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Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Dance: Whimsical Dance between a Miller, his Wife, and a Town Miss-; Chest Dance, after the Italian Manner, between Scaramouch, Punchanello, Coachman, and Cookmaid-; French Peasant and his Wife-; Ladder Dance-a famous Master; Scaramouch-LeSac; Dance by a Flemming in Wooden Shoes-; Dance by a Switzer-; Night Scene of Scaramouch, Harlequin, Cooper, Wife, and others-


Mainpiece Title: Scaramouch Pedant Scrupuleux; Ou, L'escolier

Afterpiece Title: Les Folies Amoureuses



Entertainment: Tumbling-


Mainpiece Title: Entertainments

Dance: [By] 6 Companies of Rope Dancers; who] [are joyned in one, they being the greatest Performers of Men, Women, and Children, that could be found beyond the Seas, where will be performed such wonderful variety of Dancing, Vaulting, Walking on the Slack Rope, the Sloaping Rope-; [you will see a wonderful Girl of 10 years of Age, who walk backward up the sloaping Rope-Girl of 10 years[, driving a Wheel-barrow behind her; [also you will see the Great Italian Master, who not only passes all that has yet been seen upon the low Rope, [but he Dances[ without a Pole upon the Head of a Mast [as high as the Booth will permit, and afterwards stands upon his Head on the same-Great Italian Master; [You will also be entertained with the many Conceits of an Italian Scaramouch, who Dances on the Rope [with 2 Children and a Dog in a Wheel-barrow, and a Duck on his Head-Italian Scaramouch

Dance: Such variety of Dancing, Vaulting, Walking on the Slack/Rope, Tumbling, as has never been seen in this Fair before-


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks

Music: A piece of Instrumental Musick- to be perform'd on the Stage

Song: Mr Laroon, Mrs Hughs; particularly a Two/part Song-Mr Laroon, Mrs Hughs compos'd by the late Mr Henry Purcell

Song: Country Farmer's Daughter, Highland Lilt-the Devonshire Girl; The Whip of Dunbyn-Claxton; a new Entry-Mrs Campion, others; A Scotch Dance-Mrs Bicknell; a new Scaramouch Man and Scaramouch Woman-Laferry, Mrs Lucas


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Afterpiece Title: The Walking Statue

Dance: French Peasant-Miss Santlow; Miller's Dance-Leigh, Prince; Scaramouch-Layfield; Italian Night Scene between a Scaramouch, a Harlequin, a Cooper and his Wife-


Mainpiece Title: The Fond Husband

Entertainment: 1st: turns upon one Foot 300 times-A Young Gentlewoman, who never appear'd on a publick Stage, and as she is turning fixes 12 Swords points about her, 2 to her Eyes, 2 to her Eye-lashes, 2 to her Eye-brows, 2 to her Nose, 2 to her Lips, and 2 to her Breasts

Dance: French Peasant-; Scaramouch-; Wooden Shoe-; Dance by Harlequin Scaramouch Cooper and his Wife-; Ladder Dance-


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Afterpiece Title: The Custom of the Country

Song: Miss Booth, Mrs Willis; particularly The Dame of Honour-; Mock Song of the Country Life-

Music: Solo on Echo Flute-Paisable

Dance: Prince, Wade, Sandham, Newhouse, Mrs Santlow, Mrs Bicknell; Tub Dance between a Cooper His Wife His Man Scaramouch and Harlequin-; Four Scaramouches-


Mainpiece Title: Le Festin De Pierre; Ou, L'athee Foudraye; Ou, Arlequin Fait La Valet De Don Juan

Dance: Roger, Mlle Vaurentille, Mlle desChalliers


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Song: I: Mad Tom-a Gentleman for his Diversion

Music: V: Welch Harp-a Gentleman for his Diversion

Dance: II: Dutch Skipper-; III: Scaramouch-Smith; V: Scaramouch and Harlequin-


Mainpiece Title: Arlequin Balourd; Or, Harlequin Blunderer

Afterpiece Title: Le Portrait

Dance: A new Chacone in several Characters: Harlequin Man-Cochoy Jr; Harlequin Woman-Miss Chateauneuf; Pierot Man-Roland; Pieraite-Mrs Mimie; Punch-Villeneuve; Dame Jigogne-Malter; Scaramouch Man-De Lisle; Scaramouch Woman-Mrs Le Sage Jr. The Frolick, as17341226 (latter in Daily Advertiser only)


