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Event Comment: The Duke's Company. The date of the premiere is not known, but the play was entered in the Stationers' Register, 18 Nov. 1670, and was probably performed not long before that date. Preface: The misfortune it had in having some of the Parts ill and imperfectly performed, as also the laying down of it, the sixth day of its being presented, when the Audience was very near as considerable, as the first day it was Acted, as also an intermission hitherto occasioned by the long absence of some principal Actresses, could not but prejudice the esteem it gain'd


Mainpiece Title: The Women's Conquest

Performance Comment: Edition of 1671: The First Prologue. Enter-Angel, Underhill, . Enter Noakes; The Second Prologue-personated like Ben Johnson rising from below.; The Third Prologue-; Tysamnes-Harris; Bassanes-Young; Foscaris-William? Smith; Andrages-Crosby; Toxaris-Standford; Alvanes-Cademan; Araxis-Norris; Draxanes-Adams; Eumenes-Westwood; Parisatis-Mrs Betterton; Mandana-Mrs Long; Statyra-Mrs Johnson; Clarina-Mrs Shadwell; Melvissa-Mrs Dixon; Doranthe-Mrs Lee; Cydanene-Mrs Lilborne; Renone-Mrs Wright; Epilogue-the Queen of Amazons.
Role: Enter Actor: Angel, Underhill, . Enter Noakes
Role: The Second Prologue Actor: personated like Ben Johnson rising from below.
Role: The Third Prologue Actor:
Role: Tysamnes Actor: Harris
Role: Bassanes Actor: Young
Role: Foscaris Actor: William? Smith
Role: Andrages Actor: Crosby
Role: Toxaris Actor: Standford
Role: Alvanes Actor: Cademan
Role: Araxis Actor: Norris
Role: Draxanes Actor: Adams
Role: Eumenes Actor: Westwood
Role: Parisatis Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Mandana Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Statyra Actor: Mrs Johnson
Role: Clarina Actor: Mrs Shadwell
Role: Melvissa Actor: Mrs Dixon
Role: Doranthe Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Cydanene Actor: Mrs Lilborne
Role: Renone Actor: Mrs Wright
Role: Epilogue Actor: the Queen of Amazons.
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. See also 15 and 23 Dec. 1662. Pepys, Diary: There being the famous new play acted the first time to-day, which is called The Adventures of Five Hours, at the Duke's house, being, they say, made or translated by Colonel Tuke, I did long to see it; and so made my wife to get her ready, though we were forced to send for a smith, to break open her trunk...and though early, were forced to sit almost out of sight, at the end of one of the lower forms, so full was the house. And the play, in one word, is the best, for the variety and the most excellent continuance of the plot to the very end, that ever I saw, or think ever shall, and all possible, not only to be done in the time, but in most other respects very admittable, and without one word of ribaldry; and the house, by its frequent plaudits, did show their sufficient approbation. Evelyn, Diary: I went to see Sir S: Tuke (my kinsmans) Comedy acted at the Dukes Theater, which so universaly tooke as it was acted for some weekes every day, & was belived would be worth the Comedians 4 or 5000 pounds: Indeede the plot was incomparable but the language stiffe & formall. Downes (pp 22-23): Wrote by the Earl of Bristol, and Sir Samuel Tuke: This Play being Cloath'd so Excellently Fine in proper Habits, and Acted so justly well....It took Successively 13 Days together, no other Play Intervening. Lady Anglesey to her husband, 10 Jan. 1663: Lord Bristol has made a play which is much commended (CSPD 1663-64, p. 8)


Mainpiece Title: The Adventures Of Five Hours

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 22-23): Don Henriq-Betterton; Antonio-Harris; Octavio-Young; Diego-Underhill; Ernesto-Sandford; Corrigidor-Smith; Silvio-Price; Camilla-Mrs Davenport; Portia-Mrs Betterton; Flora-Mrs Long; Edition of 1663: No actors' names. The Prologue-; The Prologue at Court-; The Epilogue-; The Epilogue at Court-.
Role: Don Henriq Actor: Betterton
Role: Antonio Actor: Harris
Role: Octavio Actor: Young
Role: Diego Actor: Underhill
Role: Ernesto Actor: Sandford
Role: Corrigidor Actor: Smith
Role: Silvio Actor: Price
Role: Camilla Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Long
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Prologue at Court Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue at Court Actor: .
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. The play was licensed on 26 Dec. 1663, but the date of the premiere is uncertain. The Prologue and Epilogue refer to the end of the Long Vacation, and the beginning of Michaelmas Term on 9 Oct. 1663 suggests a performance in October


