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Mainpiece Title: Such Things Are

Afterpiece Title: Starboard Watch

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin and Faustus; or, The Devil will have his Own

Song: In course: The High Mettled Racer (composed by Dibdin)-Incledon; Patents all the Rage-Munden; The Beggar, as17980525; Duetto-Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain; The Wind blew fresh and fair-Townsend

Music: In course of Evening: solo on the Union Pipes-Murphy; accompanied on the Harp-Weippert

Entertainment: Vaudeville.In 3rd piece: [By Permission of the Proprietors of the Royal Circus [Charles Dibdin and Charles Hughes] [the celebrated Smith will ge thro' his wonderful Performances on the Slack Rope-Smith


Mainpiece Title: Disinterested Love

Afterpiece Title: Starboard Watch

Afterpiece Title: The Highland Reel

Entertainment: Monologue.Preceding 1st piece: a new Occasional Prologue-Holman


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin and Faustus

Song: In I: the original Duet-Johnstone, Mrs Pope; In course of Evening: Black Ey'd Susan, Sally in our Alley, Old Towler-Incledon; The Beggar, as17980525; Duetto, as17980528


Mainpiece Title: Abroad And At Home

Afterpiece Title: The Prisoner at Large

Afterpiece Title: Fun and Frolic; or, Sailors' Revels

Song: In course Evening: The Storm-Incledon; Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; Mad Tom of Bedlam (in character)-Incledon; Together let us range (composed by Boyce)-Incledon, Miss Poole


Mainpiece Title: Abroad And At Home

Afterpiece Title: The Vanguard; or, British Tars Regaling after Battle

Afterpiece Title: Tom Thumb

Song: In course Evening: Lovely Nan (By permission of Dibdin), Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; A Bundle of Proverbs-Munden; In the Dead of the Night-Miss Poole; Together let us range-Incledon, Miss Poole


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Afterpiece Title: The Tars of Old England; or, Humours of Greenwich Fair

Afterpiece Title: The Adopted Child

Dance: End 1st piece: The Highland Lovers, as17990423; Del Caro's Hornpipe-Miss Brugier

Song: 1st piece: Vocal Parts, as17981215, but Miss Waters, Mrs +Atkins, _Gray, Miss _Leserve, Miss _Gray; In 3rd piece: +The Tower Song-Mrs Atkins

Entertainment: Monologue. After the Dancing: The Satyrist The Groom and the Cook; or, Daniel and Dishclout's Law Suit-Betterton