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Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Cuyler. [Kean is identified on HAY playbill of 26 Aug. 1784.] 1st and 2nd pieces: Both written by George Colman, Esq. 3rd piece: Written by the late David Garrick. Not acted these 12 years. Tickets to be had of Mrs Cuyler, No. 7, St. Alban's-street; at the bar of George's Coffee-house; and of Rice, at the Theatre, where places for the boxes may be taken. Tickets delivered for the 15th will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Manager In Distress

Performance Comment: Gentleman in Balcony (for that night only; in the course of which a much greater Variety of Imitations than has ever yet been offered)-A Young Gentleman (1st appearance in publick [Kean]); Irishman in the Pit-Marriot; Lady in Balcony-Mrs Lefevre .

Afterpiece Title: The English Merchant

Performance Comment: Spatter-Williamson; Sir William Douglas-Gardner; La France-Gaudry (all of the Theatre Royal, Hay-market); Lord Falbridge-Smith; Owen-Hunter; Frecport-Calvert (from the Theatre-Royal [Smock Alley], Dublin; 1st appearance in London); Amelia-Mrs Cuyler; Molly-Mrs Lefevre; Lady Alton-Mrs Lloyd (all of the Theatre Royal, Hay-market); Mrs Goodman-Mrs Bolton .
Role: Spatter Actor: Williamson
Role: Sir William Douglas Actor: Gardner
Role: La France Actor: Gaudry
Role: Hay Actor:
Role: Lord Falbridge Actor: Smith
Role: Owen Actor: Hunter
Role: Frecport Actor: Calvert
Role: from the Theatre Actor: Royal
Role: Amelia Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Molly Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Lady Alton Actor: Mrs Lloyd
Role: Hay Actor:
Role: Mrs Goodman Actor: Mrs Bolton

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Performance Comment: Sharp-Dutton; Gayless-Smith; Melissa-Mrs Lefevre; Kitty Pry (1st time)-Mrs Cuyler .
Role: Sharp Actor: Dutton
Role: Gayless Actor: Smith
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Cuyler

Monologue: 1784 03 22 End of 2nd piece Shuter's Post-haste Observations on his Journey to Paris by Dutton

Event Comment: [Mrs Brown is identified in MS list, in hay playbills now at Harvard, of new performers for the 1790 season.


Mainpiece Title: The English Merchant

Performance Comment: Freeport-Aickin; Sir William Douglas-Bensley; Lord Falbridge-Williamson; Owen-Usher; Officer-Chapman; La France-Baddeley; Spatter-Bannister Jun.; Lady Alton-Mrs Whitfield; Molly-Mrs Wells; Mrs Goodman-Mrs Webb; Amelia-A Gentlewoman (1st appearance on any stage [Mrs Brown]).Mrs Brown]).
Role: Freeport Actor: Aickin
Role: Sir William Douglas Actor: Bensley
Role: Lord Falbridge Actor: Williamson
Role: Owen Actor: Usher
Role: Officer Actor: Chapman
Role: La France Actor: Baddeley
Role: Spatter Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Lady Alton Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Molly Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Mrs Goodman Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Amelia Actor: A Gentlewoman

Afterpiece Title: Peeping Tom

Performance Comment: Peeping Tom-Edwin; Mayor-Moss; Crazy-Barrett; Earl of Mercia-Cubitt; Count Louis-Lyons; Harold-Davies; Maud-Mrs Wells; Mayoress-Mrs Webb; Lady Godina [sic]-Mrs Cuyler; Emma-Mrs Bannister.
Role: Peeping Tom Actor: Edwin
Role: Mayor Actor: Moss
Role: Crazy Actor: Barrett
Role: Earl of Mercia Actor: Cubitt
Role: Count Louis Actor: Lyons
Role: Harold Actor: Davies
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Mayoress Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: sic] Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Emma Actor: Mrs Bannister.

Entertainment: Monologue. As17900615

Role: Occasional Address Actor: Bensley.
Event Comment: [Mrs Plomer is identified in Reed, Diaries, 159.


Mainpiece Title: The Chapter Of Accidents

Performance Comment: Woodville-Palmer; Lord Glenmore-Bensley; Governor Harcourt-Moss; Captain Harcourt-Williamson; Vane-Johnson; Grey-Aickin; Jacob-Edwin; Bridget-Mrs Bulkley; Miss Mortimer-Mrs Cuyler; Warner-Mrs Love; Cecilia-Miss Farren.
Role: Woodville Actor: Palmer
Role: Lord Glenmore Actor: Bensley
Role: Governor Harcourt Actor: Moss
Role: Captain Harcourt Actor: Williamson
Role: Vane Actor: Johnson
Role: Grey Actor: Aickin
Role: Jacob Actor: Edwin
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Miss Mortimer Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Warner Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Cecilia Actor: Miss Farren.

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: Comus-Palmer; Spirit-R. Palmer; Brothers-Johnson, Lyons; Bacchanals-Bannister, Davies, Matthews, Chapman; The Lady (with Sweet Echo, accompanied on the hautboy by Forster)-Mrs Bannister; Sabrina-Miss Cranford; Pastoral Nymph-Mrs Forster; Bacchants-Mrs Edwards; Euphrosyne, 1st Bacchant-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [Mrs Plomer]).Mrs Plomer]).
Role: Comus Actor: Palmer
Role: Spirit Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Brothers Actor: Johnson, Lyons
Role: Bacchanals Actor: Bannister, Davies, Matthews, Chapman
Role: The Lady Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Sabrina Actor: Miss Cranford
Role: Pastoral Nymph Actor: Mrs Forster
Role: Bacchants Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: 1st Bacchant Actor: A Young Lady
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 4, by George Colman elder. Prologue by the author (Morning Chronicle, 13 Oct.). Scenery by Rooker (ibid. 1 Sept.). Larpent MS 490; not published; synopsis of plot in London Magazine, Sept. 1779, pp. 405-7]. "The first three acts want business, and the denouement is rather suddenly brought about...The greatness of the task of performing a character of which Mrs Abington had been announced as the intended representative seemed to inspire [Miss Farren] with additional zeal, and helped her to gain additional credit" (Morning Chronicle, 1 Sept.)


Mainpiece Title: The Separate Maintenance

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Palmer, Dimond, Aickin, Gardner, Stevens, Kenny, Jackson, Edwin, Parsons, Mrs Webb, Mrs Hitchcock, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Poussin, Miss Wood, Mrs Lefevre, Miss Hale, Miss Twist, Mrs Cuyler, Miss Farren. [Cast from Gazetteer, 1 Sept.: Leveret-Palmer; Lord Newbery-Dimond; Touchwood-Aickin; Fraction-Gardner; Jacky Minim-Edwin; Lord Oldcastle-Parsons; Lady Oldcastle-Mrs Webb; Miss English-Mrs Hitchcock; Mrs Frankly-Mrs Lloyd; Lady Didapper-Mrs Poussin; Grace-Miss Wood; Mrs Fustian-Mrs Lefevre; Mrs Revel-Mrs Cuyler; Lady Newbery-Miss Farren; Stevens, Kenny, Jackson, Miss Hale, Miss Twist; [Larpent MS 490 lists the parts as above, and adds: Buckle, Varnish, Mons Epingle, Mrs Coiff. Prologue-Palmer. [This was spoken, as here assigned at all subsequent performances.]This was spoken, as here assigned at all subsequent performances.]

