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Event Comment: Benefit J. Leigh. Receipts: money #111 9s.; tickets #63 16s. [The afterpiece is presumably the same as that of 14 March with an altered title.


Mainpiece Title: The Indian Emperor; Or, The Conquest Of Mexico By The Spaniards

Performance Comment: As17170108, but Guyomar-J. Leigh; Orbellan-_; Vasquez-_; Pizarro-_; Odmar-_; Cydaria-Miss Rogers; And a new Epilogue in praise of the Hoop'd Petticoat-Bullock.
Role: Guyomar Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Cydaria Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: And a new Epilogue in praise of the Hoop'd Pettico Actor: Bullock.
Role: Montezuma Actor: Keene
Role: Cortez Actor: Elrington
Role: Orbellan Actor: Cory
Role: Vasquez Actor: Husbands
Role: Pizarro Actor: Rogers
Role: Odmar Actor: Smith
Role: Almeria Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Alibech Actor: Mrs Rogers

Afterpiece Title: The Butcher Turned Gentleman

Dance: Moreau, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Schoolding, Salle, Mlle Salle; with Irish Jigg-Mrs Schoolding

Event Comment: Benefit Leigh. At the Desire of several ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Keene; Macduff-J. Leigh.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Keene
Role: Macduff Actor: J. Leigh.

Afterpiece Title: Amadis

Role: Furies Actor: _Thurmond Jr.
Role: Amadis Actor: Dupre
Role: Punch Actor: Boval
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Cook
Role: Englishman Actor: Cook Jr
Role: Oriana Actor: Mlle Gautier
Role: Scaramouchet Actor: Miss Smith
Role: Englishwoman Actor: Miss Schoolding
Role: Harlequin Actor: Lun
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Schoolding
Role: Clodpole Actor: Spiller
Event Comment: Benefit Leigh and Spiller. At Common Prices. This is the last Time of the Company's Acting this Season


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks; Or, The Yeoman Of Kent

Performance Comment: Reynard-J. Leigh; Squib-Spiller.
Role: Reynard Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Squib Actor: Spiller.

Afterpiece Title: Hob

Performance Comment: Hob-Spiller; Friendly-J. Leigh.
Role: Hob Actor: Spiller
Role: Friendly Actor: J. Leigh.
Related Works
Related Work: Hob's Wedding Author(s): John Leigh

Song: Oh! London Is A Fine Town-

Role: ondon Is A Fine Town Actor: .

Dance: Moreau, Cook, Pelling, Newhouse, Mrs Moreau, Miss Smith, Miss Schoolding


Mainpiece Title: The Squire Of Alsatia

Performance Comment: As17150321 but Sir Edward-Keene; Sir William-F. Leigh; Young Belfond-J. Leigh; Lolpoop-Knap; Hackum-Spillar; Cheatly-Corey; Isabella-Mrs Rogers; Teresa-Mrs Moor; Mrs Termagent-Mrs Knight; Lucia-Mrs Spillar; Ruth-Mrs Hunt.
Role: Sir Edward Actor: Keene
Role: Sir William Actor: F. Leigh
Role: Young Belfond Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Lolpoop Actor: Knap
Role: Hackum Actor: Spillar
Role: Cheatly Actor: Corey
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Mrs Termagent Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Spillar
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Hunt.
Role: Squire Actor: Bullock Sr.