Mainpiece Title: The Step-mother

Performance Comment: Edition of 1664: Sylvanus-Sandford; Filamor-Bettertun; Adolph-Young; Tetrick-Underhill; Fromund-Price; Crispus-Smith; Capito-Metborn; Gracchus-Lovell; Sergius-Rob. Noke; Pontia-Mrs Williams; Caesarina-Mrs Bettertun; Violinda-Mrs Davies; Brianella-Mrs Long; The Prologue to the King- at the Cockpit at White-Hall; The Prologue to the Stage-; The Epilogue to the House-the Step-Mother; The Epilogue to the King-; Instrumental Vocal Recitative Musick by Mr Lock-.
Role: Sylvanus Actor: Sandford
Role: Filamor Actor: Bettertun
Role: Adolph Actor: Young
Role: Tetrick Actor: Underhill
Role: Fromund Actor: Price
Role: Crispus Actor: Smith
Role: Capito Actor: Metborn
Role: Gracchus Actor: Lovell
Role: Sergius Actor: Rob. Noke
Role: Pontia Actor: Mrs Williams
Role: Caesarina Actor: Mrs Bettertun
Role: Violinda Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Brianella Actor: Mrs Long
Role: The Prologue to the King Actor: at the Cockpit at White-Hall
Role: at the Cockpit at White Actor: Hall
Role: The Prologue to the Stage Actor:
Role: The Epilogue to the House Actor: the Step-Mother
Role: the Step Actor: Mother
Role: The Epilogue to the King Actor:
Role: Mr Lock Actor: .
Event Comment: [The Duke's Company. For Harris' role, see Pepys, 11 May 1668. For Angel as Stephano, see An Elegy Upon...Mr Edward Angell, reprinted in A Little Ark, pp. 38-39: @Who shall play Stephano now? your Tempest's gone@To raise new Storms i' th' hearts of every one.@ For Underhill as Trincalo, note his nickname of Prince Trincalo. (For Mary Davis as Ariel and Mrs Long as Hypolito, see J. H. Wilson, All the King's Ladies, pp. 140, 166.) Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 33): The Tempest...Acted in Lincolns-Inn-Fields...alter'd by Sir William Davenant and Mr Dryden before 'twas made into an Opera. Pepys, Diary: At noon resolved with Sir W. Pen to go see The Tempest, an old play of Shakespeare's, acted, I hear, the first day; and so my wife, and girl, and W. Hewer by themselves, and Sir W. Pen and I afterwards by ourselves; and forced to sit in the side balcone over against the musique-room at the Duke's house, close by my Lady Dorset and a great many great ones. The house mighty full; the King and Court there: and the most innocent play that ever I saw; and a curious piece of musique in an echo of half sentences, the echo repeating the former half, while the man goes on the latter, which is mighty pretty. The play [has] no great wit, but yet good, above ordinary plays. Thence home with Sir W. Pen, and there all mightily pleased with the play


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Performance Comment: Adapted by Sir William Davenant and John Dryden. A possible cast: Ferdinand-Harris?; Stephano-Angel?; Trincalo-Underhill?; Ariel-Mary Davis?; Hypolito-Mrs Long?.
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Harris?
Role: Stephano Actor: Angel?
Role: Trincalo Actor: Underhill?
Role: Ariel Actor: Mary Davis?
Role: Hypolito Actor: Mrs Long?.
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. This performance is on the L. C. lists at Harvard. See VanLennep, "Plays on the English Stage", p. 15. The play was not printed, and the only source of information concerning it is in Downes, Roscius Anglicanus, p. 30: The Woman made a Justice: Wrote by Mr Betterton: Mrs Long, Acting the Justice so Charmingly; and the Comedy being perfect and justly Acted, so well pleased the Audience, it continu'd Acting 14 Days together: The Prologue being spoke to it each Day. [It is possible that this date represents the premiere, since Saturday was frequently a day on which plays were first acted, but there is no certainty on this point.


