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Mainpiece Title: Capochio And Dorinna

Role: Capochio Actor: Master Brown
Role: Dorinna Actor: Miss Fredric.

Entertainment: last Aast Act: a Burlesque Ode-by the late Bonnel Thornton, in banter of the Odes written on St Cecilias Day, set to music by an eminent master; The whole to conclude with: Grand Fireworks-

Event Comment: RRich has sold his Patent for #40,000 to an attorney in the city, Bonnel Thornton, who was at rehearsal last Saturday, and the performers informed of it (Winston MS 8)


Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Morning Chronicle, 1 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, No. 56, Drury-Lane. [Miss Thornton was from cg.] Receipts: #300 2s. 6d. (82.18.0; 8.12.0; 0.10.6; tickets: 208.2.0) (charge: #73 7s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Cymon

Performance Comment: As17791021, but Merlin-Bannister; Sylvia-Miss Thornton (1st appearance upon this stage).
Role: Merlin Actor: Bannister
Role: Sylvia Actor: Miss Thornton
Role: Cymon Actor: Vernon
Role: Dorus Actor: Parsons
Role: Linco Actor: Dodd
Role: Urganda Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Fatima Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Cupid Actor: Miss Field
Role: Shepherdesses Actor: Miss Collett, Mrs Davies

Afterpiece Title: Who's The Dupe

Role: Granger Actor: Booth
Role: Mr Doiley Actor: Parsons
Role: Gradus Actor: Lamash
Role: Sandford Actor: Aickin
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Miss Doiley Actor: Mrs Brereton.

Dance: End: As17791122

Song: End I afterpiece: Tally ho!-Mrs Wrighten

Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Martyr. 1st piece: Never performed here. [Miss Thornton is identified by MS annotation on Kemble playbill. Address by Horatio Edgar Robson (European Magazine, May 1786, p. 369).] 2nd piece: Not acted these 7 years. 3rd piece: Written by Henry Fielding. Morning Herald, 19 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Martyr, No. 31, Tavistock-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #280 6s. 6d. (138/15/6; 3/6/0; tickets: 138/5/0) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Fashionable Lover

Performance Comment: Mortimer-Aickin; Tyrrel-Lewis; Aubrey-Wroughton; Doctor Druid-Edwin; Lord Aberville-Davies; Colin Macleod-Fearon; Napthali-Wewitzer; Bridgemore-Booth; Miss Bridgemore-Mrs Bates; Mrs Bridgemore-Mrs Webb; Miss Aubrey-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [Miss Thornton]) .Miss Thornton]) .
Role: Mortimer Actor: Aickin
Role: Tyrrel Actor: Lewis
Role: Aubrey Actor: Wroughton
Role: Doctor Druid Actor: Edwin
Role: Lord Aberville Actor: Davies
Role: Colin Macleod Actor: Fearon
Role: Napthali Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Bridgemore Actor: Booth
Role: Miss Bridgemore Actor: Mrs Bates
Role: Mrs Bridgemore Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Miss Aubrey Actor: A Young Lady

Afterpiece Title: Annette and Lubin

Role: Lubin Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Bannister

Afterpiece Title: The Country Mad Cap; or, Miss Lucy in Town

Role: Zorobabel Actor: Quick
Role: Lord Bawble Actor: Palmer
Role: Signor Cantileno Actor: Darley
Role: Ballad Actor: Brown
Role: Thomas Actor: Cubitt
Role: Mrs Midnight Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Tawdry Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: The Country Madcap Actor: Mrs Martyr

Dance: End of 2nd piece The Drunken Sailor Reclaim'd, as17860424

Song: End of Act II of 1st piece a new song, Toung Henry, by Mrs Martyr

Monologue: 1786 05 09 Before 1st piece a new Occasional Address spoken by Holman

Event Comment: [Miss Thornton is identified by MS annotation on Kemble playbill.


