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Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first performance is uncertain, and the play has been sometimes assigned to December 1695. There are indications, however, that the play first appeared at a later time, but certainly not later than 14 March 1695@6, the date attached to the Dedication. The Epilogue has some allusions which suggest mid-February, for it refers to the "Fasting time" of Lent and to "Dancing at Drapers-Hall last Masquerade" (a masquerade ball was held there on 4 Feb. 1695@6). Dedication, Edition of 1696: This Play was given to my Care by a Friend: I promis'd him not to neglect it in the Difficulties it was to pass through. It has had hitherto but an unpleasant Journey; and I knew no better way to make Amends, than by taking up its Rest with you [Sir John Smith]; where I am assured its Reception will be the best a truly Noble and Generous Soul can give. I beg not your Protection, Sir, from those wide-mouth'd Curs, the Criticks: But since they have had their Ends in running it down, 'tis under the Shelter of your Name I desire a poor maim'd Thing, that did its best to shew them Sport, may lye secure from farther Danger....H. Horden. A Comparison Between the Two Stages (1702), p. 18: Damn'd


Mainpiece Title: Neglected Virtue; Or, The Unhappy Conquerors

Performance Comment: [The Dedication is signed by Hildebrand Horden, who does not claim it for his own.] Edition of 1696: The Prologue [Writ and-Mr Horden; Phraates-Powell; Artaban-Horden; Memnon-Dizney; Castillio-Mills; Lysander-Hill; Castillio Jr-Penkethman; Bretton-Bullock; Lycastes-Harland; Curio-Simpson; Thermusa-Mrs Knight; Alinda-Mrs Rogers; Eudora-Mrs Powell; Emilia-Mrs Mills; Ariena-Mrs Temple; Aramdine-Mrs Cross; The Epilogue by Mr Motteux-Mr Haynes [Acting the Mad-Man.
Role: Writ and Actor: Mr Horden
Role: Phraates Actor: Powell
Role: Artaban Actor: Horden
Role: Memnon Actor: Dizney
Role: Castillio Actor: Mills
Role: Lysander Actor: Hill
Role: Castillio Jr Actor: Penkethman
Role: Bretton Actor: Bullock
Role: Lycastes Actor: Harland
Role: Curio Actor: Simpson
Role: Thermusa Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Alinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Eudora Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Ariena Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Aramdine Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: The Epilogue by Mr Motteux Actor: Mr Haynes
Role: Acting the Mad Actor: Man.
Event Comment: Although the reports do not fully agree upon the date, apparently it was on this night that Hildebrand Horden, of Rich's Company, was killed in a duel. See Protestant Mercury, 18-20 May 1696, and Luttrell, A Brief Relation, IV, 81


Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first performance of this revision is uncertain. Although the play was not entered in the Term Catalogues until June 1696, the edition is date 1695. The production was certainly before May 1696, when Horden died, but the only fact which suggests a performance as early as December is the date on the title page. When the play was revived at Drury Lane on 13 Oct. 1711, the bill bore the heading: Not Acted these Fifteen Years


Mainpiece Title: Philaster; Or, Love Lies A Bleeding

Performance Comment: Edition of 1695: The Prologue-Mr Horden; King-Simpson; Philaster-Powel; Pharamond-Cibbars; Dion-Powel Sr; Cleremont-Lee; Thraselin-Horden; Arethusa-Mrs Knight; Galatea-Mrs Cibbars; Megra-Mrs Kent; Bellario-Mrs Rogers.
Role: The Prologue Actor: Mr Horden
Role: King Actor: Simpson
Role: Philaster Actor: Powel
Role: Pharamond Actor: Cibbars
Role: Dion Actor: Powel Sr
Role: Cleremont Actor: Lee
Role: Thraselin Actor: Horden
Role: Arethusa Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Galatea Actor: Mrs Cibbars
Role: Megra Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Bellario Actor: Mrs Rogers.


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Sisters; Or, The Violence Of Love

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue by Mr D'Urfey-Mr Horden; Epilogue by Mr D'Urfey-Mr Verbruggen who enters laughing; Vilarezo-Dizny; Sebastian-Verbruggen; Antonio-Powel Jr; Alonzo-Williams; Vilander-Horden; Gerardo-Johnson; Diego-Tho. Kent; Catalina-Mrs Knight; Berinthia-Mrs Rogers; Alphanta-Miss Cross; Ansilva-Mrs Verbruggen; Julia-Mrs Seagrove; Clara-Mrs Newman.
Role: Mr D'Urfey Actor: Mr Horden
Role: Mr D'Urfey Actor: Mr Verbruggen who enters laughing
Role: Vilarezo Actor: Dizny
Role: Sebastian Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Antonio Actor: Powel Jr
Role: Alonzo Actor: Williams
Role: Vilander Actor: Horden
Role: Gerardo Actor: Johnson
Role: Diego Actor: Tho. Kent
Role: Catalina Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Berinthia Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Alphanta Actor: Miss Cross
Role: Ansilva Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Seagrove
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Newman.