Mainpiece Title: The Woman Made A Justice

Performance Comment: The Justice-Mrs Long; Prologue-.
Role: The Justice Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Prologue Actor: .
Event Comment: Benefit for Wild. 3rd piece [1st time; P 1, compiled probably by James Wild]: For Half an Hour. Patriot, 3 June: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 16, Hanover-street, Long-acre. Receipts: #263 19s. 6d. (152.4.0; 6.5.6; tickets: 105.10.0)


Afterpiece Title: Werter

Role: Werter Actor: Pope
Role: Sebastian Actor: Davies
Role: Leuthrop Actor: Fearon
Role: Albert Actor: Farren
Role: Laura Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Brunton.

Afterpiece Title: Poluscenicon

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Boyce; Pierrot-Cranfield; Pantaloon-Thompson; Lover-Farley; Colombine-Mrs Watts; A Pantomimical Selection, consisting (among several others) of the following Scenes and Songs: The Birth of Harlequin--from the Magic Egg; View of Guildhallv--which changes to a Warehouse; Bedlam Wall--changing to a Ballad Stall; Teague's Ramble to London-Ryder; Ball Room--The Long Minuet-; taken from Bunbury's Print; Landscape-Horses, Dogs and Stag; Hunting Song-Bannister; View of a Poundv--changes to a Butcher's shop; A Prospect at Sea; Poor Jack! ; or, the Cherub (music by Dibdin)-Darley ; A Garden--changes to a Melon Ground; The Temple of Marsv. A Garden--changes to a Melon Ground; The Temple of Marsv.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Boyce
Role: Pierrot Actor: Cranfield
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Thompson
Role: Lover Actor: Farley
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Watts
Role: Teague's Ramble to London Actor: Ryder
Role: The Long Minuet Actor:
Role: Landscape Actor: Horses, Dogs and Stag
Role: Hunting Song Actor: Bannister
Role: the Cherub Actor: Darley

Dance: In 3rd piece: Byrne, Ratchford, Cranfield, Jackson, Mrs Ratchford, Miss Rowson, Miss Francis, Mrs Goodwin

Song: End 1st piece: Four and Twenty Fidlers-Edwin; In III 2nd piece: Epithalamium-; Vocal Parts-Cubitt, Darley, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr


Mainpiece Title: The Humours Of Oxford

Role: Gainlove Actor: Powell
Role: Trumore Actor: Williams
Role: Haughty Actor: Massey
Role: Conundrum Actor: Barret
Role: Young Apeall Actor: Hayes
Role: Old Apeall Actor: Newton
Role: Timothy Actor: Booth
Role: Dash Actor: Gibson
Role: Lord Shamwell Actor: Forde
Role: Theatre Actor:
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Victoria Actor: Miss Dudley
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Wife Actor: Mrs Barnet
Role: Lady Science Actor: Mrs Lefevre.

Afterpiece Title: The Orators; or, The School of Eloquence Dissected

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Performance Comment: Lovell-Smith; Lord Duke-Hayes; Sir Harry-Long; Lady Bab-Miss Dudley; Lady Charlotte-Mrs Robinson; Kitty-Mrs Lefevre.
Role: Lovell Actor: Smith
Role: Lord Duke Actor: Hayes
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Long
Role: Lady Bab Actor: Miss Dudley
Role: Lady Charlotte Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Lefevre.

Song: Between Acts: an Italian song-a Young Lady [unidentified]

Entertainment: End III: Imitations-Young Gentleman [unidentified]


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Role: Belville Actor: Lewis
Role: General Savage Actor: Wilson
Role: Conolly Actor: Aickin
Role: Torrington Actor: Quick
Role: Leeson Actor: Farren
Role: Captain Savage Actor: Davies
Role: Miss Walsingham Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Mrs Belville Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Union; or, St