Song: As17150324

Dance: delaGarde, Sandham, Newhouse, Mrs Russell, Miss Schoolding


Mainpiece Title: The Boating Lovers; Or, The Libertine Tam'd

Performance Comment: The principal Part to be perform'd by Mrs Thurmond, who never appear'd on this Stage before; but edition of 1715 lists: Gaylove-J. Leigh; Sir Butterfly Ayrewould-Bullock Sr; Sir Timothy Tweedle-Bullock Jr; Colonel Winfield-Keene; Choleric-Griffin; Bounce-Hall; Decoy-Pack; Witful-Knapp; Thump-F. Leigh; Haircut-Church; Constable-Rogers; Upholder-Hil. Bullock; Servant-Cocker; Lady Youthful-Mrs Kent; Cosmelia-Mrs Thurmond; Clarinda-Mrs Cross; Secret-Mrs Garnet; Prate-Mrs Hunt; Giddy-Mrs Clarke; Prologue written-Bullock Jr; Epilogue-Mrs Thurmond.
Role: Gaylove Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Sir Butterfly Ayrewould Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Sir Timothy Tweedle Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Colonel Winfield Actor: Keene
Role: Choleric Actor: Griffin
Role: Bounce Actor: Hall
Role: Decoy Actor: Pack
Role: Witful Actor: Knapp
Role: Thump Actor: F. Leigh
Role: Haircut Actor: Church
Role: Constable Actor: Rogers
Role: Upholder Actor: Hil. Bullock
Role: Servant Actor: Cocker
Role: Lady Youthful Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Cosmelia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Secret Actor: Mrs Garnet
Role: Prate Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Giddy Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Prologue written Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Thurmond.

Dance: delaGarde, Mrs Bullock


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Performance Comment: Rose-one who never appear'd upon the Stage before; Ballance-Keene; Plume-J. Leigh; Worthy-Smith; Brazen-Bullock Jr; Kite-Hall; Bullock-Bullock Sr; Pearmain-Spiller; Appletree-Knapp; Constable-F. Leigh; Melinda-Mrs Rogers; Sylvia-Mrs Cross; Lucy-Mrs Spiller.
Role: Rose Actor: one who never appear'd upon the Stage before
Role: Ballance Actor: Keene
Role: Plume Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Worthy Actor: Smith
Role: Brazen Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Kite Actor: Hall
Role: Bullock Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Pearmain Actor: Spiller
Role: Appletree Actor: Knapp
Role: Constable Actor: F. Leigh
Role: Melinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Spiller.

Dance: As17151005; particularly Dutch Skippers-; Punchanello-


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: Careless-J. Leigh; Blunt-Ogden; Story-Williams; Teague-Miller; Obadiah-F. Leigh; Day-Penkethman; Abel-Bullock Sr; Bookseller-Norris; Mrs Day-Mrs Shepard; Arbella-Mrs Moreau; Ruth-Mrs Spiller; Chat-Mrs Elsam.
Role: Careless Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Blunt Actor: Ogden
Role: Story Actor: Williams
Role: Teague Actor: Miller
Role: Obadiah Actor: F. Leigh
Role: Day Actor: Penkethman
Role: Abel Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Bookseller Actor: Norris
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Shepard
Role: Arbella Actor: Mrs Moreau
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Chat Actor: Mrs Elsam.

Dance: Moreau, Mrs Moreau


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Foresight-one who never appear'd upon the Stage before; Sir Sampson-Bullock Sr; Valentine-J. Leigh; Scandal-Husband; Tattle-Pack; Jeremy-Spiller; Trapland-Bullock Jr; Angelica-Mrs Spiller; Mrs Frail-Mrs Knight; Mrs Foresight-Mrs Moore; Prue-Miss Schoolding.
Role: Foresight Actor: one who never appear'd upon the Stage before
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Valentine Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Scandal Actor: Husband
Role: Tattle Actor: Pack
Role: Jeremy Actor: Spiller
Role: Trapland Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Moore
Role: Prue Actor: Miss Schoolding.

Dance: As17150113


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: As17150421 but Carlos-J. Leigh; Duart-Smith; Clodio-Bullock Jr; Antonio-Bullock Sr; Sancho-Knap; Angelina-Mrs Spiller; Louisa-Mrs Rogers; Elvira-Mrs Knight.
Role: Carlos Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Duart Actor: Smith
Role: Clodio Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Antonio Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Sancho Actor: Knap
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Knight.
Role: Cholerick Actor: Spiller.

Afterpiece Title: The Slip

Song: Lawrence, the New Boy

Dance: duPre, Moreau, Bovil, Miss Russell


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man; Or, The Fop's Fortune

Performance Comment: Lewis-Spiller; Antonio-Bullock Sr; Charino-Griffin; Carlos-J. Leigh; Clodio-Bullock Jr; Sancho-Knapp; Duart-Smith; Angelina-Mrs Spillar; Louisa-Mrs Rogers; Elvira-Mrs Knight; Honoria-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Lewis Actor: Spiller
Role: Antonio Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Charino Actor: Griffin
Role: Carlos Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Clodio Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Sancho Actor: Knapp
Role: Duart Actor: Smith
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Spillar
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Honoria Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Dance: Shaw


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar; Or, The Double Discovery

Performance Comment: Fryar-Bullock Sr; Torrismond-Smith; Bertran-Cory; Lorenzo-J. Leigh; Gomez-Spillar; Alphonso-Bullock Jr; Raymond-Schoolding; Leonora-Mrs Knight; Elvira-Mrs Moor.
Role: Fryar Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Torrismond Actor: Smith
Role: Bertran Actor: Cory
Role: Lorenzo Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Gomez Actor: Spillar
Role: Alphonso Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Raymond Actor: Schoolding
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Moor.

Dance: As17151001


Mainpiece Title: The False Count; Or, A New Way To Play An Old Game

Performance Comment: False Count-Spillar; Carlos-Keene; Antonio-J. Leigh; Francisco-Hall; Guzman-Bullock Jr; Baltazar-Knapp; Sebastian-Griffin; Captain-Coker; Julia-Mrs Thurmond; Clara-Mrs Vincent; Isabella-Mrs Moor; Jacinta-Mrs Hunt.
Role: False Count Actor: Spillar
Role: Carlos Actor: Keene
Role: Antonio Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Francisco Actor: Hall
Role: Guzman Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Baltazar Actor: Knapp
Role: Sebastian Actor: Griffin
Role: Captain Actor: Coker
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Jacinta Actor: Mrs Hunt.

Dance: Thurmond Jr, Shaw


Mainpiece Title: The Wife's Relief; Or, The Husband's Cure

Performance Comment: Volatil-J. Leigh; Riot-Thurmond; Horatio-Husband; Valentine-Cory; Sir Tristram-Knapp; Young Cash-Pack; Spitfire-Spillar; Cinthea-Mrs Rogers; Arabella-Mrs Thurmond; Teraminta-Mrs Vincent; Aurelia-Mrs Spillar.
Role: Volatil Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Riot Actor: Thurmond
Role: Horatio Actor: Husband
Role: Valentine Actor: Cory
Role: Sir Tristram Actor: Knapp
Role: Young Cash Actor: Pack
Role: Spitfire Actor: Spillar
Role: Cinthea Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Teraminta Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Spillar.

Song: As17151001

Dance: As17151005; Harlequin-Aubert, who never appear'd upon a Stage before


Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift; Or, The Fool In Fashion

Performance Comment: Sir William-Griffin; Loveless-J. Leigh; Sir Novelty-Bullock Jr; Elder Worthy-Husband; Young Worthy-Smith; Snap-Spiller; Sly-Bullock Sr; Amanda-Mrs Rogers; Narcissa-Mrs Moor; Hillaria-Mrs Spiller; Flareit-Mrs Kent.
Role: Sir William Actor: Griffin
Role: Loveless Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Sir Novelty Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Elder Worthy Actor: Husband
Role: Young Worthy Actor: Smith
Role: Snap Actor: Spiller
Role: Sly Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Amanda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Flareit Actor: Mrs Kent.

Song: As17151001

Dance: Thurmond Jr, Mrs Cross; Dutch Skipper-; Miller's Dance-F. Leigh, Spiller, Mrs Spiller

Performance Comment: Leigh, Spiller, Mrs Spiller.


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Wife

Performance Comment: Sir John-Keene; Heartfree-J. Leigh; Constant-Husband; Razor-Pack; Rake-Bullock Jr; Lady Fanciful-Mrs Cross; Lady Brute-Mrs Knight; Belinda-Mrs Thurmond; Mademoiselle-Mrs Schoolding.
Role: Sir John Actor: Keene
Role: Heartfree Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Constant Actor: Husband
Role: Razor Actor: Pack
Role: Rake Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Lady Fanciful Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lady Brute Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Mrs Schoolding.

Dance: The What D'Ye Call It-delaGarde, Mrs Bullock


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Merchant

Performance Comment: Clause-Keene; Florez-J. Leigh; Woolfort-Smith; Hubert-Thurmond; Hemskirk-Husband; Vandunck-Bullock Sr; Beggars-Pack, Bullock Jr, Griffin, Knap, H. Bullock; Boors-Spiller, Hall, Scot; Bertha-Mrs Spiller.
Role: Clause Actor: Keene
Role: Florez Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Woolfort Actor: Smith
Role: Hubert Actor: Thurmond
Role: Hemskirk Actor: Husband
Role: Vandunck Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Beggars Actor: Pack, Bullock Jr, Griffin, Knap, H. Bullock
Role: Boors Actor: Spiller, Hall, Scot
Role: Bertha Actor: Mrs Spiller.

Dance: As17151104


Mainpiece Title: The Perfidious Brother

Performance Comment: Edition of 1715 lists: Gonsalvo-Corey; Sebastian-Keene; Roderick-Smith; Beaufort-J. Leigh; Luciana-Mrs Rogers; Selinda-Mrs Roger Jr; Prologue-; Epilogue by Molloy-Mrs Cross.
Role: Gonsalvo Actor: Corey
Role: Sebastian Actor: Keene
Role: Roderick Actor: Smith
Role: Beaufort Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Luciana Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Selinda Actor: Mrs Roger Jr
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Molloy Actor: Mrs Cross.


Mainpiece Title: The Woman Captain

Performance Comment: As17160629 but Sir Humphrey-J. Leigh; Gripe-Griffin; Sir Christopher-Bullock Sr; Sir Nicholas-Bullock Jr; Blunderbuss-Spiller; Hildebrand-H. Bullock; Phillis-Mrs Spiller; Bellamy-Ogden; Wildman-Coker; Serjeant-Hall; Richard-Knapp; Chloris-Mrs Vincent; Celia-Mrs Finch.
Role: Sir Humphrey Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Gripe Actor: Griffin
Role: Sir Christopher Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Sir Nicholas Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Blunderbuss Actor: Spiller
Role: Hildebrand Actor: H. Bullock
Role: Phillis Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Bellamy Actor: Ogden
Role: Wildman Actor: Coker
Role: Serjeant Actor: Hall
Role: Richard Actor: Knapp
Role: Chloris Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Finch.
Role: Woman Captain Actor: Mrs Thurmond.

Dance: As17160629


Mainpiece Title: Aurengzebe; Or, The Great Mogul

Performance Comment: Emperor-Keene; Aurengzebe-J. Leigh; Morat-Smith; Arimant-Corey; Nourmahal-Mrs Rogers; Indamora-Miss Rogers; Melesinda-Mrs Spiller.
Role: Emperor Actor: Keene
Role: Aurengzebe Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Morat Actor: Smith
Role: Arimant Actor: Corey
Role: Nourmahal Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Indamora Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Melesinda Actor: Mrs Spiller.

Dance: As17160629


Mainpiece Title: The Feigned Courtizans

Performance Comment: Galliard-J. Leigh; Morisini-Hall; Sir Harry-Smith; Octavo-Corey; Crapine-Morgan; Sir Signall-Bullock Sr; Tickletext-Griffin; Pedro-Spiller; Julio-Bullock Jr; Cornelia-Mrs Cross; Marcella-Mrs Thurmond; Laura-Mrs Spiller; Phillipa-Mrs Rubridge; Sabina-Mrs Chantrel.
Role: Galliard Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Morisini Actor: Hall
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Smith
Role: Octavo Actor: Corey
Role: Crapine Actor: Morgan
Role: Sir Signall Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Tickletext Actor: Griffin
Role: Pedro Actor: Spiller
Role: Julio Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Cornelia Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Phillipa Actor: Mrs Rubridge
Role: Sabina Actor: Mrs Chantrel.

Dance: Mrs Schoolding, Thurmond Jr, Miss Smith


Mainpiece Title: Bury Fair

Performance Comment: Sir Humphrey-Bullock; Trim-Bullock Jr; Bellamy-Husband; Wildish-J. Leigh; Oldwit-Hall; La Roche-Knapp; Lady Fantast-Mrs Kent; Philadelphia-Mrs Spiller; Gertrude-Mrs Thurmond; Mrs Fantast-Mrs Moor.
Role: Sir Humphrey Actor: Bullock
Role: Trim Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Bellamy Actor: Husband
Role: Wildish Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Oldwit Actor: Hall
Role: La Roche Actor: Knapp
Role: Lady Fantast Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Philadelphia Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Gertrude Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Mrs Fantast Actor: Mrs Moor.

Song: A New Cantata-Mrs Fitzgerald

Dance: Moreau, Thurmond Jr, Mrs Schoolding, Miss Smith


Mainpiece Title: The Unhappy Favourite

Performance Comment: Essex-Elrington; Southampton-J. Leigh; Burleigh-Keene; Sir Walter-Ogden; Queen-Mrs Knight; Rutland-Miss Rogers; Nottingham-Mrs Kent.
Role: Essex Actor: Elrington
Role: Southampton Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Burleigh Actor: Keene
Role: Sir Walter Actor: Ogden
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Rutland Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Nottingham Actor: Mrs Kent.

Dance: Serious and Comic Dancing-two Children Scholars of M Ballon, lately arriv'd from the Opera at Paris [M and Mlle Salle]; [particularly Two Punchanellos, Two Harlequins and a Dame Ragonde-; The Harlequins-the two Children


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fourth, Part I

Performance Comment: Hotspur-Elrington; King-Keene; Prince-J. Leigh; Falstaff-Bullock Sr; Comic Parts-Spiller, Bullock Jr, Knapp, Griffin.
Role: Hotspur Actor: Elrington
Role: King Actor: Keene
Role: Prince Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Falstaff Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Comic Parts Actor: Spiller, Bullock Jr, Knapp, Griffin.

Song: As17161019

Dance: As17161019


Mainpiece Title: Oedipus, King Of Thebes

Performance Comment: Orestes-Elrington; Creon-Keen; Adrastus-J. Leigh; Jocasta-Mrs Knight; Eurydice-Mrs Rogers.
Role: Orestes Actor: Elrington
Role: Creon Actor: Keen
Role: Adrastus Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Jocasta Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Eurydice Actor: Mrs Rogers.

Dance: A New Dance-Moreau, Mrs Schoolding; A Serious Dance-Salle, Mlle Salle, Salle's Sister, the Two Children from the Opera at Paris


Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Performance Comment: As17161103, but Young Woudbe-Bullock Jr; Truman-J. Leigh; Richmore-Husband; Subtleman-Spiller; Alderman-Bullock Sr; Mandrake-Pack; Constance-Mrs Rogers; Aurelia-Miss Rogers; Balderdash-Hall.
Role: Young Woudbe Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Truman Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Richmore Actor: Husband
Role: Subtleman Actor: Spiller
Role: Alderman Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Mandrake Actor: Pack
Role: Constance Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Aurelia Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Balderdash Actor: Hall.
Role: Elder Woudbe Actor: Elrington.

Dance: Shaw, Miss Schoolding; Dutch Skipper, as17161101; Night Scene-Salle, Mlle Salle