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Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Pepys, Diary, 20 Oct.: Young Killigrew did so commend The Villaine, a new play made by Tom Porter, and acted only on Saturday at the Duke's house, as if there never had been any such play come upon the stage. The same yesterday was told me by Captain Ferrers; and this morning afterwards by Dr Clerke, who saw it. Downes, p. 23: Written by Major Thomas Porter; this Play by its being well perform'd, had Success extremly beyond the Company's Expectation....It Succeeded 10 Days with a full House, to the last. [Downes especially praises Price. The edition of 1663 has a Prologue but no actors' names and no epilogue.


Mainpiece Title: The Villain

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 23): Monsieur Brisac-Betterton; Monsieur Beaupre-Harris; Governour-Lilliston; Bontefeu-Young; Maligni-Saunford; Coligni-Price; Bellmont-Mrs Betterton [Mrs Saunderson]; Prologue-.
Role: Monsieur Brisac Actor: Betterton
Role: Monsieur Beaupre Actor: Harris
Role: Governour Actor: Lilliston
Role: Bontefeu Actor: Young
Role: Maligni Actor: Saunford
Role: Coligni Actor: Price
Role: Bellmont Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Prologue Actor: .
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. This apparently was not the first performance, but the time of premiere is not known. Pepys, Diary: My wife and I and Mercer to the Duke's house, and there saw The Rivalls, which is no excellent play, but good acting in it; especially Gosnell comes and sings and dances finely, but, for all that, fell out of the key, so that the musique could not play to her afterwards, and so did Harris also go out of the tune to agree with her. Downes (p. 23): The Rivals, A Play, Wrote by Sir William Davenant; having a very Fine Interlude in it, of Vocal and Instrumental Musick, mixt with very Diverting Dances: M Price introducing the Dancing, by a short Comical Prologue, gain'd him an Universal Applause of the Town....And all the Womens Parts admirably Acted; chiefly Celia, a Shepherdess being Mad for Love; especially in Singing several Wild and Mad Songs


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p.23): Theocles-Harris; Philander-Betterton; Cunopes the Jailor-Underhill; Pepys: Celania?-Mrs Gosnell; Edition of 1668 adds: Arcon-$Young; Polynices-$Smith; Provost-$Sandford; Heraclia-$Mrs Shadwell; Leucippe-$Mrs Long; Prologue-Price.
Role: Theocles Actor: Harris
Role: Philander Actor: Betterton
Role: Cunopes the Jailor Actor: Underhill
Role: Celania? Actor: Mrs Gosnell
Role: Arcon Actor: Young
Role: Polynices Actor: Smith
Role: Provost Actor: Sandford
Role: Heraclia Actor: Mrs Shadwell
Role: Leucippe Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Prologue Actor: Price.
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Pepys, Diary: Against my judgment and conscience (which God forgive, for my very heart knows that I offend God in breaking my vows therein) to the Opera, which is now newly begun to act again, after some alteracion of their scene, which do make it very much worse; but the play, Love and Honour, being the first time of their acting it, is a very good plot, and well done. Downes (pp. 21-22): This Play was Richly Cloath'd; The King giving Mr Betterton his Coronation Suit;...The Duke of York giving Mr Harris his...and my Lord of Oxford gave Mr Joseph Price his...and all the other Parts being very well done: The Play having a great run, Produc'd to the Company great Gain and Estimation from the Town


Mainpiece Title: Love And Honour

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, pp.21-22): Prince Alvaro-Betterton; Prince Prospero-Harris; Lionel-Joseph Price; Duke-Lilliston; Evandra-Mrs Hester? Davenport. [Possibly Peg Fryer acted the Old Widow; when she appeared at lif on 11 Jan. 1720, she was announced as having appeared in Love and Honour when she was young. As she was 85 in 1720, she was about 26 at this time.]Possibly Peg Fryer acted the Old Widow; when she appeared at lif on 11 Jan. 1720, she was announced as having appeared in Love and Honour when she was young. As she was 85 in 1720, she was about 26 at this time.]
Role: Prince Alvaro Actor: Betterton
Role: Prince Prospero Actor: Harris
Role: Lionel Actor: Joseph Price
Role: Duke Actor: Lilliston
Role: Evandra Actor: Mrs Hester? Davenport.
Event Comment: Benefit Davenport and Miss Price