Performance Comment: Andrew's Day. Old Quiz-Quick; Easy-Johnstone; Taffy-Blanchard; Scotch Cobler [Archey McNab]-Wilson; Young Quiz-Munden; Helm-Incledon; Quotations-Bernard; Plausible-Macready; Long Cork-Bannister; English Girl Nancy]-Miss Broadhurst; Scotch Girl [Jeannet]-Mrs Mountain; Scotch Cobler's Wife [Mrs McNab]-Mrs Webb; Irish Girl [Peggy]-Mrs Martyr; [The names in brackets are as specified in the cast listed in Larpent MS.] Prologue-Wilson; [PART I A Cruel fate-Williamson, Miss Broadhurst, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr; I sit on my sunkie-Mrs Mountain; The passion of Love I never felt-Miss Broadhurst; To be sure she don't like a brisk Irish lad-Mrs Martyr; We bipeds made up of frail clay-Quick; My Joe Jannet-Wilson, Mrs Webb; When Bibo went down-Bannister; A Sailor's life's the life for me-Incledon; [PART II The charms of my Peggy-Johnstone; Farili bo boo-Wilson; On the lake of Killarney-Mrs Martyr; The bells of Aberdovey-Blanchard; Scotch Song-Incledon; Sigh no more Ladies-Bannister, Johnstone, Incledon, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr; And their aw nodding at our house at hame-; [PART III The Stranger's at Home. President-Bannister; The Prince and Old England for ever-Johnstone; Comic Constitutional Song-Bernard; A Stammering Glee [Goody Groaner]-Incledon, Reeve, Blanchard; Come come all noble souls, Beviamo tutti tre-Bannister, Incledon, Blanchard, Reeve, Williamson, Johnstone.
Role: Old Quiz Actor: Quick
Role: Easy Actor: Johnstone
Role: Taffy Actor: Blanchard
Role: Archey McNab] Actor: Wilson
Role: Young Quiz Actor: Munden
Role: Helm Actor: Incledon
Role: Quotations Actor: Bernard
Role: Plausible Actor: Macready
Role: Long Cork Actor: Bannister
Role: English Girl Nancy] Actor: Miss Broadhurst
Role: Jeannet] Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Mrs McNab] Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Peggy] Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Prologue Actor: Wilson
Role: PART I A Cruel fate Actor: Williamson, Miss Broadhurst, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr
Role: I sit on my sunkie Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: The passion of Love I never felt Actor: Miss Broadhurst
Role: To be sure she don't like a brisk Irish lad Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: We bipeds made up of frail clay Actor: Quick
Role: My Joe Jannet Actor: Wilson, Mrs Webb
Role: When Bibo went down Actor: Bannister
Role: A Sailor's life's the life for me Actor: Incledon
Role: PART II The charms of my Peggy Actor: Johnstone
Role: Farili bo boo Actor: Wilson
Role: On the lake of Killarney Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: The bells of Aberdovey Actor: Blanchard
Role: Scotch Song Actor: Incledon
Role: Sigh no more Ladies Actor: Bannister, Johnstone, Incledon, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr
Role: And their aw nodding at our house at hame Actor:
Role: President Actor: Bannister
Role: The Prince and Old England for ever Actor: Johnstone
Role: Comic Constitutional Song Actor: Bernard
Role: Goody Groaner] Actor: Incledon, Reeve, Blanchard
Role: Beviamo tutti tre Actor: Bannister, Incledon, Blanchard, Reeve, Williamson, Johnstone.

Dance: Afterpiece conclude: Highland Fling-the Scotch Characters

Song: End II: Black Eyed Susan-Incledon

Music: In afterpiece: will be introduced the Highland Competition Prizeexactly as represented annually in the City of Edinburgh,-McLane, McGregor, McTavish; several Strathpays, Laments, Pebruchs-several other celebrated Pipers