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Role: Bruin Actor: Gardner.
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Bannister
Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Massey
Role: Heeltap Actor: Egan
Role: Lint Actor: Jackson
Role: Roger Actor: Stevens
Role: Snuffle Actor: Peirce
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Edwin
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Mrs W. Palmer
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Mrs Webb.

Dance: As17790818

Event Comment: 1st piece [1st time; PREL I, by George Colman, the elder]. "The ground-work was the apologies received from the great actors, who all preferred their suburban shades to the temperature of the Haymarket...The prompter enters to apologize to the audience and return the money, but his plea is rendered nugatory by certain oratorical and mimetic personages stationed in the pit and boxes, who not at first being recognized by the house as professional people, a great confusion was produced. When Mrs Webb arose to address the audience, the joke became apparent, and a prodigious interest was excited' (Boaden, Siddons, 1,208). [In 2nd piece the playbill lists Baddeley, but "Previous to the beginning of the Play, Palmer came forward...and acquainted [the audience] that Baddeley then lay speechless [as the result of a stroke], and Hitchcock, the prompter, would, with their permission, read Baddeley's Part" (London Chronicle, 31 May). The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00 [same throughout season]. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Rice at the Theatre. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Public Advertiser, 6 July 1780: This Day is published The Manager in Distress (1s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Manager In Distress

Performance Comment: [Characters by Palmer, Aickin, R. Palmer, Davis, Egan, Kenny, Bannister Jun., Mrs Cuyler, Mrs Jewell, Mrs Poussin, Miss Hale, Mrs Lefevre, Mrs W. Palmer, Mrs Love, Mrs Webb. Cast from text (T. Cadell [1780]): Bustleton-Palmer; Manager-Aickin; Easy-R. Palmer; Prompter-Davis; Irishman in the Pit-Egan; Servant-Kenny; Gentleman in the Balcony-Bannister Jun.; Actresses-Mrs Cuyler, Mrs Jewell, Mrs Poussin, Miss Hale; Two Ladies in an Upper Box-Mrs Lefevre, Mrs W. Palmer; Caller-Mrs Love; Lady in the Balcony-Mrs Webb.

Afterpiece Title: The Suicide

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Palmer, Aickin, Edwin, Hitchcock [part read by], Lamash, Gardner, Blissett, Usher, Massey, R. Palmer, Webb, Bannister, Mrs Webb, Miss Hale, Miss Farren. [Cast adjusted from playbill of 28 June 1786: Tobine-Palmer; Tabby-Aickin; Wingrave-Edwin; Catchpenny-read by Hitchcock; Squib-Lamash; Bounce-Gardner; Juggins-Blissett; Dr Truby-Usher; Waiters-Massey, Webb; John-R. Palmer; Ranter-Bannister; Mrs Grogram-Mrs Webb; Peggy-Miss Hale; Nancy Lovel-Miss Farren.]
Role: Principal Parts Actor: Palmer, Aickin, Edwin, Hitchcock
Role: Tobine Actor: Palmer
Role: Tabby Actor: Aickin
Role: Wingrave Actor: Edwin
Role: Catchpenny Actor: read by Hitchcock
Role: Squib Actor: Lamash
Role: Bounce Actor: Gardner
Role: Juggins Actor: Blissett
Role: Dr Truby Actor: Usher
Role: Waiters Actor: Massey, Webb
Role: John Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Ranter Actor: Bannister
Role: Mrs Grogram Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Peggy Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Nancy Lovel Actor: Miss Farren.

Afterpiece Title: Midas

Performance Comment: Midas-Edwin; Apollo-Du-Bellamy (1st appearance in London these 3 years); Sileno-Massey; Jupiter-Simpkinson; Damaetas-Lamash [Public Advertiser: Blissett]; Pan-Bannister; Daphne-Mrs Hitchcock; Juno-Mrs Poussin; Mysis-Mrs Love; Nysa-Miss Twist.
Role: Midas Actor: Edwin
Role: Apollo Actor: Du-Bellamy
Role: Du Actor: Bellamy
Role: Sileno Actor: Massey
Role: Jupiter Actor: Simpkinson
Role: Damaetas Actor: Lamash
Role: Pan Actor: Bannister
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Hitchcock
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Mysis Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Nysa Actor: Miss Twist.

Dance: End 2nd piece: new dance, The Italian Peasants-Master Byrne, Miss Byrne

Event Comment: Benefit for Wilson. Second Course [1st time; M. INT I, by James Cobb. Larpent MS 567; not published]: With Songs and a New Overture. Entrement [1st time: INT I, by Charles Stuart. Larpent MS 566; not published]. Desert: Never acted here; by Permission of Harris [proprietor of cg. The playbill assigns Princess Huncamunca to Mrs Kennedy, but "Huncamunca was very well performed by a Lady who resembled Mrs Kennedy in her voice" (Public Advertiser, 23 Aug.; and see 24 Aug.)]


Mainpiece Title: the Feast Of Thalia; Or, A Dramatic Olio

Performance Comment: [Bill of Fare, in which every Dish belonging to the Drama will be served up: Prelude, Tragedy, Comedy, Opera, Interlude, and Burlesque. By way of Relish: The Manager in Distress. [Principal Characters by Palmer, Aickin, R. Palmer, Egan, Bannister Jun., Mrs Cuyler, Mrs Jewell, Miss Hale, Mrs Webb. [Cast from text (T. Cadell [1780]): Bustleton-Palmer; Manager-Aickin; Easy-R. Palmer; Irishman in the Pit-Egan; Gentleman in the Balcony-Bannister Jun.; Actresses-Mrs Cuyler, Mrs Jewell, Miss Hale; Lady in Balcony-Mrs Webb.

Afterpiece Title: First Course, a substantial Dish from: Henry IV

Performance Comment: As Act I on 7 Aug., but Sir John Falstaff-Wilson (1st appearance in that character); Francis-Edwin; Poins-R. Palmer; Peto-Painter; Prince of Wales-Palmer; Hostess-Mrs Love.
Role: Sir John Falstaff Actor: Wilson
Role: Francis Actor: Edwin
Role: Poins Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Peto Actor: Painter
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Palmer
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Love.

Afterpiece Title: Second Courae, a Comic Dish, never serv'd up before: Kensington Gardens; or, The Walking Jockey

Role: Thimble Actor: Edwin
Role: Sir Harry Optic Actor: Blissett
Role: Dick Actor: Barrett
Role: Toupee Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Letitia Actor: Miss Harper
Role: unassigned Actor: Staunton, Wood, Painter, Pierce.

