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Event Comment: FFoote a Fool. Whoever attacks my Reputation or Livelihood, is a mad Bull to me, and ought to be knocked down, prosecuted, etc. I hear I am to be hung up on Wednesday, at the Haymarket, by one Foote, a Fool. [The orator Henley, who usually advertised in the Daily Advertiser, placed this notice in the General Advertiser today.


Event Comment: FFoote play'd Ben , Miss Macklin Miss Prue , Mrs Clive Mrs Frail . Foote cou'd not sing ye Song in Ben, so said two or three times, I can't do it & upon a little Hissing, said, Gentlemen I have no talents for singing-ye whole play Hum (Cross). [Opposed to Cross's summary of the effect of the performance appeared in Gray's Inn Journal the Murphy account (19 Jan.): The excellent Comedy of Love for Love has been revived here this week, the humorous and diverting Part of Ben, the sailor, was performed with great pleasantry by Mr Foote, who showed by his manner and his looks, that he had entered into the secret of the character, tho' twas visible at the same time, that his powers were greatly suppressed by his solicitude for his first appearance in a new character. It may be said of Miss Macklin, tho perhaps better qualified for spirited genteel comedy, that she acquitted herself with great applause in a part in which Mrs Clive has displayed so many inimitable strokes of humour."] Receipts: #160 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Afterpiece Title: The Chaplet

Dance: III: A Hornpipe-Granier

Event Comment: FFoote read part of his The Minor on 9 Nov. 1759 in a course of Comic Lectures and left for Dublin on 10 Nov. (Theatrical Duplicity or, A Genuine Narrative of the Conduct of David Garrick, Esq. to Joseph Reed on his Tragedy of Dido. MS in Harvard Theatre Collection)


Mainpiece Title: Comic Lectures

Event Comment: FFoote has saved [Taylors] by adding Francisco's mad scene (Neville MS Diary)


Mainpiece Title: The Patron

Afterpiece Title: The Taylors

Dance: Several entertainments-Miss Froment