Entertainment: Monologue End: Epilogue (riding on an Ass,)-Wilson


Mainpiece Title: First Faults

Performance Comment: Characters by Dowton, Barrymore, C. Kemble, Russell, Suett, Bannister Jun., R. Palmer, Wewitzer, Maddocks, Webb, Mrs Jordan, Miss Biggs, Miss Mellon, Mrs Walcot. [Cast from European Magazine, May 1799, p. 329: Cleveland-Dowton; Seymour-Barrymore; Lord Fallible-C. Kemble; Sir Charles Careless-Russell; Long Odds-Suett; Prater-Bannister Jun.; O'Neil-R. Palmer; Rolland-Wewitzer; Plodwell-Maddocks; Claw-Webb [in European Magazine: Hollingsworth]; Emma-Mrs Jordan; Lady Careless-Miss Biggs; Tulip-Miss Mellon; Mrs Sanderson-Mrs Walcot; Prologue-C. Kemble.
Role: Cleveland Actor: Dowton
Role: Seymour Actor: Barrymore
Role: Lord Fallible Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Sir Charles Careless Actor: Russell
Role: Long Odds Actor: Suett
Role: Prater Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: O'Neil Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Rolland Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Plodwell Actor: Maddocks
Role: Claw Actor: Webb
Role: Emma Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Lady Careless Actor: Miss Biggs
Role: Tulip Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Mrs Sanderson Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Prologue Actor: C. Kemble.

Afterpiece Title: Katharine and Petruchio

Role: Petruchio Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Baptista Actor: Packer
Role: Hortensio Actor: Trueman
Role: Grumio Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Biondello Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Music@master Actor: Sparks
Role: Taylor Actor: Suett
Role: Katharine Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Bianca Actor: Mrs Coates
Role: Curtis Actor: Mrs Maddocks
Role: Haberdasher Actor: Mrs Jones.

Dance: End: Minuet de la Cour-Miss DeCamp, Mlle Parisot


Mainpiece Title: The Cutter Of Coleman Street

Performance Comment: Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 25): Colonel Jolly-Betterton; Old Trueman-Lovel; Young Trueman-Harris; Cutter-Underhill; Captain Worme-Sandford; Parson Soaker-Dacres; Puny-Nokes; Will-Price; Aurelia-Mrs Betterton [Mrs Saunderson]; Lucia-Mrs Anne Gibbs; Laughing Jane-Mrs Long; [The edition of 1663 has a Prologue-; an Epilogue-[, but no actors' names., but no actors' names.
Role: Colonel Jolly Actor: Betterton
Role: Old Trueman Actor: Lovel
Role: Young Trueman Actor: Harris
Role: Cutter Actor: Underhill
Role: Captain Worme Actor: Sandford
Role: Parson Soaker Actor: Dacres
Role: Puny Actor: Nokes
Role: Will Actor: Price
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Anne Gibbs
Role: Laughing Jane Actor: Mrs Long
Role: The edition of 1663 has a Prologue Actor:
Role: an Epilogue Actor:


Mainpiece Title: The Slighted Maid

Performance Comment: Edition of 1663: Salerno-Harris; Iberio-Betterton; Filomarini-Metborn; Lugo-Smith; Arviedo-Cadiman; Corbulo-Young; Peralta-Underhill; Gioseppe-the Elder Noke; Vindex-Sandford; Decio-Mrs Gibbs; Pyramena-Mrs Betterton; Diacelia-Mrs Long; Leandra-Mrs Williams; Menanthe-the Younger Noke; Joan-Turner; Instrumental Vocal and Recitative Musick by Mr John? Banister-; the Prologue to the King-; the Prologue to the House-; the Epilogue-The Slighted Maid; Epilogue to the King-.
Role: Salerno Actor: Harris
Role: Iberio Actor: Betterton
Role: Filomarini Actor: Metborn
Role: Lugo Actor: Smith
Role: Arviedo Actor: Cadiman
Role: Corbulo Actor: Young
Role: Peralta Actor: Underhill
Role: Gioseppe Actor: the Elder Noke
Role: Vindex Actor: Sandford
Role: Decio Actor: Mrs Gibbs
Role: Pyramena Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Diacelia Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Leandra Actor: Mrs Williams
Role: Menanthe Actor: the Younger Noke
Role: Joan Actor: Turner
Role: Banister Actor:
Role: the Prologue to the King Actor:
Role: the Prologue to the House Actor:
Role: the Epilogue Actor: The Slighted Maid
Role: Epilogue to the King Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Step Mother

