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Event Comment: A new Ballad-Opera. Taken from The Devil of a Wife. Written by Mr Jevon. [For Coffey, Mottley, and Cibber Jr as authors, see Hughes and Scouten, Ten English Farces, pp. 173-74.


Mainpiece Title: The Devil To Pay; Or, The Wives Metamorphos'd

Dance: new dance %Bartholomew Fair-Fisher Tench, Miss Brett

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. The date of the first performance is not known. Luttrell, however, dated the copy he purchased 6 July 1680 (VanLennep, Two Restoration Comedies, pp. 57-58) and attributed it to Mrs Aphra Behn. If copies were available in early July, the play was most probably performed in June 1680. Langbaine (English Dramatick Poets, p. 547) had heard that Mrs Behn was the author, but A Comparison between the Two Stages (p. 11) attributed it to Thomas Betterton. For a discussion of the authorship, see also Ten English Farces, ed. Leo Hughes and A. H. Scouten (Austin, Texas, 1948), pp. 203-4


Mainpiece Title: The Revenge; Or, A Match In Newgate

Event Comment: Benefit for Sparks. Afterpiece: A farce never perform'd before. [Possibly Thomas Sheridan's The Brave Irishman, but see Ten English Farces, Leo Hughes and A. H. Scouten (Austin, Texas, 1948), pp. 221 ff.] Last time of the company's performing till the holidays


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Afterpiece Title: The Irishman in London

Song: Lowe

Dance: As17541203


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Afterpiece Title: British Fortitude

Afterpiece Title: Oscar and Malvina

Dance: II: Negro Dance-Blurton, Platt, Jackson

Song: In 3rd piece: As17990304but O ever in my bosom live-Mrs Chapman, Mrs Iliff


Mainpiece Title: The Iron Chest

Afterpiece Title: The Follies of a Day

Dance: End: a new Scotch Ballet, The Highland Lovers (under the direction of Bologna Jun.)-Bologna Jun., Hawtin, King, Mrs Watts, Miss Brugier (1st appearance)

Song: In course Evening: Sally in our Alley-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: Douglas

Afterpiece Title: Lovers' Quarrels

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter of Naples

Entertainment: Vaudeville In course Evening: an entire New Song, The Seaman's Lamentation for the Loss of the Royal Charlotte (The Words by G. S. Carey, and composed by Mazzinghi)-Incledon; Dancing-Mr and Master Michell (from the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh; 1st appearance)


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Afterpiece Title: Botheration; or, A Ten Years Blunder

Song: In V: a Dirge, set to music by Shield. Vocal Parts-Mrs Martyr, Mrs Iliff, Miss Sims, Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Watts, Mrs Follett, Miss Leserve, Mrs Castelle, Mrs Norton, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Masters, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Blurton, Miss Walcup, Miss Gray, Miss Burnett, Miss Wheatley, Linton, Street, Gray, Lee, Platt, Dyke, Curties; Incidental to afterpiece: Mr O'Blarney's Description of London (Including his Remarks on St. James's, The Monument, St. Paul's, Wigs and Crops, Debating Clubs, Boarding Schools, Squares, Inns, Gardens, Fields, Soldiers, Sailors, and Volunteers)-Johnstone


Mainpiece Title: At King's Know Your Own Mind

Afterpiece Title: The Prisoner


Mainpiece Title: Love's Pilgrimage


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Song: I: Sing all ye Muses, compos'd by the late Mr H. Purcel,-Beard, Champnes

Dance: II: A Hornpipe-Walker; IV: The last new Comic Dances-


Mainpiece Title: Speculation

Afterpiece Title: Lord Mayor's Day; or, A Flight from Lapland

Dance: I afterpiece: The Long Minuet- taken from the Caricature Print of that title [The Long Minuet as Danced at Bath, by H. W. Bunbury; see17951116]


Mainpiece Title: The Way To Get Married

Afterpiece Title: The Vanguard

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Song: End II: The Storm-Incledon (written by G. A. Stevens); Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; Sally in our Alley-Incledon

Entertainment: Monologue End: An Occasional Address-H. Johnston; Imitations-Rees


Mainpiece Title: The Will

Afterpiece Title: The Prize

Entertainment: Monologue.As17971016; An Occasional Address-Wroughton


Mainpiece Title: The Wise Man Of The East

Afterpiece Title: The Spoil'd Child

Event Comment: Receipts: #63 12s. [For Rich's operation of both cg and lif simultaneously, see Hughes and Scouten, John Rich and the Holiday Seasons of 1732-33, pp. 46 -52.


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks

Afterpiece Title: The Necromancer


Mainpiece Title: Lover's Vows

Afterpiece Title: A Day at Rome


Mainpiece Title: The Votary Of Wealth

Afterpiece Title: Rosina


Mainpiece Title: A Cure For The Heart Ache

Afterpiece Title: A Gallimaufry

Afterpiece Title: The Princess of Georgia


Mainpiece Title: Joanna

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Song: Mainpiece: Chorusses-Denman, Lee, Thomas, Lewiss, Little, Potts, Everett, Oddwell, J. Linton, Tett, Smith, Kenrick, Silvester, Jones, Fairclough, Baron, Master Goodwin, Master Slape, Master Bernard, Master Standen, Master Little, Master Speare, Master Sawyer, Master Linton, Ms Trevor, Ms Gilbert, Ms Norton, Ms Watts, Ms Follett, Ms Castelle, Ms Sydney, Ms Burnett, Ms Masters, Ms Lloyd, Ms Blurton, Ms Cox


Mainpiece Title: Speed The Plough

Afterpiece Title: Rosina


Mainpiece Title: Mithridates

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Shipwreck'd: With the Loves of Paris and Oenone


Mainpiece Title: Five Thousand A Year

Afterpiece Title: A Divertisement

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Dance: In 2nd piece: Ballet-Blurton, Mrs Watts

Song: End 1st piece: Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: Fun And Frolic

Afterpiece Title: The Birth Day

Afterpiece Title: The Magic Oak


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Afterpiece Title: Pyramus and Thisbe, Lyon, Moonshine, and Wall

Music: With all New Musick (for that Night) both Vocal and Instrumental Musick-


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Afterpiece Title: The Humours of Harlequin; With the Loves of Several Deities