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Performance Comment: Young Meadows (1st time)-Mrs Kennedy; new songs(composed by Michael? Arne)-Mrs Kennedy; Hawthorn-Reinhold; Sir William Meadows-Fearon; Eustace-Mahon; Hodge (1st time)-Doyle; Justice Woodcock-Wilson; Deborah-Mrs Pitt; Margery-Miss Valois; Lucinda-Mrs Morton; Rosetta-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [Miss Thornton]).Miss Thornton]).
Role: Young Meadows Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: new songs Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Hawthorn Actor: Reinhold
Role: Sir William Meadows Actor: Fearon
Role: Eustace Actor: Mahon
Role: Hodge Actor: Doyle
Role: Justice Woodcock Actor: Wilson
Role: Deborah Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Margery Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Rosetta Actor: A Young Lady

Afterpiece Title: The Reprisal

Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Morton.
Role: Heartly Actor: Whitfield
Role: Champignon Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Oclabber Actor: Mahon
Role: Maclaymore Actor: Wilson
Role: Lyon Actor: Booth
Role: Brush Actor: Brunsdon
Role: Haulyard Actor: Reinhold
Role: Block Actor: Quick

Dance: As17781201


Mainpiece Title: Douglas

Role: Douglas Actor: Lewis
Role: Old Norval Actor: Younger
Role: Lady Randolph Actor: Mrs Jackson
Role: Randolph Actor: Wroughton
Role: Officer Actor: Thompson
Role: Glenalvon Actor: Aickin
Role: Anna Actor: Mrs Morton

Afterpiece Title: The Farmer's Return from London

Role: Lord Hardy Actor: Wroughton
Role: Campley Actor: Lewis
Role: Lord Brumpton Actor: L'Estrange
Role: Trusty Actor: Hull
Role: Counsellor Puzzle Actor: Booth
Role: Tom Actor: Jones
Role: Sable Actor: Quick
Role: Trim Actor: Wilson
Role: Lady Harriet Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Lady Charlotte Actor: Mrs Lessingham
Role: Tattleaid Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Fardingale Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Lady Brumpton Actor: Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Farmer Actor: Wilson
Role: Farmer's Wife Actor: Mrs Pitt.
Role: Lapstone Actor: Wilson
Role: Rawboy Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Bluff Actor: J. Wilson
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Wilson.

Afterpiece Title: Gallic Gratitude; or, The Frenchman in India

Role: La Bronze Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Cossim Actor: Fearon
Role: Haroun Actor: Robson
Role: Decca Actor: Thompson
Role: Sir ThomasCallico Actor: L'Estrange
Role: Ali Actor: Jones
Role: Derby O'Rudder Actor: Egan
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Leeson
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Jackson in the character of Britannia.

Song: In 3rd piece: the Vocal Parts-Reinhold, Miss Thornton, Mrs Wrighten


Mainpiece Title: A New Prelude And Prologue

Afterpiece Title: Calypso

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Mrs Kennedy, Reinhold, Leoni, Miss Thornton, Miss Brown. Cast from text (T. Evans, 1779): Telemachus-Mrs Kennedy; Mentor-Reinhold; Proteus-Leoni; Antiope-Miss Thornton; Calypso-Miss Brown.
Role: Telemachus Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Mentor Actor: Reinhold
Role: Proteus Actor: Leoni
Role: Antiope Actor: Miss Thornton
Role: Calypso Actor: Miss Brown.

Afterpiece Title: Cross Purposes

Role: Marplot Actor: Lewis
Role: Sir George Airy Actor: Wroughton
Role: Charles Actor: Whitfield
Role: Sir Jealous Traffic Actor: Dunstall
Role: Sir Francis Gripe Actor: Quick
Role: Whisper Actor: Cushing
Role: Scentwell Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Lessingham
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Grub Actor: Wilson
Role: Chapeau Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: George Bevil Actor: Whitfield
Role: Consol Actor: Jones
Role: Robin Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Bevil Actor: Booth
Role: Bevil Actor: Thompson
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Mrs Grub Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: In: Incidental Dances-Dagueville, Miss Besford, Miss Valois


Mainpiece Title: Catches And Glees

Afterpiece Title: Timotheus

Performance Comment: The much admired Comic Ode by Bonnell Thornton-; in which will be introduced Saltbox-Clatterbane; Jew's Harp-Shadrach Twanglyre, assistants; Marrow Bones, Cleavers-Dingdong, assistants; Hurdy@Gurdy-Bladderbridge.