Performance Comment: . Sylvanus-Sandford?; Filamor-Bettertun?; Adolph-Young?; Tetrick-Underhill?; Fromund-Price?; Crispus-Smith?; Capito-Metborn?; Gracchus-Lovell?; Sergius-Rob. Noke?; Pontia-Mrs Williams?; Caesarina-Mrs Bettertun?; Violinda-Mrs Davies?; Brianella-Mrs Long?; The Prologue to the King-; The Prologue to the Stage-; The Epilogue to the House-the Step-Mother?; The Epilogue to the King-; Instrumental Vocal Recitative Musick by Mr Lock-.
Role: Sylvanus Actor: Sandford?
Role: Filamor Actor: Bettertun?
Role: Adolph Actor: Young?
Role: Tetrick Actor: Underhill?
Role: Fromund Actor: Price?
Role: Crispus Actor: Smith?
Role: Capito Actor: Metborn?
Role: Gracchus Actor: Lovell?
Role: Sergius Actor: Rob. Noke?
Role: Pontia Actor: Mrs Williams?
Role: Caesarina Actor: Mrs Bettertun?
Role: Violinda Actor: Mrs Davies?
Role: Brianella Actor: Mrs Long?
Role: The Prologue to the King Actor:
Role: The Prologue to the Stage Actor:
Role: The Epilogue to the House Actor: the Step-Mother?
Role: the Step Actor: Mother?
Role: The Epilogue to the King Actor:
Role: Mr Lock Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Comical Revenge; Or, Love In A Tub

Performance Comment: Edition of 1664: The Prologue-; The Epilogue-the Widow, Wheadle; No actors' names. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 24-25): Lord Beauford-Betterton; Colonel Bruce-Smith; Lovis-Norris; Sir NicholasCully-Nokes; Palmer-Underhill; Wheadle-Saunford; Graciana-Mrs Betterton; Aurelia-Mrs Davies; Widow-Mrs Long; Sir Frederick Frollick-Harris; Dufoy-Price.
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor: the Widow, Wheadle
Role: Lord Beauford Actor: Betterton
Role: Colonel Bruce Actor: Smith
Role: Lovis Actor: Norris
Role: Sir NicholasCully Actor: Nokes
Role: Palmer Actor: Underhill
Role: Wheadle Actor: Saunford
Role: Graciana Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Sir Frederick Frollick Actor: Harris
Role: Dufoy Actor: Price.


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Tub

Performance Comment: [See16640300 The Prologue-; The Epilogue-the Widow?, Wheadle?; Lord Beanford-Betterton?; Colonel Bruce-Smith?; Lovis-Morris?; Sir NicholasCully-Nokes?; Palmer-Underhill?; Wheadle-Saunford?; Graciana-Mrs Betterton?; Aurelia-Mrs Davies?; Widow-Mrs Long?; Sir Frederick Frolick-Harris?; Dufoy-Price?.
Role: See16640300 The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor: the Widow?, Wheadle?
Role: Lord Beanford Actor: Betterton?
Role: Colonel Bruce Actor: Smith?
Role: Lovis Actor: Morris?
Role: Sir NicholasCully Actor: Nokes?
Role: Palmer Actor: Underhill?
Role: Wheadle Actor: Saunford?
Role: Graciana Actor: Mrs Betterton?
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Davies?
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Long?
Role: Sir Frederick Frolick Actor: Harris?
Role: Dufoy Actor: Price?.


Mainpiece Title: The History Of Henry The Fifth

Performance Comment: Edition of 1669: King Henry the Fifth-Harris; Duke of Bedford-Underhill; Duke of Exeter-Cogan; Earl of Warwick-Aingel; Bishop of Canterbury-Lylinston [Lilleston]; Owen Tudor-Betterton; The Dauphin-Young; Duke of Burgundy-Smith; Earl of Chareloys-Cadiman; Constable of France-James Noke; De Chastel-Norris; Bishop of Arras-Samford; Count of Blamount-Medborne; Monsieur Colemore-Floyd; Queen of France-Mrs Long; Princess Katherine-Mrs Betterton; Princess Anne-Mrs Davis; Countess of La Marr-Mrs Norris.