Afterpiece Title: Third Course, an Operatic Dish: The Son-in-Law

Performance Comment: As17810609 but Characters-_Stevens, _Kenny, Mrs _Lefevre.
Role: Characters Actor: _Stevens, _Kenny, Mrs _Lefevre.
Role: Cranky Actor: Wilson
Role: Bowkitt Actor: Edwin
Role: Bouquet Actor: Wood
Role: Vinegar Actor: Baddeley
Role: Idle Actor: Lamash
Role: Orator Mum Actor: Barrett
Role: John Actor: Stevens
Role: Signor Arionelli Actor: Bannister
Role: Dolce Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Cecilia Actor: Miss Harper. Kenny is unassigned.

Afterpiece Title: Also by way of Entremet: Ripe Fruit; or, The Marriage Act

Performance Comment: Character by Bannister Jun.; Mrs Wilson, Miss Hitchcock. Cast from Larpent MS: William-Bannister Jun.; Sally-Mrs Wilson; Nancy-Miss Hitchcock.
Role: William Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Sally Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Nancy Actor: Miss Hitchcock.

Afterpiece Title: Desert: Tom Thumb

Performance Comment: Mr Noodle-Bannister; Mr Doodle-Bannister Jun.; Tom Thumb-Master Edwin; Lord Grizzle-Edwin; Ghost of Gaffer Thumb-Simpkinson; King Arthur-Wilson; Princess Huncamunca-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Glumdalca-Mrs Webb; Plumante-Mrs Lefevre; Queen Dollalolla-Mrs Cargill. [As no Supper will be provided, the Cloth will be removed by Eleven o'Clock.As no Supper will be provided, the Cloth will be removed by Eleven o'Clock.

Song: In Second Course: Auld Robin Gray-Miss Harper

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Kemble, being the last Time of her Appearing on the Stage. 1st piece [1st time; T 2, by John Philip Kemble, altered from the same by Philip Massinger. Larpent MS 1040: not published]: In Act I the Triumphal Entry of Domitian into the Capitolv. 2nd piece [1st time; C 3, by John Philip Kemble, altered from The Comical Lovers, by John Dryden and Colley Cibber. Larpent MS 1133: not published. Genest, VII, 243: C. Kemble on being asked, in 1821, if the above cast was right, said that he believed it was, but that he was ill and did not act]. [Address by Bertie Greatheed (European Magazine, June 1796, p. 397).] Morning Herald, 10 May: Tickets to be had of Mrs Kemble, No. 13, Caroline-street, Bedford-square. Account-Book: Paid H. S. Hargraves, Box No. 95, his Servant being turn'd out by Force, #1 4s. Receipts: #190 9s. 6d. (130.9.0; 59.10.0; 0.10.0; tickets: none listed; odd money: 0.0.6) (charge: #216 17s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Roman Actor

Performance Comment: The Emperor Domitian-Palmer; Lamia-Aickin; Aretinus-Caulfield; Rusticus-Maddocks; Sura-Webb; Parthenius-C. Kemble?; Cornellius-Trueman; Paris, the Roman Actor-Kemble; Aesopus-Whitfield; Latinus-Packer; Domitia-Mrs Powell; Julia-Miss DeCamp; Domitilla-Miss Heard; Galeria-Miss Miller.
Role: The Emperor Domitian Actor: Palmer
Role: Lamia Actor: Aickin
Role: Aretinus Actor: Caulfield
Role: Rusticus Actor: Maddocks
Role: Sura Actor: Webb
Role: Parthenius Actor: C. Kemble?
Role: Cornellius Actor: Trueman
Role: the Roman Actor Actor: Kemble
Role: Aesopus Actor: Whitfield
Role: Latinus Actor: Packer
Role: Domitia Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Julia Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Domitilla Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Galeria Actor: Miss Miller.

Afterpiece Title: Celadon and Florimel; or, The Happy Counterplot

Performance Comment: Characters-Palmer, Wroughton, C. Kemble (?); Miss Farren, Mrs Goodall, Miss DeCamp, Mrs Kemble, Mrs Cuyler, Miss Granger, Miss Mellon. [Cast from Genest, VII, 243: Palamede-Palmer; Rhodophil-Wroughton; Celadon-C. Kemble; Melantha-Miss Farren; Doralice-Mrs Goodall; Florimel-Miss DeCamp; Flavia-Mrs Kemble; Olinda-Mrs Cuyler?; Sabina-Miss Granger?; Philotis-Miss Mellon. [Genest does not assign Olinda or Sabina; they are my conjecture. The names of the parts are in the Larpent MS.]Genest does not assign Olinda or Sabina; they are my conjecture. The names of the parts are in the Larpent MS.]
Role: Characters Actor: Palmer, Wroughton, C. Kemble
Role: Palamede Actor: Palmer
Role: Rhodophil Actor: Wroughton
Role: Celadon Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Melantha Actor: Miss Farren
Role: Doralice Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Florimel Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Flavia Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Olinda Actor: Mrs Cuyler?
Role: Sabina Actor: Miss Granger?
Role: Philotis Actor: Miss Mellon.

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Role: Robin Actor: Wathen
Role: Crop Actor: Dignum
Role: Frederick Actor: Kelly
Role: Endless Actor: Suett
Role: William Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Servant Actor: Webb
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Margaretta Actor: Sga Storace
Role: Nelly Actor: Mrs Bramwell.

Entertainment: Monologue.End 2nd piece: an Address-Mrs Kemble on the Occasion of her Retiring from the Stage

Performance Comment: End 2nd piece: an Address-Mrs Kemble on the Occasion of her Retiring from the Stage.
Event Comment: "The Greybeards have certainly been chastised, for we did not find them at all gross. The piece is farcical and improbable, but has some good things, and is admirably acted. Coeur de Lion did not answer; nor was I much charmed with the music; but my ear is too bad to judge at first hearing. The scenes are excellent; Mrs Jordan is quite out of her character, and makes nothing of the part; and the turning the ferocious Richard into a tender husband is intolerable...It only makes a confusion in one's ideas, to maim a known story" (Walpole [15 Dec. 1786], XIII, 429)


Mainpiece Title: A School For Grey-beards

Performance Comment: As17861207, but unassigned-Mrs _Heard, Miss _Barnes; Mrs_ Cuyler. Mrs_ Cuyler.

