1783, p. 231). These were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances] . New Prologue [spoken by Whitfield]. New Epilogue [spoken by Mrs Mattocks (.European Magazine, Mar. 1783, p. 231). These were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances] .
Role: Victoria Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Minette Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Sancha Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Performance Comment: As17821214, but Gillian-Mrs Bannister [i.e. formerly Miss Harper (see17830129)] .i.e. formerly Miss Harper (see17830129)] .
Role: Gillian Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wilson


Mainpiece Title: Sir Courtly Nice

Afterpiece Title: Apollo and Daphne; or, Harlequin's Metamorphoses

Performance Comment: Apollo-Thurmond; Daphne-Mrs Booth; Night-Miss Lindar; Aurora-Mrs Boman; Cupid-Young Leigh; Daphne's Followers-Miss Tenoe, Mrs Brett, Mrs Walter; Pastora-Mrs Robinson; Harlequin-Cibber Jr; Pierrot-Roger; Pantalon-Miller; Cookmaid-Harper; Punch-Boval; Pigmy Dancing Master-Sandham; Scaramouch Singing Master-Haughton; Pantalon's Daughters-Mrs Brett, Mrs Young; Adonis-Young Rainton; Venus-Miss Robinson; Concluding with a Rural Masque: Les Bois d'Amourette-; Nymph-Mrs Booth; Rival Swains-Thurmond, Roger; Shepherds-Boval, Lally, Haughton, Duplessis; Shepherdesses-Miss Tenoe, Mrs Brett, Mrs Walter, Miss Lindar.


Mainpiece Title: The Mother-in-law; Or, The Doctor The Disease

Performance Comment: Parts by Johnson, Cibber, Miller, Harper, Griffin, W. Mills, Milward, Shepard, Oates, Winstone, Mrs Heron, Mrs Butler, Mrs Pritchard, Miss Robinson; but edition of 1734 lists: Sir Credulous Hippish-Griffin; Heartwell-Mills Sr; Beaumont-W. Mills; Dr Mummy-Johnson; Dr Diascordium-Miller; Looby Headpiece-Cibber; Galleypot-Harper; Cranny-Sheppard; Joseph-H. Tench; Poet-Oates; Constable-Hallam Sr; Lady Hippish-Mrs Butler; Belina-Mrs Pritchatd; Agnes-Mrs Robinson; Primrose-Mrs Heron. Prologue spoken by Mills Sr Epilogue spoken by Cibber, Griffin, Mrs Heron .


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Hastings-Smith; Gloster-Aickin; Bellmour-Davies; Catesby-Wright; Ratcliffe-Chaplin; Derby-Chambers; Shore-Bensley; Alicia-Miss Younge; Jane Shore-Mrs Yates.
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Joseph Andrews

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Palmer, Parsons, Baddeley, Burton, Lamash, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Wrighten, Miss Sherry, Mrs Robinson. Cast from Morning Chronicle, 21 Apr.: Joseph Andrews-Palmer; Peter Pounce-Parsons; Captain Wilson-Baddeley; Coupee-Burton; Lord Didapper-Lamash; Slipslop-Mrs Hopkins; Jenny-Mrs Wrighten; Lady Booby-Miss Sherry; Fanny-Mrs Robinson; New Prologue-Bensley.
Role: Slipslop Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Robinson

Dance: As17780109