Mainpiece Title: Rose And Colin

Role: Colin Actor: Mrs Farrell
Role: Gregory Actor: Reinhold
Role: Higgins Actor: Baker
Role: Goody Fidget Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Rose Actor: Miss Brown.

Afterpiece Title: Love in a Village

Performance Comment: As17790301but Rosetta-Miss Thornton.

Afterpiece Title: The Touchstone

Role: Feridon Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Principal Characters Actor: _Rayner.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: Keel Actor: Wilson
Role: Scaramouche Actor: Delpini
Role: French Officer Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Watchman Actor: Mahon
Role: Pierrot Actor: Reinhold
Role: Colombine Actor: Miss Brown
Role: Pantaloon Actor:
Role: Mezetin Actor:
Role: Padmanada Actor:
Role: Lord Actor:
Role: O'Donnavan Actor:
Role: Oriel Actor:
Role: Custom@house Officer Actor:
Role: Centinel Actor:
Role: Landlord Actor:
Role: Gentlemen Actor:


Mainpiece Title: The Chapter Of Accidents

Performance Comment: As17860503, but Woodville-Lewis; Cecilia-The Young Lady who performed for Mrs Martyr's Benefit [Miss Thornton (see17860509)]; omitted: Warner .Miss Thornton (see17860509)]; omitted: Warner .
Role: Woodville Actor: Lewis
Role: Cecilia Actor: The Young Lady who performed for Mrs Martyr's Benefit
Role: Lord Glenmore Actor: Aickin
Role: Governor Harcourt Actor: Fearon
Role: Captain Harcourt Actor: Davies
Role: Grey Actor: Hull
Role: Vane Actor: Palmer
Role: Tom Actor: Helme
Role: Jacob Actor: Edwin
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Miss Mortimer Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Warner Actor: Mrs Davenett

Afterpiece Title: An Harmonic Jubilee

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: The Deserter Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Russet Actor: Darley
Role: Simpkin Actor: Cubitt
Role: Flint Actor: Thompson
Role: Skirmish Actor: Edwin
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Bannister


Mainpiece Title: Mrs Doggrell In Her Altitudes; Or, The Effects Of A West India Ramble

Performance Comment: Characters-Everard, Mrs Gardner; [Larpent MS lists the parts: Freeman , Hearley , Trunnell , Tom , Mrs Doggrell .] A new Occasional Prologue-Thornton.

Afterpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Performance Comment: Lord Ogleby (for that night only)-Thornton (of the Theatre-Royal Windsor; 1st appearance in London); Canton-Everard (late of the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane); Miss Sterling-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Mrs Heidelberg-Mrs Gardner (1st appearance since her return from the West Indies).
Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: Thornton
Role: Theatre Actor: Royal Windsor
Role: Canton Actor: Everard
Role: late of the Theatre Actor:
Role: Royal Drury Actor:
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Gardner

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: Cadwallader Actor: Everard
Role: Prologue Actor: Everard
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Mrs Gardner.


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Role: Doricourt Actor: Lewis
Role: Touchwood Actor: Wroughton
Role: Flutter Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: Saville Actor: Aickin
Role: Villers Actor: Whitfield
Role: Courtall Actor: Robson
Role: Silver Tongue Actor: W. Bates
Role: Hardy Actor: Quick
Role: Lady Touchwood Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Mrs Racket Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Miss Ogle Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Letitia Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: Comus-Mattocks; Spirit-L'Estrange; Brothers-Whitfield, Robson; Bacchanals-Reinhold, Davies; The Lady-Mrs Inchbald; Bacchants-Mrs Morton; Sabrina-Miss Morris; Pastoral Nymph-Mrs Martyr (late Miss Thornton; 1st appearance these 2 years); Euphrosyne-Miss Catley.
Role: Comus Actor: Mattocks
Role: Spirit Actor: L'Estrange
Role: Brothers Actor: Whitfield, Robson
Role: Bacchanals Actor: Reinhold, Davies
Role: The Lady Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Bacchants Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Sabrina Actor: Miss Morris
Role: Pastoral Nymph Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Miss Catley.

Song: Afterpiece: Sweet Echo-Leoni, Miss Catley