Afterpiece Title: Richard Coeur de Lion

Role: Richard Actor: Kemble
Role: Blondel Actor: Barrymore
Role: Guillot Actor: Suett
Role: Florestan Actor: Williames
Role: Old Mathew Actor: Fawcett
Role: The Seneschal Actor: Phillimore
Role: Pilgrim Actor: Chaplin
Role: Sir Owen Actor: Bannister
Role: Antonio Actor: Miss Romanzini
Role: William Actor: Spencer
Role: Laurette Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Collette Actor: Miss Cranford
Role: Julie Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Jordan.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Jordan. Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, based partly on Die Indianer in England, by August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue. Prologue, Epilogue by the author (see text)]: Written by the Author of The Castle-Spectre [Matthew Gregory Lewis]. Receipts: #706 5s. 6d. (350.16.6; 42.4.0; odd and after-money: 7.4.6; tickets: 306.0.6) (charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: The East Indian

Performance Comment: Characters by R. Palmer, Barrymore, Kemble, C. Kemble, Aickin, Wewitzer, Hollingsworth, Bannister Jun., Fisher, Webb, Evans, Miss Stuart, Mrs Powell, Mrs Jordan, Miss Pope, Mrs Sparks, Miss Tidswell. [Cast from text (J. Bell, 1800): Lord Listless-R. Palmer; Modish-Barrymore; Rivers-Kemble; Beauchamp-C. Kemble; Walsingham-Aickin; Friponeau-Wewitzer; Squeez'em-Hollingsworth; Frank-Bannister Jun.; Trifle-Fisher; John-Webb; Robert-Evans; Lady Clara Modish-Miss Stuart; Mrs Ormond-Mrs Powell; Zorayda-Mrs Jordan; Miss Chatterall-Miss Pope; Mrs Slip@slop-Mrs Sparks; Mrs Blab@all-Miss Tidswell; Lady Hubbub-Mrs Cuyler; Mrs Tiffany-Mrs Coates; Anne-Mrs Jones; [For Prologue (spoken this night?) see17990501.] Epilogue-Mrs Jordan.
Role: Lord Listless Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Modish Actor: Barrymore
Role: Rivers Actor: Kemble
Role: Beauchamp Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Walsingham Actor: Aickin
Role: Friponeau Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Squeez'em Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Frank Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Trifle Actor: Fisher
Role: John Actor: Webb
Role: Robert Actor: Evans
Role: Lady Clara Modish Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Mrs Ormond Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Zorayda Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Miss Chatterall Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Slip@slop Actor: Mrs Sparks
Role: Mrs Blab@all Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Lady Hubbub Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Mrs Tiffany Actor: Mrs Coates
Role: Anne Actor: Mrs Jones
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Afterpiece Title: The Romp

Performance Comment: Young Cockney-Bannister Jun. (1st appearance in that character); Barnacle-Suett; Old Cockney-Hollingsworth; Capt. Sightly-Dignum; Priscilla Tomboy-Mrs Jordan; Penelope-Miss DeCamp; Miss La Blonde-Miss Heard.
Role: Young Cockney Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Barnacle Actor: Suett
Role: Old Cockney Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Sightly Actor: Dignum
Role: Priscilla Tomboy Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Penelope Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Miss La Blonde Actor: Miss Heard.
Event Comment: Account-Book: Paid Mrs Booth, washing bill, #1 14s. 7d. Receipts: #283 3s. (188.19; 94.1; 0.3)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Mr Peachum-Dowton; Lockit-Hollingsworth; Captain Macheath-Kelly; Filch-Suett; Jemmy Twitcher-Wentworth; Crook@finger'd Jack-Fisher; Wat Dreary-Evans; Robin of Bagshot-Chippendale; Nimming Ned-Sparks; Harry Paddington-Ryder; Mat o'the Mint-Trueman; Ben Budge-Maddocks; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Walcot; Polly Peachum-Miss Stephens; Lucy Lockit-Miss DeCamp; Diana Trapes-Mrs Sparks; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Jones; Dolly Trull-Mrs Benson; Mrs Vixen-Mrs Cuyler; Betty Doxy-Mrs Mills; Jenny Diver-Mrs Roffey; Mrs Slammekin-Miss Tidswell; Suky Tawdry-Mrs Maddocks; Molly Brazen-Mrs Coates.
Role: Mr Peachum Actor: Dowton
Role: Lockit Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Captain Macheath Actor: Kelly
Role: Filch Actor: Suett
Role: Jemmy Twitcher Actor: Wentworth
Role: Crook@finger'd Jack Actor: Fisher
Role: Wat Dreary Actor: Evans
Role: Robin of Bagshot Actor: Chippendale
Role: Nimming Ned Actor: Sparks
Role: Harry Paddington Actor: Ryder
Role: Mat o'the Mint Actor: Trueman
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Maddocks
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Polly Peachum Actor: Miss Stephens
Role: Lucy Lockit Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Sparks
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Jones
Role: Dolly Trull Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Betty Doxy Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Mrs Roffey
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Suky Tawdry Actor: Mrs Maddocks
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Mrs Coates.

Dance: In III: Hornpipe-Garman

Event Comment: The Beggar's Opera is obliged to be deferred. [Mrs Hedges is identified in Morning Chronicle, 9 Dec. 1780.


Mainpiece Title: The Manager In Distress

Afterpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Palmer; Aimwell-Aickin; Boniface-Usher; Sullen-Gardner? [Public Advertiser: Blissett]; Sir Charles Freeman-R. Palmer; Foigard-Egan; Hounslow-Kenny; Bagshot-Painter; Scrub-Barrett; Dorinda-Mrs Cuyler; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Poussin; Cherry-Mrs Hitchcock; Gipsey-Miss Wood; Mrs Sullen-A Lady (1st appearance on any stage [Mrs Hedges]).Mrs Hedges]).
Role: Archer Actor: Palmer
Role: Aimwell Actor: Aickin
Role: Boniface Actor: Usher
Role: Sullen Actor: Gardner?
Role: Sir Charles Freeman Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Foigard Actor: Egan
Role: Hounslow Actor: Kenny
Role: Bagshot Actor: Painter
Role: Scrub Actor: Barrett
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Hitchcock
Role: Gipsey Actor: Miss Wood
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: A Lady

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Role: Principal Parts Actor:
Role: Tobine Actor: Palmer
Role: Tabby Actor: Aickin
Role: Wingrave Actor: Edwin
Role: Catchpenny Actor: read by Hitchcock
Role: Squib Actor: Lamash
Role: Bounce Actor: Gardner
Role: Juggins Actor: Blissett
Role: Dr Truby Actor: Usher
Role: Waiters Actor: Massey, Webb
Role: John Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Ranter Actor: Bannister
Role: Mrs Grogram Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Peggy Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Nancy Lovel Actor: Miss Farren.
Role: Midas Actor: Edwin
Role: Apollo Actor: Du-Bellamy
Role: Du Actor: Bellamy
Role: Sileno Actor: Massey
Role: Jupiter Actor: Simpkinson
Role: Damaetas Actor: Lamash
Role: Pan Actor: Bannister
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Hitchcock
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Mysis Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Nysa Actor: Miss Twist.
Role: Dick Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Gargle Actor: Gardner
Role: Simon Actor: Stevens
Role: Irishman Actor: Egan
Role: Scotchman Actor: Walker
Role: Watchman Actor: Barrett
Role: Wingate Actor: Webb
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Wood.