Mainpiece Title: The Six Days' Adventure; Or, The New Utopia

Performance Comment: Edition of 1671: Prologue-; Sir Adam Meridith-Underhill; Sir Grave Solymour-Medburn; Sir Franckman-Harris; Polidor-Young; Featlin-Crosby; Foppering-Nokes; Peacock-Angel; Euphorbus-Sherwood; Orlando Curioso-Sandford; Serina-Mrs Betterton; Celinda-Mrs Shadwel; Crispina-Mrs Long; Eugenia-Mrs Lee; Petilla-Mrs Dixon; 1st Lady-Mrs Ford; 2nd Lady-Mrs Clough.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Sir Adam Meridith Actor: Underhill
Role: Sir Grave Solymour Actor: Medburn
Role: Sir Franckman Actor: Harris
Role: Polidor Actor: Young
Role: Featlin Actor: Crosby
Role: Foppering Actor: Nokes
Role: Peacock Actor: Angel
Role: Euphorbus Actor: Sherwood
Role: Orlando Curioso Actor: Sandford
Role: Serina Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Celinda Actor: Mrs Shadwel
Role: Crispina Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Eugenia Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Petilla Actor: Mrs Dixon
Role: 1st Lady Actor: Mrs Ford
Role: 2nd Lady Actor: Mrs Clough.


Mainpiece Title: The Town-shifts; Or, The Suburb-justice

Performance Comment: Edition of 1671: Prologue-; Lovewell-Cademan; Friendly-Medbourn; Faithfull-Westwood; Leftwell-Angel; Pett-Norris; Frump-Sandford; Stingey-Sherwood; Runwell-Whaley; Moses-Williams; Leticia-Mrs Lee; Fickle-Mrs Long; Betty-Mrs Dixon; Goody Fells-Mrs Norris; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Lovewell Actor: Cademan
Role: Friendly Actor: Medbourn
Role: Faithfull Actor: Westwood
Role: Leftwell Actor: Angel
Role: Pett Actor: Norris
Role: Frump Actor: Sandford
Role: Stingey Actor: Sherwood
Role: Runwell Actor: Whaley
Role: Moses Actor: Williams
Role: Leticia Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Fickle Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Dixon
Role: Goody Fells Actor: Mrs Norris
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Cambyses, King Of Persia

Performance Comment: Edition of 1671 Cambyses-Betterton; Prexaspes-Harris; Otanes-Crosby; Darius-Smith; Artaban-Norris; Osiris-Mrs Long; Smerdis-Medbourne; Parasithes-Sandford; Theramnes-Young; Phedima-Mrs Jennings; Orinda-Mrs Dixon; Mandana-Mrs Betterton; Prologue-; Epilogue-.
Role: Edition of 1671 Cambyses Actor: Betterton
Role: Prexaspes Actor: Harris
Role: Otanes Actor: Crosby
Role: Darius Actor: Smith
Role: Artaban Actor: Norris
Role: Osiris Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Smerdis Actor: Medbourne
Role: Parasithes Actor: Sandford
Role: Theramnes Actor: Young
Role: Phedima Actor: Mrs Jennings
Role: Orinda Actor: Mrs Dixon
Role: Mandana Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Juliana; Or, The Princess Of Poland

Performance Comment: Edition of 1671: Cardinal-Harris; Ladislaus-Betterton; Demetrius-Young; Sharnofsky-Smith; Ossolinsky-Bamfield; Cassonofsky-Sandford; Colimsky-Norris; Landlord-Angel; Theodore-Metburn; Alexey-Crosby; Battista-Westwood; Juliana-Mrs Betterton; Paulina-Mrs Long; Joanna-Mrs Shadwel; The Prologue-; The Epilogue-Paulina, Landlord.
Role: Cardinal Actor: Harris
Role: Ladislaus Actor: Betterton
Role: Demetrius Actor: Young
Role: Sharnofsky Actor: Smith
Role: Ossolinsky Actor: Bamfield
Role: Cassonofsky Actor: Sandford
Role: Colimsky Actor: Norris
Role: Landlord Actor: Angel
Role: Theodore Actor: Metburn
Role: Alexey Actor: Crosby
Role: Battista Actor: Westwood
Role: Juliana Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Paulina Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Joanna Actor: Mrs Shadwel
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Paulina, Landlord.


