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Mainpiece Title: Concert

Entertainment: Divine Musick in Praise of Religion and Vertue-; both Vocal and instrumental, with new Anthems compos'd by Mr Blow; an Oration by Mr Collier; Pieces by Mr Tate, her Majesty's Poet Laureat. The edition of 1702 lists: The Introductory Poem Upon the Reformation of Poetry-Mr Tate Poet-Laureat to her Majesty; The First Anthem-, Compos'd by Dr Blow, and Sung in Westminster-Abbey, at Her Majesty's Coronation; The Oration-J. Collier/M.A.; The Second Anthem, Compos'd by Dr Blow: Te Deum Laudamus-; A Poem in Praise of Virtue- , Written by Mr Tate

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Never perform'd. New Scenes and Dresses (playbill). This Comedy was written by Mr Obrien. It was very much hiss'd from the 2d Act & with the greatest difficulty we got thro' the Play amidst Groans hisses &c. They would not Suffer it to be given out again. After many Altercations between the Audience Mr G. & Mr King by the Author's Consent the Play was withdrawn (Hopkins Diary). [Macmillan's note from Kemble briefer. See long review of The Duel in British Theatre article, London Magazine, Dec. 1772, and Town and Country same month.] Paid Mr Scott (c[opper] laceman) #83 9s.; Mr Waller (hosier) #17 18s. 6d.; Mr Hatsell (mercer) #80 19s.; Mr Barrow & Co. for oil, #45 13s.; Mr Cropley (linen draper) #73 14s.; Mr Cubitt (tinman) #15 19s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #241 4s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Duel

Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Melville Actor: Barry
Role: Hargrave Actor: King
Role: Young Melville Actor: Reddish
Role: Servant to Sir Dermont Actor: Weston
Role: Sir Dermot O'Leinster Actor: Moody
Role: Barfort Actor: Brereton
Role: Servant to Young Melville Actor: Wright
Role: other servants Actor: Davies, W. Palmer, Griffith
Role: Lady Margaret Sinclair Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Mrs Melville Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Miss Melville Actor: Miss Jarratt
Role: Mrs Jones Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Barry

Afterpiece Title: The Old Maid

Role: Clerimont Actor: Cautherly
Role: Harlow Actor: Packer
Role: Heartwell Actor: Hurst
Role: Cape Actor: Baddeley
Role: Miss Harlow Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Harlow Actor: Miss Pope.
Event Comment: SSquire Richard-Mr Obrien ($Hopkins). Benefit for King. Receipts: #250 (MacMillan); charges: #64 4s. [Profit to King: #185 16s.


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: As17640310 but Squire Richard-Obrien, first time.
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Obrien, first time.
Role: Count Basset Actor: King.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Powell, first time
Role: Sir Francis Wronghead Actor: Yates
Role: Manly Actor: Havard
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Miss Plym
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Poundage Actor: Clough
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: John Moody Actor: Burton
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Musical Lady

Role: Old Mask Actor: Yates
Role: Mask Actor: King
Role: Sophy Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Freeman Actor: Packer
Role: Lady Scrape Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Laundress Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: .