Dance: End IV 2nd piece: As17800530

Event Comment: Afterpiece: Written by the Author of The Son-in-Law [John O'Keeffe]. The Overture and New Musick composed by Dr Arnold. "The same person who, in the play, performed the school-fellow of the Nabob with a great deal of nature, and original humour, here acted the part of the school-master; his name is Edwin, and he is, without doubt, one of the best actors of all that I have seen ... [He], in all his comic characters, still preserves something so inexpressibly good tempered in his countenance, that notwithstanding all his burlesques, and even grotesque buffoonery, you cannot but be pleased with him . . . Nothing could equal the tone and countenance of self-satisfaction, with which he answered one who asked him whether he was a scholar? 'Why, I was a master of scholars.' A Mrs Webb represented a cheesmonger, and played the part of a woman of the lower class, so naturally, as I have no where else ever seen equalled. Her huge, fat, and lusty carcase, and the whole of her external appearance seemed quite to be cut out for it" (Carl Philipp Moritz, Travels in England in 1782, London, 1924, pp. 73-74)


Mainpiece Title: The Nabob

Performance Comment: Sir Mathew Mite-Palmer; Mr Oldham-Aickin; Sir John Oldham-Usher; Touchit-Baddcley; Antiquarian-Massey; Waiter-R. Palmer; Nathan-Barrett; Moses-Pierce; Conserve-Egan; Secretary-Davis; Janus-Parsons; Putty-Edwin; Mrs Matchem-Mrs Webb; Sophy-Mrs Cuyler; Crocus-Mrs W. Palmer; Lady Oldham-Miss Sherry .
Role: Sir Mathew Mite Actor: Palmer
Role: Mr Oldham Actor: Aickin
Role: Sir John Oldham Actor: Usher
Role: Touchit Actor: Baddcley
Role: Antiquarian Actor: Massey
Role: Waiter Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Nathan Actor: Barrett
Role: Moses Actor: Pierce
Role: Conserve Actor: Egan
Role: Secretary Actor: Davis
Role: Janus Actor: Parsons
Role: Putty Actor: Edwin
Role: Mrs Matchem Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Sophy Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Crocus Actor: Mrs W. Palmer
Role: Lady Oldham Actor: Miss Sherry

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise

Performance Comment: Characters by Bannister, Wilson, Wood, Webb, Egan, Stevens, Painter, Kenny, Edwin; Mrs Webb, Mrs Wells, Miss Harper. [Cast from Songs (T. Cadell, 1782): Compton-Bannister; Sir Felix Friendly-Wilson; Eugene-Wood; Chicane-Webb; John-Egan; Thomas-Stevens; Stump-Painter; Cudden-Kenny; Lingo-Edwin; Mrs Cheshire-Mrs Webb; Fringe-Mrs Poussin [see17820606; Cowslip-Mrs Wells; Laura-Miss Harper.] hathi. hathi.
Role: : Compton Actor: Bannister
Role: Sir Felix Friendly Actor: Wilson
Role: Eugene Actor: Wood
Role: Chicane Actor: Webb
Role: John Actor: Egan
Role: Thomas Actor: Stevens
Role: Stump Actor: Painter
Role: Cudden Actor: Kenny
Role: Lingo Actor: Edwin
Role: Mrs Cheshire Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Fringe Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Cowslip Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Laura Actor: Miss Harper.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Webb. Morning Chronicle, 17 July: Tickets to be had of Mrs Webb, No. 22, corner of Broad Court, Bow-street, Covent Garden. "Old Jack, instead of appearing with all that easy, flowing, negligent facetiousness which the poet has so inimitably pourtrayed, assumed the part of moral solemnity, and every joke was delivered with a sort of sententious dignity that destroyed its natural impression" (General Advertiser, 22 July)


Mainpiece Title: The First Part Of King Henry Iv, With The Humours Of Sir John Falstaff

Performance Comment: Falstaff (for that night only)-Mrs Webb; Hotspur-A Gentleman (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); King-Bensley; Westmorland-Usher; Sir Walter Blunt-Riley; Prince John-Master Farley; Worcester-Gardner; Poins-R. Palmer; Vernon-Davies; Bardolph-Wewitzer; Francis-Barrett; Carriers-Parsons, Burton; Prince of Wales-Palmer; Hostess-Mrs Love; Lady Percy-Mrs Cuyler .
Role: Falstaff Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Hotspur Actor: A Gentleman
Role: King Actor: Bensley
Role: Westmorland Actor: Usher
Role: Sir Walter Blunt Actor: Riley
Role: Prince John Actor: Master Farley
Role: Worcester Actor: Gardner
Role: Poins Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Vernon Actor: Davies
Role: Bardolph Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Francis Actor: Barrett
Role: Carriers Actor: Parsons, Burton
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Palmer
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Lady Percy Actor: Mrs Cuyler

Afterpiece Title: Gretna Green

Role: Captain Gorget Actor: Davies
Role: Tipperary Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Anvil Actor: Barrett
Role: Crack Actor: Swords
Role: Landlord Actor: Ledger
Role: Rory Actor: Booth
Role: Signora Figurante Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Miss Plumb Actor: Miss George
Role: Lady Pedigree Actor: Mrs Edwin
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Bannister
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Siddons. Mainpiece: Not acted these 9 years. Part of the Pit will be laid into the Boxes. To prevent Confusion, Ladies are desired to send their servants by Half past Four o'Clock. Public Advertiser, 10 Jan.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Siddons, Gower-street, Bedford-square. Receipts: #343 12s. 6d. (189.9.0; 6.12.0; 0.11.6; tickets: 147.0.0) [charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: King Lear

Performance Comment: King Lear-Kemble; Gloster-Packer; Kent-Aickin; Bastard-Barrymore; Gentleman Usher-Lamash; Albany-Whitfield; Cornwall-Staunton; Burgundy-Benson; Capt. of the Guard-Phillimore; Old Man-Burton; Physician-Chaplin; Gentleman-Fawcett; Officer-Bates; Edgar-Wroughton; Regan-Mrs Ward; Goneril-Mrs Cuyler; Arante-Miss Tidswell; Cordelia-Mrs Siddons.
Role: King Lear Actor: Kemble
Role: Gloster Actor: Packer
Role: Kent Actor: Aickin
Role: Bastard Actor: Barrymore
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Lamash
Role: Albany Actor: Whitfield
Role: Cornwall Actor: Staunton
Role: Burgundy Actor: Benson
Role: of the Guard Actor: Phillimore
Role: Old Man Actor: Burton
Role: Physician Actor: Chaplin
Role: Gentleman Actor: Fawcett
Role: Officer Actor: Bates
Role: Edgar Actor: Wroughton
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Goneril Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Arante Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Siddons.

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Performance Comment: As17880101, but Margaret-Mrs Booth.
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Booth.
Role: Serjeant Actor: Phillimore
Role: Soldiers Actor: Chaplin, Alfred.
Role: Flint Actor: Burton.
Role: Henry Actor: Kelly
Role: Russet Actor: Williames
Role: Simkin Actor: Suett
Role: Skirmish Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Crouch.
Event Comment: [Adams was from the Crow Street Theatre, Dublin; Mrs Henry's 1st appearance on the stage was at cg, 25 Jan. 1788.