Mainpiece Title: The Comical History Of Don Quixote, The Third Part; With The Marriage Of Mary The Buxome

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-[Enter Mr Horden, [After eight lines] Miss Cross [enters; Epilogue-Mary the Buxome; Don Quixote-Powell; Sancho-Newth; Basilius-Horden; Camacho-Bullock; Jaques-Pinkeman; Carrasco-Verbrugen; Gines de Passamonte-Lee; Puppets (design'd to be Acted by)-Children; Carter to the Lyon-Smeaton; Quitteria-Mrs Finch; Dulcinea del Toboso-Smeaton; Teresa-Mrs Powell; Mary the Buxome-Mrs Verbruggen; Altisidora-Mrs Cross.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mary the Buxome
Role: Don Quixote Actor: Powell
Role: Sancho Actor: Newth
Role: Basilius Actor: Horden
Role: Camacho Actor: Bullock
Role: Jaques Actor: Pinkeman
Role: Carrasco Actor: Verbrugen
Role: Gines de Passamonte Actor: Lee
Role: Puppets Actor: Children
Role: Carter to the Lyon Actor: Smeaton
Role: Quitteria Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Dulcinea del Toboso Actor: Smeaton
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Mary the Buxome Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Altisidora Actor: Mrs Cross.


Mainpiece Title: The Younger Brother; Or, The Amorous Jilt

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue by an unknown hand-Mr Powel; Epilogue-Mr Horden; Prince Frederick-Verbruggen; Sir Rowland Marteen-Johnson; George Marteen-Powel; Welborn-Horden; Sir Merlin Marteen-Pinkerman; Sir Morgan Blunder-Bullock; Mr Twang-Smeaton; Brittone-Kent; Mirtilla-Mrs Knight; Olivia-Mrs Verbrugen; Teresia-Mrs Temple; Lady Blunder-Mrs Powel; Mrs Menage-Mrs Willis; Lady Youthly-Mrs Harris.
Role: Prologue by an unknown hand Actor: Mr Powel
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Horden
Role: Prince Frederick Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Sir Rowland Marteen Actor: Johnson
Role: George Marteen Actor: Powel
Role: Welborn Actor: Horden
Role: Sir Merlin Marteen Actor: Pinkerman
Role: Sir Morgan Blunder Actor: Bullock
Role: Mr Twang Actor: Smeaton
Role: Brittone Actor: Kent
Role: Mirtilla Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Verbrugen
Role: Teresia Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Lady Blunder Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Mrs Menage Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Lady Youthly Actor: Mrs Harris.


Mainpiece Title: The Lost Lover; Or, The Jealous Husband

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Mr Horden; Epilogue-Miss Cross; Sir Rustick Good Heart-Johnson; Wilmore-Verbrugen; Wildman-Horden; Sir Amorous Courtall-Powell; Smyrna-Cibber; Pulse-Penkethman; Knowlittle-Haynes; Lady Young Love-Mrs Kent; Marina-Mrs Rogers; Belira-Mrs Knight; Orinda-Mrs Cibber; Olivia-Mrs Verbrugen; Isabella-Mrs Cole; Phoebe-Mrs Mills.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Horden
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Cross
Role: Sir Rustick Good Heart Actor: Johnson
Role: Wilmore Actor: Verbrugen
Role: Wildman Actor: Horden
Role: Sir Amorous Courtall Actor: Powell
Role: Smyrna Actor: Cibber
Role: Pulse Actor: Penkethman
Role: Knowlittle Actor: Haynes
Role: Lady Young Love Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Marina Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Belira Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Orinda Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Verbrugen
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Cole
Role: Phoebe Actor: Mrs Mills.


Mainpiece Title: Pausanius, The Betrayer Of His Country

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Mr Horden; Epilogue-Mrs Verbruggen; Pausanius-Verbruggen; Aquilius-Powell; Artabazus-Cibber; Polaemon-Pinkeman; Lysander-Horden; Anchilthea-Mrs Rogers; Pandora-Mrs Knight; Demetria-Mrs Verbruggen; Maukine-Mrs Lucas.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Horden
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Pausanius Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Aquilius Actor: Powell
Role: Artabazus Actor: Cibber
Role: Polaemon Actor: Pinkeman
Role: Lysander Actor: Horden
Role: Anchilthea Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Pandora Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Demetria Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Maukine Actor: Mrs Lucas.