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Ramble; Or, The Town-humours

Performance Comment: Edition of 1673: Prologue-; Townlove-Betterton; Merry-Harris; Ruffle-Smith; Muchland-Medbourn; Rash-Crosby; Fullam-Underhill; Breef-Norris; Honour Muchland-Mrs Johnson; Betty Rash-Mrs Long; Rose-Mrs Shadwell; Lady Turnup-Mrs Osborn; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Townlove Actor: Betterton
Role: Merry Actor: Harris
Role: Ruffle Actor: Smith
Role: Muchland Actor: Medbourn
Role: Rash Actor: Crosby
Role: Fullam Actor: Underhill
Role: Breef Actor: Norris
Role: Honour Muchland Actor: Mrs Johnson
Role: Betty Rash Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Rose Actor: Mrs Shadwell
Role: Lady Turnup Actor: Mrs Osborn
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Edition of 1673: King of Scotland-Nath. Lee; Malcolm-Norris; Donalbain-Cademan; Lenox-Medburn; Macbeth-Betterton; Banquo-Smith; Macduff-Harris; Macbeth's Wife-Mrs Betterton; Macduff's Wife-Mrs Long; Hecate?-Sandford. See also 12 Aug. 1668.
Role: King of Scotland Actor: Nath. Lee
Role: Malcolm Actor: Norris
Role: Donalbain Actor: Cademan
Role: Lenox Actor: Medburn
Role: Macbeth Actor: Betterton
Role: Banquo Actor: Smith
Role: Macduff Actor: Harris
Role: Macbeth's Wife Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Macduff's Wife Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Hecate? Actor: Sandford. See also 12 Aug. 1668.


Mainpiece Title: The Emperour Of The Moon

Role: Belzardo Actor: Leigh
Role: Harlequin Actor: Spiller
Role: Cinthio Actor: Elrington
Role: Charmante Actor: Carnaby
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Shepard
Role: Elaria Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Bellamanta Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Mopsophil Actor: Mrs Powel.

Entertainment: A Dance after the Neapolitan Manner-; With a New Invention first Contriv'd by Monsieur St.Everimont, which Represents a Suit of Hangings, which in an Instant is Transform'd to Men and Women-; With many other surprizing Entertainments too long to be inserted here-

Performance Comment: Everimont=, which Represents a Suit of Hangings, which in an Instant is Transform'd to Men and Women-; With many other surprizing Entertainments too long to be inserted here-.


Mainpiece Title: The Relapse

Performance Comment: Lory-Penkethman; Foppington-Husband; Young Fashion-Mrs Kent; Lovelace-Elrington; Worthy-Thurmond; Sir Tunbelly-Leigh; Surgeon-Norris; Coupler-Spillar; Amanda-Mrs Baker; Berinthia-Mrs Sapsford; Hoyden-Mrs Shepard; Nurse-Mrs Powell; With a new Prologue-Powell; a new Epilogue-Powell, Spiller, Expressing the dreadful Hardships Laywers and Players suffer in a long Vacation.


Dance: Too many to be inserted in the bills


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Macheath-DuBellamy (from Covent Garden); Peachum-Kennedy; Lockit-Morris; Filch-Hamilton; Mat-Fearon; Ben Budge-Pitt; Lucy-Miss Atkinson; Polly-Mrs Baker (from Covent Garden); In Act III, Hornpipe-Miss Long.
Role: Macheath Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Peachum Actor: Kennedy
Role: Lockit Actor: Morris
Role: Filch Actor: Hamilton
Role: Mat Actor: Fearon
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Pitt
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Atkinson
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Miss Long.

Afterpiece Title: The King and The Miller of Mansfield

Role: King Actor: Kennedy
Role: Miller Actor: Morris
Role: Dick Actor: Pearce.


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Performance Comment: Leontes-Smith; Polixenes-Bensley; Florizel-Bannister Jun.; Camillo-Aickin; Old Shepherd-Packer; Clown-Suett; Autolicus-Dodd; Hermione-Mrs Ward; Paulina-Mrs Hopkins; Perdita (with the sheep-shearing long)-Mrs Crouch .
Role: Leontes Actor: Smith
Role: Polixenes Actor: Bensley
Role: Florizel Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Camillo Actor: Aickin
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Packer
Role: Clown Actor: Suett
Role: Autolicus Actor: Dodd
Role: Hermione Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Paulina Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: with the sheep Actor:
Role: Perdita Actor: Mrs Crouch

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee