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Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Dance: As17780512

Song: End I: He's Aye Kissing Me, as17780428; End II: the much-admir'd song in The Milesian being a description of a Naval Engagement Stand to your guns my hearts of oak-Bannister; In V: song, as17771203


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Afterpiece Title: William And Nanny

Song: End II: As17790927; End II: Song in The Milesian, being a description of a Sea Fight [Stand to your guns, my hearts of oak]-Bannister


Mainpiece Title: Silla

Dance: End of Act II Divertisement, with a Passe-a-caille by Lepicq, a Pas Seul by Henry, a Pas Seul by Mme Simonet; End of Opera Hew Divertisement, in which a Pas Seul by Henry, and to conclude with a Caledonian Reel, being part of the ballet of Auld Robin Gray, which for want of time could not be completed, by Lepicq, Slingsby, Mme Rossi


Mainpiece Title: 'tis Well It's No Worse

Afterpiece Title: The Diversions of the Morning

Afterpiece Title: Lethe, -AEsop, Old Man, Mercury, Drunken Man, Charon, Bowman, Snip, Fine Gentleman, Frenchman, Lord Chalkstone to be performed, for that night only, by a Society of Gentleman; Mrs Riot-Mrs Dore

Monologue: 1785 04 25 Preceding the 1st piece an Address spoken by Brown


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Afterpiece Title: The Pannel

Dance: As17900308

Entertainment: MonologuePrevious: his being the Anniversary of His Majesty's Happy Recovery, British Loyalty; or, a Squeeze for St. Paul's-Bannister Jun

Song: After which: the Stage being decorated and illuminated in the same Superb Stile which it was for the Reception of his Majesty on Dec. the 16 last, God save the King-Dignum, Sedgwick, Alfred, Danby, Fawcett, Haymes, Hollingsworth, Lyons, Maddocks, Phillimore


Mainpiece Title: He Wou'd Be A Soldier

Afterpiece Title: Love in a Camp

Song: End IV: The Group of Lovers; or, Beauty at her Levee (1st time at this theatre)-Munden; End: The Pleasures of the Chace-Incledon; after which Say Bonny Lass will you lie in a Garrat-, being a Parody on Say Bonny Lass, will you lie in a Barrack; Timothy Staytape-Munden; Miss Tippet-Mrs Martyr


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Afterpiece Title: THE PACKET-BOAT; or, A Peep behind the Veil


Monologue: 1794 05 13 End of Act I of 1st piece A Plague on both your Houses; or, A Peep into New Drury and Covent-Garden Theatres, to conclude with a Comic Song, in the Character of an Old Woman of Eighty, by Munden


Mainpiece Title: Mahmoud

Afterpiece Title: A Dramatic Cento

Afterpiece Title: The Sultan

Dance: End I: (by permission of the Proprietor of the king's Theatre) the new favorite Ballet, in the Scots' Stile, Little Peggy's Love- The Pantomime, Principal Steps by Didelot; the Principal Characters the Dancers of the Opera House: Didelot, Gentili, Ms Vidi, Ms Bossi, Ms Barre, Ms Parisot, Ms Hilligsberg, Ms Rose

Song: End 3rd piece: the Finale to The Iron Chest, Harmony Harmony- being the last Composition of Storace


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Afterpiece Title: Forecastle Fun

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Thieves

Song: In I 1st piece: Duet, as17980418; In course Evening: Black Ey'd Susan, Admiral Benbow, Old Towler-Incledon; Four and Twenty Fidlers-Munden; a new Song, Yard Arm & Yard Arm (Being a description of the memorable Engagement between the French Ship L'Hercule and the British Ship the Mars [off the Bec du Raz, 21 Apr. 1798] commanded by the late gallant Captain Alexander Hood)-Townsend; In 2nd piece: With a Jolly full Bottle-; Favorite Comic Irish Song-Johnstone; The New Mariners, as17980508; Young William-Incledon; Hearts of Oak, Rule Britannia-Incledon, Chorus