Mainpiece Title: The Woman Captain

Performance Comment: As17160629 but Sir Humphrey-J. Leigh; Gripe-Griffin; Sir Christopher-Bullock Sr; Sir Nicholas-Bullock Jr; Blunderbuss-Spiller; Hildebrand-H. Bullock; Phillis-Mrs Spiller; Bellamy-Ogden; Wildman-Coker; Serjeant-Hall; Richard-Knapp; Chloris-Mrs Vincent; Celia-Mrs Finch.
Role: Sir Humphrey Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Gripe Actor: Griffin
Role: Sir Christopher Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Sir Nicholas Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Blunderbuss Actor: Spiller
Role: Hildebrand Actor: H. Bullock
Role: Phillis Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Bellamy Actor: Ogden
Role: Wildman Actor: Coker
Role: Serjeant Actor: Hall
Role: Richard Actor: Knapp
Role: Chloris Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Finch.
Role: Woman Captain Actor: Mrs Thurmond.

Dance: As17160629


Mainpiece Title: The Woman Captain

Performance Comment: Woman Captain-Mrs Stevens; Sir Humphrey Scattergood-Salway; Bellamy-Ridout; Wildman-Stevens; Sir Christopher Swas -Mullart; Blunderbuss-Penkethman; Hildebrand-Bencraft; Sir NicholasPeakgoose-Yates; Serjeant-Rosco; Gripe-Lyon; Richard-James; Phillis-Mrs Hamilton; Chloris-Miss Horsington; Caelia-Miss Brunette.
Role: Woman Captain Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Sir Humphrey Scattergood Actor: Salway
Role: Bellamy Actor: Ridout
Role: Wildman Actor: Stevens
Role: Sir Christopher Swas Actor: Mullart
Role: Blunderbuss Actor: Penkethman
Role: Hildebrand Actor: Bencraft
Role: Sir NicholasPeakgoose Actor: Yates
Role: Serjeant Actor: Rosco
Role: Gripe Actor: Lyon
Role: Richard Actor: James
Role: Phillis Actor: Mrs Hamilton
Role: Chloris Actor: Miss Horsington
Role: Caelia Actor: Miss Brunette.

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Damon Actor: Salway
Role: Phillida Actor: Miss Bincks.

Song: TThe Ladies' Lamentation, as17370414 A Dialogue set by Henry Purcell-the Masters Hamilton

Dance: JJe ne scai quoi-Tench, Villeneuve, Miss Oates


Mainpiece Title: The Carmelite

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Smith, Kemble, Aickin, Packer, Fawcctt, Phillimore, Palmer; Mrs Siddons. [Cast from text (C. Dilly and G. Nicol, 1784): Saint Valori-Smith; Montgomeri-Kemble; Lord De Courci-Aickin; Gyfford-Packer; Raymond-Fawcett; Fitz-Allan-Phillimore; Lord Hildebrand-Palmer; Matilda-Mrs Siddons.] Prologue spoken by Palmer. Epilogue spoken by Mrs Siddons. [These were spoken, as here assigned, at the 1st 11 performances only (see17840301785).] hathi. Prologue spoken by Palmer. Epilogue spoken by Mrs Siddons. [These were spoken, as here assigned, at the 1st 11 performances only (see17840301785).] hathi.
Role: : Saint Valori Actor: Smith
Role: Montgomeri Actor: Kemble
Role: Lord De Courci Actor: Aickin
Role: Gyfford Actor: Packer
Role: Raymond Actor: Fawcett
Role: Fitz Actor: Allan-Phillimore
Role: Allan Actor: Phillimore
Role: Lord Hildebrand Actor: Palmer
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Siddons.

Afterpiece Title: The Spanish Rivals

Role: : Don Narcisso de Medicis Actor: Parsons
Role: Don Gomez Actor: Baddeley
Role: Don Fernandez Actor: Barrymore
Role: Basto Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Peter Actor: Dodd
Role: Lucett Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Roxella Actor: Miss Phillips.