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Sir Sampson-Jones; Valentine-Furnival; Scandal-Mullart; Tattle-Lacy; Foresight-Hallam; Ben-Ayres; Trapland-Wathen; Jeremy-Reynolds; Angelica-Mrs Mullart; Mrs Frail-Mrs Furnival; Mrs Foresight-Mrs Lacy; Nurse-Mrs Nokes; Prue-Miss Price.
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Jones
Role: Valentine Actor: Furnival
Role: Scandal Actor: Mullart
Role: Tattle Actor: Lacy
Role: Foresight Actor: Hallam
Role: Ben Actor: Ayres
Role: Trapland Actor: Wathen
Role: Jeremy Actor: Reynolds
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Furnival
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Lacy
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Nokes
Role: Prue Actor: Miss Price.

Afterpiece Title: The Jealous Taylor

Role: Valet Actor: Mullart.

Dance: Davenport, Miss Price

Event Comment: At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Afterpiece: With new Habits, Scenes, Machines, and other Decorations. No Money under the full Price to be taken during the Time of Performance. The Additional Money to be return'd (if desired) to those who go out before the Overture of the Entertainment begins. Admission: 5s., 3s., 2s., 1s


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Role: Richard Actor: Cibber.

Afterpiece Title: The Judgment of Paris

Performance Comment: Paris-Denoyer; Helen-Mrs Booth; Shepherds-Lally, Lally Jr, Tench, Davenport; Shepherdesses-Mrs D'Lorme, Mrs Grace, Miss Man, Miss Price; Juno-Mrs Walter; Pallas-Miss Mears; Mercury-Stoppelaer; Power-Ellis Roberts; Venus-Miss Robinson; Thalia-Miss Raftor; Euphrosyne-Mrs Mullart; Aglaia-Miss Atherton; Fame-Young Cunningham.
Role: Paris Actor: Denoyer
Role: Helen Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Shepherds Actor: Lally, Lally Jr, Tench, Davenport
Role: Shepherdesses Actor: Mrs D'Lorme, Mrs Grace, Miss Man, Miss Price
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Pallas Actor: Miss Mears
Role: Mercury Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Power Actor: Ellis Roberts
Role: Venus Actor: Miss Robinson
Role: Thalia Actor: Miss Raftor
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Aglaia Actor: Miss Atherton
Role: Fame Actor: Young Cunningham.
Event Comment: KKing came but did not send till 2 o'clock, so not in the Bills (Cross). Full Prices. Receipts: #210 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Wife

Performance Comment: As17521007, but Belinda-Miss Haughton; Constant-Ross; Mademoiselle-Mrs Price.
Role: Belinda Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Constant Actor: Ross
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Mrs Price.
Role: Sir John Brute Actor: Garrick
Role: Heartfree Actor: Palmer
Role: Bully Actor: Beard
Role: Razor Actor: Yates
Role: Lord Rake Actor: Blakes
Role: Lady Fanciful Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Lady Brute Actor: Mrs Pritchard.


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 21): Hamlet-Betterton; Horatio-Harris; King-Lilliston; Ghost-Richards; Polonius-Lovel; Rosencrans-Dixon; Guilderstern-Price; 1st Gravemaker-Underhill; 2d Gravemaker-Dacres; Queen-Mrs Davenport; Ophelia-Mrs Sanderson.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Betterton
Role: Horatio Actor: Harris
Role: King Actor: Lilliston
Role: Ghost Actor: Richards
Role: Polonius Actor: Lovel
Role: Rosencrans Actor: Dixon
Role: Guilderstern Actor: Price
Role: 1st Gravemaker Actor: Underhill
Role: 2d Gravemaker Actor: Dacres
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Sanderson.


Mainpiece Title: The Cutter Of Coleman Street

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 25): Colonel Jolly-Betterton; Old Trueman-Lovel; Young Trueman-Harris; Cutter-Underhill; Captain Worme-Sandford; Parson Soaker-Dacres; Puny-Nokes; Will-Price; Aurelia-Mrs Betterton [Mrs Saunderson]; Lucia-Mrs Anne Gibbs; Laughing Jane-Mrs Long; [The edition of 1663 has a Prologue-; an Epilogue-[, but no actors' names., but no actors' names.
Role: Colonel Jolly Actor: Betterton
Role: Old Trueman Actor: Lovel
Role: Young Trueman Actor: Harris
Role: Cutter Actor: Underhill
Role: Captain Worme Actor: Sandford
Role: Parson Soaker Actor: Dacres
Role: Puny Actor: Nokes
Role: Will Actor: Price
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Anne Gibbs
Role: Laughing Jane Actor: Mrs Long
Role: The edition of 1663 has a Prologue Actor:
Role: an Epilogue Actor:


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 22): Romeo-Harris; Mercutio-Betterton; Paris-Price; Fryar-Richards; Sampson-Sandford; Gregory-Underhill; Juliet-Mrs Saunderson; Count Paris' Wife-Mrs Holden. Spencer (Shakespeare Improved, p. 73) thinks that James Nokes acted the Nurse.
Role: Romeo Actor: Harris
Role: Mercutio Actor: Betterton
Role: Paris Actor: Price
Role: Fryar Actor: Richards
Role: Sampson Actor: Sandford
Role: Gregory Actor: Underhill
Role: Juliet Actor: Mrs Saunderson
Role: Count Paris' Wife Actor: Mrs Holden. Spencer


Mainpiece Title: The Duchess Of Malfy

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 25): Duke Ferdinand-Harris; Bosola-Betterton; Antonio-Smith; Cardinal-Young; Dutchess of Malfey-Mrs Betterton [Mrs Saunderson]; Julia-Mrs Gibbs; [The edition of 1678 lists other performers who could have acted on this occasion: Delio-Midburn? [Medbourne]; Castruchio-Richards?; Sylvio-Cademan?; Pescara-Norris?; Molateste-Price?; Cariolo=-Mrs Norris?.
Role: Duke Ferdinand Actor: Harris
Role: Bosola Actor: Betterton
Role: Antonio Actor: Smith
Role: Cardinal Actor: Young
Role: Dutchess of Malfey Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Gibbs
Role: Delio Actor: Midburn?
Role: Castruchio Actor: Richards?
Role: Sylvio Actor: Cademan?
Role: Pescara Actor: Norris?
Role: Molateste Actor: Price?
Role: Cariolo Actor: Mrs Norris?.


Mainpiece Title: The Villain

Performance Comment: See16621018 Monsieur Brisac-Betterton?; Monsieur Beaupre-Harris?; Governour-Lilliston?; Bontefeu-Young?; Maligni-Saunford?; Coligni-Price?; Bellmont-Mrs Betterton? [Mrs Saunderson]; Prologue-.
Role: See16621018 Monsieur Brisac Actor: Betterton?
Role: Monsieur Beaupre Actor: Harris?
Role: Governour Actor: Lilliston?
Role: Bontefeu Actor: Young?
Role: Maligni Actor: Saunford?
Role: Coligni Actor: Price?
Role: Bellmont Actor: Mrs Betterton?
Role: Prologue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Adventures Of Five Hours

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 22-23): Don Henriq-Betterton; Antonio-Harris; Octavio-Young; Diego-Underhill; Ernesto-Sandford; Corrigidor-Smith; Silvio-Price; Camilla-Mrs Davenport; Portia-Mrs Betterton; Flora-Mrs Long; Edition of 1663: No actors' names. The Prologue-; The Prologue at Court-; The Epilogue-; The Epilogue at Court-.
Role: Don Henriq Actor: Betterton
Role: Antonio Actor: Harris
Role: Octavio Actor: Young
Role: Diego Actor: Underhill
Role: Ernesto Actor: Sandford
Role: Corrigidor Actor: Smith
Role: Silvio Actor: Price
Role: Camilla Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Long
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Prologue at Court Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue at Court Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Step-mother

Performance Comment: Edition of 1664: Sylvanus-Sandford; Filamor-Bettertun; Adolph-Young; Tetrick-Underhill; Fromund-Price; Crispus-Smith; Capito-Metborn; Gracchus-Lovell; Sergius-Rob. Noke; Pontia-Mrs Williams; Caesarina-Mrs Bettertun; Violinda-Mrs Davies; Brianella-Mrs Long; The Prologue to the King- at the Cockpit at White-Hall; The Prologue to the Stage-; The Epilogue to the House-the Step-Mother; The Epilogue to the King-; Instrumental Vocal Recitative Musick by Mr Lock-.
Role: Sylvanus Actor: Sandford
Role: Filamor Actor: Bettertun
Role: Adolph Actor: Young
Role: Tetrick Actor: Underhill
Role: Fromund Actor: Price
Role: Crispus Actor: Smith
Role: Capito Actor: Metborn
Role: Gracchus Actor: Lovell
Role: Sergius Actor: Rob. Noke
Role: Pontia Actor: Mrs Williams
Role: Caesarina Actor: Mrs Bettertun
Role: Violinda Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Brianella Actor: Mrs Long
Role: The Prologue to the King Actor: at the Cockpit at White-Hall
Role: at the Cockpit at White Actor: Hall
Role: The Prologue to the Stage Actor:
Role: The Epilogue to the House Actor: the Step-Mother
Role: the Step Actor: Mother
Role: The Epilogue to the King Actor:
Role: Mr Lock Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Step Mother