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Afterpiece Title: Le Mar1age Force; ou, Les Fourberies d'Arlequin & de Scaramouch

Dance: I: Louvre and Tambourine by Mlle D'Hervigni. II: A new Comic Dance by Nivelon and a Scholar of his. III: A Serious Ballet by another Scholar of Nivelon's. V: French Peasants by Lalauze, Mlle D'Hervigni, &c. End I of Afterpiece: Wooden Shoe Dance by another Scholar of Nivelon's. End of the Whole: Sailors (from Orestes) by Glover, &c


Mainpiece Title: Scaramouch A Philosopher; Harlequin A School-boy, Bravo, Merchant And Magician


Mainpiece Title: King William's Happy Deliverance And Glorious Triumph Over His Enemies; Or, The Consultation Of The Pope, Devil, French King And The Grand Turk , With The Whole Form Of The siege Of Namurv, And The Humours Of A renegade French-man And brandy Jean, With The Conceits Of A scaramouch And harlequin


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Dance: End II: a French Scaramouch-


Mainpiece Title: The Jovial Crew; Or, The Merry Beggars

Dance: Dance between Two Frenchmen and two Frenchwomen-; Night Scene by a Harlequin and a Scaramouch , after the Italian manner,-Serene, another Person lately arrived in England

Entertainment: The famous Mr Clench of Barnet, who will perform an Organ with 3 Voices, the double Curtell the Flute and the Bells with the Mouth-Mr Clench; the Huntsman the Hounds and the Pack of Dogs-Mr Clench; with vaulting on the Horse-


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-; Singing-a little Girl

Dance: Comick and Serious Dancing-Weaver, Essex, others; a Young Gentlewoman who never perform'd before in Publick; With a Scene between Scaramouch and Harlequin- , entirely New; Vaulting on the Horse-


Mainpiece Title: The Humour Of The Age

Afterpiece Title: An Interlude of City Customs

Dance: DuRuel; Also an extraordinary comical entertainment, Scaramouch Harlequin and Punchinello-


Mainpiece Title: Italian Interludes

Dance: Some mimical Entertainments a Famous-Scaramouch, Harlequin , who lately perform'd before the Court of Hanover and their Prussian Majesties, now arriv'd in England

Entertainment: Vaulting. An extraordinary Performance on the Manag'd Horse-the greatest Master of the Age , exceeding whatever has been done by any other, especially his resting on one hand with his whole Body extended while he drinks several Glasses of Wine, and then throwing himself a Somerset over the Horse's head; Rope/dancing With and without a Pole,-the two famous French Maids so much admir'd, for surpassing all others in their Art, that they have been presented with Medals at most of the Courts in Europe


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks; Or, The Yeoman Of Kent

Dance: A Night Scene between Scaramouch and Harlequin-the Famous Monsieur Surrein, Mr Baxter, who make but a short stay in England


Mainpiece Title: Virtue Betray'd; Or, Anna Bullen

Dance: A Comical Entertainment in a Tavern between Scaramouch, Harlequin and Punchanello-


Mainpiece Title: The Silent Woman

Music: As17031109

Dance: The Devonshire Girl; A Comical Entertainment between Scaramouch Harlequin and Punchanello-


Mainpiece Title: The Funeral

Dance: A Comical Night Scene between Scaramouch Harlequin and Punchanello-


Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift

Music: As17031222

Dance: Devonshire Girl, Claxton, others; Night Scene between Scaramouch Harlequin and Punchanello-

Song: As17031227


Mainpiece Title: The Amorous Widow

Dance: A New Dance by Four Scaramouches to Faranoll's Ground never perform'd but once-; A Scotch and Irish Dance-Miss Evans; Firbank, Firbank's Scholar


Mainpiece Title: Ignoramus

Dance: A new Italian Scaramouch-Layfield, his first on the stage; other dances-Layfield, Miss Evans

Song: Mrs Hodgson, Cook, Davis, Miss Baldwin; A comical dialogue-Short, Mrs Willis; Song in Imitation of an Old Woman-Mrs Willis