Mainpiece Title: The Carmelite

Performance Comment: The Carmelite-Smith; Montgomeri-Kemble; Lord De Courci-Aickin; GyfFord-Packer; Raymond-Fawcett; Fitz-Allan-Phillimore; Lord Hildebrand-Palmer; Matilda-Mrs Siddons .
Role: The Carmelite Actor: Smith
Role: Montgomeri Actor: Kemble
Role: Lord De Courci Actor: Aickin
Role: GyfFord Actor: Packer
Role: Raymond Actor: Fawcett
Role: Fitz Actor: Allan-Phillimore
Role: Allan Actor: Phillimore
Role: Lord Hildebrand Actor: Palmer
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Siddons

Afterpiece Title: The Waterman

Role: Tugg Actor: Bannister
Role: Bundle Actor: Staunton
Role: Robin Actor: Suett
Role: Wilhelmina Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Mrs Bundle Actor: Mrs Wrighten


Mainpiece Title: The Carmelite

Performance Comment: The Carmelite-Smith; Montgomeri-Kemble; Lord Hildebrand-Barrymore; Lord De Courci-Aickin; Gyfford-Packer; Fitz@Allan-Phillimore; Raymond-Fawcett; Matilda-Mrs Siddons.
Role: The Carmelite Actor: Smith
Role: Montgomeri Actor: Kemble
Role: Lord Hildebrand Actor: Barrymore
Role: Lord De Courci Actor: Aickin
Role: Gyfford Actor: Packer
Role: Fitz@Allan Actor: Phillimore
Role: Raymond Actor: Fawcett
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Siddons.

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Role: Coupee Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Blister Actor: Suett
Role: Quaver Actor: Barrymore
Role: Goodwill Actor: Packer
Role: Thomas Actor: Phillimore
Role: Miss Lucy Actor: Mrs Jordan.


Mainpiece Title: The Mock-marriage

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Miss Cross; Epilogue-Mrs Knight; Lord Goodland-Disney; Fairly-Horden; Willmot-Powell; Belfont-Verbruggen; Sir Simon Barter-Johnson; Sir Arthur Stately-Lee; Lady Barter-Mrs Knight; Marina-Mrs Rogers; Clarinda-Mrs Verbrugen; Flavia-Mrs Finch; Betty-Mrs Newman; Alice-Mrs Clark; Landlady-Bullock; Quaker-Mrs Powell; Daughter-Mrs Urwin.
Role: Prologue Actor: Miss Cross
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Lord Goodland Actor: Disney
Role: Fairly Actor: Horden
Role: Willmot Actor: Powell
Role: Belfont Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Sir Simon Barter Actor: Johnson
Role: Sir Arthur Stately Actor: Lee
Role: Lady Barter Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Marina Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Verbrugen
Role: Flavia Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Newman
Role: Alice Actor: Mrs Clark
Role: Landlady Actor: Bullock
Role: Quaker Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Daughter Actor: Mrs Urwin.


Mainpiece Title: Bonduca; Or, The British Worthy

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue-Mr Powel; Suetonius-Verbruggen; Petilius-Harland; Junius-Hill; Decius-Eldred; Macer-Mic. Lee; Caratach-Powel Jr; Venutius-Horden; Hengo-Miss Allison; Nennius-Mills; Macquaire-Simpson; Bonduca-Mrs Knight; Claudia-Mrs Rogers; Bonvica-Miss Cross; Epilogue-Miss Dennychock (But Six Years Old).
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powel
Role: Suetonius Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Petilius Actor: Harland
Role: Junius Actor: Hill
Role: Decius Actor: Eldred
Role: Macer Actor: Mic. Lee
Role: Caratach Actor: Powel Jr
Role: Venutius Actor: Horden
Role: Hengo Actor: Miss Allison
Role: Nennius Actor: Mills
Role: Macquaire Actor: Simpson
Role: Bonduca Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Claudia Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Bonvica Actor: Miss Cross
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Dennychock


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue to Oroonoko [Sent by an Unknown Hand,-Mr Powell; Oroonoko-Verbruggen; Aboan-Powell; Lieutenant Governor-Williams; Blanford-Harland; Stanmore-Horden; Jack Stanmore-Mills; Captain Driver-Ben Johnson; Daniel-Mich. Lee; Hottman-Sympson; Imoinda-Mrs Rogers; Widow Lackit-Mrs Knight; Charlot Welldon-Mrs Verbruggen; Lucy Welldon-Mrs Lucas; Epilogue to Oroonoko [Written by Mr Congreve, edition of 1699]-Mrs Verbruggen.
Role: Sent by an Unknown Hand, Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Oroonoko Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Aboan Actor: Powell
Role: Lieutenant Governor Actor: Williams
Role: Blanford Actor: Harland
Role: Stanmore Actor: Horden
Role: Jack Stanmore Actor: Mills
Role: Captain Driver Actor: Ben Johnson
Role: Daniel Actor: Mich. Lee
Role: Hottman Actor: Sympson
Role: Imoinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Charlot Welldon Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Lucy Welldon Actor: Mrs Lucas
Role: edition of 1699] Actor: Mrs Verbruggen.


Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift; Or, The Fool In Fashion

Performance Comment: Edition of 1696: Prologue By a Friend-Mr Verbruggen; Epilogue-Miss Cross who Sung Cupid; Sir Will Wisewoud-Johnson; Loveless-Verbruggen; Sir Novelty Fashion-Cibber; Elder Worthy-Williams; Young Worthy-Horden; Snap-Penkethman; Sly-Bullock; Lawyer-Mills; Amanda-Mrs Rogers; Narcissa-Mrs Verbruggen; Hillaria-Mrs Cibber; Flareit-Mrs Kent; Woman to Amanda-Mrs Lucas.
Role: Prologue By a Friend Actor: Mr Verbruggen
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Cross who Sung Cupid
Role: Sir Will Wisewoud Actor: Johnson
Role: Loveless Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Sir Novelty Fashion Actor: Cibber
Role: Elder Worthy Actor: Williams
Role: Young Worthy Actor: Horden
Role: Snap Actor: Penkethman
Role: Sly Actor: Bullock
Role: Lawyer Actor: Mills
Role: Amanda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Flareit Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Woman to Amanda Actor: Mrs Lucas.


Mainpiece Title: Imposture Defeated; Or, A Trick To Cheat The Devil

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: Prologue-Mr Powell; Epilogue-Mr Mills [ascending from under the Stage; Duke of Venice-Thomas; Hernando-Powell; Gusman Sr-Ben Johnson; Gusman Jr-Evans; Pedro-Penkethman; Artan-Mills; Alonza-Horden [error for Harland?]; Bonde-Cibber; Delay-Smeaton; Peter-Smith; Senator-Rogers; Marcella-Mrs Temple; Serena-Mrs Andrews; Lucy-Mrs Powel; [In V: Endimion The Man in a Moon- [A Masque.A Masque.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Mills
Role: Duke of Venice Actor: Thomas
Role: Hernando Actor: Powell
Role: Gusman Sr Actor: Ben Johnson
Role: Gusman Jr Actor: Evans
Role: Pedro Actor: Penkethman
Role: Artan Actor: Mills
Role: Alonza Actor: Horden
Role: Bonde Actor: Cibber
Role: Delay Actor: Smeaton
Role: Peter Actor: Smith
Role: Senator Actor: Rogers
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Serena Actor: Mrs Andrews
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Endimion The Man in a Moon Actor:


Mainpiece Title: The Generous Conqueror; Or, The Timely Discovery

Performance Comment: Edition of 1702 lists: Almerick-Wilks; Rodomond-Mills; Gonzalvo-Griffin; Adelan-Toms; Malespine-Cibber; Rodorick-Thomas; Tancred-Horden; Albazer-Smith; Meroan-Simpson; Cimene-Mrs Oldfield; Armida-Mrs Rogers; Irene-Mrs Kent; Euphelia-Mrs Wilkins; Prologue written by Granville-; Epilogue-.
Role: Almerick Actor: Wilks
Role: Rodomond Actor: Mills
Role: Gonzalvo Actor: Griffin
Role: Adelan Actor: Toms
Role: Malespine Actor: Cibber
Role: Rodorick Actor: Thomas
Role: Tancred Actor: Horden
Role: Albazer Actor: Smith
Role: Meroan Actor: Simpson
Role: Cimene Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Armida Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Irene Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Euphelia Actor: Mrs Wilkins
Role: Granville Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: .
Event Comment: Benefit Spiller. For the Entertainment of Robinson Crusoe. And whereas I James Spiller of Gloucestershire, having receiv'd an Invitation from Hildebrand Bullock of Liquor-Pond-Street, London, to exercise the usual Weapons of the Noble Science of Defence, will not fail to meet this bold Inviter; desiring a full Stage, Blunt Weapons, and from him much Favour


Mainpiece Title: The Walking Statue; Or, The Devil In The Wine Cellar

Afterpiece Title: Hob

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler of Preston

Dance: As17200326

Event Comment: [By Hildebrand Jacob.


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Constancy

Role: Zimon Actor: Mills
Role: Omphales Actor: Booth
Role: Tryphon Actor: Cibber
Role: Ammon Actor: Williams
Role: Hesione Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Prologue Actor: Booth
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Porter.
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