Performance Comment: . Sylvanus-Sandford?; Filamor-Bettertun?; Adolph-Young?; Tetrick-Underhill?; Fromund-Price?; Crispus-Smith?; Capito-Metborn?; Gracchus-Lovell?; Sergius-Rob. Noke?; Pontia-Mrs Williams?; Caesarina-Mrs Bettertun?; Violinda-Mrs Davies?; Brianella-Mrs Long?; The Prologue to the King-; The Prologue to the Stage-; The Epilogue to the House-the Step-Mother?; The Epilogue to the King-; Instrumental Vocal Recitative Musick by Mr Lock-.
Role: Sylvanus Actor: Sandford?
Role: Filamor Actor: Bettertun?
Role: Adolph Actor: Young?
Role: Tetrick Actor: Underhill?
Role: Fromund Actor: Price?
Role: Crispus Actor: Smith?
Role: Capito Actor: Metborn?
Role: Gracchus Actor: Lovell?
Role: Sergius Actor: Rob. Noke?
Role: Pontia Actor: Mrs Williams?
Role: Caesarina Actor: Mrs Bettertun?
Role: Violinda Actor: Mrs Davies?
Role: Brianella Actor: Mrs Long?
Role: The Prologue to the King Actor:
Role: The Prologue to the Stage Actor:
Role: The Epilogue to the House Actor: the Step-Mother?
Role: the Step Actor: Mother?
Role: The Epilogue to the King Actor:
Role: Mr Lock Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Henry Viii

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p.24): King-Betterton; Wolsey-Harris; Duke of Buckingham-Smith; Norfolk-Nokes; Suffolk-Lilliston; Cardinal Campeius, Cranmur-Medburn; Bishop Gardiner-Underhill; Earl of Surry-Young; Lord Sands-Price; Queen Catherine-Mrs Betterton.
Role: King Actor: Betterton
Role: Wolsey Actor: Harris
Role: Duke of Buckingham Actor: Smith
Role: Norfolk Actor: Nokes
Role: Suffolk Actor: Lilliston
Role: Cranmur Actor: Medburn
Role: Bishop Gardiner Actor: Underhill
Role: Earl of Surry Actor: Young
Role: Lord Sands Actor: Price
Role: Queen Catherine Actor: Mrs Betterton.


Mainpiece Title: The Comical Revenge; Or, Love In A Tub

Performance Comment: Edition of 1664: The Prologue-; The Epilogue-the Widow, Wheadle; No actors' names. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 24-25): Lord Beauford-Betterton; Colonel Bruce-Smith; Lovis-Norris; Sir NicholasCully-Nokes; Palmer-Underhill; Wheadle-Saunford; Graciana-Mrs Betterton; Aurelia-Mrs Davies; Widow-Mrs Long; Sir Frederick Frollick-Harris; Dufoy-Price.
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor: the Widow, Wheadle
Role: Lord Beauford Actor: Betterton
Role: Colonel Bruce Actor: Smith
Role: Lovis Actor: Norris
Role: Sir NicholasCully Actor: Nokes
Role: Palmer Actor: Underhill
Role: Wheadle Actor: Saunford
Role: Graciana Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Sir Frederick Frollick Actor: Harris
Role: Dufoy Actor: Price.


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Tub

Performance Comment: [See16640300 The Prologue-; The Epilogue-the Widow?, Wheadle?; Lord Beanford-Betterton?; Colonel Bruce-Smith?; Lovis-Morris?; Sir NicholasCully-Nokes?; Palmer-Underhill?; Wheadle-Saunford?; Graciana-Mrs Betterton?; Aurelia-Mrs Davies?; Widow-Mrs Long?; Sir Frederick Frolick-Harris?; Dufoy-Price?.
Role: See16640300 The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor: the Widow?, Wheadle?
Role: Lord Beanford Actor: Betterton?
Role: Colonel Bruce Actor: Smith?
Role: Lovis Actor: Morris?
Role: Sir NicholasCully Actor: Nokes?
Role: Palmer Actor: Underhill?
Role: Wheadle Actor: Saunford?
Role: Graciana Actor: Mrs Betterton?
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Davies?
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Long?
Role: Sir Frederick Frolick Actor: Harris?
Role: Dufoy Actor: Price?.


Mainpiece Title: The Duchess Of Malfi

Performance Comment: The edition of 1678 contains a cast which corresponds to the Duke's Company at this time: Ferdinand-Harris; Cardinal-Young; Antonio-Smith; Delio-Midburn [Medbourne]; Bosola-Betterton; Castruchio-Richards; Sylvio-Cademan; Pescara-Norris; Malateste-Price; Roderigo-Cogun; Grisolan-Percival; Dutchess of Malfey-Mrs Betterton; Cariola-Mrs Norris; Old Lady-Mrs Osborn; Julia-Mrs Shadwell.
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Harris
Role: Cardinal Actor: Young
Role: Antonio Actor: Smith
Role: Delio Actor: Midburn
Role: Bosola Actor: Betterton
Role: Castruchio Actor: Richards
Role: Sylvio Actor: Cademan
Role: Pescara Actor: Norris
Role: Malateste Actor: Price
Role: Roderigo Actor: Cogun
Role: Grisolan Actor: Percival
Role: Dutchess of Malfey Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Cariola Actor: Mrs Norris
Role: Old Lady Actor: Mrs Osborn
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Shadwell.


Mainpiece Title: Esther

Performance Comment: Esther-John Randall; Assuerus-James Butler; Haman-John Moore; Mordecai-John Brown; Priest of the Israelites-John Beard; Harbonach-Price Cleavely; Persian Officer-James Allen; First Israelite-James Butler; Second Israelite-James Allen; Israelite Boy-John Brown; Israelites and Officers-Samuel Howard, ThomasBarrow, Robert Denham (Dean, Handel's Dramatic Oratorios, p. 204).


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: Monimia-Mrs Dunstone, the first time of her appearing on any stage; Acasto-Jones; Castalio-Price; Polydore-Turner; Chamont-Machen; Ernesto-Gray; Chaplain-Topham; Serena-Miss Jones; Florella-Mrs Miller; Cordelio-Miss Burdgis .
Role: Monimia Actor: Mrs Dunstone, the first time of her appearing on any stage
Role: Acasto Actor: Jones
Role: Castalio Actor: Price
Role: Polydore Actor: Turner
Role: Chamont Actor: Machen
Role: Ernesto Actor: Gray
Role: Chaplain Actor: Topham
Role: Serena Actor: Miss Jones
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Miller
Role: Cordelio Actor: Miss Burdgis

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Doctor Actor: Dove
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Dunstone
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Topham
Role: Leander Actor: Turner
Role: James Actor: Gray
Role: Harry Actor: Peploe
Role: Hellebore Actor: Ray
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Jones
Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Miller

Song: I: The Elder 'Prentice's Song. II: on, on, my dear Brethren. IV: Let Masonry be now my Theme. V: The Agreement of the Gods, by Brother Montgomery


Mainpiece Title: Orpheus And The Death Of Eurydice: With The Metamorphosis Of Harlequin

Performance Comment: Orpheus-Cartwright; Eurydice-Mrs Jinghall; Rhodope-Mrs Hickson; Pluto-Sturges; Ascalax-Macquire; Nymph-Mrs Hill; Harlequin-Rosoman; Pantaloon-Price; Gawkey-Yeats; Clown-Warner; Gawkey's Mother-Mrs Macquire; Dwarf-Master Jefferies; Colombine-Mrs Warner.
Role: Orpheus Actor: Cartwright
Role: Eurydice Actor: Mrs Jinghall
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Hickson
Role: Pluto Actor: Sturges
Role: Ascalax Actor: Macquire
Role: Nymph Actor: Mrs Hill
Role: Harlequin Actor: Rosoman
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Price
Role: Gawkey Actor: Yeats
Role: Clown Actor: Warner
Role: Gawkey's Mother Actor: Mrs Macquire
Role: Dwarf Actor: Master Jefferies
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Warner.


Mainpiece Title: The Discovery

Role: Sir Anthony Branville Actor: Garrick
Role: Sir Harry Flutter Actor: Obrien
Role: Col Medway Actor: Holland
Role: Lady Medway Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Lady Flutter Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Knightly Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Miss Richly Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Louisa Medway Actor: Miss Bride
Role: Servants Actor: Fox, Watkins

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Performance Comment: As17621110, but Kingston-Moody [1st appearance since the half-price Riots]..
Role: Kingston Actor: Moody
Role: 1st appearance since the half Actor: price Riots
Role: Lovel Actor: Obrien
Role: Freeman Actor: Packer
Role: Duke's Serv't Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Harry's Serv't Actor: King
Role: Philip Actor: Yates
Role: Lady Charlotte's Maid Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Bab's Maid Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Clive.


Mainpiece Title: The Patron

Role: Parts Actor: _Hayes, a young _Gentlewoman, Castle, Mrs +Granger.

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Performance Comment: Young Philpot-Foote; Young Wilding-Davis; Old Philpot-Granger; Hazard-Palmer; Quildrive-Castle; Dapper-Brown; Beaufort-Death; Sir Jasper Wilding-Turner; Locust-Parsons; Servant-Price; Maria-Mrs Granger.
Role: Young Philpot Actor: Foote
Role: Young Wilding Actor: Davis
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Granger
Role: Hazard Actor: Palmer
Role: Quildrive Actor: Castle
Role: Dapper Actor: Brown
Role: Beaufort Actor: Death
Role: Sir Jasper Wilding Actor: Turner
Role: Locust Actor: Parsons
Role: Servant Actor: Price
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Granger.


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-Jerrold; Stockwell-Jones; Capt. Dudley-Leach; Charles-Wilson; Fulmer-Willis; Varland-Creswell; Stukely-Wortley; Major O'Flaherty-Price; Lady Rusport-Mrs Weeks; Louisa Dudley-Mrs Kingham; Charlotte Rusport-Mrs Jerrold; Prologue-Master Jerrold.
Role: Belcour Actor: Jerrold
Role: Stockwell Actor: Jones
Role: Dudley Actor: Leach
Role: Charles Actor: Wilson
Role: Fulmer Actor: Willis
Role: Varland Actor: Creswell
Role: Stukely Actor: Wortley
Role: Major O'Flaherty Actor: Price
Role: Lady Rusport Actor: Mrs Weeks
Role: Louisa Dudley Actor: Mrs Kingham
Role: Charlotte Rusport Actor: Mrs Jerrold
Role: Prologue Actor: Master Jerrold.

Afterpiece Title: Bon Ton; or, High Life above Stairs

Role: Sir John Trotley Actor: Jerrold
Role: Lord Minikin Actor: Jones
Role: Lady Minikin Actor: Mrs Jerrold
Role: Miss Tittup Actor: Mrs Kingham.

Entertainment: Monologue.End: A Sea Fight.Frenchman-Jerrold

Role: Frenchman Actor: Jerrold.


Mainpiece Title: Richard The Third

Performance Comment: King Richard-Jerrold; King Henry-Leach; Prince Edward-Miss Painter; Duke of York-Master Jerrold; Duke of Buckingham-Price; Lord Stanley-Wilson; Tressel-Gardner; Catesby-Davis; Ratcliff-Wortley; Earl of Richmond-Jones; Lady Ann-Mrs Kingham; Dutchess of York-Mrs Weeks; The Queen-Mrs Jerrold.
Role: King Richard Actor: Jerrold
Role: King Henry Actor: Leach
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Miss Painter
Role: Duke of York Actor: Master Jerrold
Role: Duke of Buckingham Actor: Price
Role: Lord Stanley Actor: Wilson
Role: Tressel Actor: Gardner
Role: Catesby Actor: Davis
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Wortley
Role: Earl of Richmond Actor: Jones
Role: Lady Ann Actor: Mrs Kingham
Role: Dutchess of York Actor: Mrs Weeks
Role: The Queen Actor: Mrs Jerrold.

Afterpiece Title: Death And Restoration Of Harlequin

Role: Harlequin Actor: Gardner
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Jones
Role: Clown Actor: Leach
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Kingham.

Afterpiece Title: Miss In Her Teens

Performance Comment: Capt. Flash-Price; Capt. Loveit-Wilson; Puff-Leach; Fribble-Jones; Tagg-Mrs Jerrold; Miss Biddy-Mrs Kingham.
Role: Flash Actor: Price
Role: Loveit Actor: Wilson
Role: Puff Actor: Leach
Role: Fribble Actor: Jones
Role: Tagg Actor: Mrs Jerrold
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Mrs Kingham.