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Mainpiece Title: Pizarro

Role: Las Casas Actor: Packer.
Role: Ataliba Actor: Powell
Role: Rolla Actor: Kemble
Role: Alonzo Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Pizarro Actor: Barrymore
Role: Almagro Actor: Caulfield
Role: Gonzalo Actor: Wentworth
Role: Davilla Actor: Trueman
Role: Gomez Actor: Surmont
Role: Valverde Actor: Palmer
Role: Orozembo Actor: Dowton
Role: Blind Man Actor: Cory
Role: Centinel Actor: Holland
Role: Orano Actor: Archer
Role: Attendant Actor: Maddocks
Role: Boy Actor: Master Chatterley
Role: Soldiers Actor: Fisher, Evans, Webb, Chippendale
Role: Cora Actor: Miss Biggs
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Siddons.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: James Actor: Fisher
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Maddocks
Role: Leander Actor: Surmont
Role: Gregory Actor: Bannister Jun,
Role: Harry Actor: Evans
Role: Davy Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Robert Actor: Wentworth
Role: Helebore Actor: Sparks
Role: Dorcas Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Jones.

Song: Vocal Parts, as17991213, but _Willoughby, _Bardoleau, _Clark, _Mead, _Elliot, Ms _Jacobs, Ms _Butler, Ms _Saunders, Ms _Gawdry, Ms _Benson, Ms _Coates


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Role: Doricourt Actor: Archer.
Role: Villers Actor: Clarke.
Role: Hardy Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Sir George Touchwood Actor: Powell
Role: Flutter Actor: Palmer
Role: Saville Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Courtal Actor: Holland
Role: Silvertongue Actor: Maddocks
Role: Letitia Hardy Actor: Miss Biggs
Role: Mrs Racket Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Lady Touchwood Actor: Miss Campbell
Role: Miss Ogle Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Kitty Willis Actor: Miss Tidswell.


Afterpiece Title: The Ghost

Role: Farmer Harrow Actor: Knight
Role: Trusty Actor: Rees
Role: Clinch Actor: Farley
Role: Sir Jeffery Actor: Davenport
Role: Constant Actor: Claremont
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Follett
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Litchfield.
Role: William Actor: Emery
Role: Jack Junk Actor: Townsend
Role: Michael Actor: Hill
Role: Old Peasant Actor: Simmons
Role: Pat Actor: Macartney
Role: French Officer Actor: Wilde
Role: Peasants Actor: Linton, Street, Thompson
Role: Adela Actor: Mrs Sydney
Role: Susan Actor: Miss Sims.

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Soldier

Role: Patrick Actor: Mrs Trevor
Role: Kathlane Actor: Miss Sims.
Role: Dermot Actor: Incledon
Role: Fitzroy Actor: Townsend
Role: Bagatelle Actor: Farley
Role: Father Luke Actor: Waddy
Role: Darby Actor: Munden
Role: Norah Actor: Mrs Atkins.

Song: In course of Evening: Love thou maddening Power-Mrs Trevor; Old Towler-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: The Point Of Honour

Role: Megrim Actor: Fawcett
Role: Demisou Actor: Palmer
Role: James Actor: Wathen
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Gibbs.