Mainpiece Title: The Beaux Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Palmer; Aimwell-Williamson; Father Foigard-Aickin; Boniface-Kemble; Sullen-Phillimore; Gibbet-R. Palmer; Sir Charles Freeman-Johnson; Scrub-A Gentleman (1st appearance [Adams]); Cherry-Miss Prideaux; Dorinda-Mrs Cuyler; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Poussin; Gipsey-Miss Brangin; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Henry (2nd appearance on any stage).
Role: Archer Actor: Palmer
Role: Aimwell Actor: Williamson
Role: Father Foigard Actor: Aickin
Role: Boniface Actor: Kemble
Role: Sullen Actor: Phillimore
Role: Gibbet Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Sir Charles Freeman Actor: Johnson
Role: Scrub Actor: A Gentleman
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Prideaux
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Gipsey Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Henry

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Performance Comment: Blister-Moss; Quaver-Davies; Goodwill-Johnson; Thomas-Phillimore; Coupee-Bannister Jun.; Lucy-Mrs Kemble.
Role: Blister Actor: Moss
Role: Quaver Actor: Davies
Role: Goodwill Actor: Johnson
Role: Thomas Actor: Phillimore
Role: Coupee Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Kemble.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Jordan. Mainpiece: In Act II a Masquerade Scene. [Author of Epilogue unknown.] Oracle, II Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Jordan, No. 14, Somerset-street, Portman-square. Receipts: #658 19s. 6d. (319.0.0; 46.8.0; 1.17.0; tickets: 284.4.0; odd money: 7.10.6) (charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: Escalus-Benson; Paris-C. Kemble; Montague-Phillimore; Capulet-Aickin; Romeo-Barrymore; Mercutio-Dodd; Benvolio-Whitfield; Tybalt-Caulfield; Friar Lawrence-Packer; Friar John-Maddocks; Balthazar-Banks; Sampson-Hollingsworth; Gregory-Evans; Abram-Jones; Peter-Burton; Apothecary-Waldron; Watch-Webb; Page-Miss Menage; Lady Capulet-Miss Tidswell; Juliet (1st time, and for that night only)-Mrs Jordan; Nurse-Mrs Hopkins; Epilogue-Mrs Jordan.
Role: Escalus Actor: Benson
Role: Paris Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Montague Actor: Phillimore
Role: Capulet Actor: Aickin
Role: Romeo Actor: Barrymore
Role: Mercutio Actor: Dodd
Role: Benvolio Actor: Whitfield
Role: Tybalt Actor: Caulfield
Role: Friar Lawrence Actor: Packer
Role: Friar John Actor: Maddocks
Role: Balthazar Actor: Banks
Role: Sampson Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Gregory Actor: Evans
Role: Abram Actor: Jones
Role: Peter Actor: Burton
Role: Apothecary Actor: Waldron
Role: Watch Actor: Webb
Role: Page Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Lady Capulet Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Juliet Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Afterpiece Title: The Sultan

Performance Comment: Solyman-Barrymore; Osmyn-Dignum; Elmira-Mrs Cuyler; Ismene-Miss Leak; Roxalana-Mrs Jordan; In the dead of the night-Mrs Jordan.
Role: Solyman Actor: Barrymore
Role: Osmyn Actor: Dignum
Role: Elmira Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Ismene Actor: Miss Leak
Role: Roxalana Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: In the dead of the night Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Song: End IV: a Funeral Procession- to the Monument of the Capulets; with a Dirge-by Linley? Sen. Vocal PartsBannister, Sedgwick, Dignum, Master Welsh, Miss Leak, Miss DeCamp

Event Comment: By Authority of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Lacy, formerly of the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane. Tickets to be had of Fosbrook, at the Box Office of the Drury Lane Theatre, and Rice, at the Box Office of the Theatre-Royal, Haymarket, where Places for the Boxes may be taken. [Address by John Taylor (Monthly Mirror, Dec. 1798, p. 370). On this night the following appeared both at dl and at the hay: Hollingsworth, Caulfield, Bannister Jun., Suett, Miss Pope, Mrs Bland.


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Performance Comment: Oakly-Lacy; Major Oakly-Wilmot Wells; Charles-Macready; Mrs Oakly-Mrs Abington; And, with Permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane: Russet-Hollingsworth; Sir Harry Beagle-R. Palmer; Lord Trinket-Russell; Captain O'Cutter-Caulfield; Paris-Wewitzer; William-Ryder; John-Surmont; Tom-Webb; Lady Freelove-Mrs Sparks; Harriet-Miss Heard; Toilet-Mrs Cuyler.
Role: Oakly Actor: Lacy
Role: Major Oakly Actor: Wilmot Wells
Role: Charles Actor: Macready
Role: Mrs Oakly Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Drury Actor: Lane: Russet-Hollingsworth
Role: Russet Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Sir Harry Beagle Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Lord Trinket Actor: Russell
Role: Captain O'Cutter Actor: Caulfield
Role: Paris Actor: Wewitzer
Role: William Actor: Ryder
Role: John Actor: Surmont
Role: Tom Actor: Webb
Role: Lady Freelove Actor: Mrs Sparks
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Toilet Actor: Mrs Cuyler.

Afterpiece Title: Between II and III of the above,Sylvester Daggerwood

Role: Sylvester Daggerwood Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Fustian Actor: Suett
Role: Apewell Actor: Caulfield.

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Performance Comment: Lovel-Dowton; Freeman-Surmont; Philip-Sparks; Tom-Ryder; Duke's Servant-R. Palmer; Sir Harry's Servant-Russell; Kitty-Miss Pope; Cook-Mrs Coates; Cloe-Mrs Mills; Lady Bab's Maid-Miss Tidswell; Lady Charlotte's Maid-Miss Heard.
Role: Lovel Actor: Dowton
Role: Freeman Actor: Surmont
Role: Philip Actor: Sparks
Role: Tom Actor: Ryder
Role: Duke's Servant Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Sir Harry's Servant Actor: Russell
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Cook Actor: Mrs Coates
Role: Cloe Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Lady Bab's Maid Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Lady Charlotte's Maid Actor: Miss Heard.

Dance: In II 3rd piece: A Mock Minuet-R. Palmer, Miss Pope

Song: End I 1st piece: Little Taffline-Mrs Bland

Entertainment: MonologuePrevious 1st piece: Occasional Address-Lacy

Event Comment: [Afterpiece in place of A Beggar on Horseback, announced on playbill of 19 June. Mrs Brown was from cg.


Mainpiece Title: Two To One

Performance Comment: Young Townly-Bannister Jun.; Captain Dupely-Aickin; Mr Dupely-Moss; Beaufort-R. Palmer; Postillion-Barret; Waiter-Swords; Sir Charles Townly-Baddeley; Crape-Davies; Dicky Ditto-Edwin; Tippet-Miss George; Charlotte-Mrs Bannister.
Role: Young Townly Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Captain Dupely Actor: Aickin
Role: Mr Dupely Actor: Moss
Role: Beaufort Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Postillion Actor: Barret
Role: Waiter Actor: Swords
Role: Sir Charles Townly Actor: Baddeley
Role: Crape Actor: Davies
Role: Dicky Ditto Actor: Edwin
Role: Tippet Actor: Miss George
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Bannister.

Afterpiece Title: A Mogul Tale; or, The Descent of the Balloon

Performance Comment: Johnny Atkins-Parsons; Dr Pedant-Wewitzer; Selim-Johnson; Omar-Swords; Guard-Gardner; The Mogul-Williamson; Irene-Mrs Inchbald; Sheba-Mrs Cuyler; Zapphira-Miss Brangin; Fanny-Mrs Brown (1st appearance on this stage).
Role: Johnny Atkins Actor: Parsons
Role: Dr Pedant Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Selim Actor: Johnson
Role: Omar Actor: Swords
Role: Guard Actor: Gardner
Role: The Mogul Actor: Williamson
Role: Irene Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Sheba Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Zapphira Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Brown

Dance: End: The Scheming Jockey and the Fortune Teller, as17870613

Event Comment: [This was Mrs Inchbald's last appearance on the stage.


Mainpiece Title: The Battle Of Hexham

Role: Captain Surat Actor: Bannister
Role: Lord Random Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Sir James Juniper Actor: Moss
Role: Melvil Actor: Davies
Role: Doctor Cathartic Actor: Baddeley
Role: Spruce Actor: Iliff
Role: Sir Dilberry Actor: Painter
Role: Kit Crab Actor: Barret
Role: Etiquette Actor: Edwin
Role: Lady Juniper Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Fidget Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Amelia Actor: Mrs Bannister.

Afterpiece Title: A Mogul Tale

Performance Comment: Johnny Atkins-Moss; Dr Pedant-Barrett; Omar-Chapman; Selim-Johnson; Guard-Gardner; The Mogul-Williamson; Irene-Mrs Inchbald; Zaphira-Miss Brangin; Sheba-Mrs Cuyler; Fanny (1st time)-Mrs Taylor.
Role: Johnny Atkins Actor: Moss
Role: Dr Pedant Actor: Barrett
Role: Omar Actor: Chapman
Role: Selim Actor: Johnson
Role: Guard Actor: Gardner
Role: The Mogul Actor: Williamson
Role: Irene Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Zaphira Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Sheba Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Taylor.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bannister, being her Last Appearance on the Stage. [Address by George Colman, ynger (Thespian Magazine, Oct. 1792, p. 102.


Mainpiece Title: A Mogul Tale

Performance Comment: The Mogul-Williamson; Johnny Atkins-Parsons; Dr Pedant-Wewitzer; Omar-Evatt; Zapphira-Miss Heard; Irene-Mrs Whitfield; Sheba-Mrs Cuyler; Fanny-Mrs Kemble.
Role: The Mogul Actor: Williamson
Role: Johnny Atkins Actor: Parsons
Role: Dr Pedant Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Omar Actor: Evatt
Role: Zapphira Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Irene Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Sheba Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Kemble.

Afterpiece Title: Peeping Tom

Role: Mayoress Actor: Mrs Webb.
Role: Earl of Mercia Actor: Cubitt
Role: Mayor of Coventry Actor: Wilson
Role: Harold Actor: Davies
Role: Count Louis Actor: Bland
Role: Peeping Tom Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: The little farthing rushlight Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Crazy Actor: Barrett
Role: Godina Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Emma Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Kemble.
Role: Sheepface Actor: Barrett.
Role: Mrs Scout Actor: Mrs Powell.
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Miss Menage.
Role: Marquis of Montague Actor: Evatt
Role: Duke of Somerset Actor: Bland
Role: Egbert Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: La Varenne Actor: Williamson
Role: Gondibert Actor: Palmer
Role: Barton Actor: Aickin
Role: Gregory Gubbins Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Fool Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Corporal Actor: Baddeley
Role: Drummer Actor: Edwin
Role: Fifer Actor: Barrett
Role: Rasher Actor: Burton
Role: Robbers Actor: Bannister, Davies, Cubitt
Role: Villagers Actor: Mrs Bannister, Mrs Bland, Mrs Masters, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Powell, Miss Hale, Mrs Edwin
Role: Queen Margaret Actor: Mrs Whitlock
Role: Adeline Actor: Mrs Goodall.
Role: Sir Credule Actor: Barrett
Role: Sceptick Actor: Johnstone
Role: Captain Nightshade Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Simon Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Miss Die Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Taylor.
Role: Scout Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Snarl Actor: Baddeley
Role: Charles Actor: Farley
Role: Justice Mittimus Actor: Usher
Role: Kate Actor: Miss Fontenelle.

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise

Role: Thomas Actor: Barrett.
Role: Sir Felix Friendly Actor: Wilson
Role: Compton Actor: Bannister
Role: Eugene Actor: Davies
Role: Chicane Actor: Usher
Role: Lingo Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: John Actor: Bland
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Bannister
Role: Mrs Cheshire Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Fringe Actor: Miss Fontenelle
Role: Cowslip Actor: Mrs Kemble.

Entertainment: Monologue End 2nd piece: a Serio, Comic, Poetic Paraphrase on Shakespear's Seven Ages-King; End 3rd piece: Occasional Farewell Address-Mrs Bannister

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 9 years. [Mrs Worthington is identified in MS list in Kemble playbills of new performers for this season.] Ballet: 1st time; composed by Giacomo? Gentili. Afterpiece [1st time: ENT 1, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan; acted in place of The Prize, advertised on playbill of 4 Mar. Text (C. Lowndes, 1797)]: Altered from a Dramatick Entertainment performed 1794 [The Glorious First of June]. In the course of which will be introduced a representation of the late Glorious Engagement between the British and Spanish Fleets on the Fourteenth of February [1797, under Sir John Jervis, off Cape St. Vincent]. Receipts: #253 9s. (151.2.6; 100.17.0; 1.9.6)


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: Cymbeline-Packer; Cloten-R. Palmer; Posthumus-Kemble; Arviragus-Holland; Guiderius-C. Kemble; Bellarius-Aickin; Philario-Maddocks; Iachimo-Palmer; Caius Lucius-Denman; Pisanio-Caulfield; Queen-Mrs Cuyler; Imogen-A Young Lady (1st appearance on the stage [Mrs Worthington]); Helen-Mrs Crossman.
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Packer
Role: Cloten Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Posthumus Actor: Kemble
Role: Arviragus Actor: Holland
Role: Guiderius Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Bellarius Actor: Aickin
Role: Philario Actor: Maddocks
Role: Iachimo Actor: Palmer
Role: Caius Lucius Actor: Denman
Role: Pisanio Actor: Caulfield
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Imogen Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Helen Actor: Mrs Crossman.

Afterpiece Title: Cape St

Performance Comment: Vincent; or, British Valour Triumphant. Commodore Broadside-Palmer; Splicem-Kelly; Endless-Suett; Robin-Barrymore; Tom Oakum-Bannister; William-C. Kemble; Ben-Sedgwick; Busy-Caulfield; Boys-Master Welsh, Master Chatterley; Mary-Miss DeCamp; Susan-Miss Leak; Old Woman-Mrs Booth; Nancy-Miss Menage. [Text adds Cottager-Maddocks, and specifies Tom-Master Welsh; Bill-Master Chatterley.]
Role: Commodore Broadside Actor: Palmer
Role: Splicem Actor: Kelly
Role: Endless Actor: Suett
Role: Robin Actor: Barrymore
Role: Tom Oakum Actor: Bannister
Role: William Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Ben Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Busy Actor: Caulfield
Role: Boys Actor: Master Welsh, Master Chatterley
Role: Mary Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Susan Actor: Miss Leak
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Nancy Actor: Miss Menage.
Role: Text adds Cottager Actor: Maddocks, and specifies Tom-Master Welsh
Role: and specifies Tom Actor: Master Welsh
Role: Bill Actor: Master Chatterley.

Song: III: a Masquerade Scene-; with Hark! the Lark at Heaven's Gate sings-Sedgwick, Dignum, Welsh, Master Welsh

Ballet: End: The Labyrinth; or, The Country Madcap. Joseph-Gentili; Robert-Grimaldi; Philip-Master Menage; Rosina-Sga Bossi DelCaro; Countess-Mrs Wild; Lauretta-Miss S. DeCamp

Performance Comment: Joseph-Gentili; Robert-Grimaldi; Philip-Master Menage; Rosina-Sga Bossi DelCaro; Countess-Mrs Wild; Lauretta-Miss S. DeCamp.
Role: Joseph Actor: Gentili
Role: Robert Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Philip Actor: Master Menage
Role: Rosina Actor: Sga Bossi DelCaro
Role: Countess Actor: Mrs Wild
Role: Lauretta Actor: Miss S. DeCamp.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Gibbs. 1st piece: The Musick composed by Storace


Mainpiece Title: The Iron Chest

Performance Comment: Sir Edward Mortimer-Elliston; Fitzharding-Aickin; Wilford-C. Kemble; Adam Winterton-Fawcett; Rawbold-Palmer; Samson-Suett; Armstrong-Trueman; Orson-R. Palmer; Robbers-Davies, Caulfield, Bannister; Helen-Miss DeCamp; Blanch-Mrs Gibbs; Barbara-Mrs Bland; Judith-Mrs Harlowe.
Role: Sir Edward Mortimer Actor: Elliston
Role: Fitzharding Actor: Aickin
Role: Wilford Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Adam Winterton Actor: Fawcett
Role: Rawbold Actor: Palmer
Role: Samson Actor: Suett
Role: Armstrong Actor: Trueman
Role: Orson Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Robbers Actor: Davies, Caulfield, Bannister
Role: Helen Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Blanch Actor: Mrs Gibbs
Role: Barbara Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Judith Actor: Mrs Harlowe.

Afterpiece Title: Sylvester Daggerwood

Role: Sylvester Daggerwood Actor: Fawcett
Role: Apewell Actor: Caulfield
Role: Fustian Actor: Suett.

Afterpiece Title: A Duke and No Duke

Performance Comment: Trappolin-Palmer; Lavinio-Caulfield; Brunetto-Palmer Jun.; Mago-Davies; Puritan-Suett; Isabella-Mrs Cuyler; Prudentia-Miss Heard; Flametta-Mrs Harlowe.
Role: Trappolin Actor: Palmer
Role: Lavinio Actor: Caulfield
Role: Brunetto Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Mago Actor: Davies
Role: Puritan Actor: Suett
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Prudentia Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Flametta Actor: Mrs Harlowe.

Song: 1st piece: General Chorus-Philipps, Linton, Brown, Aylmer, Little, Walker, Willoughby, Dibble, Caulfield Jun., Ms Edward, Ms Benson, Ms Butler, Ms Gaudry, Ms Hale, Ms Masters, Ms Menage, Ms Norton, Ms Leserve

Event Comment: [Mrs Ward was from the Manchester theatre.] Afterpiece: To conclude with a perspective Representation of the Grand Camp at Cox-Heathv [see 15 Oct. 1778. This was included in all subsequent performances.]. Receipts: #225 11s. (179.2.0; 44.19.6; 1.9.6)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Hastings-Brereton (1st appearance in that character); Gloster-Aickin; Bellmour-Packer; Ratcliff-R. Palmer; Catesby-Phillimore; Derby-Chaplin; Shore-Bensley; Alicia-Mrs Ward (1st appearance on this stage); Jane Shore-Mrs Crawford.
Role: Hastings Actor: Brereton
Role: Gloster Actor: Aickin
Role: Bellmour Actor: Packer
Role: Ratcliff Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Catesby Actor: Phillimore
Role: Derby Actor: Chaplin
Role: Shore Actor: Bensley
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Crawford.

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Performance Comment: Gage-Parsons; O'Daub-Moody; Mons. Bluard-Baddeley; Sir Harry Bouquet (1st time)-R. Palmer; William (1st time)-Du-Bellamy; Serjeant Drill-Bannister; Nancy-Miss Kirby; Nell-Mrs Wrighten; The other Characters-Burton, Wrighten, Wright, Chaplin, Holcroft, Fawcett, Phillimore, Norris, Griffiths, Nash, Mrs Cuyler, Miss Simson, Miss Collett.
Event Comment: [Mrs O'Keeffe was from cg.] Receipts: #161 18s. 6d. (131.14.0; 29.19.0; 0.5.6)


Mainpiece Title: A School For Fathers

Performance Comment: As17781003, but Lady Mary Oldboy-Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Lady Mary Oldboy Actor: Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Lionel Actor: Webster
Role: Oldboy Actor: Parsons
Role: Sir John Flowerdale Actor: Aickin
Role: Jenkins Actor: Bannister
Role: Harman Actor: Davies
Role: Jessamy Actor: Dodd
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Clarissa Actor: Mrs Baddeley.

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Performance Comment: As17781029, but Lady Plume-Mrs Keeffe [recte O'Keeffe] (1st appearance on this stage).recte O'Keeffe] (1st appearance on this stage).
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Love, Mrs Booth & Miss Field. Mainpiece: With the Grand Triumphal Entryv. Afterpiece: View of the Grand Campv as 6 Nov. 1779. Tickets delivered by Collins will be taken. Public Advertiser, 4 May: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bradshaw at Nichole's, baker, Bridges Street; of Mrs Love at Mrs Baker's, Gerrard-street; of Mrs Booth and Miss Field, No. 10, corner of Martlet Court, Bow-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #201 6s. (41.13.0; 15.8.6; 3.0.6; tickets: 141.4.0) (charge: #93 7s. 10d.)


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great

Role: Cassander Actor: Farren
Role: Clytus Actor: Bensley
Role: Thessalus Actor: Wright
Role: Perdiccas Actor: Chaplin
Role: Eumenes Actor: Norris
Role: Aristander Actor: Wrighten.
Role: Alexander Actor: Smith
Role: Lysimachus Actor: Brereton
Role: Hephestian Actor: Davies
Role: Polypercon Actor: Philimore
Role: Roxana Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Parisatis Actor: Mrs Sharp
Role: Sisigambis Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Statira Actor: Mrs Robinson.

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Performance Comment: Sir Harry Bouquet-Dodd; Gage-Parsons; O'Daub-Moody; Mons Bluard-Baddeley; William-Davies; Serjeant Drill (1st time)-Gaudry; Nancy-Miss Field (1st appearance in that character); Nell-Mrs Wrighten; other Characters-Burton, Wrighten, Waldron, Wright, Holcroft, Fawcett, Philimore, Norris, Mrs Cuyler, Miss Collett